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  1. A

    Replacing Ceiling Rose with Remote Controlled Fan

    Hi, Could you please offer a bit of advice regarding the following: We currently have a ceiling rose which is connected to a wall switch and Pull switch i.e. 2 way switching in the old colours. I understand how everything is connected, but, we are replacing the ceiling rose with a remote...
  2. L

    Replacing ceiling rose with new lighting

    Bought a new light fitting from amazon to replace an old hanging single bulb from a ceiling rose, but I cant get my head around how to wire it for the switch. Looking at the old fitting it appears to be the last in the chain so there's no loop out, but the new fitting just has a simple...
  3. lozarus

    Klik Rose Arrangement

    Good afternoon - apologies if I'm overthinking this, but I was hoping I could put this out there for consideration. Scenario is as thus. Picture a small corridor, suspended ceiling with 6x 600x600 T8 fittings in the grid. 1x fitting is a maintained EML. All fittings are fed from Klik roses...
  4. J

    Wiring a 2 wire ceiling rose to a pendant light

    Hi there, Wonder if anyone can help. Hoping it's a simple one! I'm looking to replace light with new pendants, which are the same switch. One is easy, as there is a single wire, however the second rose has 2 wires. Problem is - the new pendant roses only have connectors to support a single...
  5. C

    Advice needed on replacing standard rose pendant with spotlight

    Hi electricians, I have bought a metallic 3 x spotlight to replace a standard rose pendant. The light is on the landing which can be operated by two switches. I've attached some photos below. I'd like some advice on how to wire this up. My plan is to: Connect the 3 neutral wires in the...
  6. J

    I've wired a rose wrong!

    I hope someone can help. I should have taken a picture of the old fitting but as it was 3 wires I thought it'd be okay. In the picture you can see I have the black and blue together, the connections marked 'loop' are empty, red and brown are together and earth goes to the rose. My problem is...
  7. D

    blank ceiling rose

    Hi Can anyone tell me where I can get a blank ceiling rose to cover an unused point? cheers David
  8. U

    wiring metal light holder to old ceiling rose

    Hello there I bought a vintage smoked glass shade chandelier pendant ceiling light and wired it up ok (well the bulb didn't blow) but took it back down because the brass thingy wouldn't do all the way up on my existing ceiling rose.Can i just wire up the metal ceiling light holder...
  9. A

    Rose circuit bedroom wiring mayhem, 3 blacks dosnt work!!!

    After purchace of three debanhams lights and sucessfull fitting of 2 the third has caused me some unrest due to an ensuite bathroom within the circuit. 1) Presented with three reds and three blacks i wired the three reds togther. Wire 2 blacks into a sucessfull bedroom switch leaving one...
  10. O

    Wiring Kitchen Flush Ceiling Fitting to Looped in Double Switched Rose

    Hello DIY Electrical Forum I am at a bit of a loss to proceed any further than I have done so already with wiring a flush ceiling fitting in my kitchen to an existing twin switched rose. I have basic DIY experience and will proceed only as far as my ability allows and all work will be carried...
  11. B

    Help wiring a ceiling rose

    In the room there is two holes in the ceiling Below is a picture of the first hole It only has two wires The second hole has one wire I think I am missing a wire for the switch? Is it possible that this old house only has 2 wires? When I turn on the electric, the light doesn't turn on There...
  12. O

    Ceiling Rose light to modern light

    Hi guys, I wish to replace a ceiling rose light with a modern light. The current wiring to ceiling rose is as follows: 1 - live (blue and red) 1 - earth (green and yellow) 1- natural (blue) 2 - loops (brown) My new light fixture only has Connectors for 1 - live 1- natural 1 - earth I am...
  13. T

    Ceiling rose

    Good evening all I'd be so grateful for some help. I used to be an electrician years ago but I am no longer and just have a question I'm unsure of. I live in a new build and I have a ceiling rose in the garage and my wife asked me to put 2 tiny 6watt led lights either side of the garage door...
  14. A

