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    European two wire 230 to American three wire 240

    Hi, I have a machine I am sending to Turkey and it operates on standard American single phase 240 vac. The problem is the place its going in Turkey can only supply single phase 230 which is one single hot wire and a Neautral/ Ground wire. Is there a transformer or converter of some sort that I...
  2. M

    Rewiring an old Harley. What connectors would you recommend to join more than one wire together to a single pin?

    (UK). I am renovating a 1988 HD 1200 XLH Sportster. The previous owners have butchered the wiring so I am rewiring it by hand. There are a few places in the wiring where a single cable needs to connect to two others. An example is from the fusebox. The output for the Accessories 15a fuse needs...
  3. A

    How do I wire this replacement timer?

    Old Timer Theben 181h New Timer KG316T See how the timer in the breaker cabinet is currently wired. Which wire do I place where in this new timer? This is the 3rd timer which has gone out so I am trying a different one this time.
  4. V

    How do I connect this... (2 Wire ceiling rose / Ikea SKURUP)

    Hi, We have a new Ikea SKURUP light i'd like to fit, I have replaced an old ceiling rose but there are two sets of wires coming from the ceiling. I have connected it up as the booking says but the light now doesn't want to switch off from the wall? Can anyone give me some...
  5. R

    What size wire should I use?

    I am putting in an above ground pool about 350 feet from my electrical box. I would like 30 amps out there. I will add some lights and a fan. Normally I would do 20 amps, but if I ever want to use a pool heater, I will need 30 amps. I already have conduit buried. I have used multiple online...
  6. R

    Extending 6mm oven wire

    Hello, so before we start ive done basic electric work at home, so please dont crucify me too much haha Right, i have a dedicated fuse for the oven in the fuse box, so does that mean it has its own circuit i take it?! My current setup is oven on an island, a walkway and hob (gas) on the other...
  7. P

    Wire nuts!

    I though I saw the last of those horrid screw-on wire joints when pulling out stuff replaced in the 60's, though for some unknown reason they remain popular in the USA. Today while looking for terminals my search results pulled up the CEF web site and to my horror they are back! :(
  8. T

    No Trip 2 Wire MFTs

    Hi folks, my Fluke 1652 has finally given up. I need a replacement quick. I want to try and future proof the purchase a little by making sure the replacement does 2 wire no trip testing. Do any of the current Flukes do this? What are the options these days? I'd not given any thought to it all...
  9. S

    Help choosing wire

    Hi everyone. I’m hoping for a little advice. I am hiring a certified electrician to do this job for me but I’m looking to buy the wire today. I am trying to hook up an outlet for my 30 amp RV and 200 feet away from my house. I I’ve dug and 18 inch trench and plan on using PVC conduit. Here is...
  10. S

    Calculating gauge of wire

    Ok. I've fitted 2 tone car horns in place of 1 tone horn on my Renault Kadjar. The factory horn is weak. I'm attaching a photo of a waterproof scotchlok crimper connector which will connect 2 factory wires to new wires to horn. The car horn runs via 10 amp fuse. My question is: does anybody...
  11. L

    Please Help, wiring a switch with a singular 3 core wire

    Hi, im having trouble. I want to wire up some outdoor lights through a smart home plug. They were previously connected to an analouge timer and after removing this ive found that there is one singular wire coming from the lights. this wire has neutral (blue) live (brown) and another black wire...
  12. S

    Can anyine identify this electrical line type and load rated for?

    attached image of a line i dug out to find feeding a 100Amp subpanel (25 years and no issues I'm told). I can't make it out and am hoping someone experienced might be able to identify it and confirm if it is indeed the right wire type to handle the load. It's a 100Amp main subpanel switch, with...
  13. A

    Led batten wiring

    Hi, what type/size of wire will I need for 6 36W led batten lights in my garage? Would 2 core 0.75mm round flex wire be ok?
  14. M

    What should be the minimum resistance required between 3 phase and grounding (connecting wire to earth)

    Hi I am new to electrical engineering. I want to measure the 3 phase voltage near the water pumpset motors. I have connected phase lines to earth through a diode and six 1 mega ohm resistors (measuring the voltage across resistor). The same earthing wire is connected to ground in my dc circuit...
  15. C

    UK How do I wire an emergengy stop button to an extension cord?

