1. gazdkw82

    Home internet network

    I am in the process planning a loft conversion with dorma. Part of doing this will involve ripping my upstairs back to brick. Whilst I am doing this I will install extra sockets, update lighting smokes etc. I am debating if it's worth installing a wired network to the upstairs and loft. We donr...
  2. Q

    LAN Socket to ethernet/internet

    Hi, I live in a 2 story suburban home, and want to run ethernet from the second floor through to the basement. Obviously, we don't want to have a loose wire running through the home, so we settled for having the internet run through the power outlets. This is kinda slow though, so I was looking...
  3. U

    UK Question regarding Internet phone line

    Not sure if this is right place to ask, but anyway. Long story short, signed for BT and are getting the equipment delivered tomorrow. This building used to be a pub and has been converted into flats. BT have run their check and have said there’s definitely a line somewhere in the flat, however...
  4. haptism

    Hard wired internet in house to replace wifi

    Please can someone give me some pointers. In my house atm Im using wifi. For a project while on corona lockdown I want to hardwire connection points in most of the rooms and get rid of the wifi. Ive never installed such a setup and Ive got a few questions. Whats the best cable to use, thinking...
  5. M

    UK Xpelair DX100WT

    Hi Guys. I have a seized Xpelair DX100WT. Looking on the internet I cannot find any reference to that model. Does anybody know of a suitable plugin replacement?
  6. robd

    Ethernet point no internet

    Hi all, On a recent job (electrical) the customer asked if I could add them a point to hard wire his computer to his internet. I put him an ethernet socket at each end, ran a piece of cat 5 in between and terminated with punch tool as per a bt socket. Customer reported not being able to get...
  7. littlespark

    New thing that’s dividing the internet

    “Yanny” or “Lauren”? Who cares? I just can’t believe that was Stephen Hawkins’ last word :rolleyes:
  8. camerabloke

    100 internet points if you guess who this is

    I’ll give you a clue later
  9. Strima

    Internet Security, are you protected?

    Security is not a dirty word Blackadder... Vibrator manufacturing company 'collected users' data' | Daily Mail Online - I would have never thought hacking would be an issue for these...
  10. O

    Internet central heating controllers

    Is it me or are they as annoying as all the far eastern spam? Yes we have the option to ignore them, but the rate they are appearing on the site is getting out of hand IMHO Should there be a specific area for these? I don't see why people on here are expected to give away their knowledge and...
  11. S

    Help please... phone and internet extension

    This is not my area so any help with a solution to this would be appreciated.. I have two lines coming into my house both coming into the front of the house. Line A is my house/business line and also has the broad band on it. Line B is my wife business line. The internet router (BT) is in the...
  12. Jamchiv01

    Are Digital Laser Measures as good as the internet makes them out to me?

    Hello all, recently I was installing some new downlights in a large kitchen, and trying to measure the room width/length alone was a nightmare with a tape measure so I did some research on laser distance measures and they seem to be a good way to go. Has anyone ever owned one and are they as...
  13. T

    Help Me Find This Integrated Circuit

    Alright so, I work for a shop and the director has brought in a few of these chips and asked me to appraise them for him, and yeah I know this was a poor decision on his part, but it's too late now. I am quite sure it is an integrated circuit however I could be wrong, I have looked over the...
  14. H

    Cert with working across it

    Hi, I have just received (emailed) a minor works certificate with the word "working" across it, Its a Napit Cert and the work was only minor, just wondered about the word "working" is this normal as previous certs had nothing across them. Thank you
  15. B

    Advice on Telephone and Ethernet points please!

    Hi all Personally not had much experience in telephone and ethernet points so was hoping for some advice please. Running a supply for a garage which is being converted into an office. The fella would like a BT and Internet point in there as it is too far from his house for wireless (approx 20...
  16. J

    CompEX work?

    Sorry if I sound stupid but what is compEX work is it industrial based?
  17. C

    Phone/ Internet problem

    Hello, Please could someone help me please. I have recently installed a couple of external cat5 cables to a garden office. One cable to run internet data from a modem/ router in the house. The other for a phone. I connected up the internet connection using a couple of rj-45 sockets. All works...
  18. S

    Wiring cat5 to BT socket

    Hi, I recently got internet enabled, however it turns out the cable isn't wired to the BT socket (socket looks very similar to this: After opening the socket I just saw a bunch of unconnected wires. My ISP's support told me...
  19. B

    led strip lighting

    Afternoon sparks Can any1 recommend a good led strip lighting product off Internet , which will be installed in a kitchen, Thanks in advance.
  20. imago

    Alarm advice required

    I'm taking on a Unit which is a railway arch (Network Rail properties). It has power but no phone/data connections. I'd like to fit an alarm/CCTV set up to it that won't break the bank and can be connected to the internet via wi-fi (BT open zone). I'm not really bothered about having it make a...
  21. D

    Anyone interested in Pirate Parties?

    Hey, so there have been so many discussions about the Pirate parties in Northern Europe - they mostly say they represent the interests of internet users. E.g. they are for the free use of internet and very popular in Germany at the moment. What do you guys think of them?
  22. B

    Internet Network Marketing.

    Hi There, An Internet marketing is great business because it allows you to take command of your financial happiness. This industry is Flourishing and now seems to be the time that everyone wants to get into the wealthy affiliate programs. Building a list of Clients is the foundation on...
  23. S

    Customers Paying By Card

    Hi, does anyone have any experience of customers paying by card? I'm working out how to go about it. Options are mobile card terminal, phone based and internet based. Not sure what the best approach is or even if it's worth it at all? Any thoughts? Cheers, SW
  24. B

    ECS Assessment

    Hi Everyone, My grade card expires next month and I've been told I need to redo the ECS in order to renew it, anyone know where it can be done around Glasgow and how much? Cheers.
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