1. K

    Electric Car Charger

    Looking to install an EV Charger for my father in law I am Olev approved and have installed a couple in the past however I am employed for a company where I’m just a site based electrician (no 2391) I don’t do any commissioning as such or electrical test certificates although I do plenty of...
  2. H

    UK EV charger

    I’m wondering if anyone would be able to tell me if I have a looped supply in my property as I’m looking to install an EV charger.
  3. I

    Odd E.V. home charger question

    I will describe my problem in as much detail so you guys might be able to answer my question. I am never home, my Electric bill is $ 28 to $30 a month, has been that way for years. I recently bought an E.V. so I had an E.V. Charger (Emporia is the brand) installed, hardwired by an Electrician...
  4. ThatCompexDude

    PME fault after moving charger to 3TP board

    Evening all, I have a little conundrum I need to get resolved. I’ve moved an EV charger from a single phase board that was on a 40a breaker and no RCD protection, over to a different 3TP board, on a new 40a Type A RCBO (Single phase) The customer is now reporting that the charger has a PME...
  5. B

    EV charger install

    Can the wiring go from the fuse box to a certain distance in the roof space, then exit the roof space via the eaves, then travel in conduit along the outside wall, to an EV charger? Or does the wiring need to go from roof space to wall cavity? It's an odd arrangement, and traveling outside will...
  6. L

    UK 32A or 40A breaker for 7kW EV Charger

    I note that in answer to another EV Charger question a member suggested a 40A breaker would be preferred to a 32A because of many hours at continuous full 7kW load. I am not an electrician but understand the reasoning. I have a 7kW charger (which generally runs full load for a continuous 5 hours...
  7. D

    Electric charger - lack of access to fuse box

    Hello all, I need to have an electric car charger installed but at the moment I'm puzzled about what my options are. My garage is at the back of my house (access through a back road) which begs the question, with the electric car charger installed there,do we need to run a cable to the...
  8. tony9i9i9i

    EV charger installation

    I have a client who wants an EV charger installed, charger TBC, but about 7KW, installed about 20m away from this installation. I've not done one before, but I understand I need to split the tails and main earth and add blocks so I can add an EV CU. CU is in a cupboard and the tails and earth...
  9. J

    Tesla wall charger load curtailment

    Morning all, I'm wondering if anyone has much experience with the Tesla Gen 3 Wall Chargers? Quick look through the instructions shows no PEN fault detection; easily dealt with using a Matte or similar. Also, I noticed no facility for Load management/curtailment of the installation via CT...
  10. M

    12V DC Charger Not Working/Heating Up

    Hi All, I recently purchased an old detector with charger from the US. Plugged it in with converting plug into Australian GPO and charger, it started heating up and smoking. Please see attached pictures. Both the US and charging plug and converter had gotten extremely hot. Does the current...
  11. PetesEV

    EV Charger installed in the garage see options

    I may have posted this before but not sure if it made it in. I want to install an EV Charger in my garage. The panel is two stories up and the floor between the garage and the 1st floor is 8" concrete. I can use an elevator shaft which is accessible behind the panel on the 2nd floor, however, I...
  12. Rockingit

    Caveat that this is from the Daily Fail... EV charger rage?!

    In fairness, dispite coming from the daily fail, this is entirely believable AND predictable...
  13. L

    Return the plug to a Generator Hookup vs car charger

    My house had previously been wired for a generator (probably not by code to this day) but previous homeowner disconnected and instead hooked up car charger to that circuit. I would like to place it back to a generator hook up plug for emergency power. I have included labeled pictures of outside...
  14. B

    EV Charger - No Internet required

    Good Afternoon All I have quoted for the installation of an EV Charger that is located in an underground car park. I don't install many however when I have done before I have installed the Zappi Chargers. I am wondering whether they need an internet connection to both set up and use. The reason...
  15. M

    Extended 6AWG wire for new Level 2 Charger Installation

    I currently have a level 2 Tesla wall connector installed on a 60amp breaker via 6 AWG wiring. I need to switch the wall connector out with a different charger brand. The problem is that the Tesla is hardwired through the top, and the other wall connectors I'm considering are fed through the...
  16. T

    Car charger Direct install or via ring mains?

    Just a question as I’m waiting for a new electric car to be delivered and they have included installation offer when it arrives free of charge. However, I’m a bit concerned as to whether they will need to get to the main switchboard which is all the way round the house which is going to be...
  17. A

    Tesla Gen 3 wall charger commissioning

    Hi all, I've installed a Tesla Gen 3 wall charger supplied by my client. For your information, the place that I installed is in a block of flat basement where the Meter room is. After some researching, I've fitted a Proteus board fitted with SPD and PEN fault detection device. All dead test...
  18. F

    EV Car Charger Choice

    I’m getting a Audi Etron this week and need to install a car charger, I was looking at the Ohme charger as it ties in with Octupus Energy supplier but open to input from you guys who install them daily. Thanks
  19. spamwize2

    205v ac supply to EV charger

    Hi I have a job at work, an ev charger keeps stopping functioning, the company that looks after it has been out and said its not there problem, the supply voltage is 205v ac, (I still need to check this) but is there a step up transformer out there that that can increase the voltage to 240v...
  20. J

    GFCI tripping EV charger CCID

    I have an issue with the GFCI breaker that was installed by my local electrician. It is not supposed to be installed with a charging circuit interrupting device (CCID) protection that is my charge point homeflex EV charger. Especially if using a plug. I would love to just replace it with a...


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