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  1. samsingh

    Fault find (Electrical condition report) or (Electrical Installation certificate)

    Hi guys, I have carried out some testing on a existing domestic installation, I was finding a low IR Result on a lighting circuit. I identified and rectified the fault. I am going to carry on the with the testing on the weekend and will be doing the paperwork for my Testing on the install I just...
  2. S

    Installation Methods

    Please could you comment on this installation on this 240v supply, particularly on the outer sheath stripped back on the orange circular, any reference to AS 3000 would be appreciated
  3. D

    Isolating grounds in Solar installation

    I have 400 Amp service split into two 200 Amp panels. I’m converting one to a protected loads panel as part of a PV solar system with battery backup. Since ground is tied to neutral I want to isolate the neutral and ground buses of one panel from the other to make sure no current flows to the...
  4. S

    Solar Panels Installer not informed DNO of installation

    Hi, My installer (who no longer exist) didn't bother to inform DNO of the installation. I have got in touch with the DNOband they say they require me to contact another installer and get them to do 'commissioning confirmation and a suitable schematic diagram' for me to register the system...
  5. M

    Industrial EICR guide

    Hi guys, I undertake lots of different types of electrical installations and every now and again a customer asks for an EICR, I must admit I feel I'm actually good at testing but I don't really like it...mainly because of all the paperwork. I was wondering if anyone had any guides they use...
  6. N

    Rolec EV installation

    Hi all, after some advise please. I work as a maintenance engineer at a school and recently we had an outside contractor come in and fit an external Rolec EV unit to the outside of our workshop under the grant scheme. I don't know much about the installation of these units but I did do part P...
  7. P

    Setting up solar installation

    Hello, I am setting up a solar installation (in France) for the first time. I currently have 38 solar panels (+/-38V, +/-9A), with 35 currently wired in series + parallel (7 panels in series, arranged with parallel wiring 5 times) and am therefore expecting to have 266V (7 panels in a series *...
  8. R

    USA Double Oven Installation KitchenAid Model KODE500ESS02

    Hi- I posted this on another forum so ignore the first part unless you know the answer and want to throw it in there... My current oven/microwave combo unit is sitting on two 1x6's above a drawer. Do I need to install a full floor for this double oven and use the feet or can this just sit on...
  9. I

    Domestic Power Shower Installation

    Hey, What's the standard way a power shower is installed, I've done electric showers but not power shower before. Also is a fan mandatory in a bathroom
  10. J

    installation Reference methods how do you choose?

    I recently got pulled up over my reference method I put down on a fuse board change at an assessment. I chose to use reference method C and he said he wasn't happy because there could be worse in the house. I had been in teh lost there was no insulation other than vermiculite and the cable was...
  11. E

    EV home charger installation, Canada, Quebec

    Hi, Just bought a Tesla. Live in a Condo with outdoor parking. Need to get Co-Owners permission to install a charger. Have to present a plan and answer all questions, safety, security etc etc.. Will do partly or all myself but get professionally inspected by a certified Electrician. The supply...
  12. B

    Adding batteries to existing solar panel installation

    I am working with an licensed electrician but might need to find one with more experience. I understand electronics extremely well but again, am using a licensed electrician. Our house has 10 solar panels. A small inverter is mounted beneath each panel. All ten inverters are wired together...
  13. E

    Android Auto Installation - Reversing camera

    Hi all, not normally my area but have just installed an Android 7" double din head unit in my L200 to replace the stock 2014 era Kenwood/garmin unit. The new unit is an amazon Chinese beastie that only cost slightly more than a gamin map update so thought i'd give it a go :) what could possibly...
  14. B

    UK No Building Installation Certificate

    We had electrical work carried out by a NICEIC electrician in early 2016. We are now selling the property and have been asked for the Building Installation Certificate which we weren't given and didn't know we needed it. I have the Electrical Installation Report and have searched on NICEIC...
  15. L

    DIY 10.8KW shower installation - Wiring up from CU to Shower - One Switch

    Hi all, I'm looking to install a Mira Sports Max 10.8kw shower and wondered what size cable and fuse I need to use? I live in a top floor flat with loft access so I plan to run the cable straight up into the lost from the fuse board and then back down into the bathroom ( approximately 6 metres...
  16. happyhippydad

    Using an front S type RCD on a TT installation

    I usually install dual RCD consumer units rather than RCBO boards due to cost, however with the cost of RCBO's coming down I have started fitting consumer units with RCBO's. On an installation with TT as it's means of earthing I would always replace the main switch of the dual RCD consumer unit...
  17. A

    Loft installation methods

    So new build bungalow is to have 300mm loft insulation as told by building control. This means installation method 101 comes into place however as it's a bungalow all circuits including cooker ring mains etc will be installed this way as they come from the loft space down. This installation...
  18. K

    MICC cable gland installation London NW3

    I'm looking for someone who is able to install new gland on MICC cable, with have to cuted for new fuse box , I'm in London NW3
  19. D

    UK Electrical oven installation

    Just purchased a new oven which has a 13amp fused plug attached. The kitchen has a cooker terminal which has 6mm cable coming from it. The existing oven has a 2.5mm flex (no plug). The hob is separate and also has a 2.5mm flex. Both oven and hob have been chocolate boxed to the 6mm cable - I did...
  20. R

    Domestic Automatic Transfer Switch and earthing system installation advice

    Hi, I am planning to install a hybrid solar/wind power system. When it comes to 230V AC, I'd like to supply power to a home circuit with mainly LED lighting, It will draw probably never more than a few hundred watts. This circuit is connected on the main breaker panel to a 10A breaker,one pole...
  21. J

    UK Installation for welder

    Hi. I'm planning to buy single phase walder with supply current of 16A. In got unused 32A mcb in my breaker box. I want to replace it with 16A type C or D and use about 7m long 4mm cable to connect 16A interlocked socket. Socket will go on wall of garage that is part of house. What type of...
  22. T

    'Particulars of the installation' for two submains split at the origin.

