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  1. T

    Linian fire clips

    Evening all Has anyone has experience in using Linian clips? Im pricing a block of flats that has an MF ceiling with not much space above, i was going to use Linian super,T&E & fire clips for the various cabling Just wondering if anyone knows how many cables roughly you can fit in the smaller...
  2. Dan

    Awesome Neosmart (Ring Killer) 12 Second Clips for Free - Night Vision, Phone Alerts, Free Recordings, Motion Sensor Camera for £20!!!

    I have had a bunch of camera, I'm trying to find a camera I can leave and it alerts me when it's found somebody. I don't want DVRs and cables running everywhere, so Wifi (and strong connection) was a must. Three years into my researching and testing and moving cameras around on the outside of...
  3. B

    Clips melted in domestic 60’s 3 bed

    Evening all, found a strange one today, pulled a few ceilings down in a property and found that the clips had melted! Not just on one circuit, it’s on 2 Different lighting circuits, a radial and the gf ring! Going to do an ir tomorrow morning just ran out of time today. Any thoughts or seen it...
  4. Andy5678

    Clips for Swann CCTV

    Anyone know what kind of clips will fit the cables going to the cameras round or shotgun, white?
  5. l4urence

    Dewalt Cable Stapler... DCN701

    What do we think of this? Tool or toy? Thoughts of the time I spend in lofts... which is a lot. Since these staples only work in wood, it's good for floor joists, lofts or timber frame. How often do I really use clips when routing cable through joists, none only along them. However when I am...
  6. J

    Fire proof clips / cleats for SWA

    I need to do a horizontal run of SWA in a garage, first time doing it to 18th. Any suggestions / recommendations for fireproof clips for SWA?
  7. Z

    Cable clips as per 18th edition.

    Friends, I'm rewiring my brothers house tomorrow. Can someone tell me if the new 18th edition allows me to use the plastic cable clips to secure the cables to joists etc? Or do I have to replace them with metal ones? Thanks ZippyMo Trainee Sparks
  8. haptism

    Where are you getting your metal buckle clips

    Wheres the best value for £ metal buckle clips to be found in 2019, ive seen the SAREN ones but they are well pricey, and you need to buy the nails for them separately. The Shneider metal clips from screwfix £12 per 100 wtf. Where are the compliant housebashers getting clips for T&E nowdays ??
  9. M

    Fire rated clips - any suggestions?

    Hi. Could anyone advise on the types of fixings / clips they are using to comply with: Wiring systems shall be supported such that they will not be liable to premature collapse in the event of a fire’ (clause 521.10.202). If, for example, there were a couple of runs of twin and earth above an...
  10. the pict

    metal clips friend or foe

    I have tried a few of these now and to be honest I am not impressed, as to those wall dogs screws ...... really who is kidding who here
  11. rsgaz

    To those who use Firefly Clips - dimensions please?

    Hi all, What size is the gap in red please? In particular, the FFC2 size clips for MMT2 are what I'm interested in, but is it the same dimension for all clip sizes, or can you fit fatter screws in the larger ones? Thanks, Gaz :cool:
  12. T

    Fire Rated Clips In Trunking

    Hi all, From January 2019 when we are doing an EICR, how would you tackle trunking which has no fire rated clips in it which is in an area where there could be an issue regarding the cables falling in the event of a fire? Would you advise to retrofit the clips in the trunking? Or state that...
  13. T

    Fire rated clips in trunking

    Had niceic guy out today and has advised that behind kitchen units i dont need to fit fire rated clips in trunking. I was under the impression that they were to be fitted in all trunking? Any thoughts?
  14. E

    Metal clips...............

    Anyone know of any clips that'll meet the expanded scope of new regs concerning clipping cables (not just trunking only clips). Have used D-Line ones just wondering if there were other options people had tried (obviously there are other things you can use other than clips, but my question is...
  15. Leesparkykent

    Monkey puzzle clips and the apprentice

    Just phoned the apprentice as he was going to the wholesalers.....told him to pick up 12 monkey puzzle clips.....his reply "haha very funny, you must think I'm an idiot" me "no just get them" apprentice "shall I grab a long weight at the same time".... Prat :D
  16. S

    Done a job for a friend and they paid me with a spit pulsa 800e

    hello all, I've researched these tools and had one purchased for me after completing some work for a friend, I was interested in using it on the slabs instead of traditional sds drill and plu method. I used it this week and it's brilliant. Has anyone else used these and are they going to...
  17. sythai

    Where can I get some of these?

    Hi Chaps Been googling away but can't find what I'm looking for :-( I'm hoping someone could advise please, ideally online somewhere? I've eventually run out of my supply of P-clip/ loops 'not too sure of the technical name.' (should be a jpeg attached. hopefully it worked) My local...
  18. H

    External Cable Clips

    Hi Does anyone recommend any good external cable clips other than the standard ones with the nails. Looking for something good quality, preferably something that can be screwed in to the wall Thanks
  19. S

    Industrial Galv lighting trunking

    I'm currently doing some galv lighting trunking all wired in low smoke singles with metal fire clips installed in the trunking over the escape route. I have been supplied plastic lid by the main contractor is there any thing in regs about not being able to use this. Sorry would look in my byb...
  20. R

    Fire resistant clips and singles in trunking

    Current job involves running singles in plastic trunking and conduit. Am fitting fire resistant clips over escape routes but am not too happy using these clips over the singles without any kind of protection against chaffing/cutting into the 'single' insulation. I have been wrapping the metal...
  21. happyhippydad

    Any good ideas for holding the tails (clips etc) as they enter the main switch in CU?

