1. 2

    Calculation submain cables

    Hi. Im looking for some advice when calculating submain cables. Basically there is a new connection of 80Amps that is to be used for a dwelling and a small workshop. I had thought taking to a feeder box with one submain and then two feeds away into the buildings. A direct run from dno to...
  2. M

    AM2- Clipping cables to tray with P clips?

    This might come across as a really daft question to people who work with cable tray quite often but as part of my AM2, I am to clip FP200 to the tray using: P Clip Nut Washer I’m just a bit confused about how this should look and which parts should be on the “inside” where the cable runs on...
  3. C

    What maximum amperage for cables

    This question has probably been asked several time but things change. The house I'm living in now was built in the 1960's and has a ring main using 4mm Flat Twin and Earth. A lot of properties I've noticed have been wired with 2.5mm FTE and both connected through originally a 30amp fuse or more...
  4. T

    Two cables one box

    Replacing a light fixture in an older home. The ceiling box has two cables, each with a hot and a neutral (photo attached). The old fixture had two bulb sockets and was wired with a hot wire to each socket and the neutrals connected and capped. My new fixture has only one hot and one neutral...
  5. C

    Moving cables and sockets/switches over insulation

    Hi, I'm about to reroute cables and sockets/switches from the ceiling down to the socket height after insulating a wall. I understand this will derate the cable, so what it the best way to do this please? EDIT: Should be in DIY Camerart
  6. strider6

    Unusual singles from Batt Cables

    I was working with some odd singles today from Batt Cables, they seemed to have a plastic like braid between the insulation and the copper, almost as if it's some kind of fire rated cable, I don't believe it was LS either, it was a bit of a pita to get rid of the braid and my prysmian rolls...
  7. S

    UK Amtech/Trimble - Excessive Earth Loop Impedance on SWA cables

    Hi All, I'm new to Amtech/Trimble and I've been asked to review a model. I'm looking at circuits that are SWA cables using the armour and an internal conductor as the CPC. There are various earth loop impedance errors listed where the Zs at the load end is too high, but what I can tell, Amtech...
  8. I

    run two 6mm tps cables

    I would like to run power to a shed that is 40m from my other shed which is powered by a 10mm cable from the house. I have access to a 100m roll of 6mm tps if I want it but the voltage drop using this is going to be borderline. Now the dumb question. Can I use a run of two 6mm cables joined...
  9. firestick

    Cable routing questions

    Hi, I have two questions about domestic wiring In Ireland 1. Should conduit be used when passing multiple T&E cables (2.5mm) through a garage wall (where the consumer unit is located) to under a suspended timber floor on the other side? 2. Should cables running under a suspended timber floor...
  10. T

    Strange 3 cables in old Fire Smoke Alarm

    I'm about to order this wired smoke alarm system as it can network but I just went to see how my existing fire alarms are hooked up and there appear to be three wires? What/how would I connect the new one when it arrives? This old one isn't linked tot eh other one on the landing as I know for...
  11. A

    Duct For Control/Data Cables on my Own Land (UK)

    Hi, I need to run a duct from our garage, under the (gravel) drive to the house. Specifically this is for a monitoring sensor needed for our planned solar install, but while doing this I'll also run two or maybe three Ethernet Cat5e cables. So nothing above 48V. Are there any regulatory...
  12. Josh555

    Fuseboard change advice on running the pyro cables into the board

    I have a fuseboard change I need to do soon I’m putting in a FUSEBOX 7 or 10 way RCBO+ SPD My only concern is how I should run the pyro cables in the board. The board is in a small cupboard in the hallway. I know cables that are not in enclosures need to be double insulated as the pyro cables...
  13. Cjm1992

    Cables within stud walls

    Hi All, Wondering if I can get some advice. Basically I’m having exposed joist ceilings in my house and I’m in the process of slowly changing all the cables over to new. Currently I have 2 sockets within the lounge area chased into the brick plaster walls however I’m potentially looking to...
  14. J

    Where to sell electrical equipment, tools & cables

    My Dad was a self employed electrician for 50 odd years. He sadly passed away in November and we have so much electrical & pluming stuff we don't know what to do with it. There's all types of cables, some still boxed or unused reels, and loads of tools, switches - you name it he had it. Any...
  15. B

    Overhead cables between buildings on domestic property

    Hi all. I've recently bought a bungalow. It currently has a armoured cable between the house and garage which spans less than 1 meter. The height of the cable is 2.3m and directly under this is the side gate to access the back of the property. It's old wiring so will be replaced, but I've had...
  16. V

    Loft Cables Question Please?

    Hi Everyone, Sorry for all the questions. With he help of a friend, I recently installed some insulation into my mother's loft. Whilst adding the insulation I noticed that a few cables (there are only light related cables in her loft) were tied together with electrical tape, so I spoke with...
  17. J

    Exposing old mains cables, Is this safe???

    Hello. I'll apologize to start with as due to my lack of knowledge on the matter I'm likely to waffle a bit and call everything by the wrong name but hopefully you'll get my point... I am having some renovations done at home and need to have the electrical meter relocated slightly. We have...
  18. M

    Lighting Junction box in loft with 9 cables in??

    Doing a rewire at the minute and was wondering if anyone has ever seen or heard of a lighting circuit being connected somewhere in an installation with 8/9 cables connected. I’m an apprentice so I’m curious about most things and was wondering if you was to do an EICR how you would code this...
  19. S

    Best PV panel cables and connectors to use for replacing existing?

    Hi again. Following my recent zero-Riso issue (unresolved) and also because my system has, in any case, been prone for a good while to the odd 'Low Riso' fault following heavy rain and high winds, I'm going to begin by replacing all the cables and connectors going to my panels. It should be a...
  20. kulkarnipb

    What kinda wires are these ? [Pics provided]

    So, my new house is being constructed and I visited it and saw these wires/cables ( orange color, pics attached) . What are these ? What is the purpose ?


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