1. B

    Omission of overcurrent at origin of installation?

    Hi all, My question relates to the omission of overcurrent protection (specifically overload and fault protection) at the origin of an installation. Am I right in saying that DNOs allow this for meter tails, due to the maximum length of 2 or 3m, insulated and sheathed nature of the tails and...
  2. G

    Icelandic Electrical Installation.

    Hi all. I’m just wondering if anyone has done any work in Iceland? I’ve got a chance of going out there for a while. The work involves some electrics but by no means, all. The more sparking I do, the better it’s paid. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Basic differences, cables...
  3. J

    Bell 801 entryphone installation issue

    Hello, I have bought a Bell 801 entryphone from Amazon UK and replacing my old one(which wasn't Bell 801). My old phone wiring diagram was numbers as opposed to Bell's one which reads IROTZ. I have tried to mirror the positioning of the cables based on the old model but the new Bell 801...
  4. R

    cable tray installations

    I am trying to find how to price per meter for installation of cable tray 150mm x 150mm for a large commercial project.
  5. edesonc

    Imist installation electrics

    Hi Are there any electricians out there covering Oxfordshire that have experience fitting electrics for a residential imist fire suppression system (Residential Properties | Fire Suppression Systems | iMist -, had a loft conversion and as ground...
  6. I

    16 Amp Oven installation with 1.5 flex supplied

    I have a double oven connection unit. Fed with 4mm cable,40 amp MCB. Hob connected to it with 4mm cable. Bought new oven,stated 16 amp but with 1.5 flex from the oven. (manufacturer) I'm trying to argue that this needs a fused spur before connecting to double oven connection unit as 40 amp MCB...
  7. S

    Solar CT installation

    Afternoon guys, I have a solar installation. The panels and Fox ESS hybrid inverter, Fox Cube batteries, are all installed in the garage. They feed into a mini consumer unit in that building. This in turn is wired, via armoured cable, into it's own MCB in the main house consumer box. I am...
  8. S

    Question regarding installation of dimmer switch

    I successfully installed one new dimmer switch today, but ran into an issue with the second. There are two one-way switches: one switch operates the light of our ceiling fan and another switch operates the fan. I want to change out the light switch to install a dimmer on it. When I examined the...
  9. S

    Installation about a new Range oven installation

    Hi I need advice. I am about to buy a new oven. I am moving into a new home. The original owner removed their 90cm flush range oven when they moved out. I didn't think anything about this until PC World told me that their engineers will not install an oven unless there is a 10mm space between...
  10. dogbob

    USA Lamp cord / Zip cord - permanent installation

    I bought an under-cabinet light fixture. It is LED, so low power (120VAC 12.5W). It came with a detachable SPT-1 power cord. One end of the cord plugs into the fixture. The other end is a NEMA 1-15P two-wire plug. Here are the installation instructions that came with it: I heard that NEC...
  11. S

    Irrigation Pump Kit Installation

    I would like some advice...I am buying an irrigation pump kit rated at 1.5kW, 415VAC, with a direct online starter field panel. The pump will regularly start and stop throughout the day to empty a water tank as it fills. I have a spare breaker in my switchboard rated at 20A. The distance from...
  12. vidriduch

    Another oven installation

    Hi, we are replacing our old hob and cooker and I need a bit of help, to make sure all is safe. This is the oven and hob specs: AEG IKB64401FB 60cm Induction Hob Amperage 32A Aperture needed H4.4 x W56 x D49cm Burner power Left front - Power/Diameter: 2300/3700W/210mm. Rear - Power/Diameter...
  13. B

    In need of a Tester to rent for installation testing

    Hello, I am living in Belin, Germany I am a qualified Electrcian from New Zealand and am in need of an insulation resistance tester/multi funktion tester. I am a bit skint at the moment because of unforseen circumstances and cant really afford one just yet as i dont practice electrical that...
  14. L

    Light fitting installation

    Hi there, I’m new to commercial work so was wondering the going rate for a commercial light installation fitting supplied. Feed is local so a small about of wiring. I was thing £200 per fitting. Am I wrong
  15. joeu25

    Smart Switch Installation: Convert existing 2-way switch into 1-way switch?

    Sorry for the long first post, I wanted to be as thorough as possible. On my landing I have a 2-way switch setup, one of which is 3-gang, one of which is 1-gang, and I’m looking to replace them with smart switches. I’ve purchased a few BroadLink LC-1 switches based off the recommendations of...
  16. V

    EIC for 230V installation into a mobile caravan

    Hi, I've got to a point where I need to complete the EIC for the caravan I've been working on. This isn't a static caravan, so will be going from place to place where they may or may not been mains hook up. Dead testing has been easy, that's been no different from normal and the RCD tests have...
  17. X

    Solis Battery installation

    Hi we have been asked to fit a Solis batteries and inverter to an installation and I wanted to check if the battery set up detailed will work completely independent of the solar panels as they have their own micro inverters fitted. Its our first exposer to domestic battery set setup and I can't...
  18. G

    Cooker installation qualifications?

    Hi, I am looking into starting an appliance supply business. I want to provide an installation service. Please advise what qualifications and testing would be required in order to do simple like for like oven replacements into existing circuits? I would only be replacing like for like, matching...
  19. pcangry

    Installation operative/engineer

    Hello, We are seeking electricians mate, labourers, cable installers for the Data, fibre and Telco industry. ideally persons with experience of metal conduit and trunking installation. Full driving licence required. Capable of SC Vetting and random substance abuse checks are carried out on all...
  20. D

    Two 16amp oven installation

    Hi, I've searched these forums and have found quite a bit of good information, but not specifically to my query. My house is about 9 years old. The kitchen has a dedicated cooker circuit, which has a 32 amp MCB. The cooker circuit only has two single 13 amp sockets on it, and each of these...
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