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  1. C

    UK RCD adaptor issue

    I am seeking professional advice. I have no electrical qualifications. On the last 2 occasions I have cut my lawn the RCD adaptor did not trip BUT when I disconnected the mower the RCD was completely dead (ie would not reset nor test nor allow power to any device) . On the second occasion I...
  2. H

    Dead Wire Trace and no GFIs to a Bathroom

    Hello all. Looking for some help. Had a pump to a jacuzzi tub not working. Got into the area where the pump is and plugged it into a different outlet and the pump works. Went to the timer switch on the wall for the pump and put a multimeter on the wires (only two coming into the box other...
  3. Lister1987

    Megger 1730 won't complete IR dead test at any range

    As title, playing with test rig and running through dead tests; conductor continuity passes fine but if I try and do any range IR test it just won't have it. I've tested the dead short to verify leads are ok and they are, I can't figure out why it's not running the test, it's a dead rig so no...
  4. F

    Fluke 199C

    Hi, I'm facing a problem with my FLUKE 199C oscilloscope battery which becomes dead very often and the oscilloscope will not turn on anymore even when the power adapter is connected. Is there any way to make it run on the power adapter regardless of the battery condition.
  5. F

    ISE 10 W256W (ASKO WM70.1) washing machine won't turn on

    Can anybody please offer any guidance with the following problem. The power button doesn't work but when turned off at the socket, left a few seconds and turned back on, the lights briefly come on. The history so far is here.
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