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Ducts are conduits or passages used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) to deliver and remove air. The needed airflows include, for example, supply air, return air, and exhaust air. Ducts commonly also deliver ventilation air as part of the supply air. As such, air ducts are one method of ensuring acceptable indoor air quality as well as thermal comfort.
A duct system is also called ductwork. Planning (laying out), sizing, optimizing, detailing, and finding the pressure losses through a duct system is called duct design.

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  1. A

    Duct For Control/Data Cables on my Own Land (UK)

    Hi, I need to run a duct from our garage, under the (gravel) drive to the house. Specifically this is for a monitoring sensor needed for our planned solar install, but while doing this I'll also run two or maybe three Ethernet Cat5e cables. So nothing above 48V. Are there any regulatory...
  2. R

    Long cooker hood duct ?

    Evening all, Currently 1st fixing new extension however the existing cooker hood duct which was on outside wall will now be part of new utility room and will need extending. Two issues I have . 1 The original duct is 4” flexi and already extends across kitchen for about 2.5metres. 2. The new...
  3. P

    Running wire around ductwork

    Hello all, I'm renovating my kitchen and had a question about running wire around ductwork. In attached pictures - I need to have a receptacle and a dedicated dishwasher line to the right of the ductwork. However, there is no good way to avoid the ductwork without running about 40 feet of...
  4. P

    Cable pulling question 25mm 4C in 63/50mm duct

    When putting in some duct for fibre broadband we also put in a few lengths of 63/50mm twinwall duct "just in case" we needed that, as we knew of a few possible use. At the time the biggest load was expected to be of the order of 32A so 4C 6mm ample and no size issue. However we are now...
  5. J

    Cable distance from boiler flue internal duct?

    Hello there! Could anybody help me with this query please, I am not sure where to look up the information I need? As I understand it, cables must be at least 25mm from an actual boiler or gas pipe? But could anyone please point me in the direction of any information regarding any regulations...
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