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  1. H

    Looking for connectors identifier by car brand

    Hi, I am growing into this hobby of fixing salvage cars (because why not) and I need help with finding the correct electrical connector/terminals. Is there a database that contains the connector/terminal types in each car? Something you can search through brand and model? Many thanks.
  2. J

    UK Possible connectors - 2 way + intermediate

    Hi all, What options do I have when connecting the common cable in a 2 way + Intermediate light circuit. (Side question - what would this circuit be called in industry?) I'm using 3 core and earth. If I'm not wrong, the black common cable would be connected together (and not in a terminal...
  3. happyhippydad

    Really struggling with RJ45 connectors.

    I have fitted RJ45 connectors to either side of a piece of cat5 cable but when I test it on the laptop I get no ethernet connection. I also have a pre-made ethernet cable which works fine so I know it's my home made ethernet cable. I cut the cat5 to 12.5mm and connect both ends the same (i.e...
  4. Gavin John Hyde

    Useful connectors from toolstation

    A few months ago Johnward did a youtube video of the fake chinese wagos, some were straight through ones of dubious quality. Well it seems Inline (usually decent company) are now making 32 amp rated 3 pole straight through connectors, sold in toolstation. actually look alright and would...
  5. dmitry1

    find reseller of used connectors

    I am looking where can i purchase used circular connectors, like once removed from older equipment. This will not be used for normal operation but for testing in lab environment. If anyone has any info where can anything like that (circular connectors, rf connectors....) can be found or...
  6. A

    Wago Connectors for Damaged Cable in Loft

    Hi all - have discovered a damaged cable in the loft - seems to be from the 1st Floor Lights Ring Circuit. Have cut the cable and reconnected it with Wago Connectors - see pics (yes i have switched off electricity and tested the cable was dead before cutting). This particular cable has 4 cables...
  7. MarkRibbands

    Knightsbridge GU10 Fire-rated fittings - Loose push connectors - anyone else?

    Today I'm retro-fitting 21 x Knightsbridge mains GU10 VFRDGIC fittings. They have what looked like time-saving push connectors, similar to Wagos. But the xxxxxxx things don't work! They have two-gang connectors (2xE 2xL 2xN) but when I insert two 1.0 T&E legs into each they don't grip well...
  8. R

    Solar connectors in J box

    Hi there, We had simple residential solar installation with AC modules today but inspector by referencing to the code sec 690.33 asking us to use "polarized latching or locking connectors" in J-box. Any idea?
  9. C

    Decent RJ45 connectors

    Morning, what are an easy to use RJ45 connector? Struggling with the ones we have. Thanks.


    Any opinions as to which is best? I have tried both, and I think the Ideal connector levers are more secure than those on the small Wago 221 version. On the new small Wago 221 connectors, I have found the levers tend to lift easily.
  11. W

    Earth Rod Connectors

    ok, so stupid question. its been a while since i have used any earth rods, and the first time since i was an apprentice that its for a tt system and not an earth ref for a generator. So iv got my rods in, and im going to connect it up but i have split the connector, two of them in-fact, i...
  12. Q

    Domestic Inline (crimp/splice) connectors for 240V

    Hi - I'm fixing up a vintage stove and need to splice a few of the wires to the oven elements. Are there inline (splice) connectors that are recommended for 240V? I've used "IDEAL 2 Port Push-In Wire Connectors" (not able to post the link) where I have room, but a couple of areas are pretty...
  13. M

    Which Aerial CoAx Connectors? And a question RE couplers

    Hi again Having decided from my previous post to go with Webro WF100 (100m for £40 on Amazon), now I'm trying to find out what connector to use . I just need a CoAx to connect to the TV. Any recommendations please? At the aerial, the cable connects via screw terminals so nothing needed there...
  14. Barnaby Stedman

    WAGO connectors..........

    What do people think - where is the cheapest place to buy wago connectors from??
  15. the pict

    Commercial 10mm cable crimps or screw connectors

    Any one know of a decent make or supplier of the above insulated preferred P
  16. M

    10 amp inline connectors

    I have a range cooker with 1 oven that is electric and runs on a 13amp plug instead of the usual hard wired cooker connection. The original instructions (now mislaid) said that it should be plugged into a 13amp outlet, not an extension. I cannot move the cooker to see the plate to verify the...
  17. C

    Bending spade connectors

    Is this a bad idea? Thanks.
  18. P

    Electrical wire connectors help please

    Hi Have bought led kitchen lights with extension cabling. Is it possible to snip the connectors in the picture off and just solder the led light to the longer cable? Thanks
  19. T

    Pratley no. 2 with pratley connectors or break out box with Pratley connectors

    Just wondering what everyone else uses to joint two 16mm/25mm SWA four core with separate earth? Not sure of size yet as have not got my micrometer out gotta disconnect first.
  20. E

    Domestic GU4 LED downlights not working (LED Driver fine, can't find cables, connectors or housing)

    Hi all, any help much appreciated here... I've two LED downlights in the kitchen and can't get them working. They work using a 2-pin plug like this ...and at the other end of the cable, the bulb connects to this... ... this bit sits in the below housing... I know my LED driver is...
  21. R

    Obsolete Lucas Rists connectors

    I'm looking for a UK supplier of Lucas Rists connectors and inserts that are now obsolete. They were used on Rolls Royce and Bentley (among others) 20 or so years ago. I'm particularly interested in finding pin and socket inserts or equivalents that would fit the connector shells. Thanks in...
  22. D

    Spade connectors - are there different rated ones

    I am adding a fuse box to a campervan to run lights etc off the leisure battery. The existing circuits are fused at 15 amps so I am using 21a cable. But the spade connectors I have are rated at 15a? I thought all spade connectors were the same as most don't give a rating? Will these do or will...
  23. J

    MC4 Connectors £0.52 per pair, Crimpers, Cables + loads of other connectors

    100 MC4 Connectors for £0.52 each Collection from our Hertfordshire warehouse is fine or we can send out via a next day delivery service. We stock: Crimping Tools MC4 Spanners Double, Triple, Quad connectors Y Branch, 4 into 1 flexible & tree connectors 1m-25m pre crimped cable All MC4...
  24. C

    SunnyBoy connectors?

