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  1. C

    Plug adaptor?

    Can you buy the reverse of the adaptor below? I need the two pin plug (with the hex shape) to convert to a 3 pin uk socket. It’s just for chargers etc in the car. I could make one from a lead and socket but would rather have just an adaptor. Thanks.
  2. Q

    Domestic Can connection plate be replaced by plug socket

    Hi, I’ve been living in a “new built” house for the last five years and the time to replace some of the built-in appliances has come. My dishwasher and washing mashine are connected to the grid via connection plates similar to those, although I’m not aware of their exact technical parameters...
  3. J

    Commercial How to wire motor plug

    Hi everyone I purchased a bench polisher which looks to have come from China. It says its 220v single phase and should work fine in the UK. The power cable has 4 wires in it so I'm confused how to wire a standard UK plug. I have attached a photo of the cable. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  4. A

    Combing two lamps using 1 Plug

    Hi all, My wife has purchased two vanity mirror lights from Ikea (Musik) which are both fitted with a 3a plug. Each of the lights has an on/off toggle switch like most lamps. Is it possible to have both light comes on using the one switch/plug? I had thought it would be straight forward...
  5. A

    Double plug socket not working...

    Hi all, I woke up this morning to find a double plug socket in the kitchen is not working at all however every other plug in the house is fine, and nothing has tripped etc... I have turned of the mains to the whole house and check behind the plug for anything obvious and all seems fine, no...
  6. P

    Does a 13A plug in oven need to be wired into a cooker switch in rental properties ?

    Hi, a landlord got in touch this weekend as they wanted to change an old gas oven for an electric one in their rental property. It would be a small single oven, under 1.5 kwh, and comes supplied and fitted with a plug from the manufacturer. The plan was simply to plug this into an available...
  7. A

    13amp plug for 3000w induction hob

    Hi all, I had a look around and can't seem to find anything regarding my specific issue. We use 240v We bought a new induction hob, it's a Brandt BPI-6410B and is rated as 3000w / 13amp and has wiring as below. We had a Bosch PIN675N17E/01 rated at 7200w which died. It was wired to a round...
  8. S

    How would I power 3 GU10 LEDs from one plug (power cable)

    Just need some help on how exactly to setup the wiring for this
  9. Lucien Nunes

    What do you call the plug with no name?

    Yellow for 110V, blue for 230V, red for 400V. Other colours for special applications. 16A, 32A, 63A and 125A, 2P+E, 3P+E, 3P+N+E. You know what I'm talking about. They've been around for 50 years, but no-one can yet agree what to call them. The official name is "plugs, socket-outlets and...
  10. pirate

    A plug (not a plug top!) for one of our sponsors

    Ordered an item from test-meter.co.uk 2 days ago, got a phone call from them to check an anomaly in my address, yesterday...arrived at my door bang on the allocated time today. Good service, great price, happy Pirate! During the phone call I asked the chap if there was a discount for forum...
  11. P

    Finding correct plug cable?

    Can anyone advise on how to find out the correct detachable UK plug cable (amperage, wire gauge etc) for electrical items where you don't have the original cable for comparison and the manufacturer of the item doesn't publish the specs for the original cable? I had previously thought these...
  12. B

    Non standard mains plug on washing machine

    Anyone seen a non-standard mains plug like this on a standard domestic washing machine? Why would you do it? Any reason not to replace with a standard 13A plug?
  13. J

    Domestic Help with plug sockets in cupboard

    Morning everyone... I posted on here last week regarding an earth wire I found in my cupboard and got some really good advice which work... Essentially... Pulled a floorboard up and got some slack to tack it to the wall.. Which has worked a treat. My next problem is 2 socket plugs on either...
  14. haptism

    Gland for MK 32A commando plug

    Anyone know what gland for is needed a MK 32A commando socket to hold a flex ??? Its got a thread for a gland (see pics) I expect its a stuffing gland if using flex but its an odd size. Its for a commercial single phase oven 16Kw
  15. T

    Help needed for buying the right 16a plug please!

    Hello, I'm putting a PA system in a pub and the mains trips easily so I need to use the blue 16a wall socket. Last time I bought a 13a socket-to-16a plug but it was slightly too small and didn't fit - the end of the plug is 41 mm in diameter, and the socket diameter of the inner ring where the...
  16. KevinH

    What's a Plug Socket ??

    Just wanted to get something off my chest...... Don't you hate it when a customer asks...can I have an extra Plug Socket. What the hell is a plug socket??? I know a (domestic) plug is typically a 3 pin plug conforming to BS1363, and I know that a (domestic) socket is typically the type we all...
  17. B

    2-way 13a block plug for dishwasher and washing machine

    I'm sure its been asked a thousand times but I can't seem to find it. Just moved into new house and plan on installing a compact dishwasher. Unfortunately there is only one socket available which currently has the washing machine plugged in. How awful would it be to plug a 2-way 13A block plug...
  18. R

    Domestic Tumble dryer extension plug melted.

    Six years ago, I had a double socket installed in my store room. This was placed next to the fuse box and its purpose was so I could connect my tumble dryer. The socket was too far away from the dryer, so I bought some 1.5mm flex and wired in an extension from the newly installed double...
  19. A

    Noob Question on 63amp single phase plug

    Hi All, I'm not an electrican, i work in the events industry and we have quite a bit of plug and play distribution. I have just recieved a 63amp single phase (blue C form) plug on the end of a cable and was surprised to see it had the usual three pins but now a forth smaller pin shortert han...
  20. S

    Domestic Can I use a 3 pin plug with this LED batten?

