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  1. A

    Live ground wire throughout the house

    I have a live ground throughout the house. Is this dangerous and what are the possible causes? Thank you for your time.
  2. F

    Basement sub-panel wire requirements

    I’m running wires to the basement for future basement finishing. I’d like to add two circuits of outlets (one on the finished side and one on the unfinished side of the basement), baseboard heaters (I’m also open to other heating options, the basement stays in the low 60’s in the winter, so I...
  3. will_505

    3 phase motor running backwards wire colours

    Hi all. Yesterday I wired in my 3 phase compressor to run off our 53kva generator. I just need to know which colour cable is for which phase as I'm not sure. Cables I've got are: brown, blue, black and green/yellow. I've currently got brown wired into live 1, blue into live 2, black into live 3...
  4. D

    PL wire in wall no switch to turn off

    Hi New to this forum, Just looking for some advise as a DIY person. I have recently purchased a new home. I have come across a wall light which seems to be PL, and therefore always on. I have tried all switches in the home one by one and none turn it off, I cant see any switches nearby or fuse...
  5. finhudson16

    Seemingly under-rater MCB for wire size

    Hi All, I'm looking at installing an induction hob in my kitchen (upgrade from gas) and I gather that it can be added to the cooker circuit if there's enough capacity. In the fuse box and at the cooker end, the cooker circuit is wired in with 6sqmm cable, but only has a 16A MCB which I gather...
  6. T

    How can I safely join two ends of this wire?

    Thank you for taking a look at my issue. The pictured standing lamp had a foot actuated on/off switch which broke. I would like to join the wires. My first thought is to twist them together and cover with electrical tape, is this safe? Would someone be so kind as to suggest alternate ideas that...
  7. oscilloscope_is_drunk

    Hello wire warlocks

    Hello. Millenial here who started electrical apprenticeship a bit too late, from Vancouver, Canada. I am looking to build up skills for something industrial or maintenance-related if I can, which is why this forum is interesting to me. 1st level seems to be pretty easy, so humble me if you...
  8. S

    Splice wire in the breaker panel or install a junction panel/box and splice there?

    Hello, First of all, thank you in advance for any helpful insights posted in response to my question. I have just moved into a new home. With my new home being in Florida, the thought of a hurricane wiping out power to my home for days or weeks is unsettling. So I've opted to purchase a...
  9. L

    Remind me not to use my bare hands to trace a wire under the floorboards

    Had a floorboard up recently following a water leak. While there, thought I would connect in a stair light, which previously was switched separately to the landing one. Discovered a previously unknown junction box - not normally maintainable, but moving past that ... - wiring very neat...
  10. Jukv96

    Loose Wire UFH + Stairs

    I have a loose wire underfloor heating system I am installing for a client ideally they would like the UFH to continue into the down stairs loo which is off the hallway down 2 steps. It's all going to be tiled and theres no bullnose on the steps. Anyone ever come across this scenario, did you...
  11. R

    Determination of Wire Voltage Rating

    I am curious about voltage ratings on wire. I'm interested in 10-4 for a 25-foot cord that will be carrying 25 Amps at 240 volts. There are two voltage ratings for this wire on Amazon, 300 and 600. Would it be prudent to choose the 600-volt wire since the peak voltage of 240 is 339 volts? Or is...
  12. H

    amp/ wire size noob ?

    when wiring a 240v 50 amp breaker, for example, does each hot wire have to be rated for 50 amps or 25 amps per wire? 100 amp breaker, 50 amps per wire or 100 per wire. I think I know the answer but not sure. thx.
  13. Spike1947

    How to Wire up a aftermarket Rear View Camera

    Hi Re: VW Tiguan 2011Diesel SUV 2.0 TDI FWD -- 5N_ 1968cc 103KW 140HP CFFB vin: WVGZZZ5NZBW063715 Am going try and fit a aftermarket wi-fi rear view camera, question, Where do I fit the feed to the infotainment unit, I think it is a RDC 510 Premium 8 , have ordered a connector as per pic, just...
  14. P

    Running wire around ductwork

    Hello all, I'm renovating my kitchen and had a question about running wire around ductwork. In attached pictures - I need to have a receptacle and a dedicated dishwasher line to the right of the ductwork. However, there is no good way to avoid the ductwork without running about 40 feet of...
  15. Kilgore_Trout

    Nicked a Wire Under the Floor...Junction Box or Rerun?

    I dropped my multi-tool onto a 10/3 wire yesterday when removing some rotted flooring in a mobile home. I could see a bit of copper so I don't feel comfortable just wrapping it in electrical tape and calling it good. There is a crawl space underneath the mobile home where I can have the wire...
  16. H

    Home alarm first fix wire requirements

    Hi all, I currently have a Pyronix Enforcer V10 Wireless alarm system. I have some shock/contacts on windows, doors, PIRs, and an external siren. It's fine for now, and the batteries last ages. The main complaint is a terrible external PIR which is disabled due to endless false alarms. I'm...
  17. T

    Sub-Panel and Wire Installation

    Reaching out for some help/guidance and sanity check. Apologies in advance for the long post, but wanted to make sure it was clear. Thanks in advance for any help offered I recently wired a workshop out back after talking with an electrician and having a plan going forward. I fully wired the...
  18. T

    Which wire where please

    Hello sorry photos now attached! Which wire goes where please ? Thanks Tom
  19. S

    Can I wire my siren to a socket ?

    I have a small family farm and would like a sounder to notify when folk need to come to the office. I've seen this 230v Aico Y03 Multi Frequency Sounder. Can I attach to plug and just switch on when needed to activate? Details are Type A100 Code A100AC230R Voltage ⚡ 230v AC 50/60HZ +/-10%...
  20. W

    How to wire a new drop in range from old one.

    The old one has red, black and bare copper wires and new one has white, green and black. No plug it's hard wired. Thanks for any help
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