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  1. U

    Canada Plug Microwave Into Electrical Outlet On Kelvinator Range?

    Hello, I have an old Kelvinator range with a regular outlet built into the dial face. I'm unsure of the model or how old it is, but I do see a date written on it from 1996. I am wondering if I can safely plug a Sanyo EM-806TW 1300w microwave into it? A diagram of the Kelvinator's circuitry was...
  2. A

    Looking to install Schuko power outlet in my Spanish home

    Hey guys, I’m new to the forum and mainly here to seek help on something that is probably basic to most. I have been replacing most of the in my home and it was mainly just 2 blue wires for an outlet. Basically I’ve noticed a few hubcaps around my house with wires inside them, but there are...
  3. S

    30 amp RV outlet box

    Hi there, I am trying to run an outlet for my 30 amp RV from my house. I am having a trench dug and I’m going to use 10 gauge direct bury wire. Wondering if it’s possible to use this outlet box?
  4. O

    Outdoor Outlet Placement/Install

    Hello, We are making changes to our backyard and needed to move an existing 2 gang outlet. We have existing outlet at the other end of the yard. We are wiring the existing outlet to the 2 gang outlet, but need help on where to mount the 2 gang. As you can see from the attached pictures, we...
  5. N

    Old NEMA 6-20 outlet options

    Hi, new to the forums. I live in a 1920s apartment, and we have an old outlet near our mantle that I believe is a NEMA 6-20 (photo attached). In the past, we used a 240v heater on it (though it cost a ton of money to run). Now, I'd like to either run a 230v window AC unit there, or convert the...
  6. T

    Running a heavy duty food mixer with adapter

    I need to buy a larger mixer for my small bakery, but I only have standard wall outlets and an oven outlet (pictured); the mixer has a NEMA 6-20 plug. Can I safely run a mixer with the ratings indicated in the attached spec sheet using an adapter to either the normal wall outlet or the oven...
  7. I

    Need help with power outlet wiring

    Hey there i hope someone can give me hand here So i have a light on/off switch which i want to change into a power outlet switch, the thing is i'm a bit confused with the wiring. The Light switch has - 2x red wires, 1x green wire, 1x white wire, can i even change it into a power outlet...
  8. W

    Can I add a switched outlet to an SAC

    I would like to know how to wire in a switch and outlet in my cabinet. Should I pigtail it after the GFCI? I would like to add a switch as well. Here is the wall, If I can utilize the outlet and add a switch here, wall access will be doable. . My original intent was to add a switched...
  9. M

    Add GFCI outlet off single pole switch (source from light)

    Greetings! I've got a single 12/2 wire coming into an outlet box that is connected to a single pole light switch used to control a vanity light. The light is the source in this setup, which I understand is turned on and off due to the interruption of the current via the switch. I'd like to...
  10. C

    USB Power Outlet on Switch

    Hello Everyone, I am trying to put in two Power Outlets with 2 USB sockets on either side of my bed upstairs. I bought some of these: TopGreener USB Power Outlets but when I go to install them they only have a screw for a Hot, Neutral and Ground wire, but the current outlets have Two Hot wires...
  11. C

    One Outlet Low Voltage

    Hoping for advice that isn't "check each outlet" but if need be, I will... Bought a house a few years back (1960's build). Home inspector advised all outlets worked fine after testing each one. Randomly, one decided to stop working. I recently started replacing outlets in the house and figured...
  12. B

    Dishwasher: outlet or hardwire?

    Hi all, I am installing a new dishwasher. I am comfortable doing this wiring because my dad was an electrician and taught me general wiring. My question is, do you think it’s better to have an outlet under the sink or just hardwire it. It seams weird to me that code would allow an electrical...
  13. L

    UK Need for an outlet plate and a 13 amp socket for new oven/gas hob.

    Hi.I am a DIY enthusiasts and do have the basic knowledge of electric science. As I am about to refurbish my kitchen,I have bought an electric single oven power rated at 3.60 kw and a gas hob power rated 1.3kw. The existing setup is:6mm t/e cable running from CU/Fuse box (on a 32amp MCB) to 45 A...
  14. R

    Getting 260v out of 240v outlet.

    I just replaced my range with a new one because the old oven took a long time to get hot and then eventually stopped working all together. Assumed it was an issue with the range as it was 20 years old. Hooked up the new range and the control panel was flashing and could not turn oven on. Could...
  15. M

    Bad/Old Outlet killing my PC Power Supply?

    Hi, my pc started turning off randomly like 1 month ago, Me and a expert in PC's found out that it was the Power Supply, it was a generic one of 500W (it came free with the case we bought for the PC) A day ago, we bought a new Power Supply, a ThermalTake SmartSeries 700W, it worked fine all...
  16. W

    New outlet next to main panel (CU in UK) - to spur or use new breaker?

    Hi guys Probably easiest to understand from looking at the attached picture. I'd like a new socket right next to the main panel in the basement [red box in photo]. It'll power my router, and maybe a battery charger for power tools, etc. The closest socket is for the washer [blue box]. This...
  17. D

    Converting an switched outlet to a light

    I have an entry way that has 3 switches. One for the hallway, one for the front porch, and a third for a study outlet which is a room off the hallway. I want to convert the switched outlet to a ceiling light that I am installing in the study. I would like the outlet to always have power and...
  18. E

    GFCI and 3 Switch Outlet Rewire Issues

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to upgrade my bathroom GFCI and 3 switch plate in a metal box with a new GFCI and switch plate, but I'm running into a couple issues with the wiring. The first thing that immediately jumps out at me is the fact that the neutral load white wire is grounded directly to...
  19. C

    Powering my shop

    Hello everyone. I’m a DIY person and I’m about to give my shop a little juice. I had previously ran UFB 35 feet to a 220 outlet for my brothers RV. Now that he’s gone, I’ve built a 24x24 shop. My intentions are to run 16 led shop lights that will pull 7.04 amperes. Also a shop fan (unsure of...
  20. Z

    Trainee CCU vs Outlet Plate

    What's the difference between a cooker outlet plate and a Cooker connection unit? Is an outlet plate for when a cooker doesn't have any way to connect to circuit from the cooker unit itself and that's when you attach an outlet plate to the wall and then have cable go from the cooker to the...
  21. 2

    Replacing Light Switch for a Closet Light.

