1. Davidfredlee

    Help identifying plug

    Anyone know what this plug is called? I’m trying to find some under counter lights to fit them. Thanks
  2. E

    Why is one plug getting hot and the other isn’t?

    My Tesla UMC plug gets extremely hot and then defaults to the max output of 5amps after about 20 mins. However, I tried my brothers Tesla UMC and it stays cool at 10amps for hours on end. I mixed and matched the plug adapters to the module bit, and diagnosed that it is defo my plug part of the...
  3. T

    Wiring a 3 prong 220 plug

    I am wiring a 3 prong 220 plug in a feeder panel with 12/2 wire. Should I hook the ground wire to the ground bus or to the neutral bus? The neutral bus is isolated from the ground bus and the panel box.
  4. R

    Changing thick cooker wire for standard plug wire at socket

    Hi I am attempting some DIY I had the wire installed as I was going to have an electric cooker. This changed and I now just want to put a double switched socket in the hole. Could someone please tell me how I can convert the wire so it is smaller and fits in the back of a standard switched...
  5. S

    One plug suddenly lost power.

    Hello, So I noticed my fridge had lost power, disconnected it and tried a hoover in the same socket and this also wouldn't work. I tried the fridge in a different socket and this worked fine. I checked the main fuse box and nothing has tripped. The RCD is still in the on position. I tried...
  6. F

    Convert washing machine isolation switch into a plug?

    Hi there, I have two isolation switches above a kitchen workcounter. They currently turn off the power to a pair of unswitched sockets which are hidden in a cupboard. They were previously used for a integrated washing machine and tumble drier we had plugged in, which we removed. As the plug is...
  7. C

    Is it safe to attach a plug to a 230v 13w LED striplight

    Is it possible to attach a plug to a 230v 13w LED under unit light and if so what size fuse should I use? This is to use as a desk light under a unit but without chasing wires? If possible, what size fuse should I use? 3amp???
  8. Z

    Burned plug socket when i plug in the vacuum cleaner

    Hi ..right where do i start ..ill do the best i can !! i have an extension lead and in it are plugged a fridge , a separate small freezer , permanently ..and i use a small table lamp in the same extension also a vacuum cleaner ..have done this for many years no problems ....however last night...
  9. I

    Shore power plug fitting

    I know this is a long shot but I am trying to find a simple electrical component that does not seem to be available. Wondering if anyone here has seen one and could post a link to it. I am looking for a recessed flanged covered male 15 amp shore power receptacle that I could mount through the...
  10. C

    Burnt Washing machine plug and wall socket

    Hello My dear old mother tried to clean the tiles in our utility room by using a damp rag and I think some water may have dripped into our plug socket which is connected to the washing machine. She removed the washing machine plug whilst she was cleaning the tiles and plugged it in afterwards...
  11. B

    New member fitting single oven flex

    Hi all just here as an enthusiastic learner/diyer to gain knowledge and help on bits and bobs At the moment I am confused I have a new single electric oven totals 2.2kw, I have 6mm cable from mcb on a 40amp breaker on dedicated cooker point on board The oven has 1.5mm flex no plug and the...
  12. P

    Plug in 2kw heater in shed Will it go kaboom??!

    I use my shed for pottery and it’s currently wired to have 2 sockets and a light switch (fused down from one of the sockets). Currently I draw less than 300 watts of power. As it’s getting cold I’d like to plug in a heater out there but my husband says it’s not a good idea as my shed isn’t...
  13. T

    Is it safe to plug in a washing machine and a refrigerator into the same outlet?

    I am getting a new front-load Maytag washer. I have a regular old refrigerator. Can I plug them into the same double outlet? What should the breaker amp be? It is currently 15A.
  14. D

    where can I get an a/c plug with restraint?

    So I want to arrange for a 120v a/c plug to be firmly affixed to the wall, such that it won't slip out of the outlet. Cheater plugs have these metal tabs that you can screw into the outlet, but I don't want a cheater! I want a 3-prong grounded plug with such a metal tab that I can firmly affix...
  15. J

    What is the name of the plug I need?

    Hi all, I lost the 3 pin plug for some LED fairy lights when we moved house and I’m having a hard time trying to find a replacement that the lights can fit into. I can’t upload a picture but I found something similar here...
  16. D

    want to know inside of plug cable to convert it to UK plug

    i have two molded rounded plug(type D) for Fan and Refrigerator but plug cable is not rounded that i cut before and replace with UK plug. those two plug cables are flat 3core type. i have no experience with those type of cables I can not cut them without knowing what is inside and...
  17. B

    Flashing plug when power on?

    I have a sump pump in a hot tub pit for when it rains. However I’d like to know if there is a plug that tells me when the pump is on. I.e flashing led. Because I’ve had a couple burn out when they’ve stayed on when the pits empty. I’ve bought a different sump pump now but a flashing indicator...
  18. Ell704

    can Wires run through a spur

    Can I run 2.5mm and 1.5mm in the same chase going down to a 3amp spur with the 2.5mm just passing through the spur to get to the sockets.
  19. M

    2.5mm wire into 1.5mm plug

    I’m welding and have a cable blue 2.5mm 3 core 10metwrs to reach my shed the plug and socket I got to wire on them biggest hardware has says 13amp but then says 1.0-1.5mm wire rated online said I can stil do it but it’s a squeeze is that acceptable ? I use 2.5 for it stops volt drops while...
  20. S

    Is it safe to wire separate plugs to two devices previously wired to the same plug?

    I have an old hifi system that has a record player stacked on top of an amplifier. Weirdly, both are wired to the same plug. I don't know whether they came like this or whether somebody did it post purchase for some reason (I inherited it from my grandma). I want to pass the record player on so...
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