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  1. M

    Best way for a 47 year old to become an electrician.

    Hi. I am after some solid advice. I am a 47 year old ex chef who wants to retrain as an electrician. I know in a ideal world the best way into the trade is a 4 year apprenticeship but at my age that might be a bit difficult. I have been to see tradeskills4u in Crawley who seem quite...
  2. Pinners27

    old 2-way lighting switch - not sure how to change over

    I'm trying to change over a 2-way switch in my hallway (that controls an upstairs and downstairs light) and can't for the life of me work out where each cable from the old switch should go in the new one. There are two cables in common (red top right and yellow bottom left) Blue to L1 Red to...
  3. Pete999

    All these old tunes being quoted

    All these old tunes being posted, many of us grew up with these sounds, are you youngsters only just discovering how the Pop industry started???? Still in your defence in the years to come, when most of us have gone to the Wholesalers in the sky, you will be winging on about One Direction or...
  4. T

    Old field generator?

    Was at a county show today and they had this old beauty on display. Old field generator? Anyway, thought some of you may appreciate me sharing it.
  5. R

    Wondering what panel and breakers I can use to replace this old federal pacific?

    Would a Square D Homeline 100 Amp six Spot 12 Circuit Panel work? With six 20amp single pole homeline breakers?
  6. buzzlightyear

    need max for old mcb

    any body got the max ohms for old dorma smith mcbs , I asked dorma smith years ago sent me max ohms for old load masters .
  7. James the Spark1976

    Old equipment

    Just thought I would share a few pics. Fairground generator
  8. Gavin John Hyde

    Old Junction box - How old?

    At a house today to install a new electric shower, When in the loft by the hatch I come across a metal box with wires coming and going, open it up and find this. Has a mix of very old wiring which surprisingly tests out okay on IR testing all >60 Mohms on the old metal braided sheathed cables...
  9. V

    New old boy!

    Hi, joined the forum as I have been in the industry for 55 years, and this sort of thing wasn't available then (neither were desk-top computers), I am registered with Stroma at present having been with NICEIC and NAPIT when I stared doing domestic work in 1995. Up to then I had been a free-lance...
  10. James the Spark1976

    OLD Contactors available

    not quite sure how to tag someone in, @Lucien Nunes hope that worked? I have 3 contactors and original timer unit. circa. 1975 free to good home. just about to replace them with modern alternatives because the line contactor has developed a short on L2 to L3 when energised. I will remove...
  11. Andy78

    Shed clearout, old test meters

    Anyone able to make use of these ? Having a clearout and have an old insulation/continuity tester and a loop/rcd tester. Alphatek 1601 and Metrel 2120. The Metrel has a broken screen glass but functions. Maybe good for showing the basics to a trainee or apprentice ? Free to anyone willing to...
  12. I

    TIPS? Running Neutral Wire in Old Conduit NYC Building approx 1950

    Hello! I am setting up a smart home system and will need a neutral wire for the application. Some of the existing switches to be replaced only have 2 wires. I believe I will need to run my own neutral line through the existing conduit. I have done so before and just used a stiff wire with...
  13. D

    1 day re-wire....

  14. Marcus Vaughan

    How Old is Copper Clad Aluminium etc

    Hi All, I'm part way through testing an empty old house with all sorts of older wiring and a 3036 board in order to work out whats needed. First circuit is copper clad aluminium ring final. I measured one of the strands and have it as 7/036. Question - am I wrong to assume is imperial? I do...
  15. P

    Commercial Dating old Bill switch fuses

    Testing a set of offices today and each floor is fed from the switch fuses (?) in the basement. There is a separate set of fuses for each floor in a Ryefield board but I am trying to date the overall installation. The switch fuses are as shown and I suspect contain asbestos - and before anyone...
  16. bigspark17

    Retrofit solution to solar powering an old large lampost

    Could anyone recommend a set up i could use to power an old lampost using pv panel, charge controller, battery and BC led. The system would require some sort of dusk till dawn sensor or timer. The lampost is in a very unaccessible location and cabling it underground is out of the question. Could...
  17. J

    old solar panel

    hello! I have been given and old solar panel and I want to use it to charge up my leisure battery while I'm away in the van. I have no idea about what connections or cable I need for it. Any advice would be great.
  18. haptism

    Are modern storage heaters more efficient than old ones

    Would a brand new storage heater would be any more efficient than an older (circa 1970's) model ? I have not looked at any to compare as yet, but as they both heat up concrete blocks cant really see much difference tbh, anyone know ?
  19. L

    Strange or old

    In my house the lighting circuit is made up of One live and earth in same sheathing. Then 2 separate neutrals. I haven’t seen this arrangement before and I’m wondering what this is.
  20. J

    Old Wyler rewire able board with extra 45a fuse

    Hi all , someone was on the lookout for one of these the other day but I can’t find the thread. I’m removing a mint condition one next week so they are welcome to it if u can find them ?? Help
  21. X

    Domestic Using an old 32A shower circuit for new sockets.

