1. Cjm1992

    Cables within stud walls

    Hi All, Wondering if I can get some advice. Basically I’m having exposed joist ceilings in my house and I’m in the process of slowly changing all the cables over to new. Currently I have 2 sockets within the lounge area chased into the brick plaster walls however I’m potentially looking to...
  2. E

    Solar panel installation cable q

    Hey! I'm about to install a 400W solar panel system at my home. I got monocrystalline panels and I'm coupling them with a 40A MPPT charge controller to optimize power generation. I’ll be connecting this to a 12V battery bank to integrate it with my home’s existing electrical system. For those...
  3. J

    Where to sell electrical equipment, tools & cables

    My Dad was a self employed electrician for 50 odd years. He sadly passed away in November and we have so much electrical & pluming stuff we don't know what to do with it. There's all types of cables, some still boxed or unused reels, and loads of tools, switches - you name it he had it. Any...
  4. B

    Overhead cables between buildings on domestic property

    Hi all. I've recently bought a bungalow. It currently has a armoured cable between the house and garage which spans less than 1 meter. The height of the cable is 2.3m and directly under this is the side gate to access the back of the property. It's old wiring so will be replaced, but I've had...
  5. V

    Loft Cables Question Please?

    Hi Everyone, Sorry for all the questions. With he help of a friend, I recently installed some insulation into my mother's loft. Whilst adding the insulation I noticed that a few cables (there are only light related cables in her loft) were tied together with electrical tape, so I spoke with...
  6. J

    Exposing old mains cables, Is this safe???

    Hello. I'll apologize to start with as due to my lack of knowledge on the matter I'm likely to waffle a bit and call everything by the wrong name but hopefully you'll get my point... I am having some renovations done at home and need to have the electrical meter relocated slightly. We have...
  7. S

    Best PV panel cables and connectors to use for replacing existing?

    Hi again. Following my recent zero-Riso issue (unresolved) and also because my system has, in any case, been prone for a good while to the odd 'Low Riso' fault following heavy rain and high winds, I'm going to begin by replacing all the cables and connectors going to my panels. It should be a...
  8. kulkarnipb

    What kinda wires are these ? [Pics provided]

    So, my new house is being constructed and I visited it and saw these wires/cables ( orange color, pics attached) . What are these ? What is the purpose ?
  9. N

    T&E cables and expanding foams.

    Hi all, Have a relatively simple question. Doing a rewire to make a circuit in a single room. My father is a retired spark, so no worries about a DIYer doing electrics or anything, he just isn't sure about this particular question. I'm aware modern PU foams like Soudal have no adverse affects...
  10. C

    cables quality from TLC?

    TLC cables price are quite competitive but wondering what the quality's like? Anyone used them on a regular basis?
  11. C

    Cables touching hot pipes

    Electrician has done rewire, plumber with not much space has some central heating and hot water pipes touching in some places. See images attached. Shown is two rad pipes touching a phone & cat6 cable, central heating touching boiler earth & power, same with hot tap for sink resting on the...
  12. P

    Cart wheel chandelier. 31 cables. Best/tidiest way to join the cables.

    I having been trying to make a cart wheel chandelier for my wedding in July like the one in the photo attached. I have 31 lamp holders in mason jars to power to create the effect I want. The lamp holders I bought are for E14 bulbs and have a metal casing so require an earth just to make it more...
  13. M

    Cables under bath safety concern

    I just had a water leak and had to take the side of the bath off and delighted to also find a few cables going into the floor and shoddily into the wall. I can only guess they are for the house alarm, which is located below in the garage. I'm thinking of hiring someone to come and disable the...
  14. V

    DIY - help! - Old cables used

    Hi, A full rewire of a house was quoted and 4m of red and black was used of a ring to supply kitchen and garage. I’ve been told that the cable was tested with a 1000v insulation measurement meter and a decision was made to utilise the cable to make it compline with the 19th. Is this all okay...
  15. R

    UK Old lighting cables in new install

    Hi everyone, newly qualified spark here I went to a job earlier today where the fan was not running on after light had been turned off. Whilst sorting this problem I discovered that the bathroom circuits had been installed on a new rcd db but investigating further in the light and the pull...
  16. S

    Do I need 2 cables for this project?

    My garage has had only one electrical outlet, I've decided to add 2 more with each feeding off the original outlet. But upon looking at the original outlets wiring I'm now wondering if I need to sets of cable for the new outlets. See images. The original has 2 white, 2 black, and 1 ground...
  17. M

    Advice on insulated plasterboard around electric cables

    I'm currently refurbishing a room and in the process adding some internal wall insulation. The wall has been stripped and my electrician has completed first fix for new sockets and lighting. The walls are solid brick and as I am installing insulated plasterboards, we agreed rather than...
  18. W

    If I have cables installed in the basement of a building do I need to apply Cs and Cd?

    I'm currently doing my cable calcs for my college project and was wondering if the rating factors Cs and Cd would apply for the circuits installed in the basement pool area as the basement will technically be underground.
  19. D

    Fixed wiring Installation - Use of SY & YY Cables

    Hi all, Interested in the groups interpretation of BS7671 with regards to the used of SY & YY cables. We have a commercial installation where we have a power supply installed to an air handling unit/ventilation plant. The power supply supply to the AHU isolator is installed in SWA cable. The...
  20. S

    Bought a multimeter and the cables provided won't attach

    The ends of the cables are completely sealed and there is nothing in the instructures that suggests I have to manually cut the plastic ends off to expose the metal pins inside but I can't understand how else I'm supposed to use them with this or any other multimeter. Is this a thing with probe...
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