1. N

    Battery and Inverter installation

    Hi folks, I have recently had a 5kW Solis inverter and 15kW/hr of batteries installed. Everything is working fine, but I have some concerns about the quality of the install: I wasn't given any documentation, so no "part P" documentation. Around three metres of new meter tails were added -...
  2. R

    THWN vs UF-B in my unusual conduit installation

    Hello, I have 50 ft of corrugated pipe buried between my house and a pool shed. I placed it where I knew future landscaping would make it very difficult to do any trenching. It's four inches in diameter and about two feet down. So far I have pulled two direct burial cables through it, one for a...
  3. Keith Lingard

    UK Advice on Hoover Oven Installation

    Hi, I'm installing a Hoover oven and would like a little help please. The oven code is HOC3158IN. The oven manual states "The power cable must be H05V2V2-F."Also "The plug and the socket must conform to the current norms of the installation country." The label on the side of the oven...
  4. S

    Installation method?

    If cable is run through holes in joists, then turns through 90 degrees, clipped to the joist, then clipped to the brick wall as itvdrops to the socket, (protected by metal sheathing) is this fixing method C.
  5. H

    Solar PV Installation on Complex Roofs: Need Expert Advice

    Hello fellow professionals, I'm currently facing a challenging scenario that involves the integration of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on roofs with complex geometries, including varying slopes and multiple obstructions like skylights and HVAC units. The project aims not only to maximize...
  6. T

    questions for installation cert

    Hi , Could someone answer the following for me? i don't have reg book handy and when i google i'm getting mixed answers. 1. maximum disconnection time for a type A rcd on a consumer unit at times 1 setting? 2. on a ring continuity test the readings i measured and put on cert were L-L 0.36...
  7. H

    UK Finished level 3 electrical installation at college and unsure on what’s next.

    Hi all, I completed my level 2 2365 installation and my level 3 8202 advanced technical diploma in electrical installation and I’m unsure on what’s next. I couldn’t find an apprenticeship so I just decided to do some sub contracting work for a company, I just need some advice on what I should do...
  8. J

    Solar DC SPD installation advice

    Hi all - relatively new to Solar but I’m looking for opinions on fitting DC SPDs on a TNCS installation. Are we just earthing the SPD from the CU/met or does anyone fit a dedicated rod instead? Thanks
  9. ZeroZero

    What is wrong with my new TV ariel Installation plz?

    I am in UK and have just built a summerhouse and inside is a large LG flatscreen TV. I purchased an aluminium pole, ran the cable out and up (within the pole, I hope this does not matter) and attached it to the ariel. It's only picking up three channels. The cable has preformed F type...
  10. J

    installation enkin pdm250 dimmer modules

    Does anyone have any experience of installing Enkin PDM250 Multi-way dimmer modules? We have 4 dimmers at different ends of the kitchen / dining room, which have been wired two way (with 3 core cables). Each dimmer controls a different light in the kitchen / diner— Downlights, Over Island...
  11. B

    Cooker Hood wiring Installation

    Hi I also posted this on the DIY Electrical Advice - Electrical Appliances Forum My Kitchen has never had a cooker hood installed. Where the new hood is going to be situated is some distance from any of the outlets in the kitchen ring main. However there is a cable coming out of the wall near...
  12. P

    Advice on new oven installation RE amps/fuse rating

    Hi all We are hoping to upgrade our oven. We currently have a single integrated oven and a separate induction hob. Each has its own red switch on the kitchen wall. The consumer unit has 2 "cooker" parts both labelled as B32. We are hoping to get a larger freestanding electric range style...
  13. W

    Kitchen fan installation query

    So today I was coring a 6 inch hole for a kitchen fan, now I cut my hole in the kitchen plasterboard and used a long sds bit to drill out the way, then I cored my 6 inch hole back the way. The hole coming back in is slightly off, am I best coring from inside back out until the first bricks...
  14. C

    12v Pump Installation Issue

    Hi, I have very little electrical experience and would like a bit of advice. I have a kerosene pump installed in the back of my van. According to the manual, it draws 44a. It's powered by a leisure battery (split charge relay). The issue is, the pump is meant to have a 80L/min flow rate, but...
  15. W

    Nema 14-50 plug installation quote

    I received multiple quotes to install a long run for my electrical outlet NEMA 14-50 for my tesla. The cost is huge $1800 give and take. Basically it will be in the drive way running from the electric panel in the middle of the house to under the floor to the crawlspace (20ft), then under the...
  16. EricMark

    RCD if required and what type, re-solar panel installation?

    I decided to get solar panels, the inverter instructions say one can use type AC, so the existing 14 x RCBO CU seems OK, may be a good idea to fit type A in the future, but if following what is says in wiring matters should have type F for my inverter drive washing machine, as if that will ever...
  17. A

    Installation reference method B

    Hi Guys Is there a reason why installation ref method B (in conduit or trunking on a wall) not listed as an allowed installation method on the maximum cable length charts (table 7.1)? Regards
  18. M

    Extended 6AWG wire for new Level 2 Charger Installation

    I currently have a level 2 Tesla wall connector installed on a 60amp breaker via 6 AWG wiring. I need to switch the wall connector out with a different charger brand. The problem is that the Tesla is hardwired through the top, and the other wall connectors I'm considering are fed through the...
  19. T

    DIY: 20A oven installation on 40A circuit, can this be done?

    Here is my situation We have a dedicated oven circuit in our house with a 40A RCBO We have bought a dual fuel range cooker which states it has a nominal power of 4800W By my calculations this means it will draw max 20A The power cord of the oven is rated to 25A My question: Are we permitted...
  20. nbooth1983

    Smart switch installation

    I'm trying to replace this standard 2 gand 1 way switch with a smart switch. I've put the both live wires into L in and the switched lives into L1 and L2. This is tripping the breaker though so I'm wondering if anyone can offer any advice on what I'm doing wrong. Thanks in advance!


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