    I shall be changing a CU soon (same thread as just started!) and it is a TT. I'll be using a wiska sprint gland to hold the tails (25mm) and main earth in place as they enter the CU (from the bottom) but I dont really see how this is going to help with respect to the possibility (however...
  22. MarkRibbands

    Rubbish Elco fluorescent fitting diffusers falling from the ceiling. Known issue?

    I bought a stock of Elco LFCRHF270 twin 6ft T8 'non-corrosion' IP65 fluorescent fittings some time ago, on offer from QVS. They were held in stock by us for a long time, but 20 of them were recently fitted. The plastic clips which hold the diffuser to the body appear very brittle, and...
  23. S

    Bosch 10.8 batteries

    Does anyone else have trouble with the plastic retaining clips breaking off? I have real trouble with the multitool. I think the vibrations nacker them. Getting real fed up replacing good condition batteries.
  24. T

    led tape light ip rated- clipped not sticky back

    Anyone know where I can get this from?
  25. B

    Old installation query

    Hi All, I have a quick question for our older colleagues. What was the name of the old metal cable clips/bands that were used in houses to clip the cables, the ones you nailed then wrapped the metal tie around and through itself like a belt buckle, and do you know when they were phased out? I...
  26. J

    FLUKE 1652 Continuity Test

    Hello people. I'm a gold card holding spark with a commercial background (metal munchin'). Recently I've got a job 2nd fixing flats, no problems except i didn't have a test rig so i bought a Fluke 1652 one 2nd hand, had it calibrated and changed the batteries. The problem is with the...
  27. S

    Fluke 1652b crocodile clips

    Hi, does anyone know where i can get my hands on some new crocodile clips for my fluke 1652b, my leads are fine but croc clips are poor quality. Cheers
  28. R

    Replacement Fluke 1652 leads

    Anyone got any recommendations on what replacement leads I should get? The ones I'm using at the moment is the old robin ones and the croc clips are pants. Wished I'd of got a megger but I've used a fluke since college. When I get enough cash together think I'll invest in one.
  29. J

    fluke 1651

    hiya folks , i have a fluke 1651 which i used regular until last year when i upgraded to a 1652 , my new meter is calibrated and is reading near enough the same as my old meter , all the leads are supplied , a great bit of kit , there going on flee bay for just over £200 , id rather someone in...
  30. S

    What are they called!?

    Hi all What are the clips called that allow me to hang 5", 6" florescent light fitting to a grid ceiling? Thanks All
  31. K

    Is this Fuse Box Legal?

    Hi, Looking for help with this. I am renting a house from DB Roberts and I sent the attached image to the landlord (who is an Electrician) and he said it was fine as he had done it. But I am not so sure? would appreciate your comments. Thanks
  32. R

    Fluke TwistGuard test leads

    Does anyone know if you can use crocodile clips with these leads? TL175 TwistGuard
  33. S

    Steel Work Light Battern Hanging Clips

    Have a job to do soon on my site to hange 8 light batterns in a boiler house from the steel guirders that form the roof. What are these clips called that will bite into the side of the guirder so that I can hang chain down to my light batterns? Thanks as always chaps Sky
  34. E

    megger 1552 case clips

    these clips are always falling off, i've just bought a megger and it only has one clip on the case, does anybody know where I can get spares?
  35. A

    megger 1552 crocodile clips

    as title im after some crocodile clips for a megger mft1552. the leads are the newer style 1's where the probe goes into the clip, that im after.
  36. D

    What are these things called? For securing wires inside enclosures...

    This is the closest I could find, picture-wise, to what I'm looking for, and they're not right. These are for fixing pipes. I'm looking for the electrical equivalent, but don't know what they're called. Can anyone help? I have in mind that they would adhere to a fixed surface, and accept one...
  37. F

    Megger MFT 1502/2 Tester

    Morning all, Although this is my first post I have been lurking round the forum for quite some time. Unfortunately due to a change of circumstances the electrical courses I was planning to do wont be happening. Due to this I am now selling my Megger 1502/2 MFT tester. The general condition of...
  38. trypod

    The New Megger MFT test leads

    Hi has any body used the new leads yet? ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting
  39. J

    Wanted: Schuco 249800 or 249804 (35mm mid clips) - 52 off

    Hi all Don't suppose anyone has 52 of either of these lurking that they would be willing to sell for cash/arms/legs? Thanks in advance John
  40. B

    Anyone have Schuco Type 61 clips for Sharp panels in stock

    I need: 30 x SCH-272897 mid clips 12 x SCH-272896 end clip for a job underway using Sharp panels. Anchors and rails already up. My usual supplier has a delivery date for the clips which has been moving to the right daily. Anyone know of a supplier that has them in stock now? Regards Bruce
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