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smoke alarm

  1. N

    Smoke alarm or fire alarm?

    Regs seem a bit confusing on this, but landlord is converting a house to HMO. 10 en suites, plus ground floor kitchen, all on just 2 floors (just ground and first floor). I know fire alarms if there are 3 floors. But with this many rooms, even though it's only 2 floors, is he breaking any...
  2. S

    Smoke alarm recommendations, please.

    Ey up, mains powered, wire inter-linked and integral re-chargeable battery. Is there such a beast? Cheers!
  3. R

    Smoke alarm in common area of flats?

    Hi, I have a common area above a shop which is a small hallway leading to 2 flats. Each flat has 3 smoke alarms, one behind their front door, kitchen, hallway, these are hard wired back to their consumer unit. The common area has 2 emergency lights installed but i have seen nothing on the...
  4. B

    Smoke Alarm Outside Bathroom with High Humidity & Moisture?

    Was looking to confirm what kind of smoke alarm to install outside a bathroom, with a lot of moisture/condensation escaping the bathroom? It is a question in an upcoming test I have and was looking to confirm an answer.
  5. JK-Electrical

    Smoke alarm rules to apply to all homes in Scotland

    Kerching!!!:D I think it's only a matter of time before the rest of the UK follows suit. I do hope that the Scottish Government includes a requirement within the forthcoming legislation that the installation of smoke and heat alarms are undertaken by suitably qualified, professional...
  6. S

    Smoke and heat alarms

    Hi. I’ve bought a house which will be rented. The current rules in Scotland require new smoke detectors to be fitted. I have 2 hard wired ones already in the hall and landing but need a new one in the main living room. Can I add to the exsisting 2 or will the whole system need replacing...
  7. G

    How many smoke alarms are required?

    Hi all. I have a friend who is having trouble with her local council. Long story. Although she rents it out privately, the council seems to have got involved through an allegation that the property was being used (unknown to her) as an HMO. Anyway, it's now back as a private rental and run...
  8. L

    Smoke alarm installation

    Hi guys, Can anyone advise me on the legislation on installing mains battery backed up interlinked smoke alarm systems in domestic properties? I am working for a local authority who have us installing aico smoke, heat and co alarms in their properties. Whilst speaking with one of...
  9. S

    BAFFLING smoke alarm problem

    Hi, I'm absolutely baffled by this and wondering if anyone can see an answer or have ever came across this problem. Basically I have a smoke and heat detector interlinked, nothing fancy. Feed is from the light closest to it. T&E feed-3 core interlink. When both smoke heads are on, the light...
  10. R

    This can't be right!? Wireing under sub-floor

    Took up the carpet as I am laying some wood flooring on my landing, I need to isolate the creaking and moving parts prior to laying the new solid wood tounge and groove. Discovered this <picture attached>. I had some work done a couple of years back to place wired smoke alarms in every room, It...
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