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  1. H

    Extending a ring main wagos or crimps

    Evening all, Was just wondering when extending a ring main from a socket (not a spur but keeping it as a ring ) I have always been told to crimp cables through but would it be acceptable to use wago style lever connectors instead, as the connections are accessible anyway inside the back box...
  2. FatAlan

    The question is...are Wagos usable after at trip through the washing machine?

    As title. Based on wagos recovered from my washing machine. :)
  3. A

    Wago Connectors for Damaged Cable in Loft

    Hi all - have discovered a damaged cable in the loft - seems to be from the 1st Floor Lights Ring Circuit. Have cut the cable and reconnected it with Wago Connectors - see pics (yes i have switched off electricity and tested the cable was dead before cutting). This particular cable has 4 cables...
  4. Z

    Trainee Wago vs Quickwire

    I've seen some use Quickwire and others use Wago 221 in a Wago box for lights. A lot of people still use Wago, is it because it's cheaper? what do you use?
  5. J

    Wagos in trunking

    Would it be against regulations to put wagos into some maxi trunking to extend cables for a board change?
  6. Pete999

    Wagos, who needs Wagos?????????????

    Sorry Mods forgot to put this in "Pete's Videos" still never mind eh, it is Sunday and him upstairs forgives Sinners.
  7. Leader

    I love wagos but... (and why do I need 20chars?)

    I can't for the life of me work out how to get my probes into the "test ports". What am I missing?
  8. L

    Wagos vs Crimps vs junction boxes?

    Whats your thoughts on Wago's? Always preferred a JB or crimps myself. Wago's just don't seem right to me. There a lot quicker but don't seem so secure. Whats your guys thoughts?
  9. T

    Replacing old junction boxes with Wagos

    Hi, Just recently qualified. I've replaced some old 32amp junction boxes under the floor in my landing with Wago and Wago boxes to make them maintenance free prior to putting down new flooring. Prior to doing this, i tested the ring continuity, r1 was 0.52 ohms, rn was 0.53 and r2 was 0.73, so...
  10. H

    Advice needed on poor junction installation

    I discovered this whilst removing tiles in my daughters kitchen. It disintegrated when i touched it with the sds drill No enclosure just a backing plate rawl plugged to the wall and plastic terminal blocks behind. As its unsafe and exposed I need to repair it as quickly as possible. There isn't...
  11. D

    Wagos and ferrules

    Has anybody used a ferrule in a push fit wagos? I need to cut into a ring circuit to make a spur using singles (in conduit) but only have push fit wagos no good for flex as we know. I don't want to make a special trip in the morning and £20 on a box of latching wagos that I probably won't use...
  12. W

    accesable connections

    Hello there is one three plate pendant in the lounge on the ground floor and I've been asked to install a new chandelier fitting about half a meter away. the client doesnt want to keep the existing light,so i cant simply fish a cable from the ceiling rose.with the joint being accessible whats...
  13. H

    wago lighting connectors

    Should these be always housed in a wago cable retaining box if under plaster board?
  14. H

    How RCDs prevent fire

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=210&v=qYmAstpg4FY Cool video.
  15. D

    Neutrals in light switch

    I was wondering what folks do with their neutrals when three plating at switch? I've been using wagos, but I was chatting to another sparks and he was saying that he had been pulled up for not securing the neutral in the box. What are people's thoughts?
  16. C

    Rewiring lighting circuit

    Hi guys Wondered if anyone still uses the joint box method of Rewiring a lighting circuit? For example on an occupied upstairs downstairs house where you are Rewiring upstairs lighting circuit using existing conduit drops to switches. I am attempting to price such a job and reason I...
  17. D

    Light switch backbox

    Does anyone know of a cavity wall light switch backbox, that houses possibly or hopefully at least 6 loop in terminals.
  18. P

    Removing socket

    Got to remove a socket and connect it out in a house, the room is being converted to a bathroom so putting it under floor in Wagos , the circuit is fed from a BS3036. Will I need to protect the circuit with a RCD as I have carried out a alteration to the circuit or not.
  19. M

    extending socket and lighting cables

    Hi all just joined this forum after having a little read about :smiley2: My question is simply we are looking to extend our existing sockets to a more suitable height 450mm off the finished floor, also a few pendants centralised in the bedrooms as a rewire had taken place 5 years ago and all...
  20. D

    Choc Block in a plastic enclosure on a lighting circuit... Is it compliant?

    Fitting new downlighters (2 independent lamps) and was planning on adding them to the end of the lighting circuit in my loft using a suitably rated terminal strip, inside a surface mounted plastic enclosure. Read somewhere that this wasn't compliant, can someone enlighten me? Have I got the...
  21. D

    CU Change and extending circuit wiring

    I am changing my home CU for my NIC inspection. At the moment i have a rewirable fuse CU in a 1960's house so thought its about time its changed. On initial inspection everything seems in order, ok it all need to be brought up to 17th standards and none of the lighting circuits have an earth but...
  22. P

    Mains downlighters

    Hi, When fitting double insulated downlights wired in parallel what is your preferred way of joining and insulating the earth cables to ensure continuity? Pete
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