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  1. michaelw6

    kt64 continuity boom!!!

    Hi guys been a while I've had alot going on in my life with ill ness and one thing and another. Any way long story short. I lent out my tester to a so called friend and he failed to say he had broken it! I found tin foil around the fuse and the continuity no longer works. After a massive...
  2. happysteve

    Kewtech KT63 MFT with calibration certificate

    Used Kewtech KT63 MFT, with leads, hard case, instructions, and calibration certificate dated 12/03/2019 (i.e. last week). Purchased October 2014, used until about September last year. Great little tester, simple, small and lightweight (will not give you neck-ache!). Only takes 4x AA batteries...
  3. B

    Kewtech KT63 used up for sale...

    got a kewtech KT63 for sale used couple of times bought it from a mate to help him out of trouble. Comes with box full leads papers £280
  4. PJH2903

    For Sale Kewtech KT65DL MFT for sale

    I have a little used Kewtech KT65DL MFT for sale. Includes case, 2 sets of leads - fused and unfused, software and calibration certificate until May 2019. Specs are available here: KT65DL Digital 8-in-1 Multifunction tester | Kewtech -...
  5. J

    Kewtech test leads for sale

    As per the title. Set of Kewtech test leads with main plug and Kewtech carry case. £23 free postage.
  6. happyhippydad

    megger probes wont fit in to kewtech socket tester?

    Evening all.. Just got my brand new megger and am having a play. The megger probes dont fit into my socket tester (Kewteck Kewcheck), or rather they are too short so don't reach the metal part in the tester. Does anyone know if there is a socket tester that they do fit, or are there different...
  7. Soulcraft Electric

    Kewtech Lightmates - nulling required?

    Just been given a set of these and wondered whether the devices themselves need to be nulled as well as the leads? No mention of it in the "manual" that accompanies them so I guess the resistance is negligible. Thoughts?
  8. T

    Bought a megger and selling Kewtech 65dl

    So at last I have decided to buy a megger. Therefore I will sell my Kewtech 65dl. It is calibrated recently (first calibration). It has been very well looked after. I am very careful with all my equipment. It comes with the PAT tester attachment. R2 socket tester small crocs for shorting at CU...
  9. rolyberkin

    Kewtech Portable Appliance Adaptor Box (17th Edition)

    Hi Has anyone used one of the Kewtech PAT adaptor boxes or got any views or experience of using it? I have a load of my own band/pa equipment to test such as amps and extensions leads etc, would this be up to the job? PATADAPTER1 Portable appliance adaptor box | Kewtech -...
  10. Sparky2017

    Kewtech Part P Cheapest way

    Where is the cheapest place for calibration. Thanks Sparky2017
  11. S

    Kewtech KT65DL dowload data problem Windows 10

    Hi Does anyone have experience downloading results from a kewtech KT65dl MFT to a windows 10 laptop? I've installed the "KewReport" software and when I click the Communication/Download options I get "a communication port was not able to be opened" error message.
  12. Jamchiv01

    Anyone with a KT65DL wan't to help me?

    Hello, I'm developing a website where you can export the data from a KT65DL Multifunction tester into my site and have it generate a test certificate with the readings pre-filled out to save typing them in. So far I am able to read the data from my tester and export it onto my site and for now...
  13. Jamchiv01

    My Christmas Present

    Evening all, I got asked what I want for Christmas this year by my mum, so I thought long and hard about what I wanted, and it's got to be a new tester ;) I got a quote from my local supplier for a new Kewtech KT65DL and it was £670 INC VAT so I will put a load of money towards it. Has anyone...
  14. Pat H

    Best tester for new electrician

    Just finishing training and about to take exams. Have years of experience but formalising for part P. So whats the best low cost starting out it. I'd love a megger 1720 but can't stretch to that. So what do people suggest?
  15. haptism

    Kewtech Socket Tester Query

    Hi, I have bought a Kewtech socket tester for r1 & r2 testing on a megger 1552 but loose connection of the leads into it are giving me unstable readings. The genuine Megger 1552 compatible leads are brand new, as is the Kewtech socket tester. I cannot find a Megger socket tester and am aware...
  16. R

    Keetech KT64 fault

    Wondering if anybody can give me any further advice.... Bought the above multifunction tester brand new 3 years back. Been regularly calibrated but has been back to kewtech twice in the last year with an issue where it reads 0.00 on loop tests and o/l on pffc test scale. They charged me £200...
  17. H

    Kewtech KT61 tester RCD

    Hi I am currently learning inspect and test, a friend gave me a meter to play with, a kewtech KT61, now the problems is that i cant find any reference to a 5x rcd test, however i have seen reference to someone with one of these meters on this forum that says he did a 5x test with it, there's...
  18. M

    Kewtech Lightmate Testing Adaptor Kit

    what do you guys think of equipment like this Kewtech Lightmate Testing Adaptor Kit | eBay
  19. Midwest

