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  1. J

    16A off 32A ring

    How do you guys get over taking an appliance which is 16A off a 32A ring? thx
  2. S

    UK 32a supply for a hot tub of a PME supply.

    Hi there, I have been asked to install a 32a supply for a hot tub for a client. I haven’t installed a supply for a hot tub before and having done a bit of research I am getting mixed answers about doing this on a PME system. I have a DB under the stairs with plenty of spare ways so I would be...
  3. J

    4mm radial from 2.5mm ring on 32A?

    Go easy I’m new to this but.. I’ve just come across a 4mm radial (garage) being fed from downstairs 32A MCB ring. Trying to locate the connection but question is does this comply with BS7671? I can’t tell if it’s on a 13A FS or not at the moment.
  4. J

    PAT testing 32A cable

    We have some 32A extension leads that range from 5m to 20m, I'm struggling to find what the acceptable values are for the resistence test. The PAT tester has a built in calculator, but that only goes up to 4mm cable, this is using 6mm. Where can I find the information I need to get the pass...
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