1. T

    Ceiling rose

    Good evening all I'd be so grateful for some help. I used to be an electrician years ago but I am no longer and just have a question I'm unsure of. I live in a new build and I have a ceiling rose in the garage and my wife asked me to put 2 tiny 6watt led lights either side of the garage door...
  2. D

    ceiling light/fan cable

    will be fitting a new ceiling light/fan, can I use the twin and earth lighting cable already fitted, ore will I have to fit 2.5 twin and earth cable. the specifications are fan 42w. lights 3x40w, total 162w. many thanks for any help/advice.
  3. PJH2903

    Downlights lath and plaster ceiling advice please

    Been asked to put a load of downlights into a lath and plaster ceiling. Done plasterboard but not lath and plaster. Is it easy enough to do or will it be a right pain?
  4. Spike1947

    Ceiling recessed down lighters

    Hi can someone tell me what are the regs for fitting recessed down lighters into a ceiling , ie distance from joists etc , never fit them before ! . spike
  5. M

    Replacing ceiling lamp holder - which wire goes where?

    Hi all I've got a knackered ceiling lamp holder I want to change. It's the type with no flex - the lamp holder is directly on the ceiling mount. But the new one I want to put in will be rose-flex-lamp holder. There are no markings on the old one I'm replacing. So what's the easiest way to...
  6. FatAlan

    Trainee Getting across ceiling joists from below - tricks of the trade.

    In the day and age of ..how many downlights can we get into one house, I'm intrigued to know what tricks / techniques folks use to install multiple downlights into an existing ceiling in replacement of a central pendant. In particular, once having located the joists, how do you get the cables...
  7. K

    Domestic Changing hall ceiling light affects bathroom light

    I have taken down an old hall ceiling light and I have 3 wires which are the same grey colour. Whatever way I rewire them to the new light fitting it affects the bathroom light. If I wire them in one configuration I can have the hall light on or both the hall and bathroom lights on at the same...
  8. Gary Tollison

    Kitchen ceiling lights fire rating

    greetings :) Was curious about the ceiling lights in the kitchen if they were fire rated or not. Google was no help with model info. There’s an F in a triangle symbol on the side, but I don’t know if that means anything. Any ideas? Thanks, Gary
  9. C

    Need electricians advice. Moving ceiling light without chasing ?

    hello i moved in to my place 3 years ago and have been slowly redecorating one room at a time. Im finally on my last room, the living room but for some weird reason the ceiling light isnt in the middle of the room. its off to the side quite far. The problem is, my ceilings are concrete so i...
  10. M

    Domestic How to safely cap earth wire for a ceiling light

    Hi I've just bought a new ceiling light for the bathroom which does not need an earth connection. Unhelpfully, the light fitting makes no provision to safely terminate the earth wire coming from the electrics; see pic: This leaves me with the dilemma of what to do with the earth wire coming...
  11. D

    Help with fitting an LED commercial ceiling strip light

    Morning all I'm hoping for some help and hopefully not too much abuse I have a strip light that went down at the bakery so bought a replacement...different brand but assumed it was fine. All except I am an idiot and didn't check whether it was an emergency light or not (the one I am replacing...
  12. L

    Domestic Mysterious problem in ceiling lights

    I have noticed that sometimes there is a delay between flicking the switch for the overhead light in two bedrooms and the light coming on. The bulbs are ok and this doesn’t happen all the time but when it does it is as though the bulb is struggling to come on. An additional concern is that both...
  13. P

    Domestic Ceiling lights short circuited when a bulb blew

    Just the ceiling lights (3 rooms + bathroom), all wall sockets working fine & no circuit breakers popped out. Any ideas why? Someone said it could be rodents chewing the cables & my upstairs neighbour has had a few infestations recently:mad:. I'm in a Victorian terrace ground floor flat. Does it...
  14. T

    Domestic Ceiling wiring got me worried

    Hi all, I took down a kitchen light fitting and expected to fit the new one the same way - nope, nothing so easy eh? I am NOT an electrician but equally really don't want to pay the £100 to have someone come and do something I am sure I can do myself given a bit of advice. The light fitting...
  15. Aaronj46

    securing cables to mesh concreted ceiling in apartments

    Good afternoon ladies and gents, when I install cables as per the title I put plugs and plastic pegs into the ceiling as remember being told years ago you cannot cable tie directly to the mesh? any guidance/ reg references wuld be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  16. D

    Please help me to help my friend with his ceiling lights

    Can someone please help me with my friends lights he has old wiring and he got new light fitting the wiring from the ceiling he has three red wires and three earth wires and three black wires but only two wires in the new light fittings which are blue and brown please help me to help him
  17. A

    Domestic Rose Ceiling Light Wiring

    Hi All I have a light fitting that i want to change in one of the rooms. Currently there is a rose ceiling light. I have changed a few of these but this room has some connections which i am not sure about. I have some wago connectors ready but just want some advice before i start...
  18. L

    Connecting a ceiling rose back together

    Hi I'm contacting a ceiling rose back up from having a metal pendent on. Where do I put the 3 browns in the connector block in the ceiling rose
  19. D

    Maximum Luminaire Weight Supported by Plasterboard Ceiling

    Are there are any regulations/guidance on the maximum weight that a luminaire can be if it is only supported by the plasterboard ceiling and not fixed to any joists or noggins? I have a customer who would like a (heavy, but currently unweighed) light fitting from their old house fitted in the...
  20. B

    Intermittent ceiling light

    Hi just after a little bit of advice the ceiling light in our spare room seems to have a mind of its own it rarely comes on if the switch is operated but if left on the light will come on eventually it then works fine for a short period so it will switch on and off but then it decides to stop...