    Megger 1700 series test leads

    Has any of you Megger 1700 series owners, sourced some better test leads for their meter. I'm talking about have to swap ends of the Megger leads when you use something like a Kewtech wander lead or socket tester. I've notice recently, I've had to fiddled with the lead into the tester to get a...
  20. W

    testers for sale

    robin mft ks1620 mft robin kmp4116dl digital loop robin kmp4118 digital psc-loop comes with two sets of leads carry bag £550 kewtech kt60 combi tester loop-psc-rcd kewtech kt35 insulation-continuity tester all leads carry bag £550 megger cm200 allleads carry bag £100 can send pics requested
  21. T

    Hi, how to check kewtech kt64 battery level??? and how much are they worth?

    Hi all, how do you check kt64 battery level?? on my fluke 1653 its quite simple. just turn the dial to voltage and select battery test. Also how much do you reckon they are worth??? anyone interested in buying it? (note - not selling on here, will list in sale section if anyone interested) Thanks.
  22. K

    South London equipment sale final prices

    Not able to post any of these so prices based on collection. Kewtech ACC50MTL (R2 Wander lead) £30 Kewtech pat testing adapter £10 Bosch DMF 10 Zoom £20 Sparky FK652 wall chaser 2100w 110v £100 Fluke 1652b £200 fluke t5-600 £45 9 step fibreglass ladder £30 3 step fibre glass ladder...
  23. P

    megger or kewtech??

    Looking to buy a multifunction tester, which one?? Kewtech kt63 or megger 1550????
  24. sjhall

    kewtech 1710 voltage tester

    For sale , unused kewtech 1710 voltage tester. Unused with instructions £70 is the cheapest I can find it... Offers
  25. J

    using a martindale sb13 with a megger mit320

    i had to do a hasty test today using a martindale sb13 socket adapter but the megger leads would not fit into the adapter as they seemed to short to make any connection anyone else have this problem.(megger was very similar to the MIT 320)
  26. L

    working out mft

    got myself a fluke 1653, been figuring out the functions and how it works etc, but am unsure on the pefc/pscc because its a 3 lead test, do i connect all 3 at the same time, when i done 2330 we used kewtech stuff which was 2 lead test, i want to be 100% sure before i try it out
  27. R

    Stroma Certification Scheme stroma

    Iv just got my part P registration with Stroma. I have to do notifications online, Do i still need to fill out certificates and give to the customer or will stroma do this on my behalf? I was going to get some kewtech certs if i was ment to be issuing the certs? How does this work Im used to...
  28. W

    installation testers

    which is the best easy to use installation tester
  29. D

    Fluke 1652

    Just purchased a fluke 1652 on eBay can any one tell me if it's a good tester please and has it got auto rcd test cheers
  30. B

    new member and query with fluke test leads

    Hi all my name is mike and i have just joined the forum i am after some advice... i have a fluke 1652 tester which i have just bought but without test leads i have heard alot of bad things about flukes old test leads and i want to go niceic soon and dont want anything tripping me up on my...
  31. A

    Kewtech lighmate - fluke 1653b

    Easy question if you know answer I suppose, just brought kewtech lightmate kit for my fluke 1653b do I have to buy kewtech leads as well :confused: .
  32. B

    testing certs

    hi all does anybody know where i can get the template for: periodic testing of small domestic premises the two sheet select version preferably without the logo anybody that can help me that would be very much appreciated thanks .........
  33. G

    Is Robin now Fluke?

    Went to the robin site Welcome to Robin Electronics looking for specs on the KTS 1610 that i can pick up fairly cheap, seems to direct you to a fluke site promoting their testers. Strange - or have I been drinking too much? :D
  34. B

    strange socket

    a customer called me and said one socket does not work, popped down and pushed in kewtech tester, no light, ok it does not work, tested voltages between live&neutral, 240volts, 240 volts between live&earth as well, ok i thought the socket is broken, replaced with a new socket, then pushed in the...
  35. K

    soon to be qualified what testing equipment to buy?

    Hi I am soon going to become a qualified electrician and was looking at some testing equipment and would like some advice about what to get? should I buy the best or should I go cheap as I'm just starting off and money is a bit tight? I know megger is the top make but there is Kewtech which...
  36. D

    Robin MF tester wanted

    Long shot I know, I'm after a robin 1630 multifunction tester, using one at college, getting on really well with it. Or does anyone know of one for sale somewhere else:D Many thanks Steve
  37. S

    advice on fluke 1652b

    can anyone explain how you test at each socket for the ring main cross over test the tester only operates between L and E. i want to test between L and N. do you need a socket for probes cheers
  38. P

    installation meters?

    Is THIS much better than THIS. I can get the kewtech for approx £250 (about £175 cheaper than the metrel) but is it really comparable ? any opinions gratefully received.
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