1. M


    Hello guys. I need to install a Tesla charger 3 gen for Tesla Y. My Client has 1 phase installation. I will install CU with SPD and PME fault detector. Could you please tell me what size of cable I should use for this charger point? Thanks for any advice.
  2. J

    Customer questioning his zappi EV charger.

    Hi Everyone, before I start ill admit I have very little knowledge of EV chargers etc, I have had a question from a customer who has had a 7kw zappi installed and his wife has just bought an audi a3 tfsi e. This apparently will only charge at a max rate of 2.9kw as its a hybrid, hes concerned...
  3. B

    EV charger on split phase?

    I have a single 7kW EV charger that serves three holiday cottage. The supply to it is E7, with the night rate currently at exactly half the day rate, so most users charge at night, controlling the charge from apps. on their 'phones. Batteries are getting bigger, so it's becoming difficult to get...
  4. R

    Tesla Gen 3 EV charger

    Has anyone installed the Gen 3 Tesla EV charger. Is an RCD required at the supply as it says it has a type A one built into the unit. Also can anyone recommend a good Open pen detection device?
  5. Rockingit

    EV charger (for me) - what's the lowdown on the easiest/cheapest way to do it?

    I'm going to start some construction projects at my own gaff soon, including sorting out some better outdoor supplies. Currently have a 32a supply via SWA in what I think (need to check!) is 10mm which the previous installer has conveniently put a junction box join for right where I can...
  6. Z

    Installing vehicle charger

    If you can install in a detached garage, then you can use the house earthing system (PME). Wishful thinking ! Can you install it inside the garage and run charging cable through the wall or can you install it on the outside wall of the garage?
  7. t01474

    Token Operated EV Charger

    Evening everybody. A Landlord who's pub I do a bit of work in called me today to discuss putting an EV Charger in for customer use. His idea was to charge £x for 60mins. I vaguely remember that Rolec had a token operated EV Charger but I'm not sure if they still make it. A fair bit of Google...
  8. HappyHippyDad

    Installing a 3 phase rapid EV charger?

    A bit of an embarrassing question. I have a regular customer who I enjoy working for. He has asked me to install an EV rapid charger for his avant loader (electric tractor type thing). I always turn down 3 phase jobs as I don't feel I understand it fully, but I'd like to do this job. I believe...
  9. D

    One for the EV charger fitters , EV busbar

  10. P

    Installing a plastic CU for a vehicle charger

    I'm looking at installing a plastic distribution board to feed a 3 phase vehicle charger. I've never been clear on whether flats being present in a building automatically make the rest of that building count as domestic or not. My understanding of 421.1.201 is that it does. The install...
  11. G

    Installing an electric toothbrush charger

    I want to install a wall mounted toothbrush charger alongside a washbasin in a bedroom. Depending on what turns out to be the easiest option for routing the cable I intend to either wire this into the lighting circuit, which is protected in the CU by a 6A circuit breaker or take a spur off the...
  12. C

    Tesla EV charger on new distribution board

    Hi all, Will have to apologise for asking basic questions but would rather be sure. I have got an EV charger circuit to be fit in an upgrade consumer unit. The wall connector features built-in RCD Type A + DC 6mA so it is not required to install RCD type B. The board will be 100A main...
  13. R

    Charger connectivity

    Has anyone experienced any issues with getting a good enough signal for the customer to be able to use the smart features on a Rolec Wallpod Homesmart charger? Installed recently, it is fitted just inside someone's garage but for some reason the signal strength isn't strong enough for the...
  14. K

    UK Electric Car charger Location

    Hi Thanks for providing the forum... Wonder if anyone here knows the regs on the installation of a 7Kw car charger, in so far as where it can be placed. My indoor consumer unit, has a 7K shower in it, upgrated by housing assosiation they fitted rcd on lights... Im thinking its too far away...
  15. D

    EV charger considerations on TT supply

    Hi all. Will have to forgive me for enquiring about basic question but would rather be sure of all considerations than not. Went to view property for potential EV install yesterday. On viewing intake of property I realised supply had been converted from PME to a TT supply. I'm unsure why they...
  16. R

    Wallbox EV Charger and Power Meter

    Has anyone installed a Walbox EV Charger with a Power Meter to enable the Power Boost option? It's installed but there doesn't seem to be any way of confirming that the Wallbox is talking to the Power Meter. I spoke to Wallbox and they couldn't help.
  17. G

    Mikita DC18RC Charger, 3.0Ah 18v Battery question?

    I am very confused by this charger. The yellow LED in on, Battery Conditioning. What does that mean? Battery is fully charged, I think after 30 minutes. The yellow LED is still on. Makita needs to provide better documentation. Their lead blower runs out of juice on high after about 15...
  18. HappyHippyDad

    7kW EV charger charging at 2.5kW?

    I have just installed the ohme 7.4kW home pro EV charger. I plug the car in and it starts charging at 7.4kW, then slowly the charge drops. Perhaps over the space of 45 minutes it has gradually decreased down to around 2.5kW. There is no CT clamp attached so no load balancing. It is also not...
  19. A

    No Power to Golf Trolley Battery Charger

    Hi All, I'll add some pics as soon as I can but just to get the thread started, I have a golf trolley battery charger that doesn't have any power. The unit has a light that should light up when plugged into the power socket however this doesn's light up and no power goes to the battery. I have...
  20. V

    EV Charger Installer Required - Electric Van, Home Charger & Tools All Supplied

    We are looking for someone to join the team here at voltEV. We are based in Uckfield, East Sussex and Rochester, Kent so living near or between those locations would be best. You will be provided with an Electric Van, Home Charger, Tools and a Uniform. Salary will be based upon experience...
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