1. R

    laptop power supply cables - fuses and ratings

    Hi there. I have noticed that most laptop power supply cables have a 5A fuse in the plug, but a 2.5A rating on the clover leaf end of the cable. Is this safe? Surely there should be a 3A fuse in the plug at least, given the cable is rated for 2.5A. The whole industry seems to be happy to...
  2. B

    Safe zones and Earth cables

    I've been told I need to upgrade the main earth bonding to 16mm. The consumer unit is on the wall adjacent to the externally mounted incoming supply box - I basically need to run the earth wire down the corner about 1m and then across the side wall about 30cm then through and into the back of...
  3. K

    RCD protected Cables under Computer Flooring?

    Hi All I’m after some advice, I am doing a restaurant fit out involving a number tables that have hot pots built into the table, for customers to heat/cook their food in the hot broths or stews what have you. These are 3kw and just fed from a fuse spur. The cable run is LSF T&E on tray laid...
  4. I

    Cable calc confirmation required!

    Think I may have been oversizing cables for some three phase circuits... For example, when ive calculated a 11.5V volt drop on a general circuit I've took this as being the 5% allowed but I've just come to realise that maybes this is actually a 2.875% volt drop at 400V Can someone confirm...
  5. fourtytwo

    Correct way to joint 3 x 30 Amp cables, 30A JB not big enough

    Good evening everybody. I have a cooker feed from the CU that is then split under the floor above the kitchen to separate outlets for the hob & Oven. The problem is a standard 30A JB does not have big enough terminals to accommodate the wires. The person who installed this has cut some of the...
  6. J

    Multiple SWA Cables through ducting?

    I have had a kitchen extesion built on an old property (c.1810), which has an unusual consumer unit situation. Part of the property has only a first floor, with a driveway underneath (originally to get carts under for deliveries), with the consumer unit, meter, gas meter etc in a cupboard on the...
  7. pirate

    Why do Norwegians run cables in their downpipes?

    A friend is currently travelling in Norway. He tells me he sees cables run in downpipes everywhere...some are loops, some have leccy tape over the ends, some are Cat5, but loads of cables in downpipes. Can someone tell me why?
  8. Rockingit

    Paint covered cables - further derate or not?

    So I spotted this earlier (venue in Holland) and it got me thinking, be interested to hear people’s thoughts. Painting over cables surely has to effect their thermal dissipation from manufacturers design, so do we apply a further derate, and if so based on what values?
  9. D

    Cables run in Wolf Easi joist system

    Hi Guys Im wiring a domestic dwelling that has the Wolf Easi joist fitted. The central web is great is running services, but how do you fix cables running with and at the normal to the joists? My first thought was mini trunking say 100 by 100, then we should to do grouping calcs. Why trunking...
  10. Pretty Mouth

    Cable buried in a flower bed

    Had a look at a job a few days ago where, should the work go ahead, it would be necessary to run a cable under a flower bed. This is the only option acceptable to the customer unfortunately. The cable will be low voltage, ELV is not an option as the cable will supply power to sockets. The...
  11. mlxmilano

    Help to wire washing machine cables into wall motor protection switch

    Hello, I have two electrical switches in my house that should be connected to the washing machine and the dryer machine, respectively. After having opened them I found 5 cables: black, white, red (connected to the central part) and yellow, yellow-green. I am nearly sure the yellow is the...
  12. S

    Can i cut these cables?

    Hi, Very noddy question as i know naff all about electrics! i've moved into a house that has cables under the floor coming out of each corner which I assume were for surround sound speakers - and hey it's all about the soundbar these days, right? ;-) Just wanted to know whether i could cut...
  13. Skippy272

    UK Cables in shower area

    Hi we recently had a leak in the shower area, on removal of tray to locate leak we uncovered hanging electrical cables, should this be secured in place or in conduit? Just seems unsafe to me
  14. R

    Daisy chained earth bonding cables

    The earth bonding cable has been daisy chained to 3 gas meters (the conductor has been cut at each earth strap). Is this satisfactory?, will it pass an inspection ok ?
  15. Neptune

    Extending ring main cables

    I would like to extend the existing 2.5mm T&E cables to relocate a switch. Can I use a 2 way wago connector for each cable and do they need to be enclosed in a box? Also, will this cause any issues with continuity and resistance testing in the future? Thanks in advance
  16. J

    Multimeters, Can we use them on Random exposed cables.

    I have been toying with multimeters on cables carrying currents I know the ratings of. If we are out in the field, is it safe to use them on exposed cables we don't know the rating of?
  17. SparkyKris88

    Running Parallel Cables for 400A Sub Main

    Hi All, I’m after some advice. I’ll cut to the chase but I can give more detail if needed. A 400A sub main supply needs to be ran 100m, a pretty direct route on ladder tray. Instead of one large cable (I think it’s 240mm), I was looking into running parallel cables instead. I’ve not done this...
  18. LHensh

    Extending 1.5mm and 2.5mm cables

    I'm needing to extend the cables I have coming from my garage fuse board as I am wanting to move the position of the first switch and socket in the circuit. Would extending via Wago 222 connectors housed in a Wago junction box so the job for both?
  19. D

    Todays wind confirms why I dislike cables clipped to fence panels

    Half me back fence is now in the next garden , and had i clipped swa or flex along the panels all this cable would have been ripped from its connections and live ends would have been flapping in the wind...
  20. W

    Best way of hiding tv cables on concrete wall

    Wondering how other people have done this. Would you guys use some pvc trunking giving you access to cables at a later date if needed if you would yous just raggle them into wall?
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