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  1. T

    old lightolier track compatibility

    Hello, I'm wondering if tracks that were installed 15-20 years ago, but maybe are even older, can accept modern fixtures, and if yes, what kind. I think, but am not sure, that the brand of the track is "Lightolier". I have some pictures, which I can make available, if someone thinks s/he might...
  2. Z

    Conduit in old work shop , assignment

    Hi , I nearly done my assignment, but I need help for couple questions, Please I wanna make right everything. I still think with conduit, better used for main workshops, and I need drawings how to join in DB. Can you help me please or just asking someone.
  3. K


    Hi I have just bought a new cooker and it has a cable and plug on it but my old one doesn't. Can I put a socket on the existing cable (6mm I think) and then just plug it in.
  4. davesparks

    How old are solid core singles?

    I'm carrying out an EICR at the moment and have encountered quite a lot of solid core singles. Is there a particular time period when these were commonly in use? I'm trying to work out a rough date for this part of installation.
  5. B

    Old wiring in light switch

    Hi there, i am trying to fit a new 10a 2 gang 2 way light switch. I have removed the old switch to reveal this... the new switch doesn’t have the same number as holes as the old one so I don’t know which wire goes where. Please can someone help. The new switch looks like this... Thank you for...
  6. happyhippydad

    Will the new eaton mcbs fit the old eaton boards?

    As in the title. I have an old eaton board. Will new the new eatons fit? Cheers guys.
  7. J

    UK Can someone help me wire a new light fitting into an old house with old wiring systems.

    I’m a junior electrician, fresh out of college. I did some minor electrical work for a friend buI tried to put up a new chandelier I came across: Two Line wires (RED), going into one connector block Two Neutrals (BLACK), separated into different connector blocks - Two CPC wires, going into...
  8. Andy5678

    25 year old boiler wiring

    Been looking at changing a faulty timer on an oil boiler. the current timer switches between DHW or DHW and HTG. I cannot find any motorised valves, it looks like it’s just controlled with a room stat connected to a pump for heating and some other stat I can’t find for the water. had a look...
  9. S

    what do these 380v wiring colours mean, I want to use with a 220v vfd. it may have had speed control

    Hello, I am a woodworker who has got a large old power feed, its 380v and i want someone to rewire to a 220v vfd for me, can someone please tell me what these old colour codes mean. I bought the machine in Scotland.I can't find any easy diagrams online.I think its a good few years old.Thank you...
  10. D

    Does any old wiring contain asbestos?

    Hi all, not an electrician by any means & know very little about it, hence why I’m asking for help if possible. Came across lots of old/dead wiring on a property recently and was wondering if it could possibly contain any form of asbestos? Was this something that was commonly used in wiring in...
  11. littlespark

    Old old old supply fuse

    Another one of those old ex council houses. Customer wants a new CU, old fuseboard with a nasty blown out fuseholder.... I’ve asked her to contact her supplier and have an isolator fitted first. Out of interest, how would one go about pulling the fuse on this? Supply cable comes from...
  12. elliott194

    How can I test these old car clocks?

    Hello - this seems quite a dumb question but I hope someone here won’t mind helping me out? I bought some old car clocks at auction. I know very little about electrics! There are two types - one type has a single wire coming out, the other type has three wires coming out. Ok, two wires would...
  13. P

    Changing old triple 2 way light switch to New triple 2 way wiring set up problem

    The switch operates an outside light ,Hallway Light and two way landing light I want to change to new socket but the set up is different in the old switch . I was hoping to copy from the old switch but am stuck any help on what wires go where on new switch would be helpful I attach three pics...
  14. Baddegg

    How come we back to the old award icons....

    Old or new what was better?...
  15. U

    wiring metal light holder to old ceiling rose

    Hello there I bought a vintage smoked glass shade chandelier pendant ceiling light and wired it up ok (well the bulb didn't blow) but took it back down because the brass thingy wouldn't do all the way up on my existing ceiling rose.Can i just wire up the metal ceiling light holder...
  16. UKMeterman

    Uk power networks have a 71 year old linesman, short film

    UKPN have a 71 year old linesman who is still on the poles Being an overhead linesman is 'a different world' -
  17. T

    New Cable to Old

    I have been asked by my brother to take a spur from the ring main to a summer house from the house (7m) T&E. BUT I have since found out that the house has not be rewired for about 40yrs. Is it safe to connect a 2019 T&E to an older Ring main. Consumer main fuse 45A
  18. S

    Help replacing an old pendant to IKEA pendant with connector block

    Hi everyone, new here. Sorry if this may have been posted before but here goes.. I've been asked by a family member to fit a new light fixture from an old ceiling rose pendant to this ikea one.. SKURUP Pendant lamp - black - IKEA -...
  19. Dan

    Old Reactions Imported

    I've managed to pull in the old reactions and post ratings. So your figures should be bang on now. So this new winner reaction that esteemed had, has now gone. Me and Lou will make one up to award to those adding videos to the system though, as a few people were helping us do that, and that...
  20. DaveyD

    Pat testing software for Seaward old Supernova EX

    Hi all Does anyone know of any software to download the results without all the bells and the annual cost of the PatGuard 3. We seldom do pat testing, but it would be good to drop into excel or something. thanks in advance. David.
  21. M

    UK Advice on this old CU?.

