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  1. J

    in service inspection and testing 5th edition

    Does anyone know off hand when the 5th edition is supposed to come out, with the lockdown I can't get an official response. The draft "in service inspection and testing 5th edition" was out late last year for comments, and as I haven't got a copy of that, I don't have the timescales that were...
  2. J

    PAT testing 32A cable

    We have some 32A extension leads that range from 5m to 20m, I'm struggling to find what the acceptable values are for the resistence test. The PAT tester has a built in calculator, but that only goes up to 4mm cable, this is using 6mm. Where can I find the information I need to get the pass...
  3. J

    Mis wording in guidance 3

    Evening all Currently studying to take my 2391 course, in guidance note book 3, page 23, 553.2.2 it says "Particular attention should be paid to the requirements for cable couplers to ensure that the connector (female part) of the couplers us fitted at the end remote from the supply." Surely...
  4. N

    Trimble fast test - new laptop

    Hi there, I've got trimble fast test and looks like my laptop is starting to make that decline to the kaput stage of its life. Seeing as I've time on my hands I was going to buy a new laptop and transfer all my info over before it lies down on me completely. Do any of you know would I need...
  5. J

    NICEIC Certification Scheme PAT testing with NICEIC

    Hi there. As I understand NAPIT approved contractors automatically are able to carry out PAT testing with there yearly subscription. Do NICEIC approved contractors get the same benefit? I'm currently just a domestic installer and would have to pay an extra £450+VAT per a year for PAT testing!!
  6. A

    couple of PAT testing questions

    Hi Everyone, I have recently bought a UNI-T PAT tester ( UT528) and have few questions: It is mentioned in the handbook, to limit the earth continuity test for some appliances such as TV between 20 and 200 mA. When I check the UNI-T operation manual, it is mentioned the test current for earth...
  7. steamboatwilly

    Two new Wylex RCDs both failed tests

    Folks, A bit baffled (not difficult) ... added a light switch in a rental this week (empty property so no social distancing issues) and checked the RCD before I signed off. It was a Wylex 80a 30mA and it failed all tests (inc. ramp) so I like-for-like replaced it. The new one also failed all...
  8. EricMark

    Domestic inspection and testing what is required? England-Wales

    When I bought my house we had it inspected before buying to highlight faults, so the inspection and testing done by RICS Chartered Surveyor and the report made. This clearly covered more than the electrics, but it did refer to the electrical installation so included a type of electrical...
  9. E

    Testing of domestic property.

    Had a chap around yesterday evening to give me a quote for some plasterboard work. Seems he also has recently qualified in his testing capacity. Without naming names here is his profile " i have been in the electrical trade for 9 years, I qualified 5 years ago and passed my testing and...
  10. dnjr

    Fluke 1663 multifunction tester error code 4

    Dear all Testing Zs on fluke 1663 returned an error code 4 I thought this was an earth fault but another spark said it’s a voltage on the line. Anyone have the correct answer ? Cheers
  11. Pete999

    My Sister in Law is having her kitchen extractor remodeled, what certi ss required

    My Sister in Law is having a new extract fan installed due to an obnoxious Neighbour complaining about cooking smells, She is having a builder to install a new fan and ducting, What Electrical certification would be required? me I would say a MNEW cert and an ISITEE as well what say you lot? I...
  12. I

    Testing and signing off mobile catering units.

    Hi all, A friend of mine wants me to help him out renewing/converting trailers and horse boxes to be used for catering of film sets or in the public. I've got all the info I can get from Section 717 but what I'm not sure about it to what level I need to test and how certifying comes into play...
  13. D

    Polarity Test - Extension Lead (surge protection) - Failed

    Hi all, This has got me stumped as it's the first time in 8 years this has happened. I undertook a 250v test on a brand new recently purchased Surge Protection extension lead - all is well but on each of the 6 sockets it failed the Polarity Test. Tested the IEC Lead and all was fine so not that...
  14. H

    Insulation resistance with vulnerable equipment unable to be removed

    Good evening Was wondering when testing for.insulation resistance and there is vulnerable equipment in circuit but unable to disconnect, I understand that you combine the line and neutral conductors and test to earth. I am just wondering if it's ok and safe to do this at 500v as there is no...
  15. B

    Hi from the UK

    Hello folks, my name is Matt, I live in Cambridgeshire in the UK. I started working for a scientific maintenance company in October as their new Storeman. I was asked to look at the PAT testing equipment and familiarize myself..(a Seaward Pat Tester 250+). I have done the Pass/certificate on the...
  16. H

    Do you test the continuity of an installations main incoming earth

    This may seem like a stupid question but when testing for continuity using the long lead method I know you test the water and gas bonds etc but do you test the incoming earthing cable. I ask this because reading guidance note 3 it talks about the earthing conductor to be tested and I am slightly...
  17. B

    Basic PAT Testing question

    Hi there, Excuse if a daft question but should PAT testing include all spare cable and chargers ? ie we have several boxes of unused spares (laptop chargers etc) which are likely to never be used but kept just in case. I presume they should be tested as they could be used at any point or...
  18. A

    Asbestos check before fixed wire test

    Hello all. I'm starting to do more fixed wire testing at my company and wondering about asbestos checks. The last company I worked for (was an apprentice at the time) didn't check any asbestos register before starting the test so just wondering where to stand with it. These will be commercial...
  19. HandsOffEngineer

    A different business model for PAT testing?

