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  1. R

    RV plug using existing power run, will this work?

    we just replaced our hot water tank with hot water on demand (natural gas) and still have the old power run for the tank which is 30a 240v. I would like to use that power run to put a plug in for my RV ( 30a 120v). currently the run has a ground and 2 hot wires so I wanted to know that if I...
  2. G

    UK Upside Down UK Plug Socket - Is This Normal/Ok?

    Hi all, Just recently moved into a renovated house in the UK where a desk is quite high, so the plug socket above it has had to be put in upside down! Other than a bad case of OCD, is this normal/ok? Please see attached photo. Cheers, Will
  3. A

    Rewiring old plug - red, blue and black

    Hi, I'm trying to rewire an old plug. I've rewired a few in my time, but all have been with the post-2006 wire colours. I have this old welder, not really sure how old it is (I got it from a friend who got it from the dad of one of the guys he works with) but safe to say it is definitely...
  4. D

    I need to move a double plug forward to allow for tiles but wires are too short

    Hi all , I know that you are allowed to do like for like in your own home Ie change a wall light etc. I have an issue with one double plug thats on a ring main. The wires are very short and after tiler tiled the wall I can not get plug back on as the wires are now too short. Ive been told to...
  5. tonuorak

    Movement on Plug Pins

    Hi all, Just looking at starting some testing since newly qualified, don't know if this is a stupid question or not. Is there an allowed tolerance for movement on the pins of a plug? Obviously if they move a lot that's no good but what if they move a little when you wiggle them? Just curious...
  6. L

    Return the plug to a Generator Hookup vs car charger

    My house had previously been wired for a generator (probably not by code to this day) but previous homeowner disconnected and instead hooked up car charger to that circuit. I would like to place it back to a generator hook up plug for emergency power. I have included labeled pictures of outside...
  7. sythai

    Which country this plug socket from ?

    Hi Guys Got Client asking me to fit these floors sockets…. Got my doubts, looks like cheap piece of tat !! Just sent me photo from what they’ve seen on Amazon. Which county you reckon this is for ? Cheers Sy
  8. K

    iRoyce Pressure Washer - Going from a GFCI plug to a normal 2 plug.

    I have a small power washer with a two-wire cord and GFCI plug. My outdoor and garage receptacles are on a "house GFCI" circuit, wired in series to one GFCI receptacle. I tried to use the power washer and the plug GFCI would instantly trip when plugged-in and instantly re-trip when reset. I have...
  9. oceanearth

    Which Narva 7 Pin Flat Trailer Socket W/Reed Switch?

    Want to swap my trailer plug over with one that has a reed switch to deactivate the reverse sensors when I'm backing in the boat. They come in open and closed circuit models. How do I test my plug on the car to work out which kind I need?
  10. S

    Single plug socket stopped working.

    Have a single plug socket which has been working fine for years. It is behind a unit so nothing has hit it. I looked at the socket and can seen no discolouration or anything on the outside to indicate a problem. Took the socket out of the wall and again nothing to indicate a problem and all the...
  11. W

    Can I just plug it in?

    Hi, I have purchased a piece of equipment from China and we are required to finish the final wiring. They have supplied a length of 3 core 6m cable, which seems excessive. The unit has a power consumption of 1kw - 2.5kw Rated voltage - 220v Rated power - 3.42kw Rated current 20a Would it be...
  12. S

    Gas cooker plug and socket

    I have just had my kitchen redone and the kitchen rewired with a new 6mm cable installed for an electric cooker. However I have changed my mind and now will be installing an all gas cooker instead of an electric cooker. The gas cooker comes with a plug for the hob lighter and oven light...
  13. C

    Dishwasher hardwired?

    Sorry two questions today. We had the kitchen rewired based on existing units, but with a slightly new layout it puts the dishwasher right over the socket, which I hear can be bad and burn out the plug when they touch. I’ve got a socket with no switch, with a fused switch above controlling it...
  14. C

    Replace 3 prong plug

    Mrs broke the 3 prong plug on the steam cleaner and looking to replace it. Hoover steam cleaner: 120v 60hz 10.0A Replacement prong: 15A-125V, 2-pole, 3-Wire Will this prong work? If not, can you tell me what I need? thx
  15. KelvinGaliny

    Can Live wire runs through the Neutral side of RCBO?

    So I had an inquiry to make an electric panel (single phase) with RCBO, but it seems like our customer uses type C and F power plug (I live in Indonesia). This plug doesn't have a guide to ensure the Neutral would always be in Neutral side & Live to always be in Live side. Can I still use RCBO...
  16. D

    item with a metal case and no earth wire in the plug

    Performing the PAT inspection on some science equipment and I have found some items that were passed by the previous company that performed it however it failed the earth bond test and has a metal case its a air pump. upon closer inspection, I found that they only have two core wires and have...
  17. Davidfredlee

    Help identifying plug

    Anyone know what this plug is called? I’m trying to find some under counter lights to fit them. Thanks
  18. E

    Why is one plug getting hot and the other isn’t?

    My Tesla UMC plug gets extremely hot and then defaults to the max output of 5amps after about 20 mins. However, I tried my brothers Tesla UMC and it stays cool at 10amps for hours on end. I mixed and matched the plug adapters to the module bit, and diagnosed that it is defo my plug part of the...
  19. T

    Wiring a 3 prong 220 plug

    I am wiring a 3 prong 220 plug in a feeder panel with 12/2 wire. Should I hook the ground wire to the ground bus or to the neutral bus? The neutral bus is isolated from the ground bus and the panel box.
  20. R

    Changing thick cooker wire for standard plug wire at socket

    Hi I am attempting some DIY I had the wire installed as I was going to have an electric cooker. This changed and I now just want to put a double switched socket in the hole. Could someone please tell me how I can convert the wire so it is smaller and fits in the back of a standard switched...
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