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  1. T

    Can I ground a turntable to a receiver with no built in ground wire?

    I just bought a used Ion Profile Pro turntable with no ground wire. I'm getting hum, and based on my research I think I need to ground it to the receiver. Any suggestions on where to attach the ground wire to the turntable?
  2. B

    Can I use a multi wire capacitor instead of a two wire in a fan??

    Hi Guys, I have a ceiling fan with a two wire 4.5 uf 250V capacitor that has gone bad (fan motor spins very slowly). I cannot find and 2 wire capacitors with this rating (closes is 3 uf) but there are some 5 wire capacitors with one of the connections of the 4.5 rating. Can I use that capacitor...
  3. N

    USA 277 Volt lighting. Y system. I have a string of lights out in a hallway.

    277 volt Y system lighting circuit. A string of lights out in a hallway. Have 277 to ground on both my hot and my neutral. Have only 15 volts between my 277 hot and 277 neutral. This was discovered Friday afternoon, Co. does not pay OT so its my unwanted challenge for Monday. Will look at prints...
  4. W

    Proper SOOW wire gauge

    I plan to upgrade my portable generator to a larger 40 amp max output unit. When I originally ran the cable to my electrical panel I used 8/3 NM-B W/G wire to allow for a future upgrade. My question is what gauge SOOW should I use for the 10 foot generator lead, 8/4 or 6/4? I'm a little...
  5. Brad Beck

    UK Wire nuts being sold in Lidl

    I always have a look at the DIY stuff when browsing in Lidl and I came across wire nuts. I wouldn’t buy them personally but are these actually permitted to be used in the UK? I can’t find any information on them that says whether BS:7671 allows them or not.
  6. C

    Wire Smart Switch

    Hi, home foyer here... Bought a simple 2 gang smart switch and trying to connect it. To test I was actually only going to replace one of my one gang dimmer switches with it to check it worked. instructions that came with it are about as much use as a chocolate teapot. So I disconnected my old...
  7. D

    Window motor Wire Up Help!!!

    I need some help guys . I want to wire up some switches to my windows on my racecar. The windows, motors and regulators are installed . I have the wiring diagram but my electrical skills are novice at best . I have the window motor harness spliced and ready, and a couple 20amp fuse wires...
  8. A

    Staircase timer 4 wire and 3 wire

    hi everybody :) i have recently bought a staircase timer, and on the side of it there are 2 different wiring diagrams. one of it says 3 wire and the other says 4 wire. I have always connected them in the 3 wire diagram but i'd like to know what is the other one and for when it is useful. here is...
  9. A

    5 wire pain.

    Hi new to this. I’ve posted an attachment with a problem that’s bugging me. Thanks for your input. Cheers
  10. O

    No neutral wire for smart switch?

    Hi all, first post here, let’s go. So I’m installing a smart switch in my kitchen and after pulling the existing switch out I noticed that there are only two cables in the wall box. Each of the two goes to the switch with a simple straight connection. I’m assuming that these are both live...
  11. J

    UK Can someone help me wire a new light fitting into an old house with old wiring systems.

    I’m a junior electrician, fresh out of college. I did some minor electrical work for a friend buI tried to put up a new chandelier I came across: Two Line wires (RED), going into one connector block Two Neutrals (BLACK), separated into different connector blocks - Two CPC wires, going into...
  12. C

    Reactance of Wire

    What is behind the none linear drop in conductor reactance? Is it the stranding of manufacturing variants between gauges? Or something else? For example 8 gauge and 1 gauge wire goes up in reactance, and #6 while having a lower reactance than #8 is still higher than #10 😕😕
  13. D

    update my light switch to a Smart Switch

    Hi everyone, Basically, I am planning to replace the light switches in my new build house with smart switches and as the switch has WiFi built-in it needs constant power to work so will require a neutral wire I've pulled the back of the existing lightswitch and have a "Common" and "L1" 2 x...
  14. C

    Can I drill through a 4 stud thick column to run one 12/2 wire?

