1. G

    Is this a legit place to install a DB?

    It just seems like it’s blocking access for maintance. Seems crazy to me to put it there.
  2. M

    16amp oven installation

    Hello. I have a new oven. I understand completely that I need to get it installed by an electrician and will definitely do so but for my own curiosity I would appreciate some help understanding electrical circuits and what I need. Please forgive if I don't use the right terminology here! My old...
  3. ukdave

    Cat5 socket installation issue

    I have installed a new Cat5e cable (about 10m) between my network hub and a new office outlet. The cable does not light up with my cable tester (with new battery). I made a test lead with all pairs shorted out to plug into the wall socket and a second socket (to accept the new RJ45) wired to a...
  4. H

    Ceiling fan installation issue

    Backstory: Installing a new ceiling fan in a 45 y.o. house, rewiring to an existing switch. The leg was for a switched outlet, which was wired in a peculiar way - on a 14/2 copper, both leads are hot (no neutral). I haven’t opened the sheetrock at the baseboard to see where they wired the...
  5. A

    USA Problem with 3 outlets immediately after solar installation

    I recently had a solar installation at my home. Immediately afterward, a GFCI outlet in my garage stopped working, had no power, and could not be reset. At the same time, my two outdoor outlets stopped working. I first checked the new breaker box the solar installers put. However, no breaker was...
  6. D

    The future of conduit installation is here

  7. Werner

    Vmc designed for a fireplace thermo switch installation for a raditor heater ???

    Hi all, Total diy beginner regarding electrical work. I was hoping someone could give some advice regarding a thermal switch for a vmc (designed for heat circulation from a chimney) but id like to use this system with a radiator heater. The problem is that the thermostat is set at high...
  8. G

    Fluorescent fixture installation

    Hello - I am replacing an old fluorescent fixture with a new T8 one, and I wanted to confirm a wiring question. The old fixture is wired per the photos attached, with a red and blue on one end, and two Romex pairs nutted together and attached to the tombstones on the other end along with the...
  9. S

    TNCS Dist CCT. to TT installation - front end protection question.

    Good Morning everyone. Quick question regarding a sub main from a TNCS supply feeding an outbuilding on TT. This is a domestic installation not agricultural. TNCS supply to house feeds High Int. CU from which 4mmsq 2 core SWA feeds an non attached rear building. THE SWA of the sub main is...
  10. Rockingit

    Installation gensets

    I've lost touch a bit with permanent install generators and combined AMF controls over the last 3-4 years - what Manufacturers are people using these days as reliable and cost effective?
  11. R

    EV charging installation paperwork resources

    Hi to all, I would like to get into EV charging equipment installation sector. I would like to obtain example of OZEV grand paperwork and practical installation/theory problems in real life. Could someone experienced with that area point me to some examples and materials please? Any help...
  12. Daniel DD

    Surge Arrester Installation and External Short Circuit Protection Device

    BACKGROUND I live in a small town where it is difficult to find ceritified electricians. In fact, electrician certification is not common for residential installations. I did find some experienced electricians but I don't think they are certified and know best practices in the installation. I...
  13. P

    What’s your view on this installation that’s been passed

    Doing a small job today went to isolate lighting circuit when I spotted the incoming mains supply, this was certified safe July 2019 for 5 years
  14. D

    Comical vid from Efix about ground installation earth foundation bonding and earthling

    I wish all updates could be done like this :)
  15. S

    UK PV installation opinions?

    I had PV put on my roof and Comissioned into my existing CU, the electrician used a spare RCD in there which was unused but didn't label anything up and left holes all over the place and the 240v cable runs over the top of the floor? Is this acceptable?
  16. S

    Are installation methods 100, 101, 102 & 103 Reference methods?

    I am interested in opinions on the following. Looking at GN3, page 126 the example of a Generic Schedule of test results lists the reference method as 100. When I look at the OSG Table 7.1(ii) on page 74 it lists A, B, C, 100, 101, 102 & 103 as 'installation reference methods'. However when I...
  17. Neptune

    Shelly 1L Installation

    Some background on my setup. I have a 4 gang switch in my hallway. Each switch has the switch cable coming down from the individual lights they control. The loop (and permanent live is at the light fitting). The switch I want to automate runs 4 external lights. 3 of these lights are 5 watt gu10...
  18. jimmydean

    Add a double dimer switch to an existing installation

    Hi, Would like some advice please on the following issue. 2 (dimmable)wall lights which are plugged into a mains socket via a 5 amp fused plug. At the present time the two lamps are switched on and off by the plug socket. They are wired as follows. Lamp 1 is connected to the mains, and Lamp 2...
  19. Raptor0014

    UK Generator changeover switch installation

    Morning all, Before I start I don't need all the "you're supposed to be a qualified electrician, you need to go back to college' brigade to jump in as I am asking for advice! I am fully qualified however I haven't done much with generators since my training. I have had a potential client ask...
  20. J

    Best battery system to add to existing PV installation

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I had a 4kW PV system installed in 2011 with SMA inverter. It has performed without fault and I'm now considering adding battery storage. I'm looking for advice on the best sort of system to use, and manufacturers and installers in SE England. My estimated annual...