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  1. C

    Moved to a flat aerial socket loose and is not connected ?

    HI i just moved to a flat. The TV reception is sporadic at best and we have been needing to re-tune it every few days. I have tried to look online and all the sockets seem to be wired in and the live wire connected ? Does this look normal ? Any advice would be great thank you. 1590129701 posted...
  2. J

    Splitting aerial cable to supply another room

    Evening all Customer asked me if she can have an additional aerial point for her bedroom. Thing is her property is ground floor of two story house so no real possibility of access to loft to run new cable via amplifier. She currently has tv point in living room have contemplated splitting this...
  3. Moley

    Wifi extender with external aerial

    I've got a wooden chalet on a site in Somerset. The site wifi isn't the best but since I put Kingspan wall insulation in the signal has dropped, no doubt thanks to the foil on each side of the insulation shielding the signal. The only way I can think of to improve things would be to have a...
  4. DevonLady

    Tv aerial question

    I found this on my lawn, under the aerial on the roof. My tv is absolutely fine, should I get someone out for this or not bother?
  5. M

    Which Aerial CoAx Connectors? And a question RE couplers

    Hi again Having decided from my previous post to go with Webro WF100 (100m for £40 on Amazon), now I'm trying to find out what connector to use . I just need a CoAx to connect to the TV. Any recommendations please? At the aerial, the cable connects via screw terminals so nothing needed there...
  6. M

    Is all CT100 aerial cable me equal? What's best for external?

    Hi all I want to replace the aerial cable in my house as the old stuff is... old! And it has several joins along the way. In the first instance the run from aerial to TV will be around 20 metres. I remember when I looked into it years ago that CT100 is the best stuff to get. So just looking...
  7. C

    T.V aerial installation

    Hi, I am rewiring a house in a couple weeks and the customer wants some coax ran in for t.v points, however there is no aerial in the property as the last owner didnt have a tv. Is installing an aerial a pretty straightforward job or am i best telling him to get someone else in to do that? Thanks
  8. M

    Domestic Aerial cable not working after new faceplate added to existing cable

    Hi all, Just had a complete rewire done (excellent job) but after they added a new faceplate to the aerial cable, I get no signal on the TV. Sadly the old faceplate is gone in the trash so I can't put it back. I've reconnected the cable several times to ensure no shorts and I've continuity...
  9. A2HGO

    Stange Aerial Routing in new property

    Recently moved into a new house (its an old barn conversion not new build). Most rooms have an aerial socket but none have any signal. It appears the aerial coax comes directly from the aerial, down the roof, wall and into the main living room. Plugging this cable directly into a TV I get...
  10. H

    New aerial point in a flat.

    Hi guys, I've never done any aerial installs or an data cabling before so bare with.... I have a customer who lives in a block of flats, she has 1 aerial socket in the lounge but she also wants 1 in her bedroom, directly above the lounge. Am I able to just extend the socket in the lounge by...
  11. E

    Signal tester

    hi, what do you guys recommend to buy for a signal tester. I've seen the pocket sized ones but not sure they are any good?? I'm not a full time installer but when doing re-wires I get asked to install the aerials, I've been lucky until recent at getting good signal strengths. Hence I'm looking...
  12. A

    Digital TV only picking up BBC channels

    Hello all I have recently finished re wiring a customers kitchen and the last job was retuning the digital TV she has in it. This TV worked perfectly well before the new kitchen was installed, however since trying to retune it I can only pick up BBC channels. There are 3 TV's in the...
  13. Soulsurfer

    Sky dish split

    Hey all I've not done much satellite work and want to find out if always need a say quad or onto LNB to feed out from dish to multiple sky+ digiboxes or is there a way such as an antiference style digiamp that you leave in loft and then connect say one shotgun coax to from the dish and drop to...
  14. M

    Biggggg Problem co aux tv aerial

    Just renovated my house and had the whole house rewired and asked the sparky to put in some aerial sockets around the house.. had it all plastered and decorated and tried tuning in the TVs for no channels to be found.. after some investigating i noticed the new co aux cables outside that is...
  15. rustynails

    Insulation resistance on a lighting circuit

    Today I got 0.11 Mohm L-N>E at 250v then the same at 500v on a 6amp lighting circuit wired in the 70s which is the only lighting circuit for the house. Customer did not want me to remove the lamps. I forgot to ask or see a bell transformer or aerial booster. No faults known to the customer. MCB...
  16. joel89

    Tv Aeiral installation

    I have recently installed a new aerial mega booster with a 1 in 4 out amplifier, it comes with a 12v signal booster which has to power it, my question is I'm feeding 4 TVs do i need to signal boost each cable individually?! As on the booster its only got 1 input from amplifier on the aerial, and...
  17. happyhippydad

    Extra TV sockets/splitters/boosters etc

    I have been asked once or twice if I would fit an extra TV aerial point and I have always declined as this is not something I understand in depth so therefore dont want to do it. I realise its fairly straight forward to just add a splitter/booster in the loft and run the cable to desired...
  18. A

    intermittent booster box fault

    I wonder if anyone has any ideas - my TV is driving me crackers! Our TV is connected via a a DVD player / recorder to a signal booster box (which sits next to the TV) and then to a rooftop aerial, we watch freeview. For many months this has worked just fine. A few weeks ago, I would...
  19. M

    TV wall aerial socket issue

    Hello All I'm looking for some advice/pointers regarding a tv aerial socket problem. I've moved into a new house where the tv signal was a bit dodgy due to a damaged wall socket (the metal femail part of the connector was damaged probably as a result of the aerial lead from the tv being...
  20. D

    Aerial socket question!