    Is there a room in professional PAT testing for a business model other than 'per unit'? I ask because I've been giving this some thought. I've just finished the 2377-22 course. Not with the intention of actually doing any PAT testing professionally, rather mainly for the purpose of my own...
  20. S

    fuse fail class 2

    Hi all. First of all, I'm not an electrician, although I am confident in doing small jobs (socket changes, light changes etc.) however I am about to start a course (being sent on one, city & guilds). My friend (spark, currently on holiday so I can't ask him) has given me his HPAT600 and after...
  21. D

    PAT testing servers

    Hi I have a question about servers , i had a client who want their server testing , i told them i would need to power down the server to test , but they then said that last time it was done by another firm it was visual and they didnt turn anything off , but you still need to unplug to do a...
  22. P

    Qualified to fix?

    I qualified as a "PAT Tester" (C&G 2377) almost 10 years ago and for the first time last week I was asked if I was qualified to FIX any of the faults I found? It never crossed my mind that I wasn't, if I am qualified to find a fault does it follow I am qualified to correct it? I must have...
  23. C

    Parallel RCD Testing

    I've got to test a bunch of temporary electrical distribution boxes (see photo example) for an events company I work with. I've done this many times before and have no issue with the actual testing. However, normally I would do it on the bench with a non-RCD'd supply so as I can test and record...
  24. F

    How to wire for "electrically sensitive" people

    Hey everyone, I believe I may be one of the crazy people who thinks they are "electrically sensitive"... I hate that I am that guy, but this is kind of where I find myself. I'm convinced that the farther from all electrical stuff I sleep, the better I sleep, and I've kind of gotten obsessed...
  25. spud1

    PAT testing transformer plugtops

    When PAT testing is it necessary to carry out insulation resistance or load/leakage on a Class II (Dummy earth pin) transformer PSU type plugtop? (e.g. phone charger, monitor PSU) Or is just a visual inspection needed?
  26. J

    PAT Testing a ball pump

    Good morning all, I'm new to this forum and just wanted some advice please. I've got this electrical ball pump that PE use which is a class 2 appliance, last year it passed the PAT test but this year it failed on the leakage test. Now I could do a class 2 test without a leakage test but I...
  27. K

    Advice on pat testing

    Hi Experts I would like some advise on pat testing. i am converting old Bakelite radios, taking out all the original electrics and valves and installing bought 12V amp/Bluetooth board, speaker and 12V power adaptor. Some wiring and soldiering is involved, but very basic My question is, as i...
  28. DaveyD

    Pat testing software for Seaward old Supernova EX

    Hi all Does anyone know of any software to download the results without all the bells and the annual cost of the PatGuard 3. We seldom do pat testing, but it would be good to drop into excel or something. thanks in advance. David.
  29. C

    Glue Guns Failing earth continuity test

    Hi Guys Long time since I last posted but I have a problem I'm stuck on. My company uses a few industrial hand held glue guns. We have been experiencing repeated problems where the glue gun is failing on the earth continuity test. (Full test every 3 months) Typically 0.26 - 0.56 ohms. We...
  30. R

    Continuity of protective conductors...Initial/Periodic exam.

    Hi, With Referance to the current Initial verification and periodic practical exam. Continuity of protective conductors, including main and supplementary bonding. I understand using method one with circuit c.p.c, Connect line/c.p.c in connector blocks. Results provide, continuity, R1=R2 and...
  31. M

    Patting a microwave oven

    I bought a leakage detector which says "must not exceed 5 mw/sq cm " Please: how far away should you be holding the meter? One oven failed. The PAT meter says "Riso > 20 Mohm Ileak = 0.84 ma " How is this possible? It seems to violate Ohm's Law. (This is just a Q out of interest, I will in...
  32. T

    Plumber's reason for RCD tripping.

    Plumber changes boiler and RCD main switch starts tripping at various times when its firing up or soon after. (I was there doing other work). I test ring (that its connected to) and get +299Mohms on all tests. RCD doesn't trip at x0.5 and trips at x1 and x5, all fine. I've suggested to them...
  33. Zdb

    3Phase PFC

    After having a discussion with a colleague earlier today I was wondering what peoples preferred method is when testing prospective fault current on a three phase distribution board. Do you: A. Perform a 2 lead test between L1-E, L2-E, L3-E, L1-N, L2-N & L3-N then double the highest value. Or...
  34. Mike Johnson

    Fluke 1633 alternative mains cord

    I have been asked by a good friend to check out the electrical installation in their French holiday home, whilst I am there (free use for test) what is so special about the Fluke mains lead that they want £40.00 for the EU version? I know it has a special plug into the unit, but c'mon £40.00 for...
  35. P

    PAT testing scope for a salon with a rented room

    All, I’m hoping to pick up a PAT testing job for a salon. Quite happy with the main part of it for the owner, but this salon rents a room to another beautician who has their own appliances. The person in the rented room is not an employee of the owner. Q ~ Should the rented room fall under the...
  36. A

    UK MFT1711 for Pat testing

    Hi mall I have an extension socket that I have soldered 3 plugs to. I can test insulation and leakage with this and an Megger MFT1711. I can null the lead. Will only use for class 1 Can any see a problem?
  37. M

    PATting a dishwasher

    This has no manufacturer's name, no rating plate and no CE mark. Please does this mean I must fail it, although the PAT meter says "pass"? I have inspected the flex & plug (sealed, 13 amp fuse, grip is sound).
  38. Phil L


    Hi Know it’s been asked before but can find them on the search, Has anyone any samples or editable certs for PAT testing Thanks
  39. P

    Fluke 6500 problems with keyboard

    Hello to all from germany, i have here a Fluke 6500 appliance tester. Most of the keys don't work. As i opened the case there was a smd diode D8 on the logic board clearly defective. Perhaps there is a service manual or some circuit diagrams for this tester out there where i can see what type...
  40. D

    ISITEE 5th Ed. CoP - DPC

    The IET have posted a Draft for Public Comment of the forthcoming 5th Edition of the Code of Practice - LINK
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