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  1. ryanhcafc

    Old colours mixed with new colours

    Wouldn't normally note this as an observation on a report but feel I need to. The way the building has been wired is all circuits on L1 have been wired in old red, L2 old Yellow, L3 old blue, however as stuff has been added it's now got new colours. The property is currently empty awaiting new...
  2. Luki01

    Old switches different wiring

    What type of switches are these ? How do I replace them , they’re all over the house 3 way switches different wiring never seen them before older house ? Thanks in advance .
  3. A

    Rewiring old plug - red, blue and black

    Hi, I'm trying to rewire an old plug. I've rewired a few in my time, but all have been with the post-2006 wire colours. I have this old welder, not really sure how old it is (I got it from a friend who got it from the dad of one of the guys he works with) but safe to say it is definitely...
  4. L

    RCBOs for old Newlec board?

    Is it possible to replace NLVB32 and NLVB10 MCBs with RCBOs, or is a whole new board required? Board is labelled NLCU5PSW and is 20-25 years old.
  5. S

    info re old shower isolator

    hi ive got an unused isolator in my airing cupboard that use to run a shower. no longer have has have combi boiler feeding a new shower. the isolator sw is feed with 6mm and fuse on board is a hager mtn132 /b32. the board has rcd . i would like to add two sockets to my loft . can i add a 4mm...
  6. L

    Anyone know more about these OLD BNO main isolators ?

    Ive mentioned it in another thread but thought I would make a specific post !! From a quick look its a "piston type " affair .The leaver lifts up and pulls out the rod in the middle .A bar has to be inserted to the rod that then allows the lever to roll upwards pulling etc . I'm old...
  7. J

    SPD on old db in house with 5 boards all other circuits no protectiob

    Hi, I’m at a job on a grade 2 listed property with 5 different single phase distribution boards, the client wants sockets moved to new locations however the circuit I’m working on has a 32a rcbo but no SPD, all other circuits have to protection either. Any advice? Thanks
  8. pirate

    Anyone want to help me clear out old cable?

    Getting desperate to clear my small garage, and I have a bit of old red/black T&E. I used a few bits to add a socket or two in my flat and a couple of neighbours, as the development is all wired in old colours. I am well aware that there are cowboys out there who buy this online, at quite...
  9. timhoward

    Old sockets having a party

    I was off duty, but this was a nice collection all in the same place: The 5 amp and 15 amp are obvious. The 4 pin one? 3 phase? It has Red B and Y scratched on it. I seem to remember the name Rayrolle and BS196 but it doesn't seem the same? Thanks!
  10. D

    NICEIC Certification Scheme SPD on old consumer unit?

    Under amendment 2 of the BS7671, there is now a requirement to fit an SPD as standard. I am due to install a new outdoor socket circuit on an old consumer unit which doesn't have an SPD. Is it ok to do this installation without the SPD?
  11. HappyHippyDad

    Will this old switch have asbestos in it?

    My customer has just moved in and wants to make sure the electrics in the garage are safe. I have only carried out a pre-works visit so far and noticed this old MEM switch. I believe it to be the isolation switch for all the garage electrics. Will it have a fuse inside it? Also, is this likely...
  12. R

    Re-skilling as a old guy!

    Hi All, Not sure if this is the best place to post but here goes! I'm over 50 and not working at the moment (semi retired) but I'd like to get back into some hands on work, ideally self employed in the electrical trade. I did an apprenticeship back in the late 80's in Electronic Engineering...
  13. timhoward

    Any thoughts on this old thing?

    Quite old main switch RCD, it occasionally trips (every day or two), then won't turn on until all breakers are off. Ramp test at time of testing was 25ma, earth leakage meter said 5ma (so consistent). Is the RCD likely to simply be old?! Are they tetchy switching on under load? Haven't got into...
  14. J

    Exposing old mains cables, Is this safe???

    Hello. I'll apologize to start with as due to my lack of knowledge on the matter I'm likely to waffle a bit and call everything by the wrong name but hopefully you'll get my point... I am having some renovations done at home and need to have the electrical meter relocated slightly. We have...
  15. timhoward

    Old service head, refer to DNO or not?

    I've got a job in a tucked away property that has an old Lucy Oxford service head. It's been a while since I've come across one. Am I remembering right that the DNO's are generally interested at looking at and changing these? Thanks.
  16. J

    Is 29/30 years age too late to start an sparky apprenticeship?

    Hi all. Apologies if this is a dumb question but I am wondering if anyone can confirm any success stories of someone who got into the trade at late 20’s/early 30’s? Long story short, I’ve recently come out of the forces and after a big chat with mates in different trades, they’ve suggested I...
  17. cliffed

    The Old Chestnut returns

    MBPC I take it that this picture shows the Gas/Water entering the property & thus no MBPC required
  18. Rockingit

    Old unmarked appliance cable - core ident

    Old 1950’s appliance with 2 core, no obvious identification except that one core is copper and the other silver - any thoughts as to L & N?
  19. baldelectrician

    EICR question, OLD AC RCD- code 3 or no code?

    With regards to Regulation 531.3. 3 of BS 7671:2018+A2:2022 Older AC type RCD's are prone to being blinded by dc leakage from other items plugged in to the property. In other words this RCD may fail to operate when other electronic items are plugged in which leak DC in to the mains. Regulation...
  20. V

    DIY - help! - Old cables used

    Hi, A full rewire of a house was quoted and 4m of red and black was used of a ring to supply kitchen and garage. I’ve been told that the cable was tested with a 1000v insulation measurement meter and a decision was made to utilise the cable to make it compline with the 19th. Is this all okay...
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