    Domestic Rose Ceiling Light Wiring

    Hi All I have a light fitting that i want to change in one of the rooms. Currently there is a rose ceiling light. I have changed a few of these but this room has some connections which i am not sure about. I have some wago connectors ready but just want some advice before i start...
  15. L

    Connecting a ceiling rose back together

    Hi I'm contacting a ceiling rose back up from having a metal pendent on. Where do I put the 3 browns in the connector block in the ceiling rose
  16. B

    Domestic Rose Wiring (old wiring to new wiring)

    Hi Guys, I wonder if anyone could help me with this. I want to replace an old light fitting which was a bit cracked and broken. Images of old wiring below, 528 attached. Now I want to wire it up with to a new style rose images 236, 114. When I look at the wiring diagram for the new set up of...
  17. F

    Problem with ceiling rose

    hi all, Please excuse the potential basic question. I took down a ceiling rose with 2 wires in and a third for the switch live, I’ve now put it back up and have wired it as per instructions having identified the switch live with a multimeter. However the switch now no longer works and is on...
  18. M

    Domestic Leave existing ceiling rose within new metal light fitting??

    I'm your average DIYer and after advice about replacing a pendant light with a new flush metal fitting. I can fix the new light to the ceiling and the existing rose sits within the void of the new fitting without any clearance issues. Is it OK to leave it in place and wire the new fitting into...
  19. A

    Unexpected Wiring on Ceiling Rose

    Hi, I'm not a sparky but am confident with wiring as work in the AV business and work with cabling a fair bit. Would appreciate some thoughts and advice Looking to replace a ceiling rose with a new IKEA light fitting. The old wiring (pictured) looks to be strange as I would expect the switch...
  20. S

    Ceiling Rose Wiring - 3 core plus earth ?

    Advice needed, Removed a ceiling rose and the cables must have been loose as they all popped out. Connected up all the cables apart from the grey cable. My PIR light outside is now not working without this grey cable connected into one of the blocks which is fed off the same switch bank on...
  21. S

    Preparing ceiling rose for plastering

    Hi all, I am currently doing some domestic work for a relative. I’m fitting the light first in a plasterboard ceiling. The ceiling is a mess though due to it having down lights in it originally, so it needs the holes filling and then skimming. How do I leave the cables so that the lighting...
  22. B

    Ceiling rose to downlights

    Hi, looking for some help, I’m thinking of changing our ceiling rose in middle of room to 2 sets of 4 downlights but want each 4 controlled by a switch so will need to replace to a 2 gang switch as only have a 1 gang, loop in and loop out of the ceiling rose, I’ve attached picture for ceiling...
  23. K

    Adding pendant lights to a ceiling rose

    Hi, I have a single ceiling rose in my dining room but would like to add 2 more so I have 3 pendant lights hanging down over a dining room table. Can this be done? At present I have; 1 cable = 3 core T&E. ( RED/BLUE/YELLOW/EARTH ) 1 cable = 2 core T&E ( RED/BLACK/EARTH ) The blue from the 3...
  24. D

    Newbie: stuck fitting a new ceiling rose

    Hello everyone, Just came across this forum looking online for help with what I thought would be a simple job and has now turned into a nightmare. I'm fitting a new ceiling rose and I'm confused with the wiring - esp. the loop part. In essence how do I get these wires in the right places on this...
  25. Richard Sewell

    Ceiling rose wires and flush light

    Hi to all, am replacing an old ceiling light with a flush light and just want to check a few things re the wiring. Looking at L-R, am I correct here – earth (green), neutral (2 black wires), loop (3 red), switched live (single black)? Secondly, looking at the wiring diagram for the flush...
  26. D

    Ceiling rose on circular fast fix box

    Can you fit a ceiling Rose on a circular fast fix box? As in, does it physically fit? Need to fish cables out of a ceiling and want to cut a hole big enough to fit a hand through, but still be able to fit a ceiling rose. I haven't got either with me to try it out and thought that somebody...
  27. Morris19911

    Klik rose wiring, lights, emergency lights and pir's

    Hello I'm a first year apprentice and I'm struggling to get to grips with these klik rose wiring. Can someone please explain how you would wire these up from start to finish, what colour wires go to what terminals, how to wire the lights up with emergencies and pir's ? Thanks
  28. S

    Installing a new ceiling rose (safely!)

