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    Different result every time

    Hi Has anyone considered that every time you do a continutity/earth loop test, on the same circuit you get a different result every time? I had an end to end test on a ring circuit today and kept pressing the test button. The results jump all over the place. How credible is any test if the...
  2. M

    2395 No writen exam result ok to sign cert?

    A colleague has been asked to undertake 5 yearly periodic inspections and certify. He has passed the 2394 and 2395 practical and online elements however awaiting writen exam results. Company are hoping to put him out there. I have reservations. Not that I don't think he's capable more so that...
  3. D

    Electrician Rewire teams required, Glasgow. Top rates 225 per head. Electricians in Scotland.

    Re wire teams required in Glasgow for large contracts under way & more coming up and over X mas. Top rates paid to you at £225 per head (this can go up for the right squads) for a 3 bed & under, no 4 beds have been done to date but the price will go up. Feel your current rates don't match your...
  4. M

    Metrel MD9272 Leakage testing

    Hi, My new leakage tester arrived so I wanted to try it out, I connected it to the Line and Neutral meter tails and got a total leakage with all circuits on of 8.05 ma, I turned them all off and re-tested individually and found that the first floor ring final was giving the highest leakage of...
  5. S

    EICR Code help

    Just tested a bungalow and fond the power is all supplied by one radial 2.5mm circuit rated at 32A on a fuse not MCB. Was thinking C2, there are only 15 points in the on the circuit and most re not used. will be carrying out a full rewire in a couple of weeks any way. If I reduce the fuse size...
  6. R

    Loop tests and RCD's

    Had an old Fluke for years, which has incidentally been faultless . Company purchased a Megger last year however when doing Internal earth fault loop impedance readings are far higher than expected. I.e..example Ze = 0.20ohms r1 + r2 = 0.15ohms Zs should be about 0.35ohms however coming...
  7. R

    2394 Resut

    Result came through this morning from the December exam. Passed. Get in :hurray:
  8. J

    2394 Practical & Notification of candidate results

    1. Once you have taken the 2394 practical test, when should you receive the "Notification of candidate results"? 2. For instance, with the 2394/2395 Multiple choice, you can receive the result straight away (from the centre), & the "Notification of candidate result" is then sent to you. Is this...
  9. O

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC do they know something we dont

    Q & A of the Day – What departure Code to use for this lighting test result? - Voltimum UK - Electrical Installation Products and Contracting If you click on the link to the Votimum site the Q&A of the day I guy asks a question about testing a house light circuit for a PIR and NICEIC advise...
  10. R

    Dead Testing Results

    Hello all, i have some dead testing to do, i just have a new megger Robin KMP3075DL and when using it in Insulation test mode (500v - 20Mohm) on 2.5 twin + earth as practice, i test between LINE and CPC and get the reading from the display (up arrow 1) so on my schedule of tests sheets what...
  11. C

    Insulation Resistance testing - again!

    Hi Getting used to Metrel tester and am getting used to testing and was just after advice on clarifying some points: 1 - FCU's with neon indicators on IR tests - whats the best way of disconnecting the neon lights on these if they cant be disconnected? Do I keep that particular FCU switched...
  12. P

    online books

    some books here for your 2330/2356 etc. they are free to read online although some pages may well be omitted but as a rule they are quite good and most of it should be there Book 1 here
  13. T

    Continuity r1 end to end.... Open circuit??

    I've had this problem twice in the past week where i bell out each end of the line conductor in the RFC, and theres continuity, even power up one end of the RFC and getting 230v back down the return. So you would think this is continuios throughout the ring going out and coming all the way...
  14. B

    check this out n give me ur feedback

    The 2391 practical assessment Before you start!!! 1. Ask for previous test results Functional test 1. test 1 way light switch 2. test 2 way light switch 3. test dimmer light switch 4. test 3 phase socket with phase rotation tester (indicator lamp type or...
  15. V

    Signing off work??

    Hello, was just wondering if anyone could help. My mate owns a plumbing company and has asked me to do all his electrical work, from wiring heater systems to complete re-wires. As I'm to be laid off soon it seems pretty tempting. The only thing that is worrying me is signing off my work. I have...
  16. N

    1mm cpc in ring mains

    Hi guys my local authority have asked me to carry out some PIR's on some properties with regards to upgrading them to 17th edition. I suspect that the rings will be 2.5 t+e and will have a 1mm cpc, if left will the properties comply with a 1mm cpc using a 32 A mcb (obviously RCD protected) or...
  17. E

    testing on TT system

    I have just finished a rewire in wales. All the circuits tested out ok. but as i have never done a test on a tt system i was a bit confused on the reading for the earth loop impedance tests. The test on all circuits were coming in around the 15 ohm mark as did the Ze. is this correct or have i...
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