    Nearly fifteen years ago I moved a bathroom in our house, and repurposed the 32A electrical shower circuit to power a pair of double sockets - which then had multiway adaptors powering all my office hardware (i.e. low overall power). Not exactly complex or risky at the time, and the MCB has...
  22. coolsparx

    Old Crabtree Starbeaker MCB Compatibility

    Does anyone know if the current Crabtree 61/B32 Starbreaker 32A SP 6kA Type B MCB will fit the old board pictured?
  23. Lucien Nunes

    What kind of motor is this?

    Interesting old machine still in use. I've talked about similar motors before but not this type AFAIK. To the trained eye, the shape of this one is a giveaway, from which you can identify its maker and the technology it uses, and probably say something about the available electrical supply. In...
  24. EalingBadger

    The hoary old topic of PME, TN-C-S and earthing rods (not TT)

    Somewhere along the line I picked up a suggestion from a forum posting or two that the DNO does not like you to connect an earthing rod to his "earth" - even though it is effectively just creating yet another, local to your installation, earthing point for the multiple ones already assumed to...
  25. B

    When did I get this old, there’s been a mistake?

    Now, I’m only 41 but I just went back on the tools properly last year after 4 years in an office and 9 years before that where I was a supervisor so my time actually fixing stuff was limited. For the first time in a very long time yesterday I was personally responsible for a fairly big repair...
  26. G

    Old git still training

    Hi guys hope everyone is good Wonder if anyone can offer any advice on the 7232 course if use done the course or any advice about it please ? I've got a reasonable amount of experience and can carry out majority of testing and done electrical work for several years of which I normally have...
  27. R

    Testing an Old motor for restoration ?

    I have acquired an old British Thompson Houston 1/3 HP BKS 2410 single phase motor on a pillar drill, it needs new bearings before I can test run it, my question is can I use a multi meter to check the windings and find out if its a go-er at this stage and worth restoring ? If so how ?
  28. G

    The old one still learning

    Hi guys me again still learning at 54. Just doing some testing at home to get my head around things Testing end to end of rfc and getting different readings on end to end of phase and end to end of neutrals. Am I correct to be thinking a bad connection on an outlet somewhere as rfc wired in...
  29. Gavin John Hyde

    Using old cable that has been sleeved

    I have 3 rolls of 1omm twin and earth in old colours, 3 50m rolls to be exact unopened still shrink wrapped. Been lurking in the garage for some time now and having sorted out am unsure what to do. Is there a regulation actually saying the cable can not be used if it has been adequately sleeved...
  30. The Flyinhos

    Old IEE / IET Regs guides wanted 15th 16th

    Hi gals n guys I'm looking for some old copies of regs, namely 15th and early 16th. Others will be considered. If anyone has any and wouldn't mind parting with them would be appreciated. Already have 16th Am2, 17th & Am 1/2/3, 18th. Regards Flyinhos
  31. G

    LED tube from old light

    HI all, have the following light i asked someone to get me when ripping out a room, looks like there was a emergency pack and capacitor etc in a box above the ceiling. so want to Put a LED tube in the fitting but cant seem to find the right one here are some piccy's, tube length is 114mm can...
  32. H

    Neff oven 2 year and two months old,and out of John Lewis warranty,no help either.

    Today the mains tripped, after doing so twice, and checked voltage supply, ie the clock was flashing, but no oven heat. I had previously removed the bulb and changed it first, however, the fault remained. Finally, I removed the bulb and glass cover. The oven has been working ever since and...
  33. Pete999

    Renovating old tools etc

    Does anyone know where I can get replacement insulated handles for Pliers, cutters etc, got this itch about renovating stuff I have bought from a boot sale, got to have something to do now I have given up on making all things bird related, nest boxes etc, any pointers would be appreciated, and...
  34. M

    Replacing Pneumatic old time switches with electronic

    Hello, I wanted to get an electrician to replace 3 x pneumatic time lag switches with electronic types. Currently there are 2 lights and 3 switches...If you press more than one pneumatic switch the light stays on until the last switch runs out. I wanted to buy the switches for the electrician...
  35. C

    Old and new Thermostat wiring

    old thermostat can I do away with terminals 2 and earth and install a standard common and normally open thermostat Old thermostat 2 neutral 3 normally open 1 common
  36. happyhippydad

    Adding to an old mem board?

    Morning.. I need to get a shower supply from the 45a mem fuse in the picture below, this will first go to an RCD enclosure next to the board. I haven't added to a REALLY old mem board before (fuses). I realise it may be a silly question but is it ok to add a circuit to this board? With the...
  37. alban moffitt

    CU height in old house

    i am doing some work on a fairly old house, the current cu is in a cupboard about 500mm above the ground. what are the thoughts on changing the height? can i leave it at the same height as it complied at the time of installation or does this not apply? thanks for any guidance
  38. S

    For the old boys Agro Ringer

    worth keeping or not, found it in a box in the basement of my Aunts house? I think the fuse holders got binned though,
  39. John Preston

    An old man trying to get back into sparking!

    Hiya everyone, Ok I'm not that old just a mere 55 years young. It's been a few years now since I left the game and I've been living in France for the past 11 years. Due to return to the UK I quite like the idea of getting back on the tools. Nothing too crazy like house bashing though! I served a...
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