1. S

    New Summer house wiring installation - dedicated Circuit or break into existing ring main?

    Hi all, Planning on wiring my neighbour's summer house which will be 15 metres away from the end of the house (20-25 metres total distance from the supply CU under the stairs). Need some advice on which option would be the most SAFE not just the quickest, cheapest method etc. If it costs more...
  2. F

    New Electric Pan Installation

    I need to replace the electric pan on my cottage. Old pan not to spec. I probably need a 150A/200A and 240V pan. Looking for advice on what pan (product number) I should buy from home depot. The old pan (ancient) measures 7 1/4" wide to 14 1/2" high. I know the feed wire I need (Southwire SE...
  3. N

    Cooker installation hot zone

    I need to get a new cooker either gas hob or electric hob. My landlady asked me to Sort out a new oven as she is on holiday. But I have been looking for new ovens and want to know if there will be an issue installing a new oven due to the current location of the sockets above the cooker? See...
  4. R

    USA Need a sanity check on a 3-way smart switch installation.

    Hi. I'm a newbie in this forum. I'm a homeowner who's done plenty of simple lighting, outlets, etc. even including a couple of circuit breakers. I've never done a 3-way switch before though, let alone a 3-way smart switch. I've been doing my homework, but would still like a sanity check. The...
  5. C

    Motor installation

    Ok, say you had a constant operating 25 or 60kw motor in the UK. How would you wire this up? What type of MCB, fuse, starter, overload protection, wire ect would you use? Basically the rules and typical setup that you would see out on the job.
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  8. Scolmore

    The Ring is dead, long live the Radial!⚡

    The Ring is dead, long live the Radial!⚡ When wiring socket outlets do you: 1. Use ring final circuits 2. Use radial circuits
  9. A

    Australia choosing cable voltage rating

    Hi, for a single phase LV installation, how do you determine whether to use 450V/750V or 0.6/1kV cable. Thanks
  10. C

    SPD Installation

    Hey guys, Came across a retro fit SPD today on a BG board. It was a dual split board and the MCB for the SPD was hanging off the end. I've not retro fitted an SPD but I would of though the MCB should be off the main switch at the head of the install? The blue book just says at the origin. I...
  11. P

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Does a rewire have to have the electrical installation cert done by an NICEIC registered electrician ?

    Hi everyone first time asking on this so sorry if it’s been asked before. I’ve been asked to carry out a rewire in a private house and I’ve recently started my own company so I’m not registered with NICEIC or SELECT as I’m in Scotland. I’ve read conflicting reports that I can and can’t provide...
  12. electricwizard

    Electrical Installation Course & Maths

    Hello all, I have enrolled on an Electrical Installation Level 2 course. I've formerly worked in more academic fields, but I haven't used any sort of advanced mathematics in years, such as algebra, trigonometry, or transpositions in nearly a decade. I guess I'm asking for peace of mind as I am...
  13. J

    Hello, I would like to download Camélia a Mechanical calculation software for overhead distribution lines. can someone have it's installation or link

    Hello, I would like to download Camélia a Mechanical calculation software for overhead distribution lines. can someone have it's installation or link ??
  14. E

    Nest thermostat e installation

    Hi I want to replace my current Honeywell CM927 with a Nest e. I'm having some trouble identifying the correct wiring. Please see pictures of current receiver I want to replace with the nest e heat link. Any advice and instructions would be greatly appreciated.
  15. M

    Wifi Connected SMARTSTAT installation

    Hello - I have a Worcester Bosch Greenstar System Boiler. I have a simple Honeywell programmer at the boiler to programme both HW and Heating. I have a Honeywell CM67 programmable roomstat. I have a hot water cylinder with cylinder-stat. All works well but having a WB 30i system condensing...
  16. W

    UK Do I need a Minor Works or Electrical Installation Report?

    Hi guys just looking for a bit of clarification. Im about to start a job in a kitchen thats being renovated and theres a couple of electrical alterations. A new cooker + hob replaced like for like, and an old switched spur on a radial circuit that controlled a heater is being made into a single...
  17. T

    Making the best of a bad PV installation

    I'm after some practical, expert advice on changing a solar PV system. Got a 4 kW system which I probably paid too much for in 2016-ish when FiTs were still a thing and which is annoyingly inefficient, mainly due to the Growatt SP2000 battery which only kicks in after dark, when the panels are...
  18. M

    hot tub installation

    Hi all im looking for some advice on installing a hot tub, the supplier specifies a 16 amp type c mcb, a 20 amp rotary switch and an ip rated 13 amp socket with rcd protection, the run of swa cable from the consumer unit to the rotary switch is 30m, I will then run an swa from the rotary switch...
  19. L

    Hi guys. To those in countries with TNC-S. What are your requirements regarding installation of earth rods for domestic installs?

    Hi Guys. Firstly, am glad to join the group. Secondly I am very curious to hear from those who have TNC-S as their electrical supply I have 2 questions (1) Are you required to install an earth rod (stake or mesh) on the homeowners property? and (2) what are your regulations regarding its...
  20. T

    Car USB socket installation, excess wires.

    I’ve had a go at installing a USB dual socket in place of the factory fitted cigarette lighter in. VW Polo (2005). The old cigarette socket had three wires going into a connecter into the back. The new socket only has two terminals on the rear. How should i connect the new socket? Where should...