1. timhoward

    Old service head, refer to DNO or not?

    I've got a job in a tucked away property that has an old Lucy Oxford service head. It's been a while since I've come across one. Am I remembering right that the DNO's are generally interested at looking at and changing these? Thanks.
  2. J

    Is 29/30 years age too late to start an sparky apprenticeship?

    Hi all. Apologies if this is a dumb question but I am wondering if anyone can confirm any success stories of someone who got into the trade at late 20’s/early 30’s? Long story short, I’ve recently come out of the forces and after a big chat with mates in different trades, they’ve suggested I...
  3. cliffed

    The Old Chestnut returns

    MBPC I take it that this picture shows the Gas/Water entering the property & thus no MBPC required
  4. Rockingit

    Old unmarked appliance cable - core ident

    Old 1950’s appliance with 2 core, no obvious identification except that one core is copper and the other silver - any thoughts as to L & N?
  5. baldelectrician

    EICR question, OLD AC RCD- code 3 or no code?

    With regards to Regulation 531.3. 3 of BS 7671:2018+A2:2022 Older AC type RCD's are prone to being blinded by dc leakage from other items plugged in to the property. In other words this RCD may fail to operate when other electronic items are plugged in which leak DC in to the mains. Regulation...
  6. V

    DIY - help! - Old cables used

    Hi, A full rewire of a house was quoted and 4m of red and black was used of a ring to supply kitchen and garage. I’ve been told that the cable was tested with a 1000v insulation measurement meter and a decision was made to utilise the cable to make it compline with the 19th. Is this all okay...
  7. O

    (UK) Adding additional circuits into old fuse box

    Hi all, First post here, hope I'm compliant with the rules! I did do a quick search before asking this, but I couldn't quite come up with the answer so I thought it best to ask! I'm currently going through and renovating some of my property, and the garage wiring is of some slight concern to...
  8. Z

    old school coldroom not kick in without bridging transducer

    a close relative asked me to look at there coldroom. i counldnt see a way to make it work without bridging out the temperature transducer. apparently advice given by a prior electrician was that it needed a part ?? replaced to make it work. any ideas ?
  9. N

    how to identify old cloth wrapped wires?

    I'm working in an old house and the electrical is old cloth insulated wires. at each light box the cloth was just breaking away exposing bare wire in a metal box. we put in a junction box in the attic. getting back in the casing cutting out the old dry sections of wire. the electrical had been...
  10. Msitekkie

    PAT IR fail on old cooker with rods not cable

    I am PAT testing a very old 2100W Belling tabletop cooker that the customer is keen to keep & paying me to repair. It fails a L-E or N-E IR test at 0.46 M ohms. Internally the cooker uses bare rods rather than cable. I replaced the old cable & plug and L-N I get > 1999, but L-E or N-E still...
  11. Aaron b

    What in this old service head?

    I had a look at a property with this old service head. It's a looped supply, the met is just a bolt and the tn-s earth is questionable. There's also a knockout missing on the side. I'll recommend the DNA are contacted to look it over. I was wondering what the insides are like? If there's a...
  12. T

    Identifying / dating old service head?

    Hello, we're looking at relocating the CU fairly urgently for a small business (retail shop) and came across this service head. Obviously need to safely isolate ahead of working on the CU but not come across this type before. We're assuming the cut out is probably at least 50 or 60 years old...
  13. littlespark

    EICR on an old church

    Straightforward EICR job coming up on my village church. Don’t think it’s ever had one before. Quick visual survey today to estimate my time, and instant thoughts are no RCDs anywhere, cables clipped surface here, there and everywhere and joint boxes hidden behind wood panelling. (I should know...
  14. I

    Identifying old Honeywell Timmer/Programmer

    I'm trying to identify a Honeywell Timer/Programmer which was current in the early 00s. It looks like an STC model of the period ( digital clock and two manual sliders for heating and water timing ), also can anyone help with a wiring diagram, Many thanks.
  15. Delano_Stagg

    Changed New Light Switch (and old switch) Won't Work

    Hi everyone, After much swearing and cursing (I hope the neighbours didn't hear) I've come online for some help. We have a dimmer switch in the kitchen and my wife wanted a simple on/off switch instead. Obviously, I switched off the circuit for downstairs. Then, I unscrewed it and took a photo...
  16. H

    How old is too old to train?

    Please be as honest as you can all, I'm looking for real honest views before I waste thousands of pounds and my few remaining years of working life. My situation is that I am a 55 year old contemplating a change of career and venturing into the work of domestic installation. I have no mortgage...
  17. timhoward

    Old Electric clock, best/safest way to connect?

    I accept this is an unusual post! This clock has been in a family since early 1930's, the owners grandfather acquired it and fitted it for his mother. (Folk law is that it was one of the first electric clocks in Coventry, but who knows.) I've been asked if it could be put into use again. As I...
  18. J

    Disconnecting old mirror with lights

    Hi. Recently moved into a property and want to remove this from the bathroom? Is there a safe way I can do this myself? I'm only going to fill and paint the wall so want to ideally disconnect and place back in wall and cover up. Any help will be appreciated.
  19. GBDamo

    Right old can of worms...

    Those week I have mostly been fitting 20 x 10W flood lights on the sloping edge of a converted mill ceiling, nothing is straight, nothing level. The supply to the lock up unit has just been supplied by the landlord along with a new DB with two circuits (lights & sockets) This is the second lot...
  20. J

    Rewiring/repurposing an old bathroom

    Got an old downstairs bathroom being converted into a wc and utility (no white goods, just sockets for occasional tools, maybe a network printer. More of a workshop/storeroom really). The old bathroom had an electric shower wired to it's own 32A breaker in the consumer unit. The shower has...
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