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  1. M

    DIY Help! Damaged Quick Connect 2 same color wires one side, Black & White the other

    A quick connect on the bottom of my farm tractor was snagged by a limb and one side of the connectors wires were pulled free from the housing. The good side with the wires still connected has a black wire (hot?) and a white wire (neutral?) but the 2 wires that were pulled free from the other end...
  2. K

    need a spare freezer drawer if anyone have please ? model - Indesit IB 5050 A1 D.UK.1 Integrated Fridge Freezer - White IB 5050 A1 D.UK.1 F155654

    Hi, i broke my freezer drawer and need a spare freezer drawer if anyone have please ? model - Indesit IB 5050 A1 D.UK.1 Integrated Fridge Freezer - White IB 5050 A1 D.UK.1 F155654 Thanks
  3. Z

    White Screws?

    I've helped out on a few jobs recently where they required matching screws, silver and bronze coloured sockets are fine because they come with the matching screws. But now I've a customer who is wanting screws concealing in a white light switch when we rewire their house. Does anyone know where...
  4. D

    White text on Orange

    @Dan, I'm finding the new home page style quite difficult to read, whereas the black on orange at the top stands out, the white on orange makes me squint. Perhaps it's just me, but may be worth asking a few others?
  5. S

    Best LED Downlighter for bathroom with white tiles

    Hi All, We've moved into a new build property and our bathroom, which has glossy white with a hint of grey speckle Porclenosa tiles, is looking a bit dull which I believe is the result of the downlighters. We have 3 x 7.9W, 38 degrees, 3000K downlighters in the bathroom and they seem to be...
  6. J

    Cool White or Warm White LEDs?

    I am having 14 downlights fitted in a kitchen - 13 sq metres , about 2.14m x 6.1m. I have the option of Cool white 4000k or Warm white 3000k - how do I work out what I need?
  7. S

    Go on admit white van owners, you watching the Royal Wedding?

    or have your wives told you that you have to?
  8. P

    Lack of White mi band strap

    I have Been wiring churches over a number of years in white mineral insulated copper cable and fixing multiple cables with mi solid band/strap but after using the last of what my firm had in their stores on my last job I am being told that it is now not in production and only made as a special...
  9. C


    Hello All, I hope that this recommendation does not break any Forum Rules: I was looking through my previous posts and I saw one where I recommended this UK White Goods Forum to a Member who had asked a question about an Appliance malfunction code. I know from previously reading some of the...
  10. Gavin John Hyde

    many house fires a week caused by dodgy white goods!

    According to story I just had pop up on my sky news app 60 house fires a week are attributed to white goods catching fire. the link says 8 a week so havent a clue which is correct???? Makes you wonder if they ever managed to recall and fix all them iffy tumble dryers? 60 house fires a week...
  11. P

    151 White Silicone Sealant...

    I hate having to open a large tube of silicone sealant to do a little bit of filling/sealing. Invariably the next time you go to the tube its gone off and needs to be binned. A while ago, I found that Poundland do small 70g tubes of white 151 Silicone Sealant as below: 151 White Bath & Shower...
  12. A

    30 x G9 4w LED warm white lamps

    Hello all, I'm selling 30 x warm white G9 lamps which I have swapped out for cool white at a customers house. He didn't like the warm white I put in first time around! All working and packaged in Knightsbridge boxes (these aren't Knightsbridge, just rehoused them in the boxes from new lamps)...
  13. R

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) New JIB ECS gold card now has white reverse

    What does every everyone think of the new Ecs gold card having a white back? Maybe im being picky but i think it somehow degrades the gold card. Is it just me or does anyone think it should have stayed all gold
  14. S

    Edison screw pendant

    a customer has asked for their BC rose and pendants to be changed to ES. I can't find any rose and pendants with es lamp holders anywhere! has anyone got any ideas where I can get some from and any possible problems with using these over standard BC lamp holders? Thanks in advance.
  15. Leader

    Where can I get these?

    I need to purchase the below but I'm having trouble finding the right cable in the right size. Any ideas? 1.5mm 3 core H05VV-FG 2.5mm 3 core H05V2V2-F I only need a couple of meters of each. Cheers
  16. S

    Help with cat 6 socket

    Hi I've had a company come into my work and wire in some cat6 sockets , however they haven't returned yet to do the ends of cable rj45 plugs . Now the sockets they have used are wired in exact order of colours shown on picture attached. However I'm not sure if this is a or b wiring and would...
  17. T

    Cool white and warm white in same room? Yey or Neh??

    Hi guys simple question - designing the lighting for my kitchen diner extension which will have a sofa area, dining table area and kitchen bar area... now I wanted to have warm white lights in the sofa, dining and outside areas and then cool white in the kitchen area and under cabinets. Do...
  18. G

    Warm white and cool white lamp, where from

    hi all, At a house the other day and dining and office lights had a lamp in that when you switch off and on quickly it swapped temp from warm white to cool white as and when you switched it, anyone know where I can get some on these . Looked really cool and gave you that choice if needed ...
  19. M

    Safety advice

    hi, looking for some professional advice. I am needing more sockets in my room for my games console as my tv and sky box have taken up the only two available. I have suggested to my mum that we get one of these 4 socket extension bars from argos but she does not think they are safe. Any advice...
  20. H

    White FP external use

    Hi, Had a look at a job today and noticed external lighting had been wired in white FP, clipped to wall surface. I informed them mechanical protection must be provided and they insisted the board had RCD protection and it wasn't required. Anyone else seen this before.
  21. S

    connecting rj45 cables

    Our external cctv swann camera stopped working as water got inside the network cable wire (RJ45 female port) To fix this I thought I would remove the female port from the swann camera to expose the wiring and then connect to a female port of a spare cat6e cable(8 wires + one drain wire)...
  22. S

    Rigid white cable - garden lighting.