    Hi all, i've just attempted to install a new light fitting with a reasonable understanding of what i'm doing, but i just wanted to check if this was safe or not? Live connects to live via the electrical block, as do the neutral and earth wires. I'm just confused as to what the earth wire...
  29. I

    What is wrong with this light rose wiring!?

    Hello, really hoping you good people could help solve this problem that's been bugging me for over a week now. Recently changed all the sockets & light fittings in my home only because the previous ones were looking a little old-hat & worn out. All fitted & working fine with no problem; until I...
  30. G

    Commercial Manrose wf300 instructions

    As above anyone got a copy of the installer instructions for the300mm window fan ? Trawled the website and Google just keep getting the catalogue page with the specs on it. Cheers
  31. D

    Changing ceiling rose in a new build house

    Hi all sorry if this is the wrong section, im currently studying to become and electrician and so far learned the basics. A friend of mine has asked if i can change his bathroom and on suite light. Each bathroom he wants light changing has a extractor fan as well wired to the lights. Looked...
  32. R

    Ceiling rose wiring confused me

    I have no formal electrial qualifications, picked up bits and pieces as I have gone along. I damaged my bathroom celing light, when I took out the 2D lamp, so I have had to replace it - and all is working. However, the live wiring confused me. There were 4 permanent lives, linked together...
  33. G

    E27 ceiling rose...

    Customer has bought a shed load of decorative led lamps, thing is they're all E27, and they currently have standard roses with BC fittings. Where can I get the E27 fittings, so I can discard the BC and replace with E27? Had a quick google and can't see anywhere, bar China, that do them...
  34. E

    Steeple SMF100T inline fan vs Manrose MF100T

    Hi I made an ebay fan purchase fairly recently. I ordered what I thought was a MF100T, but was sent a Steeple SMF100T. It appears to be identical, was sent with the MF100T instructions, and has Manrose on the sticker. After a bit of internet research I've found out steeple is a Denman's own...
  35. Worcester

    Rosemary (aka plain) Tile Roofs

    Rosemary tiles are the number one roof covering amongst our clients, so we're always looking for the best insatallation method. Over time we've used: Click-fit (grind every tile and some flashing) Standard roof hooks (grind every tile and some flashing) Solar Limpets Redtip and HookStop and for...
  36. D

    Domestic Wiring a ceiling rose

    Hello, I was changing the light fitting for the upstairs hall way, I firstly wired it up wrong and no other lights would work upstairs, when turned on it seemed to make a pop noise. I then got some advice and wired it as recommend in the picture attached, the light is still not working, all...
  37. C

    Domestic Rose outside zone 2 but 230v lamp below zone 2

    Hi i recently informed a customer that they needed an enclosed fitting in the bathroom. They had a batten holder with the rose above 2.25 m but the lamp was below 2.25 m meaning the 230v lamp is in zone 2. Its a PME system and the lights are not on an RCD. The customer has been told that i was...
  38. W

    Ceiling rose - both lights on or one

    Hi guys, I recently moved into into a house and it didn't have any ceiling roses. A black fitting was in place that was wired like this: I attached the blue and brown wires from the ceiling rose and switched it on and both lights came on. But for some reason when I switch it off, one light...
  39. L

    Do they do ip rated clip in click roses!?

    Due to the conditions at this job,working in a new shelf life room in a commercial setting I'm after some ip rated click roses. basisaly I'm going to wire the then via conduit on the wall to a click rose and then cables individually to each light fitting(yes the fittings are ip rated)...
  40. G0nz0

    Commercial Dali Rock Roses-HELP NEEDED!

    Hi, Does anyone know of a good looking Dali plug and socket (similar to a Klik/Rock Rose), it seems to me that all the companies that produce Dali based outlets, go out of their way to make these things butt ugly. I ask because we are on a job that has a particularly fussy architect (nothing new...
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