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  1. Zdb

    Forward slash or back slash?

    Just curious which people use and if there's a right or wrong way.
  2. O

    Are we all looking forward to saving £11 per year?

    Gobsmacked: Smart meters to cut bills 'by just £11' - Just turn off a few more chargers and it would have a similar effect. I've never thought that Smart Meters did anything but add infrastructure that would allow suppliers to apply different...
  3. G

    Mem dol forward & reverse

    Hi all I'm installing a 2post car lift 3 phase, when I bought it the lift there was a damaged switch box on so I've bought a eaton mem dol box all wired in, The only thing I want to change is the way it works when I press either the forward or reverse button it latches in and have to press the...
  4. J

    DIY blue flashing lights - choosing lights

    My dad is an emergency driver. All he has is a dash light that I bought him from amazon last year. Since my dad is an electrician I thought I would get him some blue LEDs so he can make his own lights as he complains about the price of emergency lighting.
  5. P

    Hello new to forum

    Hello I have just joined.. I look forward to talking on the Forum
  6. R


    hello everyone, i am in process of making some led light units for my aquarium, i have made a diagram to show how i have set out the circuit, i have a 12V driver thats powers the lights but i dont think its the right one and i dont want to leave it on for long periods of time if it is the...
  7. S

    AM2 Result! WOW!!!

    Received an email at bang on 12 today with my results. To my surprise i have passed everything! I was certain i failed most of it but wow! WELL happy now :D
  8. I

    Best Training Provider

    Guys Can you please give me feedback on training providers for the PV courses, I am looking to train. I want comprehensive training, to include proper erection methods on roofs etc. Looking forward to your feedback Regards Chris
  9. M

    Interested in Partnership with MCS Accredited PV Installer

    Hi Guys This is my first post so appologies for being so forward... I'm very interested in developing a PV and potentially Solar Thermal business in the UK. I'm looking to invest in and partner with an accredited organisation/ individual. My expertise is in Marketing, Sales and Finance and...
  10. S

    boiler control pricing??

    AS title really what price do you guys charge for wiring boiler controls? y plan? s plan? existing wiring needing altering?
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