    At the origin, I have 25mm tails split to two fused switches. One 63a fuse protecting a 16mm (3 core SWA) submain to a DB (100a main switch RCBO board) at one side of the property and one 80a fuse protecting a 25mm (3 core SWA) submain to a DB (100a main switch RCBO board) at the other side of...
  23. J

    Mechanical Engineer and part time electrical installation course

    Hi All, Thanks for your time in advance. I'm currently working as a mechanical engineer, in which I did an apprenticeship years ago and achieved NVQ Level 3 (ONC). I'm not looking to change careers but would like to attend evening college classes in order to gain qualifications (possibly to...
  24. D

    Smart Light Installation

    Hi all, I could use some help identifying the wires in one of my light switch box to swap out for a smart light switch. I see the line and load wires that were connected to the old switch, one of which is pigtailed from 3 separate wires. I also see the white neutral wires that were tucked...
  25. T

    Tips for an app about design and installation of photovoltaic systems.

    Hello: I am developing an app for design and installation of photovoltaic systems. I request advice to know what would be the most necessary functions in this app. Thanks
  26. T

    Installation method

    So, we’re creating office space out of 2 classrooms. Metal stud wall will be put up, grid ceiling everywhere. We’ve had a price by one firm. I think it’ll be twin and earth lashed in in the ceiling void based on the price (although i haven’t seen spec yet). Given a job like this, would you find...
  27. Lou

    Solar Installer Cambridge Solar - East England Solar Installers

    Cambridge Solar are award winning, MCS approved, Solar PV installers and renewable energy specialists with more than 10 years experience in the UK renewable energy industry. We carry out solar PV installations (pv solar panels), but also other renewable energy technologies such as solar thermal...
  28. Lou

    Solar Installer Solar South West Ltd - Solar Panel Installers in South West

    Solar panels & energy systems in the South West Solar South West Ltd (SWW) is one of the largest independent PV installers in the UK, providing renewable solar energy systems through professional turnkey solar panel installation and maintenance services. Having operated as solar panel...
  29. Lou

    Solar Installer The Heat Source - Solar installers in East Midlands

    The Heat Source offer solar panel installation throughout Lincolnshire and the East Midlands. Before installing your solar panels, we carry out a full survey to determine the size and orientation of any solar panel installation. We then calculate the number of panels your roof can support and...
  30. Lou

    Solar Installer Green Yorkshire Solar | Solar Installers Yorkshire

    Green Yorkshire Solar provide a wide range of solar PV and solar thermal solutions for homes in Yorkshire and the surrounding areas. We have installed on 1000’s of homes throughout Yorkshire, contact us get a quote for your new solar pv or solar thermal system. We are experts in solar for...
  31. Lou

    Solar Installer Northburn Solar | Solar installation in North East

    Northburn Solar prides itself on helping its customers by listening to their needs and offering systems that meet not only the technical requirements but are aesthetically pleasing and practical too. It is for this reason we can offer a variety of systems to meet your requirements whether your...
  32. Lou

    Solar Installer Solarfix NI Ltd - Solar Panel Installers Northern Ireland

    Solarfix NI Ltd is a leading One-Stop Solar Specialist. We offer Commercial & Residential Solar PV Installations, LG Chem and Battery Storage, Solar Repairs & Upgrades, EV Chargepoint, Off-Grid Solar, Underfloor heating, Heat recovery, and Heat pumps across Northern Ireland. Based in Mallusk...
  33. S

    Is certificate part of installation?

    I don’t want to see my sister ripped off, so I thought I’d ask a quick question of you guys if I may? My sister had underfloor heating installed in bathroom with new circuit. The electrician said he would get her a minor regs certificate which She needs to uphold the underfloor heating...
  34. O

    Electric meter installation - need access to neighbour's flat

    Hi there I'm new here so apologies if this is the wrong place, My prepayment electric meter screen went blank last week, I was advised this was to do with a power cut, I am currently on supply. I live in a block of flats and the electrician that came out advised that they would need access to...
  35. H

    EV Charger Installation - Cabling Query?

    Hi, We had a EV charger installed recently over the past day ie 32amp 7.2kw. In the fuse cupboard I’ve attached before and after photos. I have a 100amp fuse for the house. For the new EV board setup, should the 2 grey cables entering the EV board (10mm) be the same 25mm thickness as the...
  36. D

    Can someone help me with the electrical installation path

    So I went to college and got my City & Guilds 2365 level 3 electrical installation diploma, but what do I do next, I know I am meant to look for an apprenticeship but I remember my teacher saying something like you need to apply for an NVQ or some ECS thing, can someone explain the steps AFTER...
  37. Megawatt

    The big difference in the electric terminology and installation regulations and practice in each country!

    I’m from the US and I’m just trying to learn how UK does things and the terminology of what I call something verses what y’all call materials. I read some of this and I mostly don’t know what being said and I’ve been doing this for 32 years
  38. J

    2nd Fix Fire installation Alton Hampshire

    Require 2 2nd fix installers for fire & security. Alton Leisure. GU34
  39. G

    Exterior socket installation

    Hi, I’m planning on installing a double socket on outside wall coming off my main in living room. I’m using black 20mm conduit for my 2.5 cable for running along exterior wall to exterior socket. My question is will the fittings tower-female-adaptors be ok for waterproof situations with pvc...
  40. C

    New consumer unit installation

    I have just installed a new consumer unit in a fairly old house. There were some recently added circuit and some original circuits. The original wiring is very short and there were joints in the old consumer unit using connector blocks. What is generally accepted practice in a situation like this?
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