1. C

    Powering my shop

    Hello everyone. I’m a DIY person and I’m about to give my shop a little juice. I had previously ran UFB 35 feet to a 220 outlet for my brothers RV. Now that he’s gone, I’ve built a 24x24 shop. My intentions are to run 16 led shop lights that will pull 7.04 amperes. Also a shop fan (unsure of...
  2. Z

    Trainee CCU vs Outlet Plate

    What's the difference between a cooker outlet plate and a Cooker connection unit? Is an outlet plate for when a cooker doesn't have any way to connect to circuit from the cooker unit itself and that's when you attach an outlet plate to the wall and then have cable go from the cooker to the...
  3. 2

    Replacing Light Switch for a Closet Light.

    Here is a picture of the original setup. I see one blue wire and one black wire. Now, How would I about wiring this new Switch. Any Help would be greatly appreciated!!
  4. K

    Motor connection to 220v

    I have a two value capacitor motor from china photos will includes i believe there country runs 220 standard single phase and I am in USA Sn: it did spark accidently when i hit black wire on another wire and kinda started Thank you
  5. T


    Has anyone heard of a Nipon socket apparently we are fitting them to lamposts in a town square?
  6. J

    Lighting connection, socket outlet?

    Working on an industrial radial lighting circuit, 6 son high bay fittings each connected from a conduit box via a short length of flex from the main circuit (terminal strip inside conduit box). Problem they are getting is whenever a fitting goes faulty it takes the entire circuit out. Ideal...
  7. T

    Rolec 1 way 16amp touring outlet problem

    Hi forum, has anybody on here had an issue with the rolec 1 way 16amp touring outlet isolator? The isolator does not operate when the 16amp plug is inserted as the plug does not appear to push the interlock far enough back to release the isolator. Out of six units 3 do not work. Any feed back...
  8. Lou7

    Trying to match Socket outlet.

    I need to add another couple of sockets to an existing job, trying to match these sockets.
  9. J

    What’s this switch?

    Hi all! Random one, moving into a new house and have done the general walk around. The house is about 5 years old. Noticed in the master bedroom the attached switch/button fitment (image) Does anyone has any idea what it could possibly be for....? I’ve asked the wstate agent as the previous...
  10. Baddegg

    Dual outlet electric shower....

    Anybody recommend a decent dual outlet electric shower? Got budget of around £500 for it.....
  11. SparkySy

    Interesting new socket outlet!

    Just wondering if anyone had seen this article. Pin-free Mi Plug project reimagines power outlets for the 21st century - https://www.dezeen.com/2018/10/07/pin-free-mi-plug-wireless-technology-design/amp/ And what thoughts people had on them. I thought it was a clever idea and am surprised no...
  12. B

    Testing electrical socket

    I recently bought 1 gang British electrical socket. Before wiring it up,is it possible to test whether the socket work? I tried to use a multimeter using the continuity test by connecting it to L and N but there is no sound coming. Does that mean that the socket is broken?
  13. oracle

    Dutch 110/220v socket outlet

    My biggest surprise on holiday in Amsterdam was not the front room negotiable affection, but the socket outlet in B&B kitchen which had both flat pin 110v and round pin 220v in the same SSO! I can only imagine Line 1 to Neutral (110v) and Line 1 to Line 2 (220v) in a four core supply?
  14. M

    Cooker outlet plate converted to double socket

    Hi everyone found this today cooker outlet converted to a double socket which the cooker is plugged into it then a extension lead plugged into other socket which runs the gas hob ignition and garden sockets and garden light's all on 33amp mcb with 6mm from board to cooker then 1.5mm to outside...
  15. andysparkfree

    Hob combustable zone and socket outlet

    Hi all as the picture attached you can see the location of the hob and the metal socket to the right, now the gas fitter has gone to commission the gas and has said he can't do it as the socket is within 150mm of the hob now looking at the picture , i agree that it looks a little close and...
  16. M

    New electrical outlet patent pending

    Does anyone have any experience with getting a new product to market I have designed and invented a new product which I am currently trying to get into production.
  17. H

    Replacing 13A flex outlet with 16A

    Hi, I'm replacing a microwave oven rated at 13A with one rated at 16A. This plus a conventional oven are fed from a 32A MCB in a consumer unit, via a single 6mm2 T&E cable to two 13A fused flex outlet switches. The original installation was professionally done seven years ago. Can I replace...
  18. B

    Convert power switch to outlet

    Hi. I have a extractor fan in my kitchen that I never use as well as a outside light for the garden which is rarely used. I'm wondering if the switches that power these could be converted into a wall outlet instead as that would be much more useful. I know it's possible but i'm wondering how...
  19. D

    Spur Flex Outlet cap missing coding

    What would the code be on a spur flex outlet, that has the cap missing for where the flex should be? Looks like flex outlet for appliance isn't required and been removed, there fore cap has gone missing. Picking up reports with it down as C2 and C3. Any thoughts?
  20. M

    Socket outlet with car charger & lawn mover

    Hi Mate, Any one of you can explaine, why when I installed new socket(BG Integrated RCD protected), it works with car charger and not working with lawn mover. Some other issue is that when car charger not working when connected with extension but it works good with lawn mover. Thanks Mano
  21. Pete999

    P.P.E. anyonegot a Decent PPE outlet in their area (not intended to be an advert)

    Had a look around my local store yesterday, some very god deals on wor wear, safety equipment, and you get free chocky bars even if you don't buy anything, well worth a visit if you have an outlet near you BACCA is the name
  22. S

