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  1. B

    Ceiling box too small

    Hi I have ceiling boxes in my garage for old fluorescent lights. I want to install a single outlet in them to support new led lights. The existing boxes are round and the screw holes are 2.75 “ apart. I can’t find a way to adapt a 4” outlet plate to this box. Is there an adapter available? I...
  2. A

    Replacing Ceiling Rose with Remote Controlled Fan

    Hi, Could you please offer a bit of advice regarding the following: We currently have a ceiling rose which is connected to a wall switch and Pull switch i.e. 2 way switching in the old colours. I understand how everything is connected, but, we are replacing the ceiling rose with a remote...
  3. K

    Smart Switch random question

    I have over 20 smart switches in my house. I have done them all myself and understand the process. Maybe this isn't the question but it is all I can think of...Is it possible to turn a single pole fan switch into a multi pole switch? Okay so the scenario is I have an office that has 1 switch for...
  4. L

    Replacing ceiling rose with new lighting

    Bought a new light fitting from amazon to replace an old hanging single bulb from a ceiling rose, but I cant get my head around how to wire it for the switch. Looking at the old fitting it appears to be the last in the chain so there's no loop out, but the new fitting just has a simple...
  5. N

    Question about electrical wiring in the ceiling

    Hello, I decided to tackle a leaky skylight replacement in my living room. It's an acrylic bubble 18" square and it was installed when the house was built in '86. To make thing more complicated for myself, I purchased skylights that are 45 3/4" by 22 1/2" (wife wanted larger skylights). I...
  6. M

    Ceiling Fan Wiring

    I move an old ceiling fan to my carport. I wired the fan in as I took it out. PROBLEM: at the wall box i am wiring a singe pole switch, but when ever i plug in the electricity it pops the breaker. However, when the fan is direct (hard) wired it does not trip the breaker and the fan operates...
  7. P

    Ceiling light wiring help

    Hi all, moved into a house a few years ago and they left a really nice ceiling light. However it made a buzzing noise when on and kept cutting out. Presumably overheating. Can anyone talk me through rewiring it as I'd like to get it working. Pics to follow. Thanks 1588182941
  8. M

    Ceiling Light Issues

    I stupidly failed to take a picture of the original wiring and only realised afterwards that I had four earth cables and 4 black cables going to the older light fitting. The red wires were all in a connector block and tucked away in plasterboard. How do I determine what each black wire is to go...
  9. J

    Wiring a 2 wire ceiling rose to a pendant light

    Hi there, Wonder if anyone can help. Hoping it's a simple one! I'm looking to replace light with new pendants, which are the same switch. One is easy, as there is a single wire, however the second rose has 2 wires. Problem is - the new pendant roses only have connectors to support a single...
  10. Z

    Bulb staying on

    I have a 6 bulb ceiling light. Just recently when i switch it off at the wall only 5 bulbs go out. Is this more likely to be a faulty light fitting or switch?
  11. L

    Swapping an old ceiling fixture. Replace the box? Add a ground? Thoughts?

    I just took down an old chandelier. I'm looking to swap it out with a different old fixture, but I am interested in making it as safe as possible. I attached a picture of the fixture box as it is now and would really appreciate opinions on what needs to be done. At the very least, I feel like...
  12. L

    toilet ceiling light

    Hi, I am trying to change my toilet ceiling light, the old one is just a standard light fitting...but has six wires 2 red, 2 black, 2 earth... My new fitting only has 3 fitting holes I tried fitting the new one...putting the same wires together in each hole...the light came on but the switch...
  13. M

    Changing ceiling heating controllers

    Hello all Still relatively new in to trying to do more of my own works...background commercial. Someone has asked me to change what he describes as ceiling heating controllers. Looking at these photos they do look like they are just controllers and set to desired heat and have no thermostat...
  14. P

    Ceiling Downlights

    Hi, Hope someone can help me please Have six ceiling downlights in my kitchen, recently one of the bulbs stopped working so I replaced it, these lights have a retaining spring clip which stops the bulb from dropping down. My problem is I now have three of the lights not working, have checked the...
  15. happyhippydad

    How to fit lights to this ceiling?

    I'm about to fit some LED striplights in this small warehouse as replacements for the T8's. The existing ones just seem to be screwed into the metal strips that frame the foam tiles. Is this normal? If this is not the method of fitting what is? The reason I ask is that I have not fitted...
  16. H

    Short circuit bypasses mcb and trips submain mcb

    Good evening A cable was loose in a ceiling void causing a short circuit this didn't trip the 10 amp 6ka type b mcb but tripped the 50 amp type b 6ka mcb that supplied that board back at the mains. I am wondering why this occurred other than me thinking the local protection isn't very...
  17. cgfw201

    Is this Ikea Ceiling Light Compatible with my Wiring?

    My wife bought a nice new ceiling light for our landing at the weekend. I’ve swapped a few pendant lights before without an issue so cracked on with this one. However, it immediately looked a little more complex. It had 3 neutral and 3 live wires going into it (pictured) and an earth, but the...
  18. S

    UK ceiling light mystery!

    Not totally ignorant about wiring, but my bathroom ceiling light has got me totally baffled, so appreciate any help - forgive me in advance if I am being totally dim (clever pun!). Initially replaced the bulb, 2D 4 pin, didn't work, so thought perhaps it was a faulty bulb, and changed it for...
  19. P

    Help, I’m sure someone can answer this very quickly

    Sorry, I’m new to this. Can someone just explain how I should wire these cables in the ceiling light unit as per images, there seems to be a lot of cables,
  20. FatAlan

    Decommissioning ceiling roses .. any tips.

