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  1. L

    Solar iBoost - how to reset memory?

    I want to set my iBoost electricity saved memory back to zero. Does anyone know how to do this, please?
  2. naylorpd

    3 phase RCCB tripped, won't reset

    Hi, in my garage I have a 3 phase RCCB that has tripped and I just can't get it to reset, even with all the downstream MCBs switched off. Bit of a nuisance really as mother in law has no power to her flat above the garage and the garage door and front gate don't work. I tried uploading photo...
  3. P

    My RCD won't reset after testing

    my RCD's wont reset after testing. I have 6 RCD in my fuse box all in a row (and only 4 MCB - which doesn't seem usual). After pressing the test button, the RCD triggers. The RCD won't however allow itself to be reset. I have tried resetting with all the MCB turned off as well as all...
  4. J

    Does anyone know how to reset a set of megger mft 1721 at all please? It’s got an error code of 76 :/

    Does anyone know how to reset a set of megger mft 1721 at all please? It’s got an error code of 76 :/
  5. E

    Danfoss tp9000 service interval timer reset

    So I've read some similar older threads that have posted some images on how to reset this damn thing (only had my boiler serviced 4 months ago). Can anyone help with the sequence as the other thread help doesn't seem to work with mine...
  6. C

    Alarm code lost, reset required

    Hi, I have been asked by a landlord to reset an alarm system as the occupant has moved out and does not know the code. Ive never had to do this before so any help appreciated? Unsure what the alarm brand is yet wont know until I visit
  7. P

    Quinetic wireless units - power reset

    Does anyone know if quinetic wireless units (switches/receivers) retain the memory after the power is cut, and if so for how long?
  8. Richard Cook

    Dishwasher needing switched off at wall to ‘reset’ before each cycle?

    I’ve got a dishwasher from IKEA (integrated into unit) and it’s under 2 years old. For the best part of since I’ve had it... when I go to turn it on it will beep (as if it’s picking up on the pressing) but it won’t show anything on the display etc. I have to switch it off at the wall and wait...
  9. B

    GFCI sockets - test and reset functionality

    Hi folks. Please excuse my complete ignorance and go easy on me :) I recently got some electrical work done including an external double power socket installed behind the garage. I understand this to be a GFCI plug as it has "Test" and "Rest" functions on the plug. I plugged in a small...
  10. T

    Roberts Play 10 DAB Radio -- Can't Reset to Factory

    This little radio is 2 or 3 years old and very handy for portable DAB. I use 4 x rechargeable AA batteries. Not mains-operated. There are 3 station presets but I can't erase them or even factory-reset the radio. It will accept a new station to any preset but the memory of it is lost on...
  11. Timbo

    MK Masterseal RCD sockets - won't reset.

    Hello everyone I was wondering if anyone else has had problems with these sockets not resetting. I have a client with three of them for the purpose of servicing air handling units. Rarely used but just will not reset. Installed 5 years ago. Regards, Tim.
  12. albi

    Optimal panel will not reset

    Hi every one I have a optima XL6 panel but I think some one has changed the PCB from another optima panel and I don't seen to be able to reset the NVM back to factory and help whould be gratefully appreciated
  13. C

    struggling to reset Mains after overload

    Greetings all. I have the lowest cost supply of electricity available here in France. that means that I can only have a few heaters running at the same time as the oven is on or the main rcd supplied by the electricity company trips. now my problem is trying to turn it back on again. it refuses...
  14. W

    110v transformer start up current

    I've recently qualified and want to get myself set up with some new tools. I don't really fancy having some tools 110v and some 230v, if I can get away with it I'd prefer to have all 110v. However, I realise this isn't practical for domestic work as the transformer will probably take out the CB...
  15. W

    How to reset E.T.N GEB2080ffg mccb

    Hi, Guys is somebody know how to reset ETN GEB2080fg MCCB, which is stuck in middle of position and can't on or off. the product is out of UK. many thanks for your help.
  16. leep82

    RCD tripping, problems identifying fault

    I received a phone call from a friend the other night telling me his socket werent working and whenever he tried to reset the MCB the RCD would trip immediately. As i couldn't get to him that night i asked him to unplug anything in the affected sockets and then try to reset the MCB, hoping that...
  17. mhar

    GE RCD query

    Went to a property yesterday to do some odds and sods, replace the cu and do some remedials following a condition report customer obtained prior to purchasing the property. The cu is made by GE and was installed in 1997, half the board rcd protected and half not. One of the observations on the...
  18. P

    Ring main tripped struggling to find cause

    32amp ring main tripped mcb and rcd overnight. Rcd will reset but not all the time, mcb will not reset. Unplugged everything in house and mcb still trips, but rcd ok now. 32amp ring main covers whole house and struggling to locate fault. I'm newly qualified and probably missing something obvious...
  19. K

    Siemens rwb1007 timeswitch service indicator reset.

