1. B

    Loft Aerial Problem.

    I have lost the use of my two loft TV aerials due to interference from the installation of foil backed dense foam insulation. I guess this is caused by signal reflection. Would any know of a solution to enable me to bring the aerials back into use. I know the obvious solution is to erect them...
  2. T

    Fitting an LED Spot into a loft hatch?

    I'm looking to consider asking my electrician to fit one extra LED flush-fit spot in loft hatch so it matches the rows in the ceiling to a total of 9 (3 rows of 3). He's concerned that it won't be safe and I totally get this, but is there a way to install this with some form of strong, flexible...
  3. V

    Loft Cables Question Please?

    Hi Everyone, Sorry for all the questions. With he help of a friend, I recently installed some insulation into my mother's loft. Whilst adding the insulation I noticed that a few cables (there are only light related cables in her loft) were tied together with electrical tape, so I spoke with...
  4. M

    Lighting Junction box in loft with 9 cables in??

    Doing a rewire at the minute and was wondering if anyone has ever seen or heard of a lighting circuit being connected somewhere in an installation with 8/9 cables connected. I’m an apprentice so I’m curious about most things and was wondering if you was to do an EICR how you would code this...
  5. archee

    UK RCD tripping when using loft socket.

    Afternoon all, I have an issue with the loft socket. When we moved the previous owners had a 2.5mm cable going up from the CU Via FCU however, the wiring was old and did not have earths(they cut them off). So I decided to completely rip out the old wiring including unnecessary spur and put...
  6. R

    What to do with a temporary excess of 10mm twin and earth in the loft

    The ongoing kitchen refit..... I have chased and fitted 10mm T&E from the cooker outlet to the isolator switch and up into the loft. I have 4 metres of T&E in the loft temporary connected to the original 6mm cooker circuit via a 40amp junction box screwed into the rafter, the 6mm then goes into...
  7. O

    Would you work in a rat infested loft

    nothing seems to be plain sailing at the moment (SPD problems, missing keys etc) So what do you think about this one - would you work in a loft that was full of rat s*** and p***? I've said no way, not for any amount of money so they sent someone down who half heartedly moved a bit of insulation...
  8. archee

    Loft sockets question

    Hi fitting a a couple loft sockets on a radial circuit. I only have 2.5mm cable and really don’t want to buy a reel 4mm2 is it ok to use on 32A mcb if I put a fcu before the sockets as it will never exceed 13A and the cable is rated for 27A. Or is it better to add another separate 16A breaker...
  9. M

    Locator Tool - Loft use

    Hello Guys. Hope you can help. I need to relocate some WiFi Wireless Access Points in a secure Hospital. You are not allowed to take phones in so I won't be able to use Bluetooth on a phone to work with some common locators such as Tile, Apple Airtag etc. Essentially I'm looking for a device...
  10. B

    Should I unclip lighting cables in loft to route over new insulation?

    Hi My 4 bed 2 storey house was extended 2 years ago and completely re-wired, but I am having to upgrade the insulation and board out the loft myself. In the loft the electricians clipped the new 1.0 mm wiring to the joists. There’s no ring, no JBs, it’s LED lighting only and all radial feed. No...
  11. A

    Correctly closing off a dead twin and earth cable in a loft.

    Correctly closing off a dead twin and earth cable in a loft. My old house used to have radial circuits serving night storage heaters. Those radials came from a dedicated consumer unit in the garage which has now been removed and all cables from it are now dead. Each night storage heater was...
  12. J

    Loft light from Boiler FCU

    Hi all, I’ve recently had my boiler moved from the kitchen to the airing cupboard upstairs. (Changed to combi) Prior to this the hot water tank was in the airing cupboard which was being powered from its own circuit on the consumer unit. There was a shower pump powered from an FCU running from...
  13. HoneycombEchoRomeo

    Junction box in loft with added wagos to extend lighting.

    Hi Guys, I have seen this in a loft and wondering if it is legal, the junction box is open of course. also one cable (1.5mm flex connects to a 3amp labelled FCU to an extension lead). it seemed the cables weren't able to fit as it was jam packed and someone added some wagos ontop. Can i keep...
  14. E

    Replace existing 4 inch centrifugal extractor fan in loft

    Hi my 4 inch centrifugal extractor fan in the loft has stopped working. Looking at doing a like for like replacement, but am confused with existing wiring vs wiring on the new unit and where the current wires would fit into the new unit. I've attached the current wiring set up for the broken...
  15. J

    Fitting sockets in loft

    Afternoon:) Could anyone tell me the best way to get socket mains into the loft , would it be taking the ring main from the bedroom below? Thanks
  16. S

    Car Charger 6mm SWA cable Query - Loft Insulation

    Hi We recently had an 7kW EV charger installed. Due to the consumer unit being situation within the kitchen of our bungalow, the cable needed to be routed across the loft in order to end up next to the drive, The contract was with a well known brand, who has sub-contracted out the...
  17. C

    Assistance re light junction box in loft

    Hi, I recently saw a post on Screwfix forum, but it has not been answered and because I have used the same set up would like to check that everything is ok. Please see below for outline: On installing a new light a few months ago, I made a ceiling rose in the loft using the box and connectors...
  18. westward10

    The dark loft.

    I rewired my loft three or four years ago fitting two twin 58w fluorescents. Been up and down getting Christmas stuff down, about the third time there was a pop from one of the fittings and it stopped working. Back up there today and a bigger pop from the other which took the breaker out now I...
  19. T

    Ring final routing in loft conversion

    Good evening All. Maintenance electrician here moving into domestic installations. What I'm still struggling with is the ring finals routing, especially in loft conversions. I am wiring one at the moment. Can you please have a look at the diagram below. Apologies it's very basic and rooms are...
  20. S

    Permagard loft ventilation:anybody heard of it?

    A customer is thinking of having this system installed,where to quote the blurb"fresh air is drawn in from outside into your loft and delivered throughout your house from a concealed location in your loft space.The units have a number of speeds depending on how many rooms you have."A unit with...


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