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  1. W

    Insulating around cables

    I need to insulate under my suspended floor which has many cables running through the joists (consumer unit is below floor). My main concern is causing the cables to overheat etc. Here's a quick overview: Joist height: 140mm Cables: Mixture of circuits but the 2.5mm 32A rings are my main concern...
  2. happysteve

    Is galv conduit containing insulated and sheathed cables (e.g. T&E) still an exposed-conductive part?

    Eh up :) As per the title, "Is galv conduit containing insulated and sheathed cables (e.g. T&E) still an exposed-conductive part?" Clearly, if it contained unsheathed singles, it obviously is. If it's not an exposed-conductive part (and it's not extraneous in the case I'm thinking of) then it...
  3. W

    Sealing around cables?

    My consumer unit is in my garage and the cables (approx 12 cables - 10 circuits) go through the ceiling. There is a huge hole where the cables are and the room above suffers from drafts. I'm wondering what I could/should do with these cables. As it's a garage, there should really be fire...
  4. S

    Segregation of emergency lighting cables?

    Hi I have installed a lighting circuit which has emergency with (integral battery packs) and non emergency lights on the same circuit (from the same MCB). The are wired in PVC twin and earth cable. The British standard for emergency lighting states the following, IEE Guidance Note 4 refers...
  5. D

    Safety painting around overhead cables

    I need to paint the house woodwork. I have an overhead power supply which is attached to the corner of the house tied (I really hope) into the wall though the fascia and gable barge board. I think the supply cable probably dates from the 1980’s. So can I ask for any advice on how to paint...
  6. KeenPensioner

    Dropping cables from loft

    Hi, I'm retired, but have worked as an electricians mate off and on - I know my limitations. I've been asked by a friend to fit a "picture light". The wall is plasterboard cavity with insulation, the wall has a 3 inch coving. I have access to the loft above and there is a single pendant in the...
  7. B

    Ethernet/Power SWA cables - can they share space ??

    Hello all...…. I would appreciate some advice please as there is lots of conflicting opinions on the interenet. I wondered if anyone new the actual UK rules and regs or sensibilities :) with regards to ethernet installation alongside power cables in a trench ( I appreciate the whole high...
  8. G

    running CAT 6 , splitting or multiple cables

    HI all, in my house i want to run as much CAT6 everywhere as i can, i have a old cabinet with 24 way strip in so im putting that in the garage, i wanted 6 upstairs for each bedroom and ubiquity on the landing. trouble is i can only get two up the cavity and its a nightmare to get any others up...
  9. Gavin John Hyde

    Pulling cables

    On a job today and couldnt lift the lovely sanded and varnished floorboards to get my cables in, pulled some in then was struggling to get rods between some brick supports and around corners. Customers 10 year old kid has a remote control car with camera, said his camera will show me whats down...
  10. T

    RCD protection for cables above a plasterboard ceiling

    Are there an reg for cables being above a plasterboard ceiling? Pricing a job to move a kitchen to the other end of the house. I thought about running a 16mm T&E to a submain board instead of running 4/5 circuits back. The old kitchen ceiling ceiling is coming down and the rest would be ran in...
  11. N

    Domestic Insulating stud wall containing lighting cables

    Hi I'm renovating a 1920s terrace and have stripped the lathe and plaster off a stud wall to an upstairs bedroom. I'm resurfacing the stud wall with sound insulated plasterboard and filling the voids with Rockwhool sound insulation. Part of the wall contains existing light cables and a light...
  12. Gavin John Hyde

    Different sized csa cables on same circuit

    Got a house I am working in at moment, customer wants extra sockets downstairs, apart from kitchen the whole ground floor has just 3 double sockets. The current sockets in the lounge/diner are fed by a 6mm twin and earth( from old cooker circuit that was rerouted when a gas cooker went in) and...
  13. rolyberkin

    Fault on MI cables on outside ligting circuit

    I may be being a numpty but here goes, I had three hours today to sort this out and had to leave it disconnected in the end as had other urgent committments. Client has an outside light which is tripping RCD, this is fed via a fused switch from a rfc this circuit also feeds an adjacent fuse...
  14. Thomas Connolly

