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  1. M

    Can someone explain how these storage heaters were wired via the contactor?

    Been round to a house to quote to replace some storage heaters for new panel heaters and came across a strange (to me at least) way of wiring the old storage heaters via a contactor in the board, as usually I see their own off peak consumer unit which powers up at night via economy 7. From the...
  2. J

    Wiring 2 blue wires, 2 brown, copper one with 1 black wire and 1 white wire

    Hi All, I have a terminal on the wall with 2 blue wires, 2 brown and a copper one (Photo 1), and I would like to connect a lamp which has 1 black wire and 1 white wire (Photo 2). How should I connect them to make working the lamp? Thanks in advance for your help, Juan Photo 1 Photo 2
  3. I

    blower motor wiring help

    i had a 3 speed blow motor to an AC fan coil unit. I disconnected the wiring and installed a new unit and forgot how the wiring goes, i no expert and dont want to burn anything out... from my electrical panel to the blower motor, I have a wire that has 120v, another wire has 40v, and a 3rd...
  4. F

    Motor wiring help - single phase reversing

    I posted a month ago regarding a single phase motor + panel I have been given to try and sort following water damage to the panel. The assembly is a single phase 110v brick hoisting motor and so needs wiring to allow reversing. There is nothing to work back from as it was all disconnected but...
  5. K

    How to finish this wiring project.

    Hi my sparky has gone AWOL with just this to finish. The two black plugs are two rows of garden lights that are already installed. I would presume the top hole is for a switch to turn on and off and the bottom a fused spur maybe to get power but how does it all wire up. Because the job is small...
  6. M

    Any best practices on installing/wiring configuration of multiple LED panels?

    Anyone could recommend "best practices" for wiring methodology of 64 LEDs (each req. 10V@700mA)? Including resistors, drivers, parallel/series, etc... Part of the question is if these should be configured in an 8 x 8 configuration where each one bundle is a 4 x 4 series/parallel setup? Drivers...
  7. J

    Contactor wiring help

    Hello, I’m need some advice on how a contactor is wired please and where the neutral go. I’m told it is connected to eco 7 and controls 3 heaters in a domestic flat. It stopped working after an electrician did something on a different circuit in the consumer unit. The contactor is an Eaton...
  8. Bbanks

    Mca and mop for hvac

    Ok, can somebody please explain, with exact code reference and steps/reasons why this works. MCA 37amps. MoP 60 amps. Why can I land #8 on a 60amp breaker? I know theres exceptions in Article 440. Is it in 440.4(b)? I understand why it would make sense. Larger breaker for inrush. The MCA...
  9. B

    Gravity fed programmer wiring advice

    A question if I may before I dive in. I have an old gravity fed CH system which thanks to members here in the past - works very well. It has a Danfoss Randal 3060 programmer that has died. I have the original installation docs for the programmer - and it shows 7 terminals plus the earth. In the...
  10. acursi15

    Wiring help for multiple lights and one power source.

    I've been having issues with my dining room lights flickering and light switches working intermittently. After taking off the switch covers, I didn't need to be an electrician to see stuff was wrong. There were exposed wires, red wires attached to black wires, black to white, and so on. I've...
  11. D

    Wiring socket to switch

    Hi everyone, I’m new here and I’m in the middle of doing some wiring and I’m a little hesitant. Can someone confirm if this is correct please?? I’m putting in a new socket where there was one already. I’m also adding a switch which wasn’t here but when I bought this flat there were some cables...
  12. B

    Can anyone spot what’s wrong?

  13. A

    Car electrical lights shut off

    Hi, I have a 2009 corolla sedan conquest 1.8 4cyl manual. My lights have started turning off whilst driving especially high beam but not my fog lights. My reverse lights have also started to not work as well. My radio aux has also completely stopped working and my radio stations are being re...
  14. T

    New ceiling lights wiring help.

    Hi, I'm after a bit of help if you can. I have 2 ceiling lights to replace and was wondering if someone could tell me where I should be attaching the different coloured wires in the new light. The 2 old lights I'm replacing have slightly different wire setups. The first pic is the first old...
  15. Swiffycat

    Installing Ring floodlight but no ground wire

    I am trying to install a ring floodlight camera wire plus but there are only two wires coming out of the outside of house - and the new fixture has three (the green one for the ground wire). Is it okay to just cap this ground wire? Obviously want to to do everything safely and up to code...
  16. flyguy611

    Light fixture box - 2 black, 1 white, 1 red

    Im a cautious DIY'er - respectfully, please don't just tell me to hire an electrician, thank you. Having trouble connecting a new light fixture to a ceiling fixture box in the dining room. I had it working at one point but it stoped working, I assumed it was just a loose connection but haven’t...
  17. C

    Chandelier wiring, 5 bulbs with blue and brown wiring HELP.

    Hello everyone, I need your help with rewiring this chandelier. It has 5 bulb insures as seen from first pic and it’s wires blue and brown wires on the rear. Any ideas how to rewire them all together so I can have it installed as my ceiling light. I’d really appreciate the help, don’t want to...
  18. G

    Honeywell AT175F Wiring Help

    Hi, I'm replacing an old AT88A with the AT175F for my hydronic heating, which is connected to my 2-wire mercury t-stats and Honeywell V8043F zone valve motors (yellow leads). Wiring diagrams always show the "hot" red wire from the transformer going first to the t-stat, then white wire from...
  19. D

    4-Way Switch Anomalies

    Hi there. It's my first time both on this forum. I am a first-time homeowner doing some DIY projects but have run into a problem. I replaced the light switches on the first floor with push-button switches from Prange Electric (Prange & Company Electric - http://www.prangeelectric.com). All of...
  20. S

    Line wiring help with no power ?

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