1. C

    Honeywell st699 to st9400c wiring

    Hello I have a question switching the above central programmers. I seem have a few more wires than other examples I’ve seen online. For instance I have 3 wires in terminal 1 (brown and 2 red: one is a bridge to terminal 5 which I believe would be discarded); also have 3 wires into terminal 2 (...
  2. P

    Replace my ancient Honeywell mechanical thermostat with a Honeywell T3R

    I would like to replace my ancient Honeywell mechanical thermostat with a Honeywell T3R PROGRAMMABLE THERMOSTAT I have three wires in the old thermostat. Please see the first three photos. 1 Red 3 Yellow 2 Blue are these 1 Live 3 Live return (Switched) 2 Neutral Could I configure it as in...
  3. C

    Honeywell AFDD’s for HMO

    I’ve just been to quite a job, Which is a domestic property being converted to a HMO, The current Fuseboard is Honeywell with 2 socket circuits that I need to upgrade to AFDD’s, Only I can’t find anywhere to purchase them, Does any one know where I can purchase them? Or if MK will fit? Or...
  4. I

    Identifying old Honeywell Timmer/Programmer

    I'm trying to identify a Honeywell Timer/Programmer which was current in the early 00s. It looks like an STC model of the period ( digital clock and two manual sliders for heating and water timing ), also can anyone help with a wiring diagram, Many thanks.
  5. C

    Wiring a Honeywell T9 to a M1M Nordyne

    Hello everyone. I have an older M1M on the board in the furnace it only has four connectors and connections: C (Blue wire) W (White wire) G (Green wire) R (Red wire) The older thermostat had the following connections: R (Red wire) W (White wire) Y (Blue wire) G (Green wire) I tried one for...
  6. S

    Why is MCB tripping after replacing Honeywell controller with Tado receiver

    Tried replacing Honeywell controller (ST6400C) with Tado wireless v3+ receiver. After switching the power of on, the Tado controller lights up and connects to WiFi. However, when the hot water or heating is activated via Tado app, the fuse in the central heating circuit blows off and the MCB...
  7. J

    Old Honeywell heating system: no idea how to turn on.

    I've just moved into a new flat and for the life of me I can't figure out how to get the underfloor heating turned on. The thermostats are the old honeywell analgoue types like the picture below. I turned it up to the max temp, but the floor is still ice cold. I've also taken a picture of the...
  8. J

    Honeywell D90T Thermostat

    How is the above (wired type) installed in a normal? S plan where the room stat(s) are fed from the programmer so a switched live, does the Honeywell have batteries as I think I've read somewhere that it needs a permanent live. Two wire stat presently installed with supply (switched) from the...
  9. S

    Honeywell Alarm Accenta G4 alternative

    Hi, Im an electrician but have been installing the odd alarms for some of my customers too. Used to use the Honeywell Accenta G4 with the dialler facility etc with no problems. However it seems Honeywell have discontinued this easy to install system. Could anyone recommended a replacement...
  10. V

    Adding new Honeywell IS312 PIR to Galaxy 20 Panel

    Hi All - Does anyone know if I can add a PIR to an existing zone that has one PIR on it. If so with the pir wired as in the picture where do I attach the wires on the panel ideally I want to use zone 3 or 4. I'm not sure if the original wiring is using same colours as I have for PIR. Many thanks
  11. kierandgaf

    DIY Thermostat installing Honeywell wired T3

    Hello I’ve just purchased a Honeywell Wired T3 thermostat to install. I’ve ran into an issues I have Drayton thermostat in the hall wall which I’m going to replace but I also have Drayton programmer upstairs in main bed room which only controls heating not water the boiler is located downstairs...
  12. D

    Help to change Honeywell Thermostat Back

    Hello I need to put back a Honeywell Thermostat. There is 3 wires and a earth I have placed the current thermostat wiring in image one and in image to is the new Honeywell thermostat that i want to put back in place. Please could some one tell me where the three wires go on the second...
  13. G

    Honeywell AT175F Wiring Help

    Hi, I'm replacing an old AT88A with the AT175F for my hydronic heating, which is connected to my 2-wire mercury t-stats and Honeywell V8043F zone valve motors (yellow leads). Wiring diagrams always show the "hot" red wire from the transformer going first to the t-stat, then white wire from...
  14. G

    Honeywell Galaxy G2 low voltage problem

    hello all, I have a Honeywell Galaxy G2-20 burglar installed in my home (about 9 years old). Recently I got a Battery Miss fault showing on the keypad. So I replaced the battery in the main panel with a new one. It was ok for a few days, then the fault re-occured. So I checked the main...
  15. T

    Honeywell Galaxy 2-20 co20

    Good evening looking for some advice. I have a honeywell galaxy g2 alarm system that i have inherited with a pub I have taken over, I need to do a full reset on the panel as it has been disconnected for 18 months due to covid and the previous owners have lost the codes for it. I have tried...
  16. N

    Honeywell T6360 to bht 3000

    My current room stat is a honeywell t6360 wired as shown in the photo. I wish to replace this with a wireless controlled bht3000. Any help appreciated.
  17. SJD

    Vintage Honeywell panel heater control?

    Just wondering if anyone has come across a Honeywell "Electric Comfort Control" panel, per the attached photo, and knows anything more about it. More for curiosity than anything else. This was in a house I did an EICR for earlier this week. There are two heating 30A ring final circuits...
  18. E

    Changing honeywell thermostat

    Hi, so I'm looking at changing my thermostat from a honeywell manual to a honeywell DT90E digital thermostat and I was wondering if you could help me with where the wires should go please. First picture is the wiring of my current thermostat and the second picture is the instructions for the new...
  19. M

    I need help with my honeywell to tado wiring?

    I have a Honeywell r3h710 which connect to the T3R Honeywell thermostat. I want to upgrade it to TADO V3+ but Honeywell has a lot more wires than the TADO takes. Can anyone help with the wiring plan for this model ?
  20. S

    Thermostat Wiring

    Hi everyone, wonder if someone can guide me on this please? I bought a Tado to replace a Honeywell T6360B but stupidly, i forgot to take a photo of the wiring before taking it off the wall. I then (second act of stupidity) followed a YouTube video which told me where i thought the wires should...
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