    Hi everyone, I am trying to wire an emergency stop button onto a 1 gang extension wire. I have submitted some pictures of the button and the stripped extension wire. Could someone please give me some guidance on wiring this before I burn my house down? 🔥 🏠
  16. M

    What is maximum distance I can run 12 gauge wire to a shed?

    Hello, Need some advice. I have a 20amp breaker with 12g/2 underground feeder wire running to an outdoor GFIC outlet. 38 feet from breaker box to where it leaves the house and then 32 feet buried 24 inches deep (no conduit) to the 20A GFIC outlet. So from breaker box to outdoor outlet is a...
  17. V

    3 wire (2 hots/1 neutral) Range wiring ok?

    New range on the way and took our the old range (about 2010 install) that was hard wired in with 2 hot wires (black and red) and a green ground wire that was attached to the neutral wire post on the old range. diagram for new range says that 3 wires should be red & black hots along with a...
  18. Z

    What kind of wire is this?

    I acquired a huge roll of this wire from an estate sale, thinking it was eithernet wire, but their are 10 wires instead of 8, and are thicker in size than eithernet cable.It has gel coating, so its some kind of underground cable.
  19. S

    Intex Spa - No earth wire in power cable?!?!

    Hi I have an intex inflatable spa and the moulded plug is hot to touch after running it for a few hours. I tried it in different sockets but it still gets hot so assume its the plug thats the issue. I cut the old plug off to attach a new one but there is only live and neutral wires. Is this...
  20. N

    GFI Plug / Place Wire in Hole or Wrap Around Screw ??

    Replacing GFI Plug.. Plug has the option of either sticking bared wire into corresponding hole or wrap around screw.. Which is Better ??
  21. M

    Fan wire extension?

    I have a fan low wat its a 8inch desc fan. It has the conning sticker on it "no seviceable parts" I baught it and its 2meter short of my extension lead i dont wana run another on it ao i wana make it longer... Is solering wire safer n better than wire connectors? And the wire is 0.75mm...
  22. M

    Wiring an LED light bar to the h4 high beam wire

    Hey guys! This may seem like a dumb question to ask, I’m new to all of this and am trying to learn for myself and am stuck! So on the previous car I owned I wired up my light bar to the positive and ground cable connecting to my high beam wires, this worked fine! I know I’m meant to have a...
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    UK (IMAGES) Connect 20amp Isolator Switch (For Split AirCon) – Need Help.

    Images Now Included. Hi there, a new DIY member here based in Hong Kong, where getting reliable electricians can sometimes be a challenge! I've been finishing off a rennovation project and one of the last jobs is to attach a 20amp isolator switch for an indoor split AC unit (Panasonic). The...
  24. C

    I was screwing a lightswitch back into the wall when suddenly a bang and the lights tripped, I assume I hit a live wire? Can anyone shed some light?

    I was screwing a lightswitch back into the wall when suddenly a bang and the lights tripped, I assume I hit a live wire? Can anyone shed some light on what happened?
  25. G

    How to wire a beer pump with LED lights

    Hi, I have got my hands on some beer pumps, the come with LED lights built in but Im not sure on how to power them, wires from the LED going into what looks liske a black box with capacitors in it then another purple and orange wire coming out of that to where id supply it, is it as...
  26. R

    3 wire Delta calculations

    I have a question on 3 wire Delta connected winding with Phase Supply between X, Y & Z is 370 Volts. What is the voltage between One Phase 'X' and the center tap of the opposite winding? See attached doc.
  27. H

    2013 Passat oem remote signal wire to reverse camera question?

    I have a 2013 Passat SEL Premium that had a digital OEM backup camera. Had to replace the head unit with aftermarket and tried a digital to analog converter for the oem camera and it didn’t work. Have 3 wires from the OEM camera. Solid power (red), reverse remote signal wire (blue) and ground...
  28. L

    how to wire the "soft start" of a Bosch GWS8-125 angle grinder

    Hi all, Does anyone know how to wire the "soft start" of a Bosch GWS8-125 angle grinder. There are 3 connectors : blue wire, white wire and a plug-in connector near the blue wire (see pictures). Thank you in advance. B.R. Larry.
  29. J

