1. M

    RCD Test failure question

    Hi there, I’m a confused landlord after a bit of advice please... I had my property renovated including electric 6 years ago. The RCD operating time for lights was tested at 16.4ms back then. Another electrician (arranges by the letting agent) has just completed the updated EICR and failed the...
  2. A

    Polarity test failure on SPD extension leads

    Evening all, This has probably been answered somewhere here, but in case it hasn't... I have a Fluke 6500-2 and had trouble testing SPD extension leads as you cannot drop the voltage to 250V using the IEC lead test button. I found a way to set up an auto test sequence to include EB and 250V...
  3. littlespark

    Premature failure of appliances

    A parent at the school asked me why they might be going through a lot of appliances. Washing machine less than 4 years. kettle 3 years and LED lamps, less than 6 months. There were other things, but can’t remember lifespan. I popped in on passing one day and did a quick test on the kettle...
  4. M

    Am i being cynical, or co-incident of failure....

    I work in coach building, mostly motorsport artic trailers. These usually have a 32A 3PH supply. I fit these with a phase correct relay, to stop some numbnuts mixing phase and neutral up on a hook-up (landline) cable. We have just had one back with some issues including: Phase relay faulty...
  5. H

    B12 Sentra - strange accessory circuit failure

    Hi there, My problem is thus: I own an '88 Nissan Sentra in which all the electricals were working fine. I received some 12v LED strips in a delivery which I would like to install as daytime running lights. In order to test whether the running voltage of the car would be suitable, I attempted...
  6. T

    Rcbo failure

    Hi all I've just had 7 crabtree star breaker type a rcbos fail the half time on 180. I ordered replacements but they are the same tripping around 75ms. Just wondered if any one else was experiencing the same thing, it's only on the 6a rcbos. Making me doubt my tester tbh Many thanks
  7. Lucien Nunes

    T5 8W tubes - unusual failure rate - is it the tubes?

    The lighting on my boat includes about thirty T5 8W 12" tubes in conventional 12V fittings of good make (mainly Labcraft) with HF inverters, taking one, two or three tubes as required. For over 25 years these have worked more or less flawlessly; the only outright failure was when water got into...
  8. G

    Lightwaverf Socket Failure Repair

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me. I have a lot of LightwaveRF equipment fitted in my house and have had since the end of 2015. Around 18 months ago, the double sockets that are very rarely used ie in spare bedrooms for example started to fail. One by one every month a socket would fail. They...
  9. V

    A Bad 3-Way Switch Can Cause Failure of the Other?

    Can a bad 3-Way switch cause another not to work, thus preventing either switch from turning on the light? Is this always the case? Thanks
  10. terry1969

    Rcd failure

    Went to a job this morn rcd trips in kitchen , went to have a look pat tested some items and IR on dishwasher was 0.47 ohms , so must be the issue everything else was ok , tested rcd on kitchen ring and rcd didn’t trip , so tested the rcd at the board mk 7800 series and it tripped but not in the...
  11. S

    12v Spotlight Failure

    Hi, I'm looking for some advise please. U.K. 240v circuit. My mother in law has a set of 5 12volt spotlights in her bathroom that have suddenly all stopped working. I've checked the voltage coming out of one transformer and I have current (not measured the voltage though). I've also tested...
  12. R

    SPD Failure

    Came across this today. Could this damage & unit failure have been caused by a surge? Normally just see the panels go red but have never seen the burn marks.
  13. F

    CPU Failure in an addressable IQ8 control FACP.

    I was working on this addressable system an Esser IQ8 control Facp. And the system just came on CPU failure. It started coming on fire alarm. Dont know what caused the CPU failure and if the CPU board or mother board may be damaged and needs replacement. But i perceived a small of burnt on the...
  14. A

    suggestion on using contactor with phase failure

    hi need suggestion on using contactor with phase failure relay to ON a machine which is a cnc router. the cnc router has it self ON and OFF Buttons so thinking to install a contactor with phase faller relay as a power source to machine in case of phase loss the machine power off. currently its...
  15. Brahman Naren

    Domestic Walkover paving lights - more hassle than it's worth?