    Hi all, I have an SB1700 but having trouble getting my MC4 connectors to fit. The inverter has 4 dc connectors to plug into but these seem ever so slightly bigger than my mc4 connectors. Are they just a tight fit or are they different size connectors?
  25. Richard Cook

    Wago connectors and amp ratings

    Hi folks, I'm not an electrician and don't intend to do anything above and beyond the standard DIY changing of sockets/lights etc but I have a question that I'm interested in learning more about. I recently came across the Wago connectors (which look to be a lot easier to use than the standard...
  26. Leesparkykent

    Click flow connectors

    Would any one have one to hand they could measure or know the dimensions? I'm wondering if they will fit through a 50mm hole? Cheers
  27. C

    The most common way to call harness- and component-side connectors

    Hi, I'm writing a troubleshooting manual for an electric vehicle. Its electrical system consists of many electrical components such as sensors and encoders, and all the components interconnect by the main harness. Sometimes, I need to guide the audience to put a multimeter on connector pins...
  28. R

    Pool wiring, wago connectors

    Hi all If wiring a pool on a 32amp breaker using 6mm cable for heater and wiring the pump of the same circuit. What would be the best way to join 3 x 6mm cables together in the junction box? The reason is the armoured in connected to heater then coming of that to feed fused spur for pump...
  29. M

    Din rail connectors - Best place to purchase? & Hager Invicta

    Hi all, I'm wondering where people purchase their din rail terminal connectors from for extending consumer unit cables? Also, has anybody had any experience with the hager invicta for commercial premises and if so, what did you think of it? Thanks, Mike
  30. leep82

    Help with Wago connectors

    Got to admit never had the need to use them in the past so am not in the know. However ive got a kitchen rewire to start at the end of the week where the cooker circuit ( 6mm2 ) and two legs of the ring ( 2.5mm2 ) need extending. Pulling in new legs isnt really an option as the house is...
  31. S

    To Crimp or not to Crimp???

    Hi. I'm just starting out on my own and really appreciate the advice given here. I'm installing my C/U (eventually to be used for my NICEIC assessment) and I need to extend all cables 30cms max. I've done lots or research and decided to crimp them and locate within an adaptable box. I don't...
  32. A

    Moving Consumer unit

    I have to move a Consumer unit approximately 6 mts. Had suggestion buy NAPIT technical to fit enclosure with terminal rail and terminals and then extend cables to new consumer unit. As the enclosure will not be readily available the terminal method would not be Maintenance Free. (If there was a...
  33. Midwest

    Crimping Solid Conductors

    I know that this has been debated before (quite recently in fact, but it is a boring Sunday afternoon), but as new products may have come available, I was wondering members views. So the scenario is; Sunday afternoon, Mr DIY has finally fallen to pressure to Mrs DIY and agreed to put up shelf...
  34. A

    New Electrical Install Question

    Hello, I have an electrician installing a new light and ring circuit for a loft conversation. He has joined the cables using block connectors which are in turn covered with electrical tape. Some of the earth cables are exposed. Could someone please tel me if this meets UK regulations. Kind...
  35. D

    wiring issue

    Hope someone can help with an issue ive got im trying to put a strip light up in my kitchen and need to know what wires go where as theres 9 wires to go in 3 connectors the wires are black x2 redx4 and green and yellowx3
  36. B

    Bicc brown electrical sealant

    Still have some in my shed from years ago and come across it often on old installs. It seems to have gone out of fashion. (prolly due to silicone) Does anyone still use this? did an internet search could not find the original product but found this PRYSMIAN R391 WEATHERPROOF PLASTIC COMPOUND...
  37. L

    Home CCTV with RJ45 inputs

    Hi All I am trying to find a suitably priced 4ch CCTV DVR with RJ45 inputs. I usually use BNC inputs but the customer already has RJ45 plugs on the end of the cameras. Thanks in advance
  38. Michaelwgroves

    Butt connectors

    I'm replacing CU in another location, some cables will require extending. My first thought was maintenance free junctions boxes under floor, but then I thought butt connectors are maintenance free, so maybe use these. Can I just use butt connectors, any issues with this? Thanks,
  39. D

    "Spider light" installation.Domestic

    Hi. Just wondered if anyone has any experience installing a spider lamp in a domestic premises? First time I have came across one of these fittings, it has a single rose with nine separate 0.5mm flexes, max 40w lamp. Just wondered what the correct way is to connect all the cables together. I...
  40. Pete999

    Maintence Free JBs (MFJBs)

    Just read an interesting article in Octobers "Professional Electrician and Installer" (PE&I). Probably going to get my Ass ripped to shreds over this, "You should have known better Pete" How ever many of you now use Wagos, I don't cus I'm retired, according to the article and I quote "" It's...
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