1. W

    UK Rewire using old conduits

    Rewiring a house in a few weeks, the lighting circuit is wired in old conduits. Interested to know if you would re use the conduits or just do new chases for the cables
  2. R

    Category for lack of RCD on sockets in 27 year old building

    There is a difference of opinion in that a testing company carrying out an EICR has classed lack of RCD protection as a C2 where I understand this type of fault to be a C3 according to Guidance Notes 3 Table 3.5. Their opinion has been formed in reference to a publication called EICR Code...
  3. timhoward

    Help with replacing Entryview 3

    I looked at an old ESP Entryview 3 Multi system this morning with a faulty monitor unit, doorbell in one flat not working. After connection check both ends, and swapping two ports didn't result in a doorbell working I gave up. As far as I can tell I haven't a hope of getting a compatible spare...
  4. D

    Old Tester , Think Tel uses one just like it :)

  5. J

    Complicated old wiring issue- 3 way switch

    Hello, DIYer and first time poster here. Recently bought a house built in 1925, and am gradually working through adding and replacing the wiring, especially where the previous owners had done some seriously questionable work. I've run up against a real question mark though and I'm hoping someone...
  6. J

    Old CLICK Consumer unit.

    Morning everyone, I have a customer with an old CLICK consumer unit, the MCBs are DB132, DB106, DB116 etc. Does anyone know if the new CLICK elucian range of RCBOs fit this board? I have a picture of the consumer unit (Looks like a bomb has went off) if needed. Appreciate any answers. Kind regards.
  7. Technophobia

    Wiring old & new BT lines

    I have old & new BT wires that I am in need of help with please. The old wiring coming directly into the house hidden inside a grey plastic box are 4 whites followed by 1 of each of these colours brown, green, orange, blue & grey The new wires are brown, blue, green & orange into one extension...
  8. S

    Nearly Too Old at 46

    Hi 46 year old here with a long background in IT and networking; plus a little Police work. Looking to train initially to be able to so some basic non notifiable work to support a business idea , but wouldn’t rule out going to whole way ! Living in Sheffield now but originally from...
  9. G

    29 year old looking to get into the trade

    Hello hope someone can help. I’ve read a few posts on the forum of people in similar situations as myself but never given me the answers I was looking for. Currently trying to get into the trade but as is my age it’s a little difficult to find any sort of paid experience. I have a little...
  10. _q12x_

    Electrical sockets flames from old wiring? (for a friend)

    This is more an 80's question: A friend of mine come to me with a bizarre problem that perplexed me. I don't know what to think. And I need some advice from you. I am not an electrician but I have some electrical knowledge and experience. He lives in apartment (in a 4 level building)...this...
  11. I

    How do I rewire this old double light switch?

    I have a double light switch that controls the kitchen and the outside lights. I want to replace it with a new switch but the new switch looks very different to the old one. I tried to post photos but couldn't for some reason. Any able to help me - I can send phots if required.
  12. Pig Glider

    Ceiling light rewiring help - unusual old wiring

    I have installed a couple of ceiling lights previously but have never encountered such a set up of wires for the old light. I am unsure which wires I need to put into my new light fitting. I have attached images of both to this post. I have 3 red wires next to each other and then 2 black & 1...
  13. J

    How to wire an LED dimmer switch from old halogen dimmer

    Hello, I’m trying to wire an LED dimmer to replace the older dimmer which is running halogen bulbs. All the wires are the same colour, brown. Two wires go into the COM terminal, and one goes into L2. My new switch has COM, L1 and L2 along with a screw on the metal plate for an earth. I presume...
  14. J

    Removing old wired stat for new hive system

    Hi Firstly if it wasn’t for this forum I would not have been to able to wire my hive controller so quickly so thank you ! Still sort of on topic of my hive I need to disconnect my old wired stat. I believe two of the wires will need connecting together to complete the circuit. Could anyone...
  15. D

    cooker hood extractor, old and new wiring colours

    i am replacing my cooker extractor motor, the old unit has red, white, grey, blue wires,, the new has red, white brown, black, please help, both are 3 speed,, is there a set order for numbers 1, 2 and 3 speeds, in regards to the wire colour. thanks dazza
  16. B

    2 gang light switch old to new

    Hi my old switch has L1 L2 but new is just 1&2 way so how do I wire the new from the old please.
  17. N

    Replacing a Crabtree Starbreaker B32 RCBO 30mA Circuit Breaker Old Type

    Hi, I need to replace a Crabtree Starbreaker B32 RCBO 30mA CIRCUIT BREAKER. 61/B3230 old type which is now obsolete and can only be bought online from Ebay. Comapring the image of the breaker online, there is a small difference to the one that needs replacing. Printed above 30mA is a square box...
  18. A

    New 4 way CU being fed from 50A MCB on old CU

    HI, I ve briefly asked about this setup before but now asking about the load on 4 way...... is this Ok/Safe ? I have a plastic 10 way CU.....one of the 50A MCBs from this has been used to feed the new 4 WAY metal CU. The new 4 way METAL CU has an 80A main switch (30Ma) and 4 MCB's (50a,32a,32a...
  19. J

    Advice for 30 year old trying to become an electrician?

    Hi everyone hope your all good. I've been training to be an electrician for 2.5 years and in that time ive achieved the following qualifications: 2365 2382-18 2391-52 I've been applying for jobs for a year now but had no luck, i cant even get a position as a mate.. Which is why i decided...
  20. A

    GFCI circuit protection when replacing old non grounded receptacles

    Hi All, I’m a retired electrician from the Detroit area. My question is, I need to replace some old two prong receptacles in my daughters 75 year old home. Code says I can install a GFCI receptacle in the first receptacle of a group of receptacles and install standard three prong receptacles...