1. Therey4u3

    My main pump is not turning in despite hearing the timer go off.

    Im sure it’s the wiring so what can I do to fix it myself the cheapest way possible.
  2. CarolinaG

    Heat Pump Heating issue with relay sticking

    I had a electrician look and apparently the relay is stuck so the pump keeps running even when not calling for hot water. We already replaced the Honeywell timer and that made no difference prior to calling electrician so its definitely a stuck relay. He said he couldnt get a replacement relay...
  3. timhoward

    Email from customer about shower pump

    This could be interesting. Any thoughts/predictions: I have a pump operated shower – in the past year the pump has been replaced 3 times as it stopped working – but the plumber is at a loss to the problem and said it must be something to do with the electrics? This makes sense, because if I go...
  4. L

    Electric boiler pump running continuously

    Hello I have a Heatrae Sadia Electromax 9kW electric boiler that does hot water and central heating. Recently it broke and someone from Baxi came to fix it (side note, if anyone knows anyone other than Baxi who will work on this boiler then please let me know, they seem really pricey). They...
  5. O

    New condensate pump driving me mad

    So Dad's Old condensate pump went kaput (screeching like a banshee, float valve sticking and wouldn't shut off due to said sticky float valve but still pumping away), service company come out, swap condensate pump (Plumbcenter 667888), however at one point they lose power to programmer and...
  6. Weezy

    Wire Pump to Diverter Valve ‘Brown’ or use a relay?

    Iv wired in lots of regular Y & S plan heating systems with the regular one pump. However this job i’m going to tomorrow (not seen it yet) has 4 Heating Zones and 1 Hot water Zone, the plumber said i need to ensure when one zone runs it doesn’t back feed and cause another zones pump to run, he...
  7. M

    Blocking diode for radiator pump?

    Hi I have a central heating system installed but the controller cannot differentiate between hot water demand and central heating demand. Currently when hot water demand is on and CH is off the CH (radiator) pump has to be run. The issue is that the boiler only has one input for heat demand so...
  8. Y

    Pump tripped RCD - capacitor fell out when inspecting

    Hi, Not quite a central heating system but the same kind of pump used I believe. It is used to increase the pressure of the water system when the tap is turned on. Today it started tripping the RCD. It is located on the roof below the exterior water tank. I removed the plastic cover that...
  9. A

    RCD protection for new pool heat pump

    Hi there all I have a quick question. My garden supply CU has a 100A AC RCD as main switch - off that is my greenhouse supply circuit. Then a 63A AC RCD which protects 7 circuits, one of which is a pool heater. I am replacing the old heater and the new one requires residual DC protection...
  10. S

    Wire up a temp controlled circulation pump.

    Hi. I'm wanting to connect a temp controlled unit that will turn on and off a hot water pump. Can't weigh up how to do it as the wiring diagram doesn't make any sense to me. Thank you.
  11. L

    UK Salamander HomeBoost Pump Installation.

    Hi All I am looking to install a Salamander Home boost pump under the kitchen sink cabinet. Need some advise: Currently next to the kitchen sink cabinet I have the dishwasher and Washing machine which are individually connected to fused spur and socket and I don't have spare fused spur and...
  12. S

    Air Source Heat Pump

    Wiring a new extension and the clients are having Air Source Heating in their house, I'm waiting to see what supply is required for it from the supplier (clients are finding out for me, guessing at 32A) but have seen people suggest using a Type C RCBO (they are already having a new board, full...
  13. T

    How do you pair a storage battery/solar and an Air Source Heat Pump?

    Hi, How do you control a storage battery when it is in a house that also has an Air Source Heat Pump? (also solar panels on the roof))
  14. E

    Shower Pump Motor - Considered Running Temperature ?

    Would you consider a single phase Shower Pump Motor operating with a temperature high enough to burn finger tips touching the motor body, to be too high. Shower pump stopped during shower, checked various things. Fuse ok etc. Although the motor as said by the manufacture to have thermal...
  15. I

    I'm trying to replace an old outdoor switch for a pond pump and need some advice please?

    New switch has an earth terminal in the back box and COM, 1 WAY, 2 WAY on the switch. My power in and pond pump have live, neutral and earth wires, what goes where please?
  16. Scottish1

    Faulty Circulator Pump? Wiring Issues

    Hi In a new property and the boiler is not firing. Investigating the junction box, there is a disconnected wire -labelled Unknown Red in image This cable runs from the boiler to the junction box. My interpretation is that this is likely to be circulating pump neutral? Any advice would be...
  17. P

    Solar Complete novice, looking for some guidance

    Hello everyone, hope your all well. So I have a little time on my hands and decided I would use it to build a small solar solution to heat the inflatable hot tub and save a little cash in the process. I've bought a couple of solar mats to heat the water and a 12v whale pump to push the water...
  18. M

    Underfloor heating pump

    Hi guys just in the process of wiring up a 3 zone Drayton jb with 3 zone wireless heating controls. My question is as it stands at the moment which ever zone is on ie rads, hot water and underfloor heating the pump on the underfloor heating will start running, now I’ve not done a lot with...
  19. C

    High hot pump jet speeds cause lights on a different breaker to flicker

    Good afternoon, We hired an electrician to replace the lights in our basement. Previously there was one circuit of fluorescent lights for the whole basement on a single switch at the top of the stairs. The electrician removed all of the fluorescent lights, and split that existing lighting...
  20. B

    Mini cooper s r56 turbo wont start unless i pull high pressure fuel pump plug off, 2 wired plug.

    As per title any ideas, car just cut out dead and will not start unless I pull the 2 wire plug off the high pressure pump solenoid. I also get no reading at all on the dianostic fuel pressure check. I have 72 psi when connecting my fuel pressure gauge to the line.