    Guys Came across this Old CU, can anyone explain or shed some light on what the hell is going on with this. Cant figure out whats the deal with the 2 24 way connection blocks above the CU and how they have managed to get all the circuits coming into the 2 connection blocks down to 5 old style...
  22. littlespark

    I must be getting old

    Blood donors. I've never had a problem before, but today my iron count was low. I think the nurse used the wrong finger personally. Count was 132, cutoff is 135. So a fail. They had to take a sample out my "other" arm to test again. came in at 148. much better. That's 45 donations since...
  23. FatAlan

    This old chestnut again .

    Customer with house full of MR16 halogens. Anyone recommend an LED replacement that will work off these?
  24. littlespark

    Some old equipment

    As it says. Old stuff I found. Building is and old mill (paper I think) that’s been empty for 20 odd years. Some 13A sockets in the offices, but most of the industrial stuff has been removed. Unused joint box in attic. Most of the installation is in imperial conduit, and the odd bit of lead...
  25. Monty101

    DIY help required for newby - pull cord LED light fitting to old wiring 🙏

    Hi there 👋, Apols in advance if this has been done to death😳!!! (I know it has but I can't seem to fathom out a similar set-up having searched through this forum and others). I have an old wiring system in my house and wanted to fit a new LED light in the downstairs loo. I have attached pics...
  26. A

    Rose circuit bedroom wiring mayhem, 3 blacks dosnt work!!!

    After purchace of three debanhams lights and sucessfull fitting of 2 the third has caused me some unrest due to an ensuite bathroom within the circuit. 1) Presented with three reds and three blacks i wired the three reds togther. Wire 2 blacks into a sucessfull bedroom switch leaving one...
  27. M

    Best way for a 47 year old to become an electrician.

    Hi. I am after some solid advice. I am a 47 year old ex chef who wants to retrain as an electrician. I know in a ideal world the best way into the trade is a 4 year apprenticeship but at my age that might be a bit difficult. I have been to see tradeskills4u in Crawley who seem quite...
  28. Pinners27

    old 2-way lighting switch - not sure how to change over

    I'm trying to change over a 2-way switch in my hallway (that controls an upstairs and downstairs light) and can't for the life of me work out where each cable from the old switch should go in the new one. There are two cables in common (red top right and yellow bottom left) Blue to L1 Red to...
  29. Pete999

    All these old tunes being quoted

    All these old tunes being posted, many of us grew up with these sounds, are you youngsters only just discovering how the Pop industry started???? Still in your defence in the years to come, when most of us have gone to the Wholesalers in the sky, you will be winging on about One Direction or...
  30. T

    Old field generator?

    Was at a county show today and they had this old beauty on display. Old field generator? Anyway, thought some of you may appreciate me sharing it.
  31. R

    Wondering what panel and breakers I can use to replace this old federal pacific?

    Would a Square D Homeline 100 Amp six Spot 12 Circuit Panel work? With six 20amp single pole homeline breakers?
  32. buzzlightyear

    need max for old mcb

    any body got the max ohms for old dorma smith mcbs , I asked dorma smith years ago sent me max ohms for old load masters .
  33. James

    Old equipment

    Just thought I would share a few pics. Fairground generator
  34. Gavin John Hyde

    Old Junction box - How old?

    At a house today to install a new electric shower, When in the loft by the hatch I come across a metal box with wires coming and going, open it up and find this. Has a mix of very old wiring which surprisingly tests out okay on IR testing all >60 Mohms on the old metal braided sheathed cables...
  35. V

    New old boy!

    Hi, joined the forum as I have been in the industry for 55 years, and this sort of thing wasn't available then (neither were desk-top computers), I am registered with Stroma at present having been with NICEIC and NAPIT when I stared doing domestic work in 1995. Up to then I had been a free-lance...
  36. James

    OLD Contactors available

    not quite sure how to tag someone in, @Lucien Nunes hope that worked? I have 3 contactors and original timer unit. circa. 1975 free to good home. just about to replace them with modern alternatives because the line contactor has developed a short on L2 to L3 when energised. I will remove...
  37. Andy78

    Shed clearout, old test meters

    Anyone able to make use of these ? Having a clearout and have an old insulation/continuity tester and a loop/rcd tester. Alphatek 1601 and Metrel 2120. The Metrel has a broken screen glass but functions. Maybe good for showing the basics to a trainee or apprentice ? Free to anyone willing to...
  38. I

    TIPS? Running Neutral Wire in Old Conduit NYC Building approx 1950

    Hello! I am setting up a smart home system and will need a neutral wire for the application. Some of the existing switches to be replaced only have 2 wires. I believe I will need to run my own neutral line through the existing conduit. I have done so before and just used a stiff wire with...
  39. D

    1 day re-wire....

  40. Marcus Vaughan

    How Old is Copper Clad Aluminium etc

    Hi All, I'm part way through testing an empty old house with all sorts of older wiring and a 3036 board in order to work out whats needed. First circuit is copper clad aluminium ring final. I measured one of the strands and have it as 7/036. Question - am I wrong to assume is imperial? I do...
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