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  1. David Prosser

    CV19 music nothing else !!

    I like to listen to mostly rock type music but never rule out any genera or type. As this ---- goes on I find music can take on new meaning so I thought I'd fire up thread on music to fit the mood, please add some songs and artists and if you feel like it a bit of an explanation. This obviously...
  2. EricMark

    Why do I have a wall thermostat? is there nothing better?

    In a way I know the answer, wall thermostat turns heating off when we have warm weather, but I look at the PC and it shows me the target and current in each room from the electronic TRV heads, and I thing if it can tell me when room is cold why can't it be connected to boiler and switch it on...
  3. Pete999

    Nothing much going on.

    I'm not an overly Religious Person, my thoughts on the subject are my own, and this is not a "an explain what your thoughts are" no I only ask what peoples thoughts are with the myriad of front door call I have been receiving, from folk that perhaps need to get a life, although perhaps religion...
  4. Z

    UK Kitchen socket trip switch keeps triggering RCD even when nothing is plugged in.

    Hello & Merry Christmas, Last week when waking up the lights and sockets in the bedrooms upstairs were off, along with the ground floor kitchen sockets. Flipping the RCD, and the trip switch for the kichen sockets and upstairs lights seemed to work fine - we have no new appliance installed or...
  5. D

    Hoping somebody can help my electric has gone to a £1 a hour I’ve gone through a elimination process unplugging things one by one nothing has changed

    My tumble dryer blew up and since then my electric charge has gone to £1 a hour I’ve unplugged everything in my house but to no avail any advice other than seeing a electrician which I’m doing is it possible for the blow up and trip to have caused this electric bill increase
  6. K

    Multimeter showing reading when nothing is plugged in

    I want to talk about the context to this first, I'm in my first year at college studying level 2 electrical installation and for Christmas my family got me a toolkit which had some tools , multimeter and a soldering iron. They didn't really know much about things like that and they wanted it to...
  7. Baddegg

    R1+R2 of zero zilch nothing?......

    Testing R1/R2 on 10mm/4mm T&E cable and the reading is 0.00? Never had this before, can I record 0 on the cert?
  8. M

    nothing like being thrown a curve ball

    I was asked to change a light fitting in a neighbours house easy job help out a neighbour I thought. I had my 2nd oldest son with me so thought it would be good to show him how to work safely ie how to use a voltage indicator and work safe. normal procedure prove indicator using proving unit...
  9. telectrix

    nothing to do with electrics

    as title. it's a 2 piece sofa/settee. red leather. 3 seater and a 2 seater. the 3 seater is 6'6" length, the 2 seater is 5'6". in good but not quite mint condition. selling due to upgrade to powered tilt thingy. pic. shows 3 seater. 2 seater is identical but, of course a bit smaller. can deliver...
  10. J

    Ring main MCB tripping, nothing plugged in.

    Hello everyone, Bit of a confusing one. I have a ring main on a 32A mcb. The MCB keeps tripping, sometimes the circuit will stay on for around half an hour then suddenly trip. This is still tripping with nothing plugged in. I have checked all sockets and made sure all connections are tight...
  11. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Found this whilst there was nothing to do

    Don't where you can get one, what use it would be, but clever none the less
  12. P

    what do you think - C2 or C3 on an EICR

    Rented property, with a fitted IP66 rcd socket outside for garden use. Tenancy agreement (to be signed by tenants) says only outside socket to be used in garden ie no extensions to be taken outside. Internal sockets are not rcd protected - what do you code them? I would think C3 as an indication...
  13. M

    Videx 8k-1 please help

    Hi all I've just installed like for like videx door entry but when I press call button nothing happens? It's all been wired like for like.communication works both ways but nothing happens when button is pushed? Could the receiver be the problem? It's the only thing I haven't replaced.tia
  14. D

    New PIR lights not working??

    Hi there, Is anyone familiar with the Epsom LED PIR Twin Floodlight 18w you get from Screwfix? I installed one last week, and worked fine. Installed two new ones today for a client, and they are not working. It states in the manual to mount 1.8m to 2.5m off of the ground and i have to...
  15. E

    Domestic Kitchen sockets issue.

    Hi all, can I ask if anyone has ever had a problem like this. i was called to a property tonight, the tenant had turned on their kettle and it had switched off at boiling point but continued to boil. They have tried 4 other kettles and they've all done the same thing. ive tested the circuit, a...
  16. V

    Millenium academy in Barking can be trust? Coz i cant find reviews

    Thats for level 3 . Cost 3000. but still waiting and looking another college. Who knows about Millenium? Thank you
  17. B

    Volex cu rcd

    My mum has a Volex CU which has been nuisance tripping last few months, tried disconnecting, switching off various things but found nothing that causes it. After a while it will come back on, but it has gone now and will not switch back on feels as no tension in RCD switch. Problem is cannot...
  18. P

    Friday night jobs

    Last job of the day 8 O'Clock tonight. Replace immersion element. Shut off water main, remove old element, water everywhere!!! Turns out that the stop cock does not shut off the fu***ng water. Hall soaked, I'm soaked. Just hope the wooden flooring am doesn't start to warp when it dries out...
  19. S

    free test software

    a guy on one of the facebook pages im on has started a website with free cert software if people are willing to beta test free for life apparently. here is the link if you want to have a look Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  20. B

    Square D 80a Breaker 3 pole.

    Is there such thing on the market? Its the clip on type 3 phase one. Model HQ. 63 aint quite cutting it and need something a bit beefier..
  21. Pete999

    Other Trades Persons

    Reading thread just now reminded me of a job I helped my Lad out on, we were wiring some down lighters, anyway we got to the jobsite ealy to make a start, about 09:30 this Muppet turned up, no introduction, nothing but "how much longer youse goin to be ere matey" all day we replied with that he...
  22. N

    SFCU faulty or not?