    Bathroom extraction with no provision for outlet

    Hi Have quoted for multiple ensuites and bathroom additions for an old customer. I did include in my quotation that any coring or ducting for extraction fans to be undertaken by the builder - so I am covered. However, the builder is a mate, and I'd like to help where I can. There is one small...
  23. A

    Extending an electrical outlet

    Hi all, new member here. Re doing my bathroom in a new flat and want to move a fused switch connection which powered a rubbish heater fan (mounted high on the wall), to lower down so I can use it to power an electric towel radiator. Basically what's the correct way to extend the wire about 3-4...
  24. G

    Cooker outlet, no room + gas ignition

    Hi all New build house Cookers they re supplying dont have room at the backs to allow for the outlet, so for now we are putting 6.0mm out the side cupboard to dual socket then from dual socket to cooker outlet,socket is for plug for gas hob, outlet for cooker reason for using a dual is for...
  25. Syncopator

    Power outlet orientation.

    In Britain we mount our outlets with the earth socket at the top. The reason being that anything conductive which might fall between the socket and the plug would probably make contact with the earth pin first ... etc. American sockets used to be mounted the same way, and I had assumed for the...
  26. Soulsurfer

    Zone 1 dual fuel towel rail ?

    So I have a client who requested a towel rail fitted at the end of the bath on wall, opposite end from shower (fixed) and taps and so is right bang in zone 1. Never fitted any before unless in zone 2 at least, OSG seems to okay it but through flex outlet, but I'm thinking it would be really...
  27. Doomed

    being thick

    16mm 3 core swa single phase clipped direct outside (shaded) on a 63 B type 60898 Do I really mean that the maximum length is 68m, or am I being really thick tonight? Trying to look at a way of providing more power to an outlet pillar that happens to be the furthest point from the supply cabinet...
  28. E

    Cooker / Hob connection

    Just had a new kitchen installed. The new cooker and hob didn't come with any cable. The hob is rated at 6Kw and the single oven at 2.2Kw. The circuit is a 32A mcb, 6mm t&e to a ccu and then 6mm down to the connection unit. MI says to use H05V2V2-F T min 90C. Is this Butyl? I was going to...
  29. H

    Terminal Box Wiring Coming Through Wall for Conduit

    hi is there a steel terminal box that caters for wires coming from inside to outside, all the terminal boxes i've found don't have holes at the back. i was just wondering what would be the correct way to feed a wire through the wall into a terminal box (then through conduit to a camera outside)...
  30. A

    Advice on wiring 2 single ovens into an existing double oven wire to fuse box

    Hi I have replaced a double oven with a single oven and a microwave/oven combi. The double oven was on its own wire to the fuse box, 40amp circuit breaker with appropriate cable. Both the new ovens say they are 16amp. Can i use a junction box on the main wire to goto 2 separate switches for each...
  31. dnjr

    2 single ovens on 6mm T&E 30A rewireable fuse

    Dear all Looked a job today in a kitchen Existing 6mm t&e supply on a 30a Wylex 3036 Lady of the house wants to change existing oven and put in 2 single ovens in one housing What's the best method of feeding these off the 6mm Can't do a double socket as it's only rated at 13 / 20 amps Was...
  32. the pict

    Commercial Horse box, well was, now catering trailer

    Where can I get a 12volt psu to power a sink water pump ala caravan, tried all the obvious, caravan, alarms, pc,s, aquariums. and I am at, turn next left for wits end. all because I said 230 Volts which somehow means 24 volts to some. being completed and used this weekend, but apart from the...
  33. B

    Why Am I Having Problems Detecting Current At Wall Outlet With Gs38 Probe?

    Hi, I have purchased a Kewtech KT1780 Voltage Tester. But I can't get it to do a double pole test. The instructions show the user inserting the probes into the wall outlet. But I don't get any indication when I put the probes into the wall outlet. Is it because the probes are too small? I...
  34. D

    Plant Room Socket Outlets

    Good afternoon, first time post so be gentle please, I work for an organisation looking after different types of buildings, I have recently commissioned a condition report for a district heating plant room, the report has come back with 1# code 2 defect, details: Circuit designation and details...
  35. D

    Generator tripping

    I'm not a sparks.. but I'm hoping for a bit of advice for an animal rescue charity in kent.. Their generator fine on 110v but as soon as it's switched to 230v it trips even with no load... any ideas please?
  36. N

    Domestic Hob and oven on one cooker switch?

    Hey, Just seeing what peoples personal preference is really. If you were to install a 7.2kw Induction hob and a 4kw double oven, would you prefer to put them both on the same cooker switch with a dual outlet or 2 separate circuits. The worse case scenario is 47 amps total but less with...
  37. C


    Hi everyone Just looking for conformation from someone who has done there AM2 in recent months that the following list is what i can expect? • Protective devices in a TP&N distribution board • A two-way and intermediate lighting circuit in a PVC/PVC multi-core cable • A BS 1363 13A socket...
  38. C

    Amendment 3 Risk assessment

    Hey, does anyone know where I can get a model risk assessment form for assessing socket outlets for needing RCD protection?
  39. J

    Cooker isolation switch

    Hi everyone, I will be wanting a qualified electrician to install a spur feed from the consumer unit (Volex equipped with RCBOs installed when the mains supply to the house was moved 3 years ago) to an isolation switch located on a plastered wall to supply a new electric single oven and...
  40. yellowvanman

    Change off-peak outlet to socket

    Asked to remove a couple of storage heaters and replace with a socket outlet. No RCD CU in place but obviously can fit RCD socket outlet, but I will have to extend cables in off-peak CU to 'on-peak' CU. I don't believe I need to RCD protect the circuit because the new cable I'm installing...
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