    Any tips .. good practice decommissioning ceiling roses. Recommendations re small MF JB that can be used to maintain continuity of the loop and poke back up above ceiling without knocking too bigger hole?
  21. T

    I changed ceiling light and it won’t light up!

    I decided to change my ceiling light for a new one. A simple x4 bulb horizontal fixture. I didn’t look at the previous wiring on old light and then realised there were X4 black wires X4 red Wires Earth coming out the cieling. I assumed I put all black to neutral and red to live and Earth to...
  22. C

    In ceiling speaker isolation

    Morning all, wondered what your thoughts are here. I‘m doing a rewire in a property along with a new consumer unit for a client. they have now asked for installation of 4 pairs of in ceiling Bluetooth speakers, each pair is supplied by a 12v transformer. I’m trying to decide on the best way of...
  23. Z

    Is there anything I can do with a dual switch for a former ceiling fan?

    Greetings! I am seeking the advice from a more experienced electrician. I have removed a ceiling fan from my living room that had a separate on/off switch for the fan and the light. It has been changed to a regular flush mount light (i.e. one black, one white, and ground wire). Is there anything...
  24. D

    blank ceiling rose

    Hi Can anyone tell me where I can get a blank ceiling rose to cover an unused point? cheers David
  25. L

    Cross Wiring 2 Ceiling Fixtures

    I am just a bit more experienced than your basic DIY homeowner. In our bedroom walk in closet I put up 2 LED fixtures to replace the fluorescents that were there when we bought the house. They work fine. Each is on its own switch. The switch for the really powerful fixture - which I love and my...
  26. S

    rewiring existing ceiling fan with light on a 4way & 3way(separate?)

    existing fan w/light;2switches(3&4way);can i put fan one 1 switch and light on the other switch? So I want to be able to turn off the light and keep the fan going. I currently have to unscrew the light bulb in order to have the fan running without light. Can I have the light on one switch and...
  27. T

    Two Industrial Ceiling Fans on One Switch

    Hello, I am planning on installing two industrial fans in my pole barn. Both fans would be controlled by the same switch. I plan on having an electrician/inspector check the work before it is plugged into panel but I am hoping to save money and do most of the work myself... Here are some facts...
  28. J

    Convert LED ceiling light to plug in

    Hi. I’m looking to convert an LED ceiling light to a mains plug in. Done this a few times with regular bulb holders, but not sure how to wire the three identical cables coming off the five bulb holders. Any ideas? Thanks
  29. B

    Installing and wiring new ceiling light fitting

    Hi All, Just looking for a bit of guidance for installing a new ceiling light fitting. I'm usually pretty confident installing new lighting/sockets etc but this one has me stumped. The ceiling wiring has a lot more wires than the wiring block on the new fitting accommodates. I've attached...
  30. U

    wiring metal light holder to old ceiling rose

    Hello there I bought a vintage smoked glass shade chandelier pendant ceiling light and wired it up ok (well the bulb didn't blow) but took it back down because the brass thingy wouldn't do all the way up on my existing ceiling rose.Can i just wire up the metal ceiling light holder...
  31. T

    Can a remote control ceiling fan operate have a wall installed light/ fan switch too?

    Can a remote controlled ceiling fan have a wall mounted light / fan switch installed to operate the ceiling fan too?
  32. T

    supporting cable above a grid ceiling

    How do people support cables above a grid ceiling? Currently pricing a shop fit and need a quick easy way to support cables above the ceiling. Basket? Metal wire wire metal ties? Metal ring plates?
  33. D

    UK How to attach ceiling light clear wires

    How do attach this ceiling light? The wires are all identical, clear, no colours, numbers or codes. Please see pic. Thanks
  34. S

    Ceiling grid panels which drop below the ceiling grid

    I am replacing in ceiling grid lights with LED panels, but the metal tiles drop below the grid rather than inside it, so the LED panels will be semi-recessed I don't think the client is going to be happy about this so I was wondering if there is a light which drops below the grid by 10mm to keep...
  35. S

    paint ceiling 1st or drill holes ?

    Hello Everyone I have a freshly skimmed ceiling with no holes. Planning to have some downlights installed. Obviously I have to mist coat then paint ceiling but should the holes for the downlights be drilled before or after? My thinking was if before then wet mistcoat paint might drip all over...
  36. happyhippydad

    Can wallpaper (with an artex feel) on a ceiling contain asbestos

    As in the title? It's an old house, certainly pre 1980's.
  37. S

    UK Ceiling lights help 😳

    Hi everyone I'm new to this forum, I was looking at a flat the other day which is beautiful, apart from these lights in the kitchen😩 , and for such a modern flat I don't understand why they were put in in the first place and also why they are not centred and why is there a lonesome pendant light...
  38. U

    ceiling fan

    whenever I switch OFF or ON my ceiling fan in the room , foot light blinks.
  39. O

    Wiring Kitchen Flush Ceiling Fitting to Looped in Double Switched Rose

    Hello DIY Electrical Forum I am at a bit of a loss to proceed any further than I have done so already with wiring a flush ceiling fitting in my kitchen to an existing twin switched rose. I have basic DIY experience and will proceed only as far as my ability allows and all work will be carried...
  40. T

    RCD protection for cables above a plasterboard ceiling

    Are there an reg for cables being above a plasterboard ceiling? Pricing a job to move a kitchen to the other end of the house. I thought about running a 16mm T&E to a submain board instead of running 4/5 circuits back. The old kitchen ceiling ceiling is coming down and the rest would be ran in...
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