    Here is a picture of the original setup. I see one blue wire and one black wire. Now, How would I about wiring this new Switch. Any Help would be greatly appreciated!!
  22. K

    Motor connection to 220v

    I have a two value capacitor motor from china photos will includes i believe there country runs 220 standard single phase and I am in USA Sn: it did spark accidently when i hit black wire on another wire and kinda started Thank you
  23. T


    Has anyone heard of a Nipon socket apparently we are fitting them to lamposts in a town square?
  24. J

    Lighting connection, socket outlet?

    Working on an industrial radial lighting circuit, 6 son high bay fittings each connected from a conduit box via a short length of flex from the main circuit (terminal strip inside conduit box). Problem they are getting is whenever a fitting goes faulty it takes the entire circuit out. Ideal...
  25. T

    Rolec 1 way 16amp touring outlet problem

    Hi forum, has anybody on here had an issue with the rolec 1 way 16amp touring outlet isolator? The isolator does not operate when the 16amp plug is inserted as the plug does not appear to push the interlock far enough back to release the isolator. Out of six units 3 do not work. Any feed back...
  26. Lou7

    Trying to match Socket outlet.

    I need to add another couple of sockets to an existing job, trying to match these sockets.
  27. J

    What’s this switch?

    Hi all! Random one, moving into a new house and have done the general walk around. The house is about 5 years old. Noticed in the master bedroom the attached switch/button fitment (image) Does anyone has any idea what it could possibly be for....? I’ve asked the wstate agent as the previous...
  28. Baddegg

    Dual outlet electric shower....

    Anybody recommend a decent dual outlet electric shower? Got budget of around £500 for it.....
  29. SparkySy

    Interesting new socket outlet!

    Just wondering if anyone had seen this article. Pin-free Mi Plug project reimagines power outlets for the 21st century - And what thoughts people had on them. I thought it was a clever idea and am surprised no...
  30. B

    Testing electrical socket

    I recently bought 1 gang British electrical socket. Before wiring it up,is it possible to test whether the socket work? I tried to use a multimeter using the continuity test by connecting it to L and N but there is no sound coming. Does that mean that the socket is broken?
  31. oracle

    Dutch 110/220v socket outlet

    My biggest surprise on holiday in Amsterdam was not the front room negotiable affection, but the socket outlet in B&B kitchen which had both flat pin 110v and round pin 220v in the same SSO! I can only imagine Line 1 to Neutral (110v) and Line 1 to Line 2 (220v) in a four core supply?
  32. M

    Cooker outlet plate converted to double socket

    Hi everyone found this today cooker outlet converted to a double socket which the cooker is plugged into it then a extension lead plugged into other socket which runs the gas hob ignition and garden sockets and garden light's all on 33amp mcb with 6mm from board to cooker then 1.5mm to outside...
  33. andysparkfree

    Hob combustable zone and socket outlet

    Hi all as the picture attached you can see the location of the hob and the metal socket to the right, now the gas fitter has gone to commission the gas and has said he can't do it as the socket is within 150mm of the hob now looking at the picture , i agree that it looks a little close and...
  34. M

    New electrical outlet patent pending

    Does anyone have any experience with getting a new product to market I have designed and invented a new product which I am currently trying to get into production.
  35. H

    Replacing 13A flex outlet with 16A

    Hi, I'm replacing a microwave oven rated at 13A with one rated at 16A. This plus a conventional oven are fed from a 32A MCB in a consumer unit, via a single 6mm2 T&E cable to two 13A fused flex outlet switches. The original installation was professionally done seven years ago. Can I replace...
  36. B

    Convert power switch to outlet

    Hi. I have a extractor fan in my kitchen that I never use as well as a outside light for the garden which is rarely used. I'm wondering if the switches that power these could be converted into a wall outlet instead as that would be much more useful. I know it's possible but i'm wondering how...
  37. D

    Spur Flex Outlet cap missing coding

    What would the code be on a spur flex outlet, that has the cap missing for where the flex should be? Looks like flex outlet for appliance isn't required and been removed, there fore cap has gone missing. Picking up reports with it down as C2 and C3. Any thoughts?
  38. M

    Socket outlet with car charger & lawn mover

    Hi Mate, Any one of you can explaine, why when I installed new socket(BG Integrated RCD protected), it works with car charger and not working with lawn mover. Some other issue is that when car charger not working when connected with extension but it works good with lawn mover. Thanks Mano
  39. Pete999

    P.P.E. anyonegot a Decent PPE outlet in their area (not intended to be an advert)

    Had a look around my local store yesterday, some very god deals on wor wear, safety equipment, and you get free chocky bars even if you don't buy anything, well worth a visit if you have an outlet near you BACCA is the name
  40. S

    Bathroom extraction with no provision for outlet

    Hi Have quoted for multiple ensuites and bathroom additions for an old customer. I did include in my quotation that any coring or ducting for extraction fans to be undertaken by the builder - so I am covered. However, the builder is a mate, and I'd like to help where I can. There is one small...
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