    Wiring a 2 wire ceiling rose to a pendant light

    Hi there, Wonder if anyone can help. Hoping it's a simple one! I'm looking to replace light with new pendants, which are the same switch. One is easy, as there is a single wire, however the second rose has 2 wires. Problem is - the new pendant roses only have connectors to support a single...
  30. H

    Dead Wire Trace and no GFIs to a Bathroom

    Hello all. Looking for some help. Had a pump to a jacuzzi tub not working. Got into the area where the pump is and plugged it into a different outlet and the pump works. Went to the timer switch on the wall for the pump and put a multimeter on the wires (only two coming into the box other...
  31. F

    How to Wire a new vintage lamp holder

    Hey all I just bought a new vintage lamp holder from eBay, I assumed that because it has a metal casing that it would need a 3 core wire cable, but it doesn’t seem to have a place for the earth wire. I’ll add some photos, could someone please help to whether I need the earth wire and if so where...
  32. H

    208V Single phase wiring from 3 phase 4 wire disconnect

    I work in a location that was once a Machine shop showroom. We have 208/230/480 etc in the building. I need to install a temperature chamber that requires single phase only 208V or 230V supply. I have a 100 amp rated disconnect literally in the exact location this needs to go. I've read for...
  33. A

    Cat 6 wire stuck in my wall

    Hi everyone I need some professional advice. I was running cat 6 wire trough my walls when suddenly my fishing wire got disconnected. The wire got disconnected around 10 cm from the outlet it was supposed to come out of. What do I do? I think the wire I at the red line (as seen in the picture...
  34. L

    Electrical help

    You I have 3 wires coming to my electrical pannel i have 2 hots a uncoated silver wire n another wire. None of which r hooked up to pannel yet. I know the 2 hots go to main breaker n then the silver wire goes to ground but there is no common. White wire. Now i have the box wired to where the bar...
  35. W

    How to wire switch at end of run.

    Hello. I appreciate help for my electrical issue. We have two sets of stairs running from garage to upstairs of our condo. The run starts in the garage and has a gfi which feeds 3 outlets and 4 lights. At the top of the stairs, there is a light and I added an outlet there which made 3 outlets...
  36. J

    Fuse blown and neutral wire sheathing melted.

    Hi guys, hope you can try to shed some light on what might be the problem. Basically nothing is new, all been the same for 3 years since we moved in but over the past few days when the dishwasher was on (or anything plugged into a socket in the kitchen) I noticed a burning plastic smell...
  37. B

    Downlights - what wire to use

    Hi all, I'm just after a bit of advice - I'm a DIYer and have some Aurora integrated downlights that have given up the ghost. The ones that are broken are rated at 4.9W and connected using 0.75mm flex to a red connector which connects the downlight to the circuit. I can't tell what wiring is...
  38. J

    USA Constant hot wire

    I have an electrical question about a shed that I have which is always hot. I bought my house 1.5 years ago and there are 3 sheds in the backyard. All of them have power. There is a 240v outlet in one shed that has a breaker in it as well. I've determined that this breaker controls the power to...
  39. G

    can anyone tell me what this crimp connector is as I need to get new ones for this stranded wire to enable both cables to fit in a caravan battery con

    can anyone tell me what the four crimp connectors are called, (the lower wire in the picture) as I need to get new ones for upper - just need to know what to search for, they are for a approx 10mm cblestranded wire to enable both cables to fit in a caravan battery connector-as you can see they...
  40. M

    UFH 4 Wire Actuator Wiring

    Hi, just recently wired in my single zone (4 loops) wet UFH system. I found it relatively simple as I think it is a basic layout. Heating is S plan (UFH/Rads) however it is only wired together using (the supplied) box with a big choc block connector rather than these fancy wiring centres you...
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