    Shouldn't do it but favour for wife's mate this evening started at 7pm just in, 5 mins walk away, set off at 6.30 am this morning for a proper paid job. Extractor fan pull switch broke this morning would not shift, fan on constantly. Her helpful brother had turned off the right MCB and...
  23. R

    sockets near a gas hob

    Hi all, hope all are well. Went to a job today and noticed that they had a socket less than 300mm away from the edge of the hob, I would say more like 150-100mm away. Told them that this wasnt correct and should be moved but obviously they didnt want this as would mess the kitchen up. They said...
  24. S

    I have got to find these as an added extra for customers

    Sorry if it's been posted before. I'm not totally sure how to include these on the cert though.
  25. B

    Adding an extra light fitting and switch

    Hi Guys and you advise. Im adding an additional light fitting and switch to a new downstairs toilet. Can you tell me if this work needs to be certified and if so where it states that this needs to be certified as im struggling to fine a source for this information. I have read official...
  26. FoxySparky

    Job interview tips

    Can any of my fellow sparkys give me some tips to impress. I am only just into my second year of a two year level 2 course but have learnt, all single two and three core installations using 1.5, 2.5 and 4mm cabling have done plastic and metal conduit, sockets with fused spurs and even swa...
  27. R

    Main Fuse ID

    Hi guys . Got a main 80amp fuse with just BS 1361 -1978. Type R Wondered what the rated KA is for one these? Is this a type I or II ? even though it says Type R.. Never seen one before... hope you all well and good.
  28. A

    1.0mm against 1.5mm T&E lighting circuit

    Hi, to one and all, my first posting, as the title suggests, what do people think about the differences between the cables, I know that the circuits should be carefully designed and considered, insulation in lofts/walls, length of runs etc, but to my mind it should be 1.5mm. The cable...
  29. D

    Cooker circuit to ring.?

    Hi All, First post for me so be kind out there. Your comments would be appreciated. Doing a periodic/EICR on a rented house and found new kitchen fitted, old cooker circuit was terminated into JB on top of units and ring circuit taken from here by 2X 2.5 cables to feed 4 sockets and boiler...
  30. kingeri

    Multiple circuits in one enclosure

    So I am at a job right now to fit downlights in a bathroom (I tried to talk her out of it), and have easy access via loft above. Isolated upstairs lighting circuit. Wiring in loft is very neat, there is a Line enclosure present, all cables neatly clipped. However, on inspection I have found...
  31. K

    Domestic Range master cooker fault

    hi I have a rangemaster 900 induction cooker, which has lost all power half way through cooking, the trip switch has not tripped, but i cannot get the cooker to turn on, no clock or nothing, any help appreciated,
  32. A

    Kosnic 5w led dimmable??

    Just fitted four kosnic 5w dimmable led gu10 lamps in my bathroom switched via a dimming pull cord, however when dimming nothing happens for a few seconds then all of a sudden they dim right down to nothing very quickly! Am I right in thinking there may not be enough load of the dimmer to dim...
  33. J

    Galaxy 144 alarm system

    Hi all I have a Honeywell galaxy 3-144c main alarm board and want to connect an external sounder and strobe unit to it, The sounder has the following connections : V+ V- Sw- R- St- But the panel has nothing that matches these ? Can anyone help? Thanks Jack
  34. S

    Domestic MCB tripping and takes out RCD

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!! Had house rewired 8 years ago everything fine. 3 Weeks ago down stairs socket ring tripped the MCB but the RCD tripped too and took out everything (on the RCD protected side). Checked the cables for breaks/rodent damage, none. PAT tested all the equipment...
  35. A

    RCD is it a problem with RCD or is it just imbalance?

    So that's what happened,it's all new house re-wire ,shiny hagger 18 way dual RCD CU.Everything is tested and energised apart from bathroom lights,I was changing the switch,bathroom msb was off,cutted the feed and expected RCD to trip but nothing happened,usually they do trip straight away. Then...
  36. Z


    My dimmer switch servicing six 12volt MR16 went. Pushed it in and nothing happened, no click. Replaced it with new component. Stil did not work. Replaced the two transformers. Still does not work. Any advice/tips before I call in an electrician?
  37. S

    Cembre spares repairs and manuals???

    Hi all, just bought a secondhand Cembre PO7000 pump and TC120 cutting head off the bay , just got it tonight and i think it is in need of some TLC, Box was covered in hydraulic fluid, pump missing retracting spring and blades got a chunk out of it. Ideally i need to buy spares for it to fix it...
  38. E

    Lighting circuit tripping

    Just been to a call out, 2 x 6A lighting circuits, one tripped out last night which triggered the RCCB on the main switch, so pretty sure it is a L-E fault rather than dead short as MCB switched on fine. The circuit that caused the problems is one of the 6A light circuits, however the house was...
  39. mattyevz

    problem with main fuse

    Hi, i went to a call out a couple of weeks ago to a kabab shop. Its single phase supply. i went there and they had blown the main fuse 80amp. Iv checked all the circuits at the consumer unit with a quick ir test no problems i know this would be no problems as nothing has tripped. So i got...
  40. W

    Ring circuit problem

    hi can anyone give some advice on a problem with a ring circuit.when testing end to end everything fine,when testing r1 ,r2 everything fine,problem is with insulation test,live to neutral showing dead short.also if i disconnect all links i get a continuity reading on the sockets where i should...
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