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pat testing

  1. R

    PAT Testing fail query

    Hi, I perform annual PAT checks for my company (office and workshop). The Apollo 400 machine we use has recently gone for calibration and service and since it's come back, items which passed easily last year (Earth Continuity below 0.1ohm), are now not passing. I've now raised the earth...
  2. punkin

    PAT testing a Ariston Andris under sink water heater

    Hi All I’ve come across this heater Ariston Andris Lux Undersink Water Heater 2kW 10Ltr - Screwfix - https://www.screwfix.com/p/ariston-andris-lux-undersink-water-heater-2kw-10ltr/3248g Its a plugin & I’m trying to PAT test it. It doesn’t say which class its is under (1 or 2) I would assume...
  3. S

    PAT Testing an Old Chandelier

    Hello, I am currently learning and have come across PAT testing an old chandelier. On modern lamps I would use the plug and probe on the lampholder and wiring and put these straight into the PAT tester to test. But with this older chandelier, I am unsure and looking for advice. The insulation...
  4. P

    Info on the PAT-testing market in the UK

    Hi, I'm trying to get an overview of the UK PAT-testing ( In Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment) market and I'd be very thankful if anyone on here could provide some information. If you don't have the answers but know where to look(websites etc.) that would be very helpful...
  5. T

    Other Electrical Equipment Testing (PAT) Technician needed

    Ideally based around Beds, MK, Oxford area. Looking for someone who has attention to detail, experience and willingness to train in other skills (EM Lighting, FE maintenance, Thermal imaging). 3 month probation period, all equipment supplied. Travel allowance included as use of your own vehicle...
  6. L

    What tester /printer etc would you buy for PAT testing ?

    I never got into it at all ! But ...have been offered the chance to carry out some testing that would make it worth me buying a nice kit . I want to be FAST so pref have a printer for the stickers and to do all the paperwork via a ipad etc . so some form of template software . Happy to buy...
  7. S

    PAT testing Fire Alarm control Panel?

    As (I believe) PAT testing includes fixed equipment connected to the electrical installation by an FCU (eg hand driers, built in ovens etc.) I have been trying to figure out if a Fire Alarm control Panel should be PAT tested and if so by who. Has this subject been addressed before? Does anyone...
  8. D

    Full time electrician wanted

    We are looking for a qualified electrician starting immediately to operate between Hartlepool, Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Durham, and surrounding areas. We are constantly growing within the industry. Apply to be considered. Duties and Responsibilities: • Carrying out PAT testing, and...
  9. Bob Geldoff1234

    PAT testing certificate?

    After PAT testing appliances,do you have to issue a certificate additional to sticking the labels on? If so where are these certificates because there aren't any on my NIC portal. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. M

    110v pat testing

    I need to learn more about testing 110v stuff. Can only find one Seaward video on YouTube about testing a transformer! Any other sources? For example - how to test 110v extension leads etc.
  11. M

    Cable reels pat testing

    Found two 25m cable reel extensions on a pat test yesterday with no RCDs should they be automatically taken out of service. They were at least 10 years old. The 5th addition says up to 15m max?
  12. M

    Fridge Fails Class 1 Test

    Just started PAT testing and trying to understand why stuff fails. Recently had a large fridge fail. The cable was scuffed with a slice of the flex missing so the yellow wire was visible but not the copper. The readings on the tester were 0.6 plus in various places. Could it just mean the cpc is...
  13. B

    What comes under PAT testing...............?

    Since my father-in-law passed away recently we've been renting out his house and had Gas Safety and EICT testing done. There are no 'portable appliances' as such, but an oven and hob and extractor hood are provided in the kitchen plus an electric shower and fan in the ensuite plus an immersion...
  14. G

    "Budget" DIY'er insulation tester recommendations

    I have an SWA cable running from the CU to the garden that the previous owners had fitted, but no longer worked when I moved in a few years ago, that I want to reinstate. The cable itself runs from the kitchen where the CU is and is then buried under the floor, under the utility room and shower...
  15. A

    Garage board

    Hi. When certifying a small 2 way garage board. Do I carry out ze at the origin of supply or should I record a zs db reading in the garage? Same question regarding the fault current and short circuit current aswell should it be taken from garage or origin of supply?
  16. S

    Electricians Mate Looking for volunteer 2 days Thursday and Friday

    I completed my Level 2 and 3 City & Guilds 2330 in Electrical Installations and 18 édition, Pat testing I Trying to get experience . Based in West London . Can you help Will work for experience only Unpaid Electrician mate , Assistant I got ECS card and IPAF I am available 2 days a week...
  17. D

    Medical Equipment Testing????

    Hi I was at a hospital testing and the blood pressure machine only has a AC adapter and iec lead , so why cant you just use a seaward 500 to pat test , why do you need to be medical pat machine? also same for Bed unit , you can get a class 1 test off it , and some are class 2 but both can...
  18. Z

    Eicr query

    Hello all, my question is regards to a eicr. I have come to a property to do a eicr and have come across the lighting circuit neutrals in single insulated with no earthing. The live have earthing, which are single but the neutrals have none. Would this constitute a c2 or a c3. Thank you in advance
  19. J

    Insulation resistance on modern installations

    On initial verification of new installations I have been having a hard time with insulation resistance. With RCBOs, fixed LED luminaires, intelligent dimmer controls and other sensitive equipment now the norm on almost all installations how do we overcome this and still carry out effective and...
  20. M

    Are we allowed to use 5 amp fuses in 13 amp plugs?

    I work for a charity (Besom) that gets equipment that needs to be PATted. A lot of these come with 5 amp fuses. Please do the regulations allow you to use 5 amp fuses, or are you supposed to change them to 3 amp? Most of these devices are low power & they will run perfectly well on a 3 amp...
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