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  1. nicnic66

    Old boy sparks!

    Any old boys on here? Was just curious what it was like installing ceramic kit back in the day? Ripped out one today with asbestos carriers.:mask::mask::mask:
  2. Nightmer

    UK Earthing a vintage brass lamp to the lamp base

    I have a couple of old metal/brass lamps to which adding an earthed lampholder would be tricky (either the entry for 3 wires is VERY small or the lamp holder is integral to the lamp and is original). All of these lamps have a screw within the base which appear to be for an earth wire - is this...
  3. Z

    Replacement of old honeywell thermostat with mc6 wifi thermostat

    Hi Guys, Hopefully you can help? I just wanted to get some advice on the wiring of the new MC6 WIFI thermostat? I have attached a picture of what I am replacing and the wiring diagram of the new Thermostat. Please also see recorded voltage readings I have taken. Current Honeywell Stat :=...
  4. D

    Australia I am a qualified electrician working in Scotland. 27 years old, how easy is it to come to Australia and start working as an electrician?

    Hi there my name is david. I am a qualified electrician working in scotland. Up to date and got my 18th edition regulations qualification also. I work in domestic. Done house bashing 1st fix and 2nd fix for years and now mainly do contracts new kitchens. bathrooms and maintenance. How easy is it...
  5. M

    I have an old reddifusion switch on a wall which i want to remove but its still live..can anyone advise please

    How can I remove an old reddifusion switch from a wall which is still live..thanks
  6. S

    How old is this?

    How old is this?
  7. G

    Old Loop Circuit wiring to new light fitting

    I have a loop circuit in a 70's house and i am trying to fit a new light fitting to the old circit, i have wired it up so far so that the lights on the rest of the circuit work, but the one i am replacing doesnt work, please help, i have attached a image of the wires so far.
  8. L

    Swapping an old ceiling fixture. Replace the box? Add a ground? Thoughts?

    I just took down an old chandelier. I'm looking to swap it out with a different old fixture, but I am interested in making it as safe as possible. I attached a picture of the fixture box as it is now and would really appreciate opinions on what needs to be done. At the very least, I feel like...
  9. littlespark

    Old houses. Surprising finds

    Another photo from a house I’m working in. Joiner is replacing the plasterboard and insulating the wall before new kitchen. So, from the left Bricked up doorway leading to garage next door (or may have been original kitchen area) You can still see the actual door, being used as framing...
  10. C

    Old brigade

    Emg light from early 70’s & today’s emg light. Dont know about the older sparkies I would of loved to have known more about electronics. look @
  11. T

    anybody know what this old vintage electrical item is ?

    does anyone know what this is ? info on tag seems to say : amalgamated -------- ( australia ) sydney nsw .. and the number seems to be , maybe : b54392 ?
  12. L

    UK RCBO intermittent tripping advise??

    Hi Guys Just installed a RCBO board to replace an old Wylex consumer unit that had Bs60898 MCB's fitted and an RCD main switch customer supposedly hadn't had problems in the past (not quite sure thats now true) when I carried out the EICR I found a problem on the outside garden lights, so...
  13. H

    Reference method for the old sheathed single core cables run in attic spaces with insulation

    Good morning I am just wondering what reference method is suitable for the old single core sheathed cables if they at some point enter an attic space under insulation.ive had a read through the regs book but still unsure Cheers for any responses Harry
  14. Pete999

    Old style switches etc

    Anyone getting involved in using retro style lighting switches, the ones fitted on wooden boxes, or blocks, if so are the boxes/blocks pre drilled or is this something you have to do yourselves? just wondering, nothing to do on a Friday Afternoon.
  15. J

    Advice on training and entering industry at 43yrs old.

    Hi All, I'm a newbie here so please be gentle... Advice on entering the industry please! I'm 43yrs old, transferring from being a self-employed photographer of 17yrs, (the photography business is drying up... have some really good clients but just commissioning less and writing is on the wall...
  16. N

    2 way wiring old UK wiring confusion

    Hi I need some help. I have a 2 x 1 gang 2 way light switches - 1 on the upstairs landing and 1 downstairs. They both used to work to control 1 light but have recently stopped. I have opened them up and messed around and now cluelesss how to put them back! The upstairs switch (2nd Picture)...
  17. DJSheridan

    Old House - horizontal wiring behind skirting

    Hello all, Just some advice... I am fitting insulating boards on an external wall in a bedroom (50mm thick with plasterboard) as the end terrace wall is solid brick with no cavity... I am wanting to spur off an existing single socket in a bedroom (two cables going to it) to an additional double...
  18. J

    Old wiring help

    Hi there, I’m confused about old wiring and the setup in the home my mother lives in. I’m trying to fix a few things at her request and not 💯. The home was built in 1932 and seems to have old wiring. She’s trying to get the wiring for the switch to the basement lights, which is currently in the...
  19. T

    Changing old wound ballast to electronic

    Hi , i have a t5 24 w tube and the old ballast has gone. The new electronic ballast i have to replace it doesn't need a starter. Do i just join through the cable where the old starter is or is there more to it? Thanks
  20. Y

    Replacing old light ballast

    The lights in my game room started not working recently so i took the cover off to replace the bulbs. Replaced them and realized its actually the 2 ballast causing the problem. I looked on amazon to order replacement ones but i am not seeing any that have the same wiring diagram on them. They...
  21. D