    I'm running one 12/2 wire through a wall and I ran into a structural column. It is 4 studs thick. Can I drill through this column to run my wire? 1575333614 Just wanted to add that I'm trying to add an electrical outlet to the wall.
  15. samsingh

    UK Am2 - Ring final circuit

    Hi, I've sat my am2 practical today. I have a question about the ring final circuit hopefully there is someone who can relate. Is it crucial to wire the ring final a certain way? Ive bought 2 legs out, one goes into my closest socket which went down a bit of conduit and the other leg goes to...
  16. F

    Can I wire a Dashcam into interior light in our works Van(s)

    Hi all Our insurers have offered us a discount on our fleet policy if we have dash cams installed in our 3 vans. They haven’t recommended any brand and I am free to choose any brand of dash camI was going to buy 3 cameras for our 3 vans but before I do I want to know how to wire them. I asked...
  17. D

    Extra wire behind thermostat

    Hi all I have an extra wire that’s red in colour coiled up behind my thermostat and I was wondering if I can use it as a C wire for my new smart thermostat. I’ve attached a picture of what my current thermostat setup looks like. Thanks for any help
  18. L

    what connection to make for the fan switched live wire in a fcu

    can anyone help with the connection for the switched live from the bathroom fan in this fuse box. it is the unconnected yellow wire with a red sleeve and i assume it goes into the top right OUT connection with the single red wire. Thanks in advance
  19. D

    Hi and thanks for having me. Can I wire an Au plug to this fan?

    Kinda was hoodwinked on Ebay. Pic had black wire, taped and end hidden. No mention of no plug. I guess you get what you pay for. Liv'n'learn. Anyway, I can return it, but was wondering if I can simply wire it to a plug and use it. Tried Google but no mention of Fans with 2 red wires. Apreciate...
  20. F

    How to wire for "electrically sensitive" people

    Hey everyone, I believe I may be one of the crazy people who thinks they are "electrically sensitive"... I hate that I am that guy, but this is kind of where I find myself. I'm convinced that the farther from all electrical stuff I sleep, the better I sleep, and I've kind of gotten obsessed...
  21. N

    How do I wire this confusing light switch?

    So I had a malfunctioning single gang switch in my garage and opened up the box to find 3 wires: 1 black red earth - seems to be providing power 2 yellow blue red - which is the circuit for the garage switches 3 yellow blue red - which is somehow sending power to the upstairs bathroom Not come...
  22. C

    How to wire a 240V 3-prong plug?

    Hello! For this device I have one 240V hot wire and one neutral but the socket is for a 240V 3-prong plug (two 120V-hot wires and one neutral). What can I do to install a 3-prong plug having only one hot wire? This is the plug
  23. D

    Set screw for ground wire stuck in breaker box

    I am a DIY'r. The last house I was in I tore down almost the entire house, room by room, to bare studs. Then rewired, reinsulated, drywalled, etc. We had the power lines buried and ran into a different part of the house when we had our basement replaced. I installed the new breaker box and...
  24. R

    How to wire sauna heater

    Hi there, not sure to wire this in parallel or series. Also, this seems to pre wired for three phase not for the home, but suppliers say it is for home use. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  25. S

    Should I change for a thicker wires?

    Hello, I have a generator that generates 14V/20A DC for two ends and I use both of them for operating olive harvesting machine. I have no Idea how much wattage or Amp each one needs because it came off the label , but I know that they both need 12Volts each. The issue : operating both on...
  26. S

    Doorbells again - volt drop / max bell wire length

    Hi Folks I've been trying to work out whether a doorbell will work with approximately 16m run of bell wire. I've tried to find out volt drop, resistance (to calculate volt drop), or even CSA of typical bell wire. But no luck. I tested an approx. 3m length with my MFT and got 0.87 Ohms. That...
  27. Strima

    Wire Stripper Blade

    Anyone know where I can get a replacement blade for my wire stripper? Not sure of the make as it's around ten years old and an eBay special but possibly a WilTec. All my searches are coming up blank. OD of 38mm and ID of 16mm. Plan B is make a mandrel up and put the blunt blade on the pillar...
  28. C

    Powering my shop

    Hello everyone. I’m a DIY person and I’m about to give my shop a little juice. I had previously ran UFB 35 feet to a 220 outlet for my brothers RV. Now that he’s gone, I’ve built a 24x24 shop. My intentions are to run 16 led shop lights that will pull 7.04 amperes. Also a shop fan (unsure of...
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