    Hi has anyone come across Siemens time switch.....and anyone know know how would they be reset....Thanks.
  20. C

    DoL with pilz relay

    Hey all, fairly new to this so bare with me, i have an interview this week and Iam expecting a skills test does anyone have any idea what I could be facing? Or what you have experienced, the job is in a food processing factory. ive heard rumours of having the wire a dol with pilz relay? not...
  21. L

    Schneider ZBE 101 is not working

    Hi guys, I would to say hello to everyone and hope I will be comfortable in this forum!! I am a mechanical engineer and I am in a certain way "forced" to learn also electrical stuffs. At the moment I am trying to understand why my RESET button (ZBE 101) on my machine does not work. I...
  22. L

    Schneider ZBE 101 is not working

    Hi guys, I would to say hello to everyone and hope I will be comfortable in this forum!! I am a mechanical engineer and I am in a certain way "forced" to learn also electrical stuffs. At the moment I am trying to understand why my RESET button (ZBE 101) on my machine does not work. I...
  23. S

    Domestic RCBO not restting

    Hi all Have a problem with a Wylex 32A Type C RCBO that has tripped to a utility room and heating plant room to a west London mid terraced house. It will not reset even with all loads removed. I tried swapping the line and neutral conductors to an adjacent same rated RCBO and the same...
  24. B

    airbag fault peugeot 206 gti 2003

    Hi guys the wifes car has recently come up with airbag fault on the main display I live on a Scottish island so a trip to main dealers is very expensive boat fares etc do any of you know how I may be able to trace fault a diagnostic fault finder could not trace fault cheers..brum
  25. londonfire

    Strange RCD tripping...

    Have had a call from a regular customer about their RCD TRIPPING. Strange thing is it has tripped every Monday between 6-6:30 am for the last month. The property has recently had new kitchen appliances (all high end Neff) Has also had the meter changed to a smart meter. My initial thought...
  26. S

    Problems with veritas 8 alarm

    Hi, Could you please give me some advice - I have the veritas 8 alarm with keypad and today I had to turn the mains off to do some diy work. When I turned it off within 2 minutes the alarm started beeping and the alarm went off inside and outside the house. I tried to reset it but it wasn’t...
  27. Lou7

    Intruder alarm

    I know its the wrong forum but does anyone know about intruder alarms, i'm replacing my old knackered panel with a new version but different terminations.
  28. P

    Single phase 240v motor wiring

    Please help. I have recently fitted a new pump, pressure switch and a 2.2kw(3HP) single phase 240v, 2 pole electric to my compressor. However I am at a loss at how to wire it. I have been trying to google it for 3 days, but am getting conflicting answers. It is a start capacitor and start run...
  29. M

    Immersun faulty, VO?

    hi all just want to check this set up. have 17th edition board (already installed) have main switch then a VO on one circuit (hold fire read rest), 2nd breaker immersion circuit. then first RCD unit which is fed via VO unit has half the house on it. then next rcd that has some sockets on...
  30. abbeyhouse

    Domestic PIR problem

    A block of flats has a set of outdoor security lights each switched on by a separate PIR sensor switch. The lights are 500w incandescent and the PIRs rated at 1000w or more. Different makes of PIR have been tried but after a few months they mostly fail by remaining turned on. Any thoughts on...
  31. R

    Need to reset a Galaxy 2-20 alarm system

    I have recently moved into a new house that has a Galaxy 2-20 system which the previous owners had on an ADT contract. Following a number of telephone line outages it needed an engineers reset but ADT will not give me the code and wanted £180 to come and reset it. Alternatively I can sign up...
  32. R

    Fluke 6500 reset access code

    I got a Fluke 6500 PAT tester off ebay but the access code is no longer set at default (9999). I suspect the previous owner changed the code, I've contacted him but he claims to have no knowledge of the access code. Without going to Fluke and paying loads of money, is there any other way of...
  33. R

    Accenta/Optima LED Double Knock Problem

    Hi, I am trying to set up double knock on some zones on my alarm but having a problem. In the manual, it says to press the BELL and then press SKIP and LEDs 1 and 2 should come on - which it doesnt, all i get is a long BEEP. What am i doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
  34. S

    RCD not Resetting

    Hi there Local church TT system, CU with RCD as protection as main switch. Had a problem with the dishwasher tripping the RCD when running a intensive program, but that is a other issue. the main issue is when the RCD has tripped, you cannot reset it. There usually is no power on the...
  35. I

    tripping rcd

    Hi All. I was called out today to a tripped RCD in a domestic split board that not would reset unless the main switch was off. All mcbs off, all phase conductors removed in case of stuck mcb but still no rcd reset unless main swith was off. Any ideas, householder was not prepared for more...
  36. A

    immersion fault

    I have been out to a faulty immersion and have found that there is current through the thermostat. but no current after the next component between the two white wires. what is this and what does it do? and is it bypassable , repairable without having to change the whole element. thanks Mark
  37. S

    lighting circuit inconsistent tripping

    Was asked to look at this job today where the lights on a 6a mcb wouldn't reset. I turned up watched the the person onsite reset the mcb where it instantly reset with a bang and arcing coming from it. I did it again, same thing happened. So i turned all the light switches off and reset the mcb...
  38. D

    House alarm issue

    (Why can’t I post in the alarm section about a problem with my house alarm)?? :thumbs_down: I’ll post it here knowing it might get moved (however I won’t be able to see any responses) anyway here goes!!! Scantronic 9800 alarm system Hi Stupidly I removed the cover of my alarm system which...
  39. I

    strange fault tripping out garage

    hi everyone went to a call today reguarding a tripped rcd and loss of power to garage. When i arrived the the rcd had been reset and all mcb's were on and all circuits working normally. one 16amp Mcb was off and no power to garage. She said her son had reset rcd but thought the problem was...
  40. Rockingit

    Just picked up this little gem via facebook:

    the master trips out when the power goes out, won't go back on until power is back on, but have to turn off every fuse on board to get Master to reset when power returns, and then reset each fuse individually... huzb also a sparks - fuse board safe, just ancient. Own up then.
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