1. stidge

    V pro dimmers overheating

    Hi , I’ve fitted a v-pro dimmer 0-300 w into a 6 gang chrome switch . 1 x 0-120w one end , a switch and a blank in between the second dimmer which keeps overheating when dimmed ! I’ve replaced once as never had any problems with these dimmers . There are 23 5w dimmable lamps on circuit ( max 30...
  2. jj2005

    Neff Oven Overheating after replacing fan element which initially tripped

    I have a 12 year old Neff Oven b1442n0gb who's fan element stopped working. I bought a generic element from amazon (NEFF Fan Oven COOKER ELEMENT 2400w eq2 499003 spares: Amazon.co.uk: Large Appliances -...
  3. J

    Wet UFH overheating - advice please

    We have a wet UFH system in an extension that has installed 10 years and we have had no issues with till now, there are 2 separate UFH systems and manifolds for upstairs and downstairs. We have gas CH with radiators in the rest of the house. Suddenly the UFH in the upstairs part is running...
  4. S

    Lighting relays overheating. Solution?

    Evening all, Been to a customers unit recently due to some high level lighting that had stopped working. The cause was a relay that had overheated causing the neutral pole to fail open (they are 2 pole relays). When opening the panel I noticed the relays had signs of thermal damage. Some...
  5. E

    Mainswitch fuse overheating

    Hi guys. I have an ongoing problem with a compressor 166kw variable speed permanent magnet motor. I came across a main Sw fuse upstream from the motor which was extremely how over 100 degrees Celsius and on L 3 which blew fuse. I changed fusecarrier and female recepable whichfuse carrier pins...
  6. M

    Hottub running hot. What to do?

    Hi all, I am new here, and a DIYer, so please be gentle. I recently bought an Intex portable hottub. One of the inflatable ones like the Lay-Z-Spa units. The unit claims it is only pulling 2400w and comes with a pre-fitted 13a socket with an inline RCD, and I confirmed this with an inline...
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