1. P

    Single oven installation? So confused please help

    Hi all and please forgive me if this has been asked many times before, I'm trying to purchase and get installed by one of the national electrical appliances retailers a single oven but I'm getting slightly confused as to what they are wanting to charge me for? So here my supply, 32amp from...
  2. W

    Can you do a installation for family in Qld and not need a contractors licence?

    Can you do a installation for family in Qld and not need a contractors licence?
  3. I

    UK Installation of SPD's either in existing C.U. or standalone be a notifiable job..

    looking for clarification on the status (notifiable/ not notifiable) of installing SPD's to existing installations C.U. or in a standalone enclosure. many thanks
  4. HappyHippyDad

    Solar panel installation course?

    I would like to learn more about solar panel installations, with a view to fitting them. I cant find any in the Gloucester/Stroud area but have found 'The Focus Training Group' that run a 5 day course in Bristol. Has anyone done this course with them, or heard anything about them? Any...
  5. N

    Quote for electric radiators installation help.

    Hi, I am looking for advice in pricing wiring and installation electric radiators in new build flats - labour only. What would be a price per radiator? Each radiator on dedicated circuit, cable run around 10m each. It is new build flats all ceiling and walls open. Many thanks for your opinion...
  6. J

    UK Zs readings unusually high on new installation, what is the best option to lower them?

    I've just finished an installation on a large outhouse around 50 meters from the main property, but I'm having issues with unusually high Zs readings within the new installation.. The nature of the installation is a TNCS system with 25mm tails & 16mm cpc Henley blocked from the main supply to a...
  7. A

    House rewire - Electrician won't issue installation certificate(?)

    We've recently had a house rewired. There was about 2 years between first fix and second fix due to the pandemic and as the house was being extensively renovated, but all work was completed by last November, by the same electrician. He is NICEIC & part P registered. He hasn't supplied the...
  8. toplightco

    Tidy installation don’t you think?

    This’ll be ok won’t it?
  9. D

    Installation in a wooden building.

    Evening.. Just pricing up for a full rewire of a 3 storey fulley wooden building, just wondering if there are any special considerations to adhere to? I have seen the fire putty and intrumescent sleeves for the back of sockets, but wondering if these are required or just recommended. Cheers
  10. B

    Solar installation - DNO limit

    Hi, I'm new here, having recently had nearly 13kWp of solar panels installed on a barn roof, feeding into two Solis inverters (covering about 10 kWp and 3kWp respectively). I'm on a single phase supply and was surprised when told that the DNO limited my export to 3.68kWp - if I had known...
  11. Ricoooo

    Electric cooker installation

    Hello just trying to get some advice on meaning of the table in picture below not sure what min4 means with L, N, E WIRE can someone help please
  12. C

    What is the best way to install a device that requires 110-240V fused at 3A?

    Hi all, I have an Outdoor Air Quality monitor that needs mounting to 110-240V with a 3A fuse. See Attachment for manufacturer installation guide. Is it possible to simply add a 3A fuse into any old plug and just wire it to the device? Looking forward to your replies.
  13. F

    New CU Installation (is it a good job)?

    We have lived in this house for 40 years. The main house is served from a CU under the stairs. About 20 years back we had a 2 room extension built and that is served via a 2nd CU in the garage. Because I want to get an EV charger installed i needed to get the (sub) CU in the garage upgraded...
  14. G

    Is this a legit place to install a DB?

    It just seems like it’s blocking access for maintance. Seems crazy to me to put it there.
  15. M

    16amp oven installation

    Hello. I have a new oven. I understand completely that I need to get it installed by an electrician and will definitely do so but for my own curiosity I would appreciate some help understanding electrical circuits and what I need. Please forgive if I don't use the right terminology here! My old...
  16. ukdave

    Cat5 socket installation issue

    I have installed a new Cat5e cable (about 10m) between my network hub and a new office outlet. The cable does not light up with my cable tester (with new battery). I made a test lead with all pairs shorted out to plug into the wall socket and a second socket (to accept the new RJ45) wired to a...
  17. H

    Ceiling fan installation issue

    Backstory: Installing a new ceiling fan in a 45 y.o. house, rewiring to an existing switch. The leg was for a switched outlet, which was wired in a peculiar way - on a 14/2 copper, both leads are hot (no neutral). I haven’t opened the sheetrock at the baseboard to see where they wired the...
  18. A

    USA Problem with 3 outlets immediately after solar installation

    I recently had a solar installation at my home. Immediately afterward, a GFCI outlet in my garage stopped working, had no power, and could not be reset. At the same time, my two outdoor outlets stopped working. I first checked the new breaker box the solar installers put. However, no breaker was...
  19. D

    The future of conduit installation is here

  20. Werner

    Vmc designed for a fireplace thermo switch installation for a raditor heater ???

    Hi all, Total diy beginner regarding electrical work. I was hoping someone could give some advice regarding a thermal switch for a vmc (designed for heat circulation from a chimney) but id like to use this system with a radiator heater. The problem is that the thermostat is set at high...