    Hi All My first post here, and looking for advice on a full home renovation that is about to start. They are kicking off with some garden work whilst the builders knock down half the house, so I suspect this will be question 1 of many questions over the next year. They are about to start the...
  16. telectrix

    email, failure on samsung phone

    galaxy S6. was fine with emails till back in august last year, it stopped receiving emails. also i can't send. the email account works perfectly on laptop, but no traffic to/from phone. i have not altered any settings. anyone have a scooby?
  17. Les Macaulay

    Commercial First 4ft led tube failure.

    I am always raving about how led tubes will be much more reliable than fluorescent tubes. My first failure has shown after only 3 months. Approx 9 inches of the tube leds extinguish for a second then relight but not repeating for long. My question is ,"how common is this in the vast experience...
  18. B

    Accenta Gen4 - Magnetic Contacts Repeat Failure.

    Something I have found nobody has experienced before, just me unfortunately, but I thought I'd try you guys for one last fault finding. Thank you in advance. Over some years I have had to keep replacing the magnetic contacts on my outbuilding where I have the Accenta Gen4 system setup. Issue...
  19. N

    Generator Voltage Failure

    Tested one of our generators this morning, only about 76KW engine set. Started up fine, took the load of the building fine, connected a load bank, fine. Voltage readings all 240ish, temperature as expected, oil temperature as expected, coolant temperature as expected. 1.5hours later. Chug chug...
  20. S

    NO switch insulation resistance failure

    How often do we usually have insulation resistance failures on an NO switches leading to unexpected starts?
  21. M

    Led flood lights failure

    Evening chaps, A few months ago I installed 6 x 30w led flood lights around a commercial building, I wired them in series from a ip66 box with a night and day sensor and a contactor, I went to each light via a smaller ip66 box in 2.5 sy cable, everything tested OK so off I went. I received a...
  22. Mark42

    Insulation resistance failure on rubber flex. Why?

    Two years ago I installed some garden lighting, using u/g SWA to Wiska boxes, then 3-core 0.75mm rubber flex downleads from each LED fitting. This week the 30mA RCBO kept tripping. I assumed a luminaire fault, or moisture in a Wiska box, but no. It was leakage across all three cores of one 10m...
  23. S

    Trapped Key Isolation Failure

    Hi all. Can someone point me in the right direction for the current regulations on control panel isolation for machinery (industrial) if possible please? An issue arose with a machine trapped key system failing, allowing an individual to remove the key, but the machine staying live and...
  24. Timo17

    Microgeneration / FIT Meter Failure (Landis & Gyr E110)

    Normally the Landis & Gyr E110 single rate meters are pretty much bullet proof, but I've had two fail on the same installation in less than a month. I'm looking for any clues as to the cause. Installation is a typical 4kW solar PV system. About a month ago, the FIT meter just died (display...
  25. telectrix

    scroll failure on EF only

    for some reason i can no longer mouse scroll up or down on EF forum only. dragging the sidebar works though. daaaaaan?????
  26. Davisonp

    What LED failure rate is acceptable?

    Hi, What do people consider is an acceptable failure level for LED bulbs? I have two examples, both from TLC "LEDLite" home brand lights. 1st, I fitted 6 of their 8W filament LED bulbs with 2 years guarantee in my parents house, and 3 have failed within the first year. (50% failure in...
  27. ses

    Steam room lighting

    hi all Having to replace two IP65 spot lights that someone fitted in a steam room The lights failed badly Struggling to find lights that will fit the cutout 75mm or cover it surface mounted which are steam room approved Seem to need to be IP68 and heat resistant Any one got any ideas or...
  28. bigspark17

    Alarm in house for outhouse power loss

    any suggestions for ideally a plug in device that connects wirelessly to a battery operated bell in house should the sockets in outhouse (freezer full of stuff go off).? Outhouse is on own rcbo so customer unaware of power loss untill its too late :/
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