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  1. B

    Cavity wall access from Loft to 2nd floor for low voltage cable.

    Hi guys, I know this is technially not a mains electrical question as it's regarding network cable (CAT7) rated for inwall installation. But my question follows the same theory. I'm looking at dropping a few network cables from the gable end of my wall in the loft down into a room on the 2nd...
  2. Zerax

    Cheap batten fittings... for a loft

    Does anyone know of a source of cheap batten fittings... I used to get cheap fluorescent ones but they all seem to be LED ones which are a trifle overkill just for a loft... with like 30 mins per year usage !
  3. Matt

    Domestic Strange "pellets" in the loft.

    Hey, I am very new to the trade and I was helping a mate on a house rewire the other day and I found something that intrigued me. When I went up into the loft I found loads if these: Does anybody know what these are? the loft floor is littered with loads of them. The house is really old, if...
  4. G

    Trainee Loft conversion wiring

    Hi there I’m working on a loft conversion, just adding two small bedrooms in existing space. Would it be ok adding a radial circuit off a 16 amp MCB ? And how many sockets could I have? Thanks
  5. T

    Loft light conundrum

    Hello, I am having issues getting my head around this. So, I want to install a single ceiling light and switch in the loft. The loft access is in the middle of the upstairs landing. There is already downlights across the whole of upstairs landing. Therefore there are T&E cables up in...
  6. J

    Screwed into cable in loft

    Hi i put a screw through the lv mains cable in loft got a little flash cable got warm then cooled what should I do from here? Thanks in advance
  7. rolyberkin

    Fault on lighting circuit - What am I missing?

    I had a 10 minute look at an existing fault yesterday as walking out of a customers house as it was way past beer o'clock, the circuit is from a dual RCD board. Serves lighting in a loft conversion with balcony (outside lights) en suit, downlights shaver socket, bathroom fan and central pendant...
  8. G

    Domestic Live wire taped off in the loft.

    Afternoon all, new on here and hoping someone maybe able to offer a bit of advice? I am flooring the loft at the moment in the loft, and there is a length of wire (grey 3 core) that has just been taped off and taped to the rafters. The wire is live (240v) but isolating the MCB for upstairs...
  9. G

    Loft conversion sub main & diversity

    Hi all, I am currently having a loft conversion completed and want to put in its own board in the loft. The main reason for this is if in the future, I want to let it out as a self contained unit, it will be much easier. The conversion will initially have a ring main 32 amp and a lighting...
  10. J

    12v DC power from lighting circuit in loft space

    Hi, I've very little experience with wiring (other than a 18 yr old physics A-level), so was looking for a few pointers. I have a 4G LTE router I'd like to run in our loft, as it has far better reception up there - but alas, there are no plug sockets. The lighting circuit is accessible - but...
  11. E

    Loft Sockets added to spur( FCU)

    Hi there looking to fit 4 double sockets in a loft , there are no existing sockets wired from the loft so it will require a cable to be rsn into the loft , im wondering if i spur off a socket can i then connect the 4 new sockets in a radial from the spur assuming the original socket circuit is a...
  12. sythai

    Thatch loft - rewire

    Hi All Just curious to see if anyone has had the pleasure of carrying one of these out before? And if so how it went. We've got couple coming up, both following an EICR where we've found chewed cables/ basic insulation-exposed terminals buried in the thatch :rat::fire::flushed: Both jobs...
  13. G

    Sky in loft conversion best way

    Hi all i have a job coming up soon and the customer has sky around the house and he's now going up in the loft and wants sky in the 2 rooms what is the best way to go about this the shotgun cable runs through the loft to the dish out side. Thanks.
  14. H

    Older house loft insulation and cables

    Hi, Wish to increase loft insulation from 100 to 300mm. At present lighting and power cables are clipped direct to ceiling joists barely covered by insulation. The depth of insulation planned will cover these cables and I seek a solution. Thanks.
  15. S

    Had a rummage in the loft.....

    as I am trying to declutter the sh!te out of my life and opened up an old tool box of mine, last used in Kent many years ago so no screwdrivers........ Used to lug this from site to site and I think it must be about 30 years old or more, also Pyro tools ;o)))))) Really need to get rid of the...
  16. H

    Unidentified cable in loft - advise needed!

    Hello, I am installing insulation in my loft and have been mindful of all the electrical cables to lights and switches. All good, as they are nicely secured to the joists - so no need to touch them. However, there is a cable running across the length of the loft and I can't figure out what it...
  17. S

    Rummaging around in the loft

    and just found my Deed of Apprenticeship and City and Guilds Certs as well as my JIB membership from 1982/85 when I was youthful and good looking with a full head of hair....... Are they still of any use or should I make copies and sell them to Eastern Europeans?
  18. K

    Socket added in loft to lighting circuit - unearthed

    I recently had CCTV installed and the contractor installed a plug socket in my loft, spurred from the lighting circuit - which is unearthed. He added a four-plug extension lead to take the plugs for the four cameras. Is this safe? Or should I be concerned? Many thanks for any advice and help. Karen
  19. R

    Downlights and Loft Insulation

    I have these downlights installed under loft insulation with halogen GU10s. They are marked as fire rated and fire rated under insulation, but the installation just doesn’t look safe? I’m wondering if i should convert them to LED bulbs (that's happening progressively as the halogens blow anyway)...
  20. A

    Best Way to Add a Light in the Loft

    I've got a new build property and it looks like the electrician has left some wiring in the loft ready for a plug socket to be installed (2.5mm twin and earth cable). I'm assuming it's for a plug socket due to the cable size and that it's not wired into any of the lighting circuits (checked by...
  21. A

    Domestic Bathroom light, relocating 240/12v transformer to loft.

    A 240 to 12v bathroom light with 4 x 20 MR-11 bulbs on my bathroom ceiling recently failed due to the transformer mounted inside it dying . The failed transformer was 35-110W with dimensions about 125 x 40 x 20 mm "thick/high" so I bought as a replacement a Dais-105 (Toolstation item 44577)...
  22. T

    Thinking of a shell conversion of my loft.

    Hi just thought I would throw this out here into the forum. I am going to convert my loft and wonder if anyone has any tips, expertise or resources that may help. You never know who can do what on this forum. I live in a 30s' terraced house with a 38 degree pitch and 3m at the ridge so plenty of...
  23. Jymbob

    Recessing B22/E27 fittings?

    Hi all. We're getting ready to convert the loft in our house, and when it's done there's not going to be much spare headroom. With that in mind, I was wondering if there's any safe way to partially recess a standard B22 (or E27) fitting to get the maximum clearance between the bulb and my head...
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