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  1. C

    12v Pump Installation Issue

    Hi, I have very little electrical experience and would like a bit of advice. I have a kerosene pump installed in the back of my van. According to the manual, it draws 44a. It's powered by a leisure battery (split charge relay). The issue is, the pump is meant to have a 80L/min flow rate, but...
  2. S

    Air Source pump tripping RCD

    Keeping this brief.....................New dwelling.....TT system with 100mA S type rcd protected supply to local board with 30mA RCD. Freelance "engineer" to commission Heat-Pump, as original company disappeared before installation. ASHP worked for a while then tripped the 100mA RCD not the...
  3. N

    Well Pump Control Circuit Troubleshooting

    I have a 4-wire well pump (red, yellow, black, and green) which just quit. Cycling normally, then shut off and never came back on. I've gathered that yellow is the common, red is the leg for the start winding and black is the run winding. I've got a couple ohms (4-ish on my trusty Harbor...
  4. L

    Submersible well pump wiring

    Our old three wire pump quit working. We wanted to replace it with a two wire. It was our understanding the pump would actually have three wires: hot, hot & ground. The pump actually has one hot wire, oen neutral wire and one ground. How in the world can this pump be wired to the pressure...
  5. N

    Soft Starters for Single Phase Submersible Pump

    Hi Everyone, Has anyone ever encountered an undersized start capacitor (from manufacture) for a single phase pump??? I would like to integrate some sort of soft starter for my submersible pump which pumps rain water to a tank. Is this possible??.... Thanks, NKC
  6. E

    Continously running pump

    Friend asked me to wire in a hive on a conventional 1 zone heating system. So I fitted it tested the HIVE and all was working. I then said to him after about 20 minutes your pump is still running even though water and heat were turned off. Response it's always been like it. So me been fussy...
  7. B

    Fishpond pump management

    Hi, I’m trying to find a frost stat that will facilitate the switch off of mains power 230VAC to both a fish pond pump & UV clarifier (combined <2 amps) when outside temperatures drop below 1 deg C or similar. To prevent hysteresis the power supply should not be reapplied until the temperature...
  8. sythai

    UFH pump help please.... ??

    Hi Guys Just seeing if anyone can help please. Does this pump come with plug in type/ pre flexed feed (hopefully that makes sense!) as cant see how to get inside to wire it up ? Where its located have zero room and struggling to get in and see properly (thanks plumbers !) Cheers Sy
  9. Poolworx

    Pool pump motor humming

    Hi all Back in July last year I installed a new pool pump/motor. The problem is it's now making a humming noise and trips the breaker. I initially thought it was the capacitor, but opened up the back to find there is no capacitor. Didi a little research and thought maybe it was a shaded pole...
  10. D

    Electric boiler better than a heat pump?

    I need help with this. So I do
  11. M

    Resin joint on well pump

    Hi all. I'm fitting a resin joint on a well pump flex so the joint will be left in a vertical position and probably submerged ? How long after making the joint could I safely lower the pump down ?thanks Im used to joints on the flat in trenches so wasn't sure on this one thanks again
  12. A

    Controlling 120v VS pump with a dimmer switch

    Hello. The variable speed switch on our old jacuzzi recently broke. The 120V 11.5amp 50/60hz motor is still functional but parts are no longer available. I tied the switch wires (see pic) and was able to control the speed using a 120v 60hz household dimmer placed directly on the line feeding the...
  13. S

    Irrigation Pump Kit Installation

    I would like some advice...I am buying an irrigation pump kit rated at 1.5kW, 415VAC, with a direct online starter field panel. The pump will regularly start and stop throughout the day to empty a water tank as it fills. I have a spare breaker in my switchboard rated at 20A. The distance from...
  14. B

    Pump House Electrical Project Advice

    The Pump House for my Water Well is located way out in a field about 350 Ft from the house. It is wired with Romex 14-2 with a Ground. I have 2 Generators and want to set up one in the Pump House so I can have water whenever we have a power outage. I am going to dis-connect the 14-2 from the...
  15. M

    circulation pump on 24/7

    i have recently had a hive controller installed in my y type ch system, bosch greenstar 18 boiler , before the hive was firtted everything was working as expected. now my potterton water tank thermostat ptt2 doesnt seem to be registering high temp, the water and CH are working proberly through...
  16. U

    Star delta Pump motor - Doesn't work clockwise but Works anticlockwise

    Hi I'm having a problem with a 20 HP pump motor from a hydraulic press to try molds. When we energized the machine, it starts with star correctly but when it changes to delta, pump motor stops. The breaker doesn't strip and fuses were ok. Video (clockwise rotation)...
  17. P

    New Zealand New heat pump install

    When a new heat pump is installed in an existing residential house. Does it have to be on a separate circuit with new mcb, according to recent regulations ASNZS 3000:2018. What about RCD as well.
  18. T

    Problems with Solar Panel/Bilge Pump

    Sorry if it's in the wrong spot, feel free to move. The specific setup: 12v Bilge Pump wired to a 24v solar panel with a resistor (I think). The situation: I'm a teacher at a school and we have 2 stream tables that have historically been run with a bilge pump connected to a small solar panel...
  19. R

    Grundfos Magna1 twin pump control

    Hi to all, I have got dual pump set Grandfos Magna1 installed. Those pumps can be constantly running when paired wirelessly. However, I would like to be able switching them on and off separately, for example 3 hours pump1 is running then pump2 for another 3 hours. To achieve that I assume...
  20. W

    Manual transfer panel for generator to operate sewage pump.

    I have a whole house 110v sewage pump. Manufacturer says it needs 5 times the operating current for start up. That's 7000 watts. I plan on getting a 8500 watt inverter generator and manual transfer panel...
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