    Cables and Zones

    Hi Gents, Probably a very simple answer but I'm installing an outside light on a small porch The switch being just inside the door. The light however, is about 600ml from the door on the outside, so if I drill straight through from the outside to the inside, once inside, the cable exit point...
  15. salvatore8916

    Fuses and Cables for solar system

    Hallo, I am new in the solar panel tech and I have no experience in make any system. I just got a small house in a garden (10square meters) and I got the following system: 1 solar panel Renology 100W (12V) 1 Inverter (Pure sine wave) 2000W ( Inverter DC12V to AC 220V Converter) 1 EPever MPPT...
  16. Y

    Yy cables

    Hi people Anyone come across the issue of periodic testing shop freezer installations with YY cable fed loosely tie wrapped, direct from the DB board to plug socket units behind each freezer in the shop area I want to C2 the installation as non standard cable, poor mechanical support and...
  17. N

    Running cables horizontally along the 150mm top of wall

    Top of the wall – where the wall meets the ceiling there is a 150mm zone where cables should be run. It is at the top of the wall and runs horizontally around the whole wall House is made of concrete floors. So I'm planning on using the top 150mm of wall (safe zone) by ceiling, to run cables...
  18. Midwest

    Joining erthernet cables

    Following on from my other thread IP rated switchcover - I’ve decide to try and relocate the control panel. After a bit of a faff, managed to get to the other side of the old control panel. So my intention is to extend...
  19. C

    Gluing alarm cables to UPVC Window frames & Door architraves

    Hello All, I am hoping to find a recommendation from members for a small tube of adhesive that is suitable for gluing Burglar Alarm detector cables to UPVC Window frames and Door architraves. I don`t want to buy a Hot Glue gun and glue sticks as I only have 4 cables to run down quite detailed...
  20. S

    Inspection champers/manhole for power cables

    Hello guys I want to install underground 5 core 16mm cable and Ethernet cable I want to feed power and data from an old building to a new one. Just in the foundation phase now so it is good time to install conduit and inspection chambers. Can you recommend a small and compact chamber in...
  21. S

    Running outside lighting cables in render

    Hello, I'm looking to extend my lighting circuit outside of my house before I have the house re-rendered. some of the wiring routes will need to go up and over windows etc so some of the cable routes will be outside the permitted cable zones. I was planning to chase t/e into the wall and to...
  22. markthebuilder

    Identifying live cables

    hi gents . I’m currently surveying a property prior to remodelling it... it was a department store and it’s been redeveloped at least once but no one has pulled out the old wiring, I want to mark up any of the major 415 3 phase that is defiantly live ina simple way so we can focus on tracking...
  23. A

    Routing new cables under floorboard

    Hi guys after a second option here In the process of a rewire and I’ve lifted upstairs floorboards on the landings suss out my route for new upstairs ring, lighting and boiler circuits. The joists within the landing have a 25mm hole for existing up and down lighting circuits and no room left...
  24. T

    Commercial Running cables to an island

    Could use a few ideas, have this room and I need to get some more PCs in there. Best way I'm thinking is island bench to replace the white freestanding desks. That will be least desk installation work, but I need ideas for getting the cables to that island. Some facts: 1st floor, concrete, no...
  25. Aaronj46

    securing cables to mesh concreted ceiling in apartments

    Good afternoon ladies and gents, when I install cables as per the title I put plugs and plastic pegs into the ceiling as remember being told years ago you cannot cable tie directly to the mesh? any guidance/ reg references wuld be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  26. HoverSPRX

    "Clever" client derated the cables!

