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  1. J

    installation enkin pdm250 dimmer modules

    Does anyone have any experience of installing Enkin PDM250 Multi-way dimmer modules? We have 4 dimmers at different ends of the kitchen / dining room, which have been wired two way (with 3 core cables). Each dimmer controls a different light in the kitchen / diner— Downlights, Over Island...
  2. B

    Cooker Hood wiring Installation

    Hi I also posted this on the DIY Electrical Advice - Electrical Appliances Forum My Kitchen has never had a cooker hood installed. Where the new hood is going to be situated is some distance from any of the outlets in the kitchen ring main. However there is a cable coming out of the wall near...
  3. W

    Kitchen fan installation query

    So today I was coring a 6 inch hole for a kitchen fan, now I cut my hole in the kitchen plasterboard and used a long sds bit to drill out the way, then I cored my 6 inch hole back the way. The hole coming back in is slightly off, am I best coring from inside back out until the first bricks...
  4. C

    12v Pump Installation Issue

    Hi, I have very little electrical experience and would like a bit of advice. I have a kerosene pump installed in the back of my van. According to the manual, it draws 44a. It's powered by a leisure battery (split charge relay). The issue is, the pump is meant to have a 80L/min flow rate, but...
  5. W

    Nema 14-50 plug installation quote

    I received multiple quotes to install a long run for my electrical outlet NEMA 14-50 for my tesla. The cost is huge $1800 give and take. Basically it will be in the drive way running from the electric panel in the middle of the house to under the floor to the crawlspace (20ft), then under the...
  6. EricMark

    RCD if required and what type, re-solar panel installation?

    I decided to get solar panels, the inverter instructions say one can use type AC, so the existing 14 x RCBO CU seems OK, may be a good idea to fit type A in the future, but if following what is says in wiring matters should have type F for my inverter drive washing machine, as if that will ever...
  7. A

    Installation reference method B

    Hi Guys Is there a reason why installation ref method B (in conduit or trunking on a wall) not listed as an allowed installation method on the maximum cable length charts (table 7.1)? Regards
  8. M

    Extended 6AWG wire for new Level 2 Charger Installation

    I currently have a level 2 Tesla wall connector installed on a 60amp breaker via 6 AWG wiring. I need to switch the wall connector out with a different charger brand. The problem is that the Tesla is hardwired through the top, and the other wall connectors I'm considering are fed through the...
  9. nbooth1983

    Smart switch installation

    I'm trying to replace this standard 2 gand 1 way switch with a smart switch. I've put the both live wires into L in and the switched lives into L1 and L2. This is tripping the breaker though so I'm wondering if anyone can offer any advice on what I'm doing wrong. Thanks in advance!
  10. J

    Sanity check on plan for CU replacement (MCB to RCBO AFDD)

    I'm planning a replacement for my existing domestic CU and would like to have it sanity checked before I get an electrician involved. The main reason for replacing the whole CU is that I would like to have an additional circuit to the attic which would be isolated from the existing one. Long...
  11. S

    Advice on recent Electric Oven installation

    Hi, I've recently had my broken oven replaced in my flat and I paid for delivery and installation. It was hardwired through an unswitched plate which leads to a fused spur with switch on the wall of the kitchen. Everything seemed fine until I idly glanced through the installation manual. It...
  12. J

    Ceiling fan installation in newly built home

    I am installing a ceiling fan in a newly built home. The builders have left the wiring for this purpose. In the electrical box on the ceiling I have a black, white, red and green (ground) wire. The ceiling fan has only three wires (black, white & green (ground)) initially I connected black...
  13. Ericsson

    New connection issues with meter installation

    We had a new supply installed this week. DNO installed new cut out and fuse externally. Meter operator sent his engineer to move the meter in the new position and he refused to after making a big fuss about how my electrician decided to do internally the new installation. He said that the...
  14. S

    Electrical Installation Level 2?

    Evening guys Got an assessment tomorrow to hopefully get onto a Level 2 Installation course at College. Has anyone been to this assessment before? Any tips that anyone can give? Would really appreciate any feedback on the assessment/ what to expect tomorrow and the course. Quite nervous about...
  15. T

    Sub-Panel and Wire Installation

    Reaching out for some help/guidance and sanity check. Apologies in advance for the long post, but wanted to make sure it was clear. Thanks in advance for any help offered I recently wired a workshop out back after talking with an electrician and having a plan going forward. I fully wired the...
  16. B

    Omission of overcurrent at origin of installation?

    Hi all, My question relates to the omission of overcurrent protection (specifically overload and fault protection) at the origin of an installation. Am I right in saying that DNOs allow this for meter tails, due to the maximum length of 2 or 3m, insulated and sheathed nature of the tails and...
  17. G

    Icelandic Electrical Installation.

    Hi all. I’m just wondering if anyone has done any work in Iceland? I’ve got a chance of going out there for a while. The work involves some electrics but by no means, all. The more sparking I do, the better it’s paid. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Basic differences, cables...
  18. J

    Bell 801 entryphone installation issue

    Hello, I have bought a Bell 801 entryphone from Amazon UK and replacing my old one(which wasn't Bell 801). My old phone wiring diagram was numbers as opposed to Bell's one which reads IROTZ. I have tried to mirror the positioning of the cables based on the old model but the new Bell 801...
  19. R

    cable tray installations

    I am trying to find how to price per meter for installation of cable tray 150mm x 150mm for a large commercial project.
  20. edesonc

    Imist installation electrics

    Hi Are there any electricians out there covering Oxfordshire that have experience fitting electrics for a residential imist fire suppression system (Residential Properties | Fire Suppression Systems | iMist - https://www.imist.com/residential-properties/), had a loft conversion and as ground...
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