1. J

    Catering Trailer Electrics

    Hi All, I've bought a 12ft Catering Trailer that is mainly fitted with LPG Equipment, but Electrics are required for 1x Undercounter Fridge, 1x Undercounter Freezer, Strip Lights, Water Pump & Appliance ignition. I may occasionally use a Microwave, but can do without if necessary. I would...
  2. M

    Concession trailer

    Legends, need some advice. I am a 12v automotive electrician, but have had a side project building a concession trailer for my dad. We have an interior GE panel inside the trailer where each side, or leg, is powered by a leg of the single phase generator..... so it's essentially two panels with...
  3. oceanearth

    Which Narva 7 Pin Flat Trailer Socket W/Reed Switch?

    Want to swap my trailer plug over with one that has a reed switch to deactivate the reverse sensors when I'm backing in the boat. They come in open and closed circuit models. How do I test my plug on the car to work out which kind I need?
  4. P

    Led trailer wiring help

    Hello. Recently I've purchased some led lights for my trailer. Secondhand no wiring guide. Led wire colours are white,black,red,yellow and green. I have standard 7 wire cable and socket from old lights. Any help would be appreciated
  5. B

    DIY - Trailer AC Continuously Running

    First time DIY post here…. My wife and I bought an old, run down 70’s lake trailer and ran into an AC wiring issue. Our thermostat is wired with white wire to W2, Red to RC, and jumper from RC to RH. There are two wires hanging by the furnace (old gas furnace that is out of commission due to...
  6. W

    Checking proper bonding and grounding for office trailer w/generator power

    Hey guys and gals. We bought a small office trailer that is wired up. It's never seen mains power and uses a generator disconnect (220). I read up on the myriad of code situations for bonding and then grounding, neutral switching etc. and came to the conclusion this would fall under separately...
  7. G

    Bike trailer turn signal switch

    Hi ! We are working on a bike trailer and want to put some turn-signals on it. We want those to be wireless, but found that existing solution for bikes are not working due to range issues. We came up with an idea of combining a 12V Wireless Magnetic Truck /Trailer Rear Light as seen on...
  8. X

    Can I connect a 7pin tow bar to a 32A trailer socket to run a 2850kw machine?

    I have a 2850kw coffee machine and I need to keep it running whilst I am on the move. It is in a trailer that is set up at 32A so the inlet is a three pin 32A socket. Can I connect it to the 7 pin connector on my tow bar and if so will this produce enough juice to keep it running?
  9. A

    Convert food trailer from 16-32amp

    Hi Can somebody advise please. I’ve recently bought a food trailer which is wired at 16amp. I’m wanting to run more electrical stuff and I’ve been told I’ll need 32amp. Will the trailer need a complete re-wire or is it just a case of changing the inlet socket and fuse/junction box? All and any...
  10. T

    Catering Horse Trailer Conversion

    Hi All, New to these parts and rapidly learning about electrics! I have a converted Horse trailer that i am using as a to cook Toasties, i'm working out my power requirements and have a few questions. The list of appliances I wish to run are Double Contact Grill (2*13amp 240v), each one pulls...
  11. B

    Trailer Charging Circuit - Relay

    Thanks for looking at my question I have a vehicle that I charge my trailer battery with. The charge circuit is 10 metres via an andeson plug rear of vehicle. The cable size is 25mm2 and I'm wanting to fit an ignition fired relay to the circuit. Trouble is the standard 80a relay is a spade...
  12. P

    12S 7 pin trailer plug

    Hello everyone I’m new to the forum and I am trying to wire up a new 12s 7 pin plug that’s on my Ifor Williams trailer Tipping trailer. The original plug was damaged and when I open up the plug only 1 of the 4 wires were connected to it, the other 3 were loose. I traced the wires back on to the...
  13. K

    Grounding Wire In Concession Trailer

    I bought a concession trailer that was all propane. Being the town I'm in is so strict about propane, l gutted it out and now making it all electric. Running on 2 generators. So my question is about wiring. The interior is all stainless steel. I have mounted all metal conduit to the walls. I am...
  14. D

    Cargo trailer solar install and questions

    I'm installing renogy 400w solar kit this weekend on a cargo trailer, and renogy's 700w inverter. I have one 79Ah battery, and will buy 3 more, for 12v parallel. I have 4 circuits of lights I want to put up also, parallel. I am new to electricity, can you please check my diagram to confirm fuse...
  15. Jputnam150

    Trailer connection

    Ready to install a 4 pin to 7 pin trailer adapter on 2011 Subaru Forester. Found this black box with no markings. Note there's no 12 gauge wire coming into the harness as would be needed for trailer brakes. What is this box?
  16. R

    Need help for travel trailer wiring!!!

    Hello all, I could use a bit of help from some of you savvy electrical types. I have a small travel trailer ('18 Jayco Hummingbird FD) and I just finished installing 230watts of solar (in series) on the roof, which heads down to a renogy 30amp MPPT controller and then onto my 100aH Lifepo4...
  17. K

    Food trailer amp socket advice

    Hi there Asking for some big help!! I have Jsut had a permanent pitch agreed, yay! For a food trailer. I keep trying to get my head around the amp socket that the supplier would need to have installed... I am wanting to run - Potatoe oven Stove top Water heater and pump Coffee machine...
  18. C

    Sy cable for catering trailer

    I recently bought a catering trailer and have been advised I need to have it re wired using SY cable. I can't find much information about this and want to make sure I am going to be getting the right thing done. Thank you for any replies ?
  19. O

    Problem with trailer lights not working

    Hi, we have a trailer at work a large car transport trailer. All the lights suddenly stop working, tested electrics on the van with a lighting board, all working perfectly. When I connect a wire to the white wires in the plug, and the other end to the bare metal on the tow bar on the van, they...
  20. A

    Trailer Electrics Question - Rear Tail Light Blow Fuse

    Hi all, Got a horse trailer, which seems to blow the fuse in my car for the 'Right Hand Tail Light'. When using the trailer, it will blow the fuse (not right away), knocking out the rear tail light on my car, and the rear tail light cluster (not indicators) on the trailer. I've followed the...


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