    Sorry folks, technically it's not the right thing to post in this forum, but I figured my question fits in here better than elsewhere! Need to add an aerial socket in a bedroom. Got a new run of co-ax chased into the wall and the new socket installed, with the other end coming out in the...
  21. P

    TV aerial doubled up

    Just been given a brand new high gain aerial. I've already got the exact same version on my roof. Can I put this new one in the loft and join them Together? Can't seem to find any splitter which have 2x inputs too 1 output. Or will this be a wasted effort and not do much?
  22. R

    oval conduit

    Decided to add a high socket and aerial point for a wall mounted tv in my spare bedroom today and was not looking forward to chasing a cable to spur for my socket. Decided to chase my dual box out first and half way through there he was, oval conduit. So i move my box over, perform surgery on...
  23. T

    Roped in to looking at a freeview/aerial fault, help!

    Hi all! A guy at our wholesalers has been asking my boss to go and look at his aerial at his house for over a year now, and the job has been palmed off on to me. I have installed a few aerials and sky dishes but i have never done any serious fault finding with one. Multiple free view boxes...
  24. amlu

    rewire pricing help

    hello, please point me in the right direction did two jobs, both in 4 bedroom properties, working together on proper refurbishment under a dodgy building company. one was moving 3pendants, 3 new sockets, 23 led spotlights on dimmers, new bathroom install, new kitchen, aerial+2 aerial sockets...
  25. michaelw6

    freeview in swindon and wiltshire

    hello all yocals! im after some of your info. 1) does any one know of any good websites dedicated to finding compas bearings for it. as we seem to be in the middle of mendip and oxford with no good signal. (looking for a site that will tell me height of recommended aerial and settings) 2) i...
  26. C


    "Hello All", I have had Freeview on all of the TV`s in My Home since Freeview became available - all with a Great Picture. I live in London as We have just had the `Switchover` on 4th and 18th April - Since then the TV Pictures have been NOT Great and have been adversely affected by the...
  27. sythai

    Installing Co-Ax points and testing....

    Hi Chaps... Just want see if there is a bit of kit out there that I would be able to test co-ax points with once I've installed them. To check the signal is good and that the TV will work. Bit tricky carrying round a spare freeview tv in the back of the van thats all. Cheers Sy....
  28. S

    IR test on lighting circuit

    During a PIR on a domestic dwelling before a cu change i tested IR on the board found 0.28Mohm between L-N. N-E and L-E were 75Mohm and 55Mohm, isolated eached circuit and traced it to the upstairs lighting. Re-tested on this circuit but still low between L-N, double checked all loads had been...
  29. H

    what about tv, satelite , phone wiring?

    hi i want to find out how 2 wired up (all in one house , one family) a 5 or 6 phone points , and a 5 0r 6 tv or sat points (i'm not sure what " do with tv/sat , what the best way ? please help
  30. A

    Running aerial cable next to socket cable?

    If you had a socket and a tv aerial socket next to each other would it cause any interference to the aerial if you ran the cables side by side? Or should they be kept separate?
  31. K

    Question re 5 amp socket for flatscreen TV use

    Hello all, I am a newbie. I'm looking for some advice about a wall-mounted 5 amp socket. In a room in my parents' house there is a wall mounted 5 amp socket, of the three round pin type (I think it's called BS 546). The house was recently rewired and refurbished so the installation is...
  32. S

    Domestic Installer Passed

    Just to let everyone know I'm now up to Domestic installer status passed 17th and Part P last week so am now well on my way to becoming a fully blown electrician, got 2391 booked up for april and NVQ soon. Was hoping to start up self employed doing domestic electric,cctv, aerial and AV fitting...
  33. A

    Sometimes i hate customers

    Had a bloke call me and ask for a socket and tv point on the wall so he could hang his tv on there. I quoted him £65 as it was all stud wall. ariel above room and socket to spur off of. Nice and simple. He called me today upset as his wife complained I did not hang the tv for them. the...
  34. O

    Using aerial socket wiring for sky magic eye?

    Gents, Ive got two aeriel sockes one in the lounge and one in the bedroom, they each have a lenght of aerial cable running from them to the loft, the two wires each have a connector on, which is plugged into an aerial splitter, which then has the cable running to the aeriel which is in the...
  35. S

    Coaxial sockets

    what is the dirrerence between screened and un screened coaxial wall sockets, for what I can see is price is the only difference? thanks in advance
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