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  1. steamboatwilly

    Two new Wylex RCDs both failed tests

    Folks, A bit baffled (not difficult) ... added a light switch in a rental this week (empty property so no social distancing issues) and checked the RCD before I signed off. It was a Wylex 80a 30mA and it failed all tests (inc. ramp) so I like-for-like replaced it. The new one also failed all...
  2. M

    What are the implications of a failed Neutral - Earth insulation resistance test?

    Greetings! Newbie here! We have 3 phase installation in our Lighting dimmer rack. During Insulation Resistance testing on Earth-Nuetral, readings was 0.33Mohm on 500v test. What causede the failed test and how can I troubleshoot? Thank you! Markus
  3. D

    Polarity Test - Extension Lead (surge protection) - Failed

    Hi all, This has got me stumped as it's the first time in 8 years this has happened. I undertook a 250v test on a brand new recently purchased Surge Protection extension lead - all is well but on each of the 6 sockets it failed the Polarity Test. Tested the IEC Lead and all was fine so not that...
  4. M

    Failed lighting circuit

    Looking for advice, please! Converting MR16s with transformer to GU16 lamp holders wired into mains. Done it several time before without problems but this time when converting five downlights in kitchen, the whole circuit stopped working. During process the second bulb (halogen) did blow when I...
  5. J

    Smart meter install failed

    I had arranged for a Smart Meter to be installed today. It would not fit due to the size of the isolation switch currently fitted. See photo of the inside of the meter box located outside. Is it necessary to fit such a large fused isolation switch? The SWA cable at the bottom runs to a consumer...
  6. N

    Need electrical advice failed part and need replacement but unsure of part name pic included

    Alternative choc block failure cannot seem to find the one in the photo attached in common b and q Screwfix shops, can anyone give me the correct name of part? as it is not a normal choc block, or can anyone link me to the part for ease of purchase . Thank you
  7. Gavin John Hyde

    Socket failed after a month...

    I had a customer ring me a moment ago, I fitted a double socket directly into consumer unit in the meter cupboard, joined into the same breaker as the downstairs ring. she says one side of the socket works, but the other side has stopped! it has no power! given its fed by just one cable as a...
  8. P

    Test failed due to missing RCD

    Hi All Recently joined the forum to ask for some information. I recently bought a flat to let. I was advised by the letting agent to get the electrics tested, although not a legal requirement. The test was carried out by their electrical contractor. He failed the test due to the fuse board not...
  9. J

    Am2 IR test failed on the global test

    hi all, Failed my AM2 on IR test. Just a query do you have to remove both the nuetral and the cpc fly lead from RCBO when doing a global test? I did this but I did not put the cpc from the ring final in to the MET bar. I tested the ring circuit, motor and strappers separately. That’s the only...
  10. I

    Compex EX04 failed ....

    Hello Members, Just been told I have failed my EX04. Visual, close and detailed inspections on IS circuits. Basically don’t know what I missed? Fault wise? From memory their was the obvious bolt missing from JB, missing stoppers, damaged cable, IS earth going to dirty earth. Barrier the wrong...
  11. J

    Failed insulation on Fan

    hi guys, Could someone please tell me why the ‘insulation’ has failed on this pat test please? I thought over 1MOhm was ok? The test is on a fan in a dental surgery. Thanks
  12. rolyberkin

    What have you had a go at and failed!?

    So despite us all giving advice to other people about not having a go at electrics I always like to have a go at any other trade at every opportunity (as long as it is legal and safe!) I have tried car spraying and tonight I had a go at car window tinting and failed miserably (I have previously...
  13. westward10

    Socket failed safety test mate.

    For the last six years we have tested a five pitch caravan park on a farm. First year I rewired between all the meters and switchgear because the Caravan Club rightly condemned it, see pics of my efforts. Only two of the original rcds have been replaced since. This week one of the pitched...
  14. S

    Smart meter install assessment failed.

    Hello all, I had a smart meter install date today (both utilities) with npower as the provider. The engineer, on a quick inspection of the existing setup said he could not continue as the existing 'tails' coming from the CU have had their outer grey sheath stripped too far back. Is it part...
  15. R

    Running a sub main to a Garage

    Hi, I have a job coming up to replace a CU. It has failed a few tests so has to be replaced. It is a large house and the board is a two tier one so will replace with similar. Whilst surveying the old board I noticed two 63 amp mcb's one supplying an extension to the house this has a ring and...
  16. M

    Multiple electrical problem on Mk 1 Focus

    hi everyone My mk1 Focus has developed the following electrical problems over a very short period of time (2 weeks). I can't believe that this is due to individual faults and was wondering if anyone could shed any light on the problem and if there is a fault in common easily fixed Indicators...
  17. M

    EAL 4337 & 4338 MOCK EXAM PAPERS

    Hi all, Ive recently attended an EAL 4337 & 4338 combined course in Chadderton Oldham, I passed my practical with out to much issue, however I have now failed both Initial and periodic exams TWICE by just a couple of marks (this happened today) now not wanting to apportion blame but the other...
  18. westward10

    Clipsal rcbo.

    Tested a Crabtree Polestar board today full of Sector rcbos, tested many of these boards and never seen this. The only Crabtree devices were two mcbs but the Sector devices are identical to Crabtree devices. Out of the nineteen four failed which is something you don't get with Crabtree rcbos...
  19. N

    Commercial Am2 advice!

