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  1. M

    DIY Help! Damaged Quick Connect 2 same color wires one side, Black & White the other

    A quick connect on the bottom of my farm tractor was snagged by a limb and one side of the connectors wires were pulled free from the housing. The good side with the wires still connected has a black wire (hot?) and a white wire (neutral?) but the 2 wires that were pulled free from the other end...
  2. F

    black jib card

    apparently i qualify for a jib black card theyve asked what would i want on the card a choice of site manager, project manager or contracts manager what title might benefit me more or dosent it matter your thoughts please guys.
  3. A

    I have bought led truck rear lights, the brake/parking light have 4 wires blue,green, black and red

    The led parking/brake light have 4 wires, black for earth, red for parking, blue for brake and green for flash light. The two lights brake and flash wont work if red wire not connected, so you must switch on park light to get brake light or flash light. What would be the solution to make brake...
  4. littlespark

    Smartphone problem. Black screen

    Anybody any good with android phones? My daughters has stopped working. You can turn it on/off but the screen is just black. There is a vibration during this to show something is happening. It’s a Samsung A40, and I think there was water involved. She doesn’t know how much. (It arrived home in a...
  5. T


    As above can hear sound but the screen is all black any help
  6. 123

    Line Junction Boxes (aka Black Eggs, Hand Grenades)

    Did anyone ever find out what happened with the Line Junction Boxes? Was back at a job today where I did some work for the customer 2-3 years ago and spotted one of them. Great little product, loved them.
  7. J

    Mini Fridge causing TV to black out !

    Hi all, My apologies in advance if this is posted in the wrong category, there were a few options it could've potentially fallen under. We have just completed our garage to home cinema conversion, but having a small (major!) issue. In the Cinema we have all the usual tech you'd expect, a...
  8. S

    Can I join the black wires? Need to improve some hacked French wiring to restore timer control

    So, I'm checking why the heating won't work in a little apartment in France. There are 4 wall-mounted electric heaters and there is a timer on the wall which should be controlling them all via a pilot wire. There is a note on the timer in badly scrawled French about the new heater meaning the...
  9. Josh_Fisk

    Accessories - Black Nickel

    Hello, I have for sale a large quantity of Knightsbridge black Nickel accessories. These were originally bought for a private job back in January that got put on hold. Unfortunately the owners no longer want these so they’re gathering dust and the wholesalers wont take them back. 3G Dimmer...
  10. Joshua

    Why bother getting a gold card when they're giving away black ones.

    I think I've given up on our industry now. More dumbing down from the JIB.
  11. 1Justin

    Black PVC/conduit back boxes. - Source?

    I need black surface back boxes. PVC or ABS conduit boxes would be fine, as would metalclad, but not the crunchy ones. - There will be some conduits involved. I can find only Wickes (who sell a single outlet black box only, no doubles), same at CPC. Occasional Ebay sellers do have some with...
  12. alexkx3

    Black box in old consumer unit - electrician stumped.

    Can any of you old pros out there help identify the middle black box made by Engel and Gibbs ltd. It buzzes sporadically, even when the main supply to the flat is off. My electrician has never seen it before and can't figure out. Thanks, Alex
  13. mattg4321

    Black PVC twin (and earth) cable

    Has anyone come across black PVC twin lighting cable before? Working in a house, probably late 50's/early 60's yesterday and found all the lighting wired in black twin PVC cable. No cpc, solid tinned copper core. I immediately assumed rubber when I saw it but it didn't feel like rubber at all...
  14. J

    32mm Black PVC Conduit & Terminal Boxes Stockist West Midlands.

    Hi All Firstly, Wishing you everyone a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year. Can someone please advise me where I can purchase 32mm Black PVC conduit, saddles/clips and round terminal boxes, with rubber gaskets, as opposed to rectangular/square terminal boxes, ideally in the Birmingham/West...
  15. Strima

    Black Friday Trade Deals 2017 (Tool Whores...)

    Anyone spotted any decent Black Friday deals yet? Yes I know it's only Thursday but some have started early. I did see a Dewalt Combi drill with few quid off but only had one battery with it, that was through Trade Point.
  16. C

    H07RN-F Black Cable 95mm - 145 meters

    145M of single Core 95mm H07RN-F Black 450/750 Volt Cable. Manufactured by Eland Cables. New and unused and is now surplus as over ordered. Can provide eland invoice as proof of ownership. Cost £900+ will accept £600 Cheers, John.
  17. M

    BLACK surface door contact

    How do all, does anyone know where I can purchase a black door contact from, my customer has just had a new door fitted and is insisting on a black contact.. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. C

    Green black Green grey Cable

    Anybody ever coma across this just started rewire there is green black and green grey cable only quickly had a look so not had chance see where its going or coming from or what its connected to in the consumer unit ???
  19. D

    2 gang 2 way, 1 each end of the room, odd behaviour

    I have a bit of an odd situation. At one end of my living room there's a 2 gang switch and a light, at the other end of the living room there's a 3 gang switch and a light. Both switches control both, far end one also controls the light at the top of the stairs.. The light down the far end of...
  20. D

    Safety recall

    Ann Summers Black Power Wand -
  21. B

    Electrical certification for house?

