1. P

    UK Old ceiling light wiring clarification

    Hi there.I was about to change a ceiling light for my daughter flat,to a drop down so she can put a lampshade on.The fitting is quite old and the wiring I found can be seen in the photos.There are 3 reds twisted together,then 3 blacks,of which 2 are in 1 connection and the other in another...
  2. L

    Anybody recognise this logo?

    On an old voltmeter. I'm not an electrician so maybe it's just some certification mark?
  3. Dan

    Have a bit of the old Red, White and Blue in this one

    Woop woop just need sort the orange in the logo out, make it red. What do you think? It's a bit bright lol
  4. richy3333

    hand tools when your old and falling apart

    Hi All. Hoping for some advice please. I've severe arthritis in the hands (all three :flushed:) A large dollop of osteoarthritis but I'm also being investigated for rheumatoid arthritis too (due to swelling in fingers, redness and burning sensations). I have difficulty typing, opening jars -...
  5. P

    New for old

    Good morning, I'm replacing a 2 gang, two-way switch, however the new doesn't match the old. Any ideas how they correspond?
  6. D

    Why ? 120-130v old tester

    So, I was messing around yesterday with some old testers I have laying around to see if they still work I found my dads old Robin MFT and noticed something I have never noticed before When you test of the EFLI setting put live and neutral probes on a switch or socket but don't connect the...
  7. S

    Hi all. Old retired Sparky here

    Hi all. I am a long retired Australian electrician. this is my first post. I have been mostly reading threads here, I mainly joined to keep in touch to keep up with things, I thought instead of lurking I'd better put my head up and say hello.
  8. R

    Sorry.. Just posting an introduction as a Old but New user member!

    Hey all.. Electrician based in Bristol! The best city in the UK! I hope all my fellow Sparks are battin above average and rockin life presently! Cheers!!
  9. U

    Old Firebird 90 thermostat issue?

    Hi all looking for some helpful advice I'm an Aussie so go easy on me, I have a good mechanical engineering head but first time plumbing and dealing with kerosene burners/radiators as it's not something you'd see in Australia often. So recently moved to Wexford Ireland and some radiators...
  10. T

    Solar changed old sockets I noticed one of them had voltage on even with mains off

    Hello All and happy new year. Over the holiay I have changed all of my old sockets to some nice new ones and added a couple with usb sockets for good measure. I am very picky to ensure I isolate any circuit I am working on and I had one last socket to do on the first floor which was a double. I...
  11. M

    connecting 230V cable to old DB - requirements

    Hi all, as in the picture, when connecting a 230V cable to a db like this, is there a legal requirement to install external RCD unit? Also, if the cable was installed approx. 20 years ago, is there a legal requirement to upgrade / install external RCD unit on the cable? Last question, looking at...
  12. P

    New oven has a plug, old oven is hard wired

    Hi, My current oven is hardwired to a fused connection plate with a 13Amp fuse inside and power switch. That is then connected to the MCB labelled kitchen. The MCB switch labelled cooker is actually connected to the hob. Could I cut the hardwired cable and connect an unfused plug socket, which...
  13. ryanhcafc

    Old colours mixed with new colours

    Wouldn't normally note this as an observation on a report but feel I need to. The way the building has been wired is all circuits on L1 have been wired in old red, L2 old Yellow, L3 old blue, however as stuff has been added it's now got new colours. The property is currently empty awaiting new...
  14. Luki01

    Old switches different wiring

    What type of switches are these ? How do I replace them , they’re all over the house 3 way switches different wiring never seen them before older house ? Thanks in advance .
  15. O

    Replacing old heating thermostat receiver with Honeywell DT92E receiver

    Hi there, We have recently replaced our central heating programmer with a Honeywell ST9400C. We now want to replace our old wireless room thermostat with a compatible one. We've purchased Honeywell DT92E (with receiver and controller). Next to the boiler, underneath the programmer, is an...
  16. A

    Rewiring old plug - red, blue and black

    Hi, I'm trying to rewire an old plug. I've rewired a few in my time, but all have been with the post-2006 wire colours. I have this old welder, not really sure how old it is (I got it from a friend who got it from the dad of one of the guys he works with) but safe to say it is definitely...
  17. L

    RCBOs for old Newlec board?

    Is it possible to replace NLVB32 and NLVB10 MCBs with RCBOs, or is a whole new board required? Board is labelled NLCU5PSW and is 20-25 years old.
  18. S

    No earth in old lamp

    Thanks in advance for any help. I've got an old lamp (inherited from my gran) that I want to add a switch to and lengthen the wire. It doesn't have an earth and I was wondering whether that's okay? I've read about double insulated appliances but I think this lamp was probably built before they...
  19. fernsd

    Replace old ceiling light that has 3 wires

    Hi, I am trying to replace an old ceiling light with a new one. My current connection has 3 wires and not sure how I should be wiring this. Please can someone help
  20. S

    info re old shower isolator

    hi ive got an unused isolator in my airing cupboard that use to run a shower. no longer have has have combi boiler feeding a new shower. the isolator sw is feed with 6mm and fuse on board is a hager mtn132 /b32. the board has rcd . i would like to add two sockets to my loft . can i add a 4mm...


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