    I've been asked to provide an estimate for renewing some twenty/thirty year old garden lighting. Currently it's wired in this thin rigid white cable, picking it up it feels like the sheathing is metallic. It looks like it goes all the way back to the CU. Obviously I'm going to rip it out and...
  23. gazdkw82

    Led g9 confusion

    It's a mindfield trying to find qualify LED G9's We have 2 light fittings with 5 g9's in each and they are the last fittings in our home which isn't LED. They are currently operates via a wall dimmer so it seems I'll probably encounter some issues there. Do any of you have any suggestions...
  24. E

    RGBW Marker lights

    hi can anyone recommend a brand that sells an RGBW ip rated marker light, preferably around 30-40mm looking at collingwood but the smallest they do is 60mm the light is going to be installed in a shower alcove
  25. S

    Kitchen ceiling light - maximum lumens?

    My 88 year old mum needs new lighting in her very small open plan kitchen. They've just built a house next to hers and the daylight is much diminished in her kitchen and adjoining dining table area. Can anyone recommend a good bright diffuse light for her kitchen ceiling? Would this light be a...
  26. C

    12mm long bootlace ferrules

    long time no speak :) but im in need of some super assistance im looking for some 12mm bootlace ferrules (insulated) good quality ones on the internet as no where locally stock them in that length csa of 0.75mm, 1.00mm, 1.50mm and 2.50mm if possible single entry have had a look any i can...
  27. Malcolm

    Honeywell Sundial Wireless Controller

    Hi I hope someone can help with this. I cannot contact Honeywell to help by phone (lines constantly busy) I emailed them on Monday and still heard nothing. I replaced a Honeywell smartfit wired controller and programmer with a Sundial Y9420S RF pack3 wireless system. I have found that the...
  28. M

    Domestic 1NO1NC switch

    i am trying to install a 1no1nc push on off led switch in my car to intercept my power antennae. it has 5 terminals with red, white, black and 2 green wires. the 2 green wires are marked NO and NC. i think the red is marked+. cannot see any markings for black and white did not come...
  29. G

    Grid Switches for Outside Light

    Hi, I've recently moved house and having some work done to the existing utility room. In the process of removing tiles a sfcu (part of the ring main) has been damaged and needs replaced (it's cracked), this switch is connected to an outside security light. I was just going to buy a replacement...
  30. ses

    Collingwood H2 lite led spots

    I have 2 brand new boxed white h2 lite spots in warm white with white bezels Also 2 white halers hole converters for above to fit larger hole sizes All boxed £35 delivered
  31. R

    DIY Garden - Solar Lighting

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum but hoping to gain a little help. I want to purchase a solar panel that will power around 15 led's in a homemade garden lighting project. I don't really know where to start in terms of what components to buy - there are tons of solar panels out there and...
  32. A

    accidentally cut telephone wire!

    I'm no electrician, just an ordinary housewife so I seek advice from the those that know.... In a moment of thoughtlessness I cut a wire coming from a telephone junction box in the window going to the telephone box (which is connected to a fiber optic router and telephone). I snipped it with...
  33. the pict

    Who knows phone wires

    As above which forum and who is the guru Pict
  34. S

    Domestic Halers or JCC LED

    Looking at changing the lighting in my kitchen to downlighters and narrowed it down to either Halers H2 pro or JCC FGLED6, what is people's opinions on either? its a large kitchen/dinner and will be warm white. Don't need to be dimmable.
  35. trypod

    50 Amp Satin Chrome Shower

    As the 50A Chrome shower pull switch has been discontinued by Crabtree what other one is best to use?
  36. U

    Bosch induction hob

    Help with electrical connections please , colours as follows brown,black, blue, white.the hob is pre wired.costumer has no installation manual because of house move and they bought the hob with them.
  37. S

    Heating Experts.

    Aunties heating is playing up, when she switches on the heating it's not firing up the boiler. Hot water switched on it's doing as it should & firing up the boiler. Had a brief look at it in the passing & when the heating is turned on there's 240v going to stat, returning from stat to valve...
  38. P

    master socket cable

    Not had much experience with telecoms so hopefully someone can shed some light on this for me. I need to wire in a master socket in my property. I've never come across this cable before, then again I haven't had to deal with many. Hopefully you can see the image, it consists of 3 yellow...
  39. J

    Varilight Power Grid switch install problem

    Hi, I've got the below... - 40558 Varilight XDQPG4 4-Gang PowerGrid Faceplate White - 90137 Varilight Z3PGRID4 4-Gang PowerGrid Gridplate - plus 4 switch modules The switch modules fit the grid plate fine, no issue here. Literature says grid plate fits into a standard UK...
  40. eNigMar

    Anybody recognise this brand of switch?

    I didn't get a chance to take it off the wall to see if it's branded inside and only had half a second to get the photo. They were late to pick up the kids from school or something. I need to source another one. If no one recognises it I'll take it off the wall the next time I'm on site. I can...
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