    Hi there. I have just joined this forum to ask a few questions if that's ok. I have read that any electrical work undertaken in my house must be certified and that this certification would be needed when selling my house. The thing is, when I bought the house there was no mention of any such...
  22. A

    3 phase quarry pump

    Latest fact finding mission for you gurus to help me learn about Todays problem was a quarry pump not running, guy went out and meggared the cable and pump and found one of the two 10mm cables was down on the black phase. So while cable was ordered up and being delivered he was called...
  23. A

    Domestic Light switch replacement

    I'm renovating a 1960's holiday home and just want to replace an old lighting switch which has 2 switches, one for the ceiling light and one for the wall lights. Thought it would be simple but the new modern replacement switch doesn't match the old switch connections so guidance sought please...
  24. M

    Looking for advice around a rewire

    An electrician looked at my wiring last night. I originally had him round to discuss updating fuse board plus other additions in relation to changing socket covers, some moving of lights and changing light switches, disconnecting electrical shower from board. He took off one of the sockets...
  25. S


    Thanks for the welcome dan alright fellow troops couple of small things to ask. what's best to use for wiring outside lights other than conduit or sea was thinking fp but a friend told me it failed at a job he looked at, thoughts??
  26. J

    Lighting question (3Core)

    I've been working in a shop today just replacing some lamps and fittings. I had to replace a 2D light fitting that was at the bottom of a staircase. The light itself had three cables coming in. A three core to an emergency bulkhead and two three cores coming in. If I upload a picture of how it...
  27. S

    Ecotec 418 wiring

    Been asked to help a friend wire his new boiler. I'm used to valiants but they seem to have changed the PCB on the newer boiler. Old boiler had. Live (brown) Neutral (blue) Earth Switch live (black) Pump (black) New boiler has the green plug on the left with 4 terminals. (Live, N, earth...
  28. M

    Domestic 1NO1NC switch

    i am trying to install a 1no1nc push on off led switch in my car to intercept my power antennae. it has 5 terminals with red, white, black and 2 green wires. the 2 green wires are marked NO and NC. i think the red is marked+. cannot see any markings for black and white did not come...
  29. S

    TRAINEE QUESTION: Three phase motor system, non-standard wiring colours in flex?

    Hi. Just a question from a slightly confused trainee about core colours on a three phase appliance. I was diagnosing a fault on a three-phase saw today (found it - dead isolating transformer) and found that the incoming cable (4 cores) were coloured and connected as such: L1 Brown L2 Black...
  30. Pete999

    Working away from home stories

    Bored, waiting to go out for Beer and Curry, reminded me of a time when I was working in Pakistan, working for the Government afforded me a few privileges,one which was close to my heart was the British High Commission club, basically a place to go for Beer, Curry and pool as well as Tennis if...
  31. S

    Landing and bathroom switch wiring

    So I have the bathroom light wiring red and black Landing light red Black Wires from switch at bottom of stairs red a blue and a yellow So where do they all go got a 2 gang switch with com l1 l2 on each side Thanks
  32. Hilldog

    AM2 help

    I've sat my am2 today and got to finish it off tomorrow morning. There's a couple of things niggling me so i was hoping someone might be able to help. 1) 2 way and intermediate lighting: I've put brown tape round the strappers (black & grey) but do I need to put brown tape round the common...
  33. infinity

    LG 300w panels

    I've been let down by Segen, need 13 LG Panels anyone have any ideas who else stock these? The jobs Tuesday :s
  34. O

    Cheapest place for 20mm black plastic conduit adaptors?

    Anyone give me some pointers towards somewhere I can get 20mm black plastic conduit adaptors (for joining to metal clad boxed - adaptor male or female) without getting my pants taken down on pricing... got some stuffing glands on ebay from a uk company for a good price for a bag of 100...
  35. D

    Another quick 2394/95 question

    Hi lads help appreciated....describe how a prospective fault current test should be performed using a 3 lead instrument on single phase consumer unit? Cheers
  36. S

    coding on commercial

    Hi guys, Just want some advice on codings for an EICR im doing at a factory. 1-they have wired a radial circuit feeding several sockets in singles using blue singles as a live conductor and black as a neutral. 2-they have 3x ring main mains on 32amp RCBOs type C and all zs values are higher...
  37. A

    Domestic Heat Alarm Wiring

    Hi folks, Just had a rewire done but subsequently had to replace two ceilings which meant an electrician removing my heat alarm from the ceiling. I'm looking to reconnect it now and don't want to waste a day waiting for the electrician to come back out but unsure of the wiring terminations and...
  38. U

    Bosch induction hob

    Help with electrical connections please , colours as follows brown,black, blue, white.the hob is pre wired.costumer has no installation manual because of house move and they bought the hob with them.
  39. C

    Lower energy generation from all black panels?

    Afternoon. I have potential customer questioning whether all black panels will perform as well as panels with a white backing on the basis that they will become hotter more quickly affecting energy generation on warm sunny days. I can understand the logic but have never seen hard evidence to...
  40. L

    Please advice 16 or 12 panels to achieve close to 4 kW PV System

    Hi First post, so please be gentle. Am about to take the plunge and have a 4 kW PV system installed on a south south east facing roof. Am seeking advice on which of the 2 following sets of panels would give us the best return: 16 x SolarWorld Mono Black (250w) panels or 12 x Sunpower E20...
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