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  1. R

    Solar iboost panel dead

    Hi, had solariboost for around 4 years, noticed other day couldn't hear it so looked at panel and nothing, went to the sender unit and that's fine it's flashing evey 10 seconds as it should so what could the fault be? Any help or advice appreciated as don't want to get ripped off. Thanks
  2. A

    Mastek MS8268 multimeter reset or dead?

    The MS8268 multimeter has worked fine with no issues, but it's been in a drawer for several months. Batteries had corroded, but the contacts appear to be fine. I tested continuity and the battery clips seem to be okay. Opening the case there doesn't appear to be any corrosion and the springs...
  3. F

    Dead On Arrival GFCI Outlet?

    Want to put a GFCI outlet on a circuit. Currently, this circuit is free of any other outlets or switches. Purchased an Eaton 15-Amp Tamper Resistant Weather Resistant GFCI Residential Decorator Outlet at Lowes. Installed according to manufacturer's instructions. Plugged in a coffee maker and no...
  4. S

    Live or dead socket???

    How can you tell if 3 phase 5 pin plug is live and working or dead amd not working??
  5. A

    Correctly closing off a dead twin and earth cable in a loft.

    Correctly closing off a dead twin and earth cable in a loft. My old house used to have radial circuits serving night storage heaters. Those radials came from a dedicated consumer unit in the garage which has now been removed and all cables from it are now dead. Each night storage heater was...
  6. westward10

    Dead phone.

    Now I only replace my phone when they need replacing but my old Samsung S7 kept freezing the other day then died. Took to a phone repair shop they said new battery so I left with them 24hrs later all working, the old battery all bulged out. Worked for a day then kept freezing, restarting and now...
  7. A

    Help with a dead circuit

    I have a dead circuit in my kitchen that I am trying to fix. it seems to be a simple run from the panel to on outlet using BX cable to a first outlet and then a Romex cable from that outlet to a second outlet. I have identified every outlet, light switch and fixture in the entire house and...
  8. J

    dead wires for outside light

    Hello. We bought a 1966 house recently. 1 outside light at our side door was old/broken so I bought a replacement. Before removing the light I used a voltage tester so I’d know which breaker to shut off. That didn’t work. I unscrewed the fixture from the wall, and found the light wired and...
  9. W

    Wiring diagram and ideas to resurrect dead Porsche 997.1

    Hello Everyone, I have a very poorly 2007 997.1 RHD Manual Cab. In going through the emergency flat battery bonnet opening routine I accidentally put 24 volts into the loom via the pull out terminal in the fuse box. A costly lesson here to always reset 24/12 volt chargers back to 12v after...
  10. M

    Proving dead at a pendant -,no cpc

    All these procedures for proving dead in the UK are mostly new to me . We were expected to be competent to work safely with the training we were given, I don't recall ever being taught to prove dead as such So is there a set procedure for proving dead in this scenario with approved devices...
  11. buzzlightyear

    its dead

    i have now need to get a new osculating saw having me bosh ones has just died will take it down the garden and throw it in next doors garden ,i bet you through throughout i was going to bury it , so now go for a corded one or go for a cordless one ,so gents and ladies tongue in cheek ,what have...
  12. L

    iBoost goes dead and then a few days later, comes to life again

    For the last few weeks, my iboost seems to completely switch off and even if you push any of the buttons or turn the switch to the mains on or off, it does not work. And then suddenly, out of the blue it starts working again. If it works during daylight, it will start to heat the water properly...
  13. D

    How to verify that all power is dead coming into building? and guide wire burned? - kinda urgent

    First, I am way out in the country in a snowstorm and cannot get an electrician out to look at this today. The power company said this isn't their responsibility (and it isn't). I've got a power pole that's damaged and tipping over after a major windstorm (100 mph). The pole is supporting a...
  14. C

    Dead socket - finding the cabling

    Any tips / tools for finding cable runs? Sockets and outside light stopped working in an extension. Experienced DIYer / renovator, doing some uncovering for my spark. What with social distancing and the fact that old horrible artex (ugh - will be replaced) might have asbestos - A lot of the...
  15. J

    LED Dimmer dead spot

    Hi, I have an LED dimmer (no neutral needed) with Dimmable LED bulbs but get a dead spot when sliding the dimmer up and down... any ideas on how I can solve this?
  16. S

    UK Dead short neutral to earth

    Hi. I am after a bit of advice if anyone can help. I got called to a job due to RCD tripping. Ir circuits and fault was on cooker. Disconnected cooker and fault gone from DB. The landlord tried to get the cooker fixed , but appliance engineer couldn’t fix, so he brought a new cooker. Today he...
  17. Scolmore

    The Ring is dead, long live the Radial!⚡

    The Ring is dead, long live the Radial!⚡ When wiring socket outlets do you: 1. Use ring final circuits 2. Use radial circuits
  18. S

    Difference between dead short and short circuit

    Hi looking for some help about faults and symptoms and difference between short circuit, dead short, and overcurrent to know which fault you have. Is short circuit line and and neutral fault dead short zero resistance and a tripped breaker And overcurrent to much current in circuit causing...
  19. M

    need help with dead gfci

    Hi. My outlet is dead. I need some help with checking the wiring in a gang box. Please see the pics. The switch on the left works. One of the other switches may control an unused ceiling light or the gfci outlet. I tried resetting the gfci. There are 2 gang boxes. I started with the bottom...
  20. C

    UK RCD adaptor issue

    I am seeking professional advice. I have no electrical qualifications. On the last 2 occasions I have cut my lawn the RCD adaptor did not trip BUT when I disconnected the mower the RCD was completely dead (ie would not reset nor test nor allow power to any device) . On the second occasion I...
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