    2 Way switching & intermediate, old to new switches

    The house renovation is almost done but some of the original 1980's switched have remained and I wanted to swap them out for the MK ones in the new parts of the house. Simple job eh? So I bought some 2 way switches for the hall (4 switches control the same set of lights); for the snug (2...
  22. T

    Old lighting wired in singles in conduit

    Looking for some pointers in the right direction if possible. I come from a background of domestic work and general house bashing but I’ve been given the chance to expand my work into more commercial stuff. I will be doing this under guidance from a good friend of mine who is more commercial...
  23. I

    New and old wires in socket

    Hi, I have a question about the above wiring. We have taken the so ket and box out whilst painting, and will be replacing them with new ones. As you can see in the photo, there is 2 sets of wires, one with new style brown and blue wires and one with the old red and black. When I rewire the...
  24. R

    Old Alarm Panels

    I’m looking to get some old Alarm Panels such as Honeywell Galaxy and Scantronic. As I am looking to make my own practice rig at home to get familiar with the panels and how to wire them. Could be a long shot if anyone has any they are willing to sell?
  25. G

    Temp pole 100-amp disconnect to original 100-amp main panel wiring.

    Good morning, I'm hoping that a crusty retired construction super is welcome here. I'm remodeling a cabin that has the old 2-wire electrical system panel, so all the neutrals and grounds are attached at the same ground strip and the cabin service drop is 2-wire URD. I already updated all the...
  26. T

    old lightolier track compatibility

    Hello, I'm wondering if tracks that were installed 15-20 years ago, but maybe are even older, can accept modern fixtures, and if yes, what kind. I think, but am not sure, that the brand of the track is "Lightolier". I have some pictures, which I can make available, if someone thinks s/he might...
  27. Z

    Conduit in old work shop , assignment

    Hi , I nearly done my assignment, but I need help for couple questions, Please I wanna make right everything. I still think with conduit, better used for main workshops, and I need drawings how to join in DB. Can you help me please or just asking someone.
  28. K


    Hi I have just bought a new cooker and it has a cable and plug on it but my old one doesn't. Can I put a socket on the existing cable (6mm I think) and then just plug it in.
  29. davesparks

    How old are solid core singles?

    I'm carrying out an EICR at the moment and have encountered quite a lot of solid core singles. Is there a particular time period when these were commonly in use? I'm trying to work out a rough date for this part of installation.
  30. B

    Old wiring in light switch

    Hi there, i am trying to fit a new 10a 2 gang 2 way light switch. I have removed the old switch to reveal this... the new switch doesn’t have the same number as holes as the old one so I don’t know which wire goes where. Please can someone help. The new switch looks like this... Thank you for...
  31. happyhippydad

    Will the new eaton mcbs fit the old eaton boards?

    As in the title. I have an old eaton board. Will new the new eatons fit? Cheers guys.
  32. J

    UK Can someone help me wire a new light fitting into an old house with old wiring systems.

    I’m a junior electrician, fresh out of college. I did some minor electrical work for a friend buI tried to put up a new chandelier I came across: Two Line wires (RED), going into one connector block Two Neutrals (BLACK), separated into different connector blocks - Two CPC wires, going into...
  33. Andy5678

    25 year old boiler wiring

    Been looking at changing a faulty timer on an oil boiler. the current timer switches between DHW or DHW and HTG. I cannot find any motorised valves, it looks like it’s just controlled with a room stat connected to a pump for heating and some other stat I can’t find for the water. had a look...
  34. S

    what do these 380v wiring colours mean, I want to use with a 220v vfd. it may have had speed control

    Hello, I am a woodworker who has got a large old power feed, its 380v and i want someone to rewire to a 220v vfd for me, can someone please tell me what these old colour codes mean. I bought the machine in Scotland.I can't find any easy diagrams online.I think its a good few years old.Thank you...
  35. D

    Does any old wiring contain asbestos?

    Hi all, not an electrician by any means & know very little about it, hence why I’m asking for help if possible. Came across lots of old/dead wiring on a property recently and was wondering if it could possibly contain any form of asbestos? Was this something that was commonly used in wiring in...
  36. littlespark

    Old old old supply fuse

    Another one of those old ex council houses. Customer wants a new CU, old fuseboard with a nasty blown out fuseholder.... I’ve asked her to contact her supplier and have an isolator fitted first. Out of interest, how would one go about pulling the fuse on this? Supply cable comes from...
  37. elliott194

    How can I test these old car clocks?

    Hello - this seems quite a dumb question but I hope someone here won’t mind helping me out? I bought some old car clocks at auction. I know very little about electrics! There are two types - one type has a single wire coming out, the other type has three wires coming out. Ok, two wires would...
  38. P

    Changing old triple 2 way light switch to New triple 2 way wiring set up problem

    The switch operates an outside light ,Hallway Light and two way landing light I want to change to new socket but the set up is different in the old switch . I was hoping to copy from the old switch but am stuck any help on what wires go where on new switch would be helpful I attach three pics...
  39. Baddegg

    How come we back to the old award icons....

    Old or new what was better?...
  40. U

    wiring metal light holder to old ceiling rose

    Hello there I bought a vintage smoked glass shade chandelier pendant ceiling light and wired it up ok (well the bulb didn't blow) but took it back down because the brass thingy wouldn't do all the way up on my existing ceiling rose.Can i just wire up the metal ceiling light holder...
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