    Hi, before taking my am2 I read some very helpful threads from this site. So anyone reading this also preparing I hope this helps I got through my install and testing fine. However I failed the fault finding C2. passed C1. Whatever that means. I did all my tests at the board and struggled on...
  20. T

    Am2 worth appealing

    Hi just found out a have failed my am2 on the installation section Firstly I wondered if I can get any information on how I failed apart from them saying what circuits I failed on ( lighting/ bonding and swa to 16amp socket ) I thought I did all these correctly and can't see what I can fail on...
  21. L

    Compex Instrument Installation resit advice please?

    Hi I'm going back to Hota in Hull to resist my I.S installation, I failed on a major and very little else that's all I know, was wondering if anyone could share any pointers or tips on what to look out for on the I.S installation , hoping to get my compex qualification after this resit any help...
  22. vxwestie

    replacement Bosch 36v batteries

    Ive used Bosch power tools for years without problems, However both batteries on my Bosch 36v SDS have failed within weeks of each other and the drill is just out of warranty. One battery wont hold any charge, one will only hold enough for two rawlplugs There seems to be several option, the...
  23. O

    Sunnyroo inverter faults

    SRP manufactured Sunnyroo inverters a few years back, they were sold as "made in Australia" they were infact made in China by a company that went out of business a couple of years back. I ended up with a failed unit which I had to replace out of my own pocket because the warranty is now...
  24. P


    can 2 rcds on the same circuit cause problems
  25. Y

    Basic testing

    Ok, so I am in college studying a level 2 course (2365) and its coming to the end of year were we have to do a practical installation and then testing. I've taken the test once and failed. My tutor, taught me and others things that are contradicted both in the On Site Guide, a book by Trevor...
  26. rustynails

    RCD not tripping on test

    Had a strange one today, hager 100a 30ma rcd failed to trip with the tester. TT earthing arrangement, also very strange readings. ze 197.4 ok normal for around that area the zs around 0.53. Went and got a replacement 80a 30ma rcd, the 100a was on the large side. Failed the test again. Went home...
  27. H

    Rcd trouble

    Rcd not tripping x5 over 40ms any ideas? Changed rcd same problem,cheers guys
  28. stidge

    RCD problem

    Hi all, scenario is , Fitted new dual rcd MK Cu today. Testing rcd one ( next to main sw) all fine. Rcd two doesn't trip on x1 at all ( mft says 310ms)it trips on x5 but high reading approx 30 ms. Have tested with no loads connected. Changed rcd same results! Swapped rcd 1 & 2 round , works...
  29. E

    Cat 6 installation

    I have found that Cat6 outlets from a major UK manufacturer fail testing with installed cable lengths under 30metres. Does anyone have a solution please?
  30. M

    LED Downlighter problems

    Is anyone else finding that LED downlighters are failing earlier than the spec? I've been buying Aurora FRL903s because they look good and the spec gives them 75000 hours but over a period of just a few months several of them have failed and the failure frequency seems to be increasing. First...
  31. D

    RCD fail

    Had a RCD fail the 180 deg test today. Works ok if I just do the 1x test, get 6.4 ms, on 5x get 25 ms but if I do the auto test on me megger it fails the 180deg 1x test. I'm presuming its U/S any thoughts guys thanks in advance.
  32. B

    i am going to sit my am2

    i am going in for my am2 in jan but i want to get a head on what i am doing but i want to see what the question on the exam are like and what to no if anyone knows any website i can go on to practice them please help thank you
  33. P

    Testers failed calibration but perplexed now :-(

    My MFT failed calibration on some insulations resistance measurements but i am a little confused. I used a different more local calibrater as i needed the least downtime but his certificate is very different from the manufacturers one that was done before (now i have had time to compare side by...
  34. P

    Who trusts RCDs?

    Hi Guys Did a small job in a house - one additional socket. Then did an RCD test - x1 (240 mSec) and x5 failed miserably. did the test a couple more times. Some improvement but still failed. The RCD is an old Wylex WSES 80/2 so replacement means a new CU. Customer asked me to test it again - it...
  35. H

    Do fuses age?

    Just had a call to a gas boiler that had blown a fuse. A gas engineer had already diagnosed a faulty fan and quoted circa £400.00 to supply and fit or to supply and fit a new boiler for rather more. I was the second opinion along with a mate who knows gas but bugger all about electrics. The...
  36. D

    Just done my AM2

    Did my AM2 at the start of July, the College i did my apprenticeship with said that lots of people failed it, something like 80% didn't pass first time! I also found out that someone who passed all the other exams first time and never had any issues also failed! Well this didnt make me feel any...
  37. hasel5

    Some old pics from a inspection

    Just found these on a hard drive any thoughts
  38. 1

    3rd RCCB Fault??

    Am I missing something here or is it just plain bad luck? I've recently tested a fuseboard and the RCD failed (MEM A100HE 100AMP 30Ma RCD). Sent off for a new one and it failed got another failed again. Checked multi-tester on another board, tester works fine. It's on a TN-S system, there's a...
  39. B

    Megger not beeping

    My Megger MFT1552 has stopped making the four 'beep' sounds when carrying out a Zs/Ze test, anyone know how to get this setting back to normal as the beeping noise is handy when the meter is slung over shoulder up steps to let you know a reading is being taken!!!!
  40. T

    part p isn't working!

    WELCOME TO THE WEBSITE FOR tells us why ! Also why we can't rely on the likes of the NICEIC to do their job properly. By the way, if anyone has bought the guide book, can you tell us if it's worth 8 quid?
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