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  2. Dan

    Annual (or bi-annual) events for the electrician trade?

    Just wondering what some events are in the trade. Some that happen often enough to shout out about them a bit. Then I'd consider meeting up with some of you at one or two maybe. Now the wife works for the business too, we can kinda offset and whatnot. Make a bit of a weekend out of it maybe...
  3. N

    Grade D fire detection system annual certs?

    HMO property wants an annual periodic inspection cert for a grade D mains linked smoke alarm system. Far as I'm aware only installation and commisioning grade D fire detection system certs exists, and it's not actually recommended to give out annual periodics for these grade D smokes? Wiring...
  4. HansJones

    Is an annual boiler service important?

    I had this LPG and gas boiler servicing Tavistock expert install a new boiler in my apartment. And since I just got it, I honestly don’t think that servicing it annually is that important like what my brother think so. Want to know your opinions about this. Anybody?
  5. P

    Annual emergency light test

    I replaced the emergency lights in a small block of flats about 6 months ago, but the last time I did a 3 hour emergency light test was a year ago. Common sense says that I don't need to test the new emergency lights until they are a year old, but any clarification appreciated?
  6. C

    Fire Alarm annual check

    Hi, I have a customer who is wanting an annual fire alarm inspection on a small commercial premises. Is there a specific certificate/form I can use that I could get online?
  7. R

    Annual emergency lighting test in part disused building

    Hi all i was hoping for some advice, I am carrying out an annual emergency lighting test tomorrow in a hotel. Part of the hotel is no longer in use and all supplies have been locked off. Should this part of the building still have emergency lighting in place in case emergency services need access ?
  8. Dannyg8810

    Annual emergency lighting 3hr discharge test

    Once completing a annual emg lighting test is it a requirement to complete a cert or can this just be logged in an onsite ppm folder? Thanks
  9. haptism

    annual assessments

    Hi all, quick question; how do you domestic guys access previous jobs to show your scam assessor each year ? Im looking forward and thinking that some customers wont be too accepting of someone visiting and rechecking previous work, and that it come across a bit odd to them. How do you guys...
  10. Simon-0116

    domestic rhi forms pros and cons

    Hi doing barn conversion for parents. Fitted air source heat pump. Applied for rhi payment but bit stuck. Want to no if ocupied for 6 months or not. If not get a meter or more than no meter. Would i benifit from having a meter or not. Any ideas
  11. happyhippydad

    Stroma Certification Scheme Registration fees with Stroma!!!!!

    I have just had an e-mail from Stroma saying that it will cost £576 (inc VAT) for my annual membership! They plan a site vist. Do the other schemes charge this much? I've quickly checked out the NICEIC website and it is £444 (inc VAT) for the annual fee. Would this include a site visit or would...
  12. N

    annual inspection report

    I feel I should know this but I don't, we do Eicr typically 5 yearly on commercial installations, but people keep mentioning annuals in between this. What is typically done ? Is there a form ? Is it from EAW regs 1989. Any come across this cheers
  13. E

    ECA Telephone Audit

    Been told today that a person from the ECA is going to ring me up and ask me some general knowledge questions to prove i am worthy of being a QS! Has anybody else heard/done this? What on earth are they going to ask?
  14. S

    Which books do you own?

    Hi guys, I've just come out my time and wanted to gather a few books together to have just incase I need to refer to them, I've currently got regs book, on site guide and the iet testing and inspection. Which books have you got and which ones do you recommend? Thanks Sent from my GT-I9300...
  15. V

    Simple & Stupid Q regarding paper work

    Basicly, on the REAL presentation of performance document it says : A typical ‘x’ kWp PV system generates ‘y’ kWh. Your system is predicted to produce ‘z’ kWh is 'x' the size of the customers system (4kwp) & 'y' the tariff (43.3p/kWh)? and 'z' the yearly power the system produces...
  16. F

    Accounts Fee's

    Just wondered what kind of fees people are getting charged by accountants for year end books, and companies house annual return. I ask this cause i think i'm being ripped off. I'm a small ltd company me on the books and using a few subbies i've just been charged £50 for the annual return and...
  17. P

    NAPIT Certification Scheme Napit - Just 8

    Anyone using this - and how is it for you? Cheers.
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