    Hi I have seen a 4ft 36w LED Batten at Screwfix which looks ideal for my room where I need some temporary lighting. The description says "Self-contained, budget LED batten. Supplied with 1.5m pre-terminated cable."...
  21. Ian Howe

    Plug on electric fire

    I've replaced a gas fire with an inset electric fire, would you recommend connecting it to a fused spur or is it ok to just plug it in. If I was to plug it in the cable would have to come from under the floor and through the skirting, so thinking that's not allowed. Thanks for any advise.
  22. P

    Plug with cable coming out front

    Does such a thing exist? Instead of the cable coming out the back of the plug, it comes out the front? Basically I have a wall socket and need to run an extension lead vertically up, as I HATE unsightly cables I want to try and do it neatly but of course a normal plug would need to run the cable...
  23. E

    Changing plug on 3M Vacuum

    Hi i have an American 3m vacuum cleaner, can i change the American plug for an english 3 pin? is there anything extra i need to know? Thanks for reading
  24. D

    Domestic Single to double plug socket

    Hi, am i able to swop this single flush socket to a double flush socket without needing a converter? Thanks
  25. D

    Plug in adaptor for the ring doorbell pro

    Hello I have decided to purchase a 18v 1 am plug in adaptor plug to rung the ring doorbell pro Like this one...
  26. D

    installing ring doorbell pro in the UK with Byron776 or plug in adaptor

    Hello Im looking at installing the Ring Doorbell Pro in the UK I currently have a bell chime thats hardwired to the lighting circuit with a built in 6volt transformer. I understand that this is too low to run the ring doorbell pro. I know it comes with a DIN transformer but this just isnt...
  27. S

    Neff hob with a plug - can it be hard wired?

    Hello, I had a rewire in my kitchen extension weeks ago and the electrician left a spurred hard wire for the hob in the right place before my kitchen was fitted. The kitchen is now fitted, apart from a some appliances, and it seems my Neff induction hob has a plug socket... I just assumed it...
  28. G

    Those bloody foxes chew my plug

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone can tell me where I can get a replacement plug as shown in the pic as the foxes have chewed through it. It goes to an AC adapter for chriChris lights . Many thanks, Martin
  29. DC-backfrom the past

    possible substandard plug

    Just been to a flat where the Tennent had complained about the plug connected to a wall heater, had melted . These are the pictures and as you can see lucky there wasn't a fire . I've come across plugs being slightly marked on wall heaters whilst doing PA tests. again the plugs on those...
  30. Strima

    Domestic 5 Amp Plug Fuse?............

    Sanity check, as I've never used them. Do 5 amp round pin plugs have internal fuses?
  31. J

    Wiring Ceramic heater element or bulb to IEC plug. Help needed!

    Hi all, My name is Josh & I'm just starting to get into electronics and working on some projects to further develop my skills however have reached and impasse so seeking your assistance. Nice to meet you all :) I have some basic electronics skills from messing around with breadboards etc to...
  32. O

    Fixed installation back to a plug or fused spur

    I have been asked to fit a set of electric gates and some garden lighting to a property. I'm working behind the guy doing the indoor electrics. He is talking about me wiring the gates back to a plug and the garden lighting to a fused spur. Question is do I issue a minor works certificate for...
  33. S

    Please advise me on safety of loose plug

    Hi, I'm not an electrician or anything of the sort but I'm hoping to just get some quick advice. In moving my bed I accidentally somehow pulled the faceplate of a plug socket loose so now it's at an angle. I won't be able to get in touch with my landlord until the morning so I'm hoping someone...
  34. N

    Adding plug sockets from existing sockets

    I need to add a couple of extra double plug sockets in a room in my house, was looking to run off existing plug sockets. I've been told by a friend (newly qualified electrician) that i need to use fused sockets, is this the case, have been looking on internet and can't seem to find double fused...
  35. oracle

    Why do test equipment suppliers use the xxth edition to plug their stuff

    There is no such thing as an 18th edition tester. The Regs are for installation requirements only The standards for test meters are BS 61010 and BS 61326 and other specific standards but NEVER BS7671
  36. Jymbob

    Electric radiator, 13A plug?

    Don't bite my head off... My mother-in-law has recently had her kitchen redone, and has realised now it's autumn that she needs more heat in there. As it would involve ripping everything up to run pipes for another radiator on the opposite wall to the existing one, she's looking at a...
  37. A

    Domestic Attaching 13A plug on 20A appliance safety

    Hello everyone, I hope this is the correct forum to post this. I am an amateur tinkerer with no formal training in electrical engineering and I’m just looking for some information and advice on how to safely wire up and use some appliances. I have recently bought a hobbyist TIG inverter welder...
  38. A

    Domestic What fuse to use 2 pin to 3 pin plug

    I have bought myself a compressor for airbrushing and it came with a 2 pin German plug on the plug it says 16A250v so i initially thought cut it off and stick uk 13 A plug on. however, i am now questioning this as the compressor is 1/6hp 220-240v/50HZ which is making me think a 3A or 5A fuse...
  39. L

    Is oven socket too close to back of oven?

    Hi I'm looking for a bit of advice regarding my oven plug socket. I thought my oven had packed in as it cut out, no heat, no fan, no clock display basically no power at all. I decided to replace it and had it removed to find the plug had melted. Can any one tell me if it's because the socket is...
  40. J

    Smart plug and extension lead

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice on a smart plug and an extension lead. I want the smart plug in the wall socket the extension lead in the smart plug, reason is to use Amazon alexa to shut down the smart plug. In the extension I have the TV Sky box sky router DVD player and about 3 other...
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