    So I'm currently sorting a CU change and kitchen rewire while also fixings some bodges by a have a go client, came back this week to discover that he has decided to insulate the void between ground and first without mentioning it. Now this has derated all his cables by half as they are tottaly...
  27. M

    Domestic Unidentifed Cables from Main Supply

    I have recently moved into a new house and had to reset the breaker after a bulb went. When I was crawling around with a torch, I noticed some cables (Red, Black, and Blue-ish/Green-ish) leaving the main supply and running into the wall without going through the meter or the consumer unit. Is...
  28. diyterry

    Two cables through conduit

    Morning, hope your all well. Is it okay to run a 2.5mm and a 1.5mm cable through the same 20mm conduit?
  29. D

    AV cables in solid wall - what the regs say?

    Hi all, Just being cheeky and asking for some advice really.. In my new house, we have solid walls throughout - great, but not so great for my home cinema kit. My issue is that whilst I would can chase the AV cables to wherever they need to be, I would prefer to do it in such a way that leaves...
  30. A

    Cables coiled for future CU change

    Hi guys Carrying out a rewire on my property and I am hoping to use my old board as it is an RCBO board 8way. However in the future I may add circuits and may have to update the board to a larger one. In order to do this however the consumer unit would have to be moved to an adjacent wall as...
  31. H

    Older house loft insulation and cables

    Hi, Wish to increase loft insulation from 100 to 300mm. At present lighting and power cables are clipped direct to ceiling joists barely covered by insulation. The depth of insulation planned will cover these cables and I seek a solution. Thanks.
  32. N

    Cables under concrete base or under screed?

    The floor of the kitchen will be filled up with: 1) Concrete, on top of which will go 2) insulation with pipework for wet underfloor heating system, on top of which will go 3) screed. Can the armoured cable run under the concrete base or does it always need to go above concrete base and under...
  33. Daniel Jones

    Asbestos cables????? Rewire periodic inspection

    Experts opinion required. Ask to add some addition fittings to a lighting circuit within a shop. Opened up the consumer unit to access the circuit. And noticed the tails from the service head to the meter and from the meter to the consumer unit look very suspicious. I have experience with...
  34. J

    Electrical Cables on hot plumbing pipes

    Recently had an extension done. Noticed electrician had run mains electrical cables right on to the hot feed from the boiler which gets very hot. Is this a safety issue? Can the insulation stand the heat for hours on end?..
  35. diyterry

    Cables and cavity walls

    If I want to run a cable up a cavity wall is it best to run it through the cavity or chase the wall out and run it through a conduit.
  36. IES

    Electrician Cable Jointers, Cable Terminators (SWA Cables) wanted for work on sites in Manchester and London

    IES Instrumentation Electrical Services are currently recruiting experienced Cable Jointers, Cable Terminators to add to our team. Work will involve Terminating Steel Wire Armoured Cables up to and including 240mm across the UK with prominent sites in London and the North West. Please contact...
  37. dlt27

    Compressor cables getting warm.

    Hi all, A maintenance friend today asked for a bit of advice. He said cabbles supplying compressor are very warm / hot to touch. (Also thought he could feel them vibrating slightly) The cable is a swa 25mm and is pulling 55A per phase. I said being a compressor it might have a VFD and might be...
  38. R

    Band 1 / Band 2 Cables in Trunking

    Hi, Just wondering on thoughts for complying with Reg 528.1 "... a Band I circuit shall not be contained in the same wiring system as a Band II circuit ..." The current setup has steel trunking running around the walls with conduit coming down from here for network points and plug sockets etc...
  39. E

    Domestic GU4 LED downlights not working (LED Driver fine, can't find cables, connectors or housing)

    Hi all, any help much appreciated here... I've two LED downlights in the kitchen and can't get them working. They work using a 2-pin plug like this ...and at the other end of the cable, the bulb connects to this... ... this bit sits in the below housing... I know my LED driver is...
  40. M

    32A MCB feeding 1.5mm & 2.5mm T&E cables via 30A terminal block

    Quickie - Would you say this is ok? 32A MCB feeding 6mm T&E which is then connected to a 2.5mm T&E & 1.5mm T&E cable via a 30A terminal block in plastic terminal block housing buried in stud wall. The 2.5mm feeds a 3kW immersion heater with 13A SFU at the heater end. The 1.5mm feeds gas boiler...
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