1. R

    THWN vs UF-B in my unusual conduit installation

    Hello, I have 50 ft of corrugated pipe buried between my house and a pool shed. I placed it where I knew future landscaping would make it very difficult to do any trenching. It's four inches in diameter and about two feet down. So far I have pulled two direct burial cables through it, one for a...
  2. strider6

    Unusual singles from Batt Cables

    I was working with some odd singles today from Batt Cables, they seemed to have a plastic like braid between the insulation and the copper, almost as if it's some kind of fire rated cable, I don't believe it was LS either, it was a bit of a pita to get rid of the braid and my prysmian rolls...
  3. J

    Unusual wiring in ceiling rose

    Hello everyone, hope all are well. I'm changing a ceiling rose and have lost the diagram showing where everything was connected (to the old light) and now I'm unsure on some of the wires. There are three cables, with three wires each: - 1 - Brown, Blue, Bare Copper 2 - Red, Black, Bare Copper 3...
  4. T

    Unusual combined light switch/dimmer

    The house I've just moved into is fitted with the light switches shown in the pics. They are fitted to each bedroom and the landing. The landing light is also switched from a second standard switch on the landing as well as a standard switch in the hall. So essentially 3 way switching. I can't...
  5. B

    Unusual switch wiring question.

    I have 2 kitchen lights, each on its own switch. I would like to re-wire them to where the first switch turns on both lights, but where if the first switch is in the off position, the first light goes off but then the second switch can nevertheless turn on and off the second light. I have a...
  6. F

    An unusual 3 wire cable voltage

    A 3 wire cable. Black, red, and white only. No ground. What does it mean when, black to white 0v, black to red 120v, red to white 120v? Thanks, Flatwall.
  7. J

    Storad Storage Heater Not Working - Unusual Charge Controller

    Hi, I have a customer with a Storad SR140-3 storage heater (in the bathroom), which does not work. The resistance of the elements is ok. There does not appear to be any onboard controls but situated outside the bathroom door is the charge controller (I think). I have never seen one like this...
  8. Pig Glider

    Ceiling light rewiring help - unusual old wiring

    I have installed a couple of ceiling lights previously but have never encountered such a set up of wires for the old light. I am unsure which wires I need to put into my new light fitting. I have attached images of both to this post. I have 3 red wires next to each other and then 2 black & 1...
  9. A

    Unusual wiring on outdoor light

    Hi there, I'm attempting to replace our wall mounted outdoor light and when I went to remove the wiring it looked a little off. Coming from the wall are 2x black, 2x red and 2x earth. The red wires are connected to form a loop. One black to live connection and one black to neutral connection...
  10. B

    Smart meter failed in unusual way, twice.

    A customer had a smart meter fail in such a way that it was passing on phase through to both of the output lugs meaning that both lugs supplied 120V to ground but there was 0 volts between them. The power utility replaced the meter and all was well but the problem reoccurred a few days later...
  11. J


    My RCD switch trips at the most unsual times, it will trip at 3am (no electric items are plugged in bar the kitchen appliances) then i will reset it and it will trip again at 10pm the next evening. It also tripped at 7:15am this morning. Electricians have been out and tested all my sockets and...
  12. newfutile

    Unusual gas meter bonding

    3 gas meters bonded via a rod , I have not been in these properties just thought I see what others think of this?
  13. C

    Unusual Accenta G4 Honeywell Fault- Keypad

    Hi All, We have had an Acenta G4 alarm fitted for 5 years. It has been fine until recently, however the keypad now appears to have failed. There are PIRS sensors, a door sensor and an alarm box with LEDs/siren. On the keypad, the 2 LED lights are not illuminated. The keypad does not work...
  14. H

    Unusual 2 way switching.

    Hi, Hopefully a quick and easy question. I have just installed lights in my loft and everything is work without problem. However, I am a little paranoid about leaving the lights on up there and when closed up you can not see that they are on and it could be months before this is discovered...
  15. Lucien Nunes

    T5 8W tubes - unusual failure rate - is it the tubes?

    The lighting on my boat includes about thirty T5 8W 12" tubes in conventional 12V fittings of good make (mainly Labcraft) with HF inverters, taking one, two or three tubes as required. For over 25 years these have worked more or less flawlessly; the only outright failure was when water got into...
  16. D

    UK Unusual Tripping RCB

    Hi, As a farmer I use an electronic fencer to keep animals contained in my field. The one I use simply plugs into a 230 volt supply and the two output cables connect to earth and fence consecutively. It’s been working fine for the last 12 months until yesterday when it tripped an RCB. There are...
  17. Gavin John Hyde

    Unusual set up at cut out

    Got a customer who wants a ev charger in garage, garage has 3 way rewireable board with 3 15amp fuses in for sockets, lights and outdoor lights. No rcds to be seen. This is fed via a 2 core swa 2.5mm, has a fuse on swa from cut out but not a fuse i am familiar with. Says rated at 25amps and is...
  18. B

    An unusual electrical fault to find.

    I work in a large public services building near my home town and it consists of wiring that was done back in the 1950's (perhaps 12/13th Edition?) when the first buildings were erected using V.I.R. cables right up to the latest 18th Edition wiring that includes "phase matched UPS/IPS" systems...
  19. Basiluk

    Unusual request for audio sounder

    I am after a device that can take up to 10 NC or NO inputs and for each input make an audible sound unique to that channel. Will be used as a 24 hour chime system for external PIR's and will audible identify the area detected. I have searched and cannot find anything - Any suggestions please?
  20. John Turner

    Unusual Two-Way Wiring

    I'm in need of some help in moving a ceiling light. I'm not a qualified house electrician, but I am a retired electronics engineer, so I understand the precautions. I thought it would be a simple enough job to disconnect the old fitting and extend the wiring to the new position. However on...


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