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  1. T

    House water pump keeps needing a reset

    Hi. I have a single phase water pump which supplies our house. It frequently cuts out and needs to be reset (on pump itself). Because of our location (rural Spain) I suspect it is erratic voltage supply. Is there a power regulator I can use in between pump & outlet to overcome this?
  2. D

    Hello All, I have Adept TW02W wifi Thermostat - does anyone know how to reset it?

    Hello All, I have Adept TW02W wifi Thermostat - does anyone know how to reset it?
  3. A

    Mastek MS8268 multimeter reset or dead?

    The MS8268 multimeter has worked fine with no issues, but it's been in a drawer for several months. Batteries had corroded, but the contacts appear to be fine. I tested continuity and the battery clips seem to be okay. Opening the case there doesn't appear to be any corrosion and the springs...
  4. P

    Itron ACE9000 reset advice

    A customer has an ACE 9000 Itron. If I remove the mains fuse, to replace CU, will the meter stop working and need to be reprogrammed by supplier after restoring power? Thanks
  5. W

    Unable To Reset GFCI

    Upfront disclosure, I am a DIY homeowner with basic knowledge of electrical safety. Here is my issue: Type GFCI Outlet- Eaton TR Installed mid to late 2020 Corresponding Breaker in Main Panel- Square D 20 Amp in number 20 position The main breaker is designated as Bath GFCI and I know for a fact...
  6. M

    GFCI won't reset, small voltage neutral to ground

    I do general maintenance at a summer camp that includes a campground. One of our campsite electric posts is having a problem. The GFCI is tripped and will not reset. I tried a new GFCI outlet and same result. I'm also getting about 2.6v from neutral to ground, when measured at the outlet and at...
  7. S

    GE gfi breaker needs reset once a month

    I have a 20 amp GE gfi breaker that pops at least once a month in the middle of the night. Only has bathroom lights on it. New switches installed, wiring looks fine. Could the breaker be faulty.
  8. G

    Texecom veritas R8, lost engineers code, how do you factory reset?

    Texecom veritas R8, lost engineers code, how do you factory reset. End user code works ok, but cannot reset without engineers code. can anyone help??
  9. V

    House Alarm reset after isolation - who foots the bill

    This one has caught me out twice now. Needed to isolate power to house that has a battery backed up alarm. Unknown to me the battery was flat, so when I turned on the power the alarm reset to factory settings and wouldn't switch off, resulting in an call out to a security firm on a Sunday and...
  10. DJAndy

    Actulux controller stays in 'Alarm' after fire panel reset

    Been having issues with a pair of linked Actulux SVM controllers. If the fire alarm is triggered the controllers show 'Alarm' and the AOVs open as expected. After the alarm is cancelled and the fire panel is reset, one of the SVM controllers goes back to normal, the other stays in 'Alarm'...
  11. N

    How to reset boiler Horstmann 7 Economy?

    Hi, I have a boiler Horstmann 7 Economy. It is not working. However the boost option works. Could you tell me how to reset it, please?
  12. G

    Alarm reset required???

    Hello, I’m doing a kitchen extension rewrite for a customer and they’ve recently moved in with an existing alarm system in place. They have the setting code but the alarm system is not accepting the code and showing reset required as the kid was removed when they were investigating why it...
  13. G

    Danfoss programer

    Hi anyone know how to reset annual service reminder on danfoss programmer
  14. Zerax

    Hikvision NVR Admin Password Reset

    I have a Hikvision DS-7608NI-K2 to play with but the owner doesn't remember the admin password. I've tried the default of 12345 but that's not working... does anyone know the routine to reset it ?
  15. R

    Kewtec KT77

    Not used my Kewtec KT77 since it was recertified in January. Switched on on Wednesday to be told it needed a service! How do I reset? If I leave it on it clears in 30 minutes. If I switch off and switch on it starts with no problems. Robert
  16. L

    Solar iBoost - how to reset memory?

    I want to set my iBoost electricity saved memory back to zero. Does anyone know how to do this, please?
  17. naylorpd

    3 phase RCCB tripped, won't reset

    Hi, in my garage I have a 3 phase RCCB that has tripped and I just can't get it to reset, even with all the downstream MCBs switched off. Bit of a nuisance really as mother in law has no power to her flat above the garage and the garage door and front gate don't work. I tried uploading photo...
  18. P

    My RCD won't reset after testing

    my RCD's wont reset after testing. I have 6 RCD in my fuse box all in a row (and only 4 MCB - which doesn't seem usual). After pressing the test button, the RCD triggers. The RCD won't however allow itself to be reset. I have tried resetting with all the MCB turned off as well as all...
  19. J

    Does anyone know how to reset a set of megger mft 1721 at all please? It’s got an error code of 76 :/

    Does anyone know how to reset a set of megger mft 1721 at all please? It’s got an error code of 76 :/


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