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  1. Midwest

    Admin charge for copy of MEIWC

    As above, I've been asked by a solicitors for a copy of a MEIWC I did back in 2016. As some may know, I closed my business down a year ago, but I don't see why I should provide this for free, especially having paid out in solicitors fees for a recent house move. Their fees aint cheap. If it had...
  2. B

    Business admin documents templates

    Hi I want to start my own business doing fairly standard electrical installations and testing. Does anyone know of a reference for administrative stuff I'll need such as complaints book, risk assessment templates. I know that competent person schemes provide some of this stuff but was...
  3. T

    Hi Admin notice to me is "you have insufficient priveleges to post on this thread"

    So looking at a thread and it says the above in General chat-off topic, it appears I am not priveleged enough to reply on it?... In particular this thread; Hi there, not sure on what catagory this goes into -...
  4. Pete999


    One for Admin, not sure if I'm making something out of nothing, when I look at the "new posts" as an example I get say 17 new posts, yet when I scroll to the new posts there are maybe only 7 showing, is this just the way of the Forum or am I doing something wrong? any help from Admin would be...
  5. S

    Time sheet software? Becoming a nightmare

    Hi, I'm a new member but I run a commercial electrical contractors, it's a family business around for 35 years and I've been in it for about 13 now. Started off in admin, then a full apprenticeship, electrician, junior project manager, estimator, manager, now I'm operations manager running all...
  6. S

    Train4Trade Skills 3 year deadline

    Hey everyone, I need a little help, I'm currently on the Train4Trade Skills full scope electrical course which i signed up for 3 years ago and just ran into a problem, tried to send off an assignment and I've discovered I've been locked out of my student world. I call the admin team and was told...
  7. S

    Small domestic business drowning in admin

    Hi all I do mostly domestic work, tiny jobs to rewires. I'm inundated with work and desperately need to reduce the time I spend on admin so I can spend more time keeping up with demand. I was wondering how other people deal with quotes, invoices, certificates, notifications, etc. I currently...
  8. G

    delete account

    anyone know how to delete your account on this , good forum but am spending hours reading thru posts , i am gettin more hooked on this than **** sites , time to go
  9. Worcester

    Following on from my challenge to MrKnowItAll earlier, my side of the bargain is done: Is up and running, and if he / she wants to step forward then it is there as a platform At the moment it's a website / blog, though it may be better as a wiki, we'll see. In the meantime...
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