1. D

    Breaker keeps tripping, potential ground fault?

    Hi all. We have a 120v 20 amp circuit to an accessory dwelling with a run of about 75' of direct bury #12. The breaker keeps tripping even when there is nothing connected to the circuit. What I've done so far: Checked all connections in the circuit(outlets, etc) Then, disconnected the...
  2. T

    House water pump keeps needing a reset

    Hi. I have a single phase water pump which supplies our house. It frequently cuts out and needs to be reset (on pump itself). Because of our location (rural Spain) I suspect it is erratic voltage supply. Is there a power regulator I can use in between pump & outlet to overcome this?
  3. M

    AFCI keeps tripping - replaced outlet, checked switches - how to choose replacement?

    Our family room is part of an addition built a few years ago. We had an issue with nuisance tripping on an AFCI and the electrician came and replaced it saying the one we had was later found to be faulty. All was fine until I bought a new Denon receiver to replace an older Onkyo. I plugged the...
  4. S

    GFCI for hot tub keeps tripping

    Hi, My hot tub keeps tripping after 12 years of use. I'm thinking it's the GFCI gone bad. Unfortunately it's a CH 2 pole 50 amp (GFTCB250) and they are on national backorder. The only options I can think of are to put a GFCI in the main panel (Sqaure D) and replace the GFCI at the disconnect...
  5. _KaCe_

    Trouble shoot why a ground fault circuit breaker keeps tripping.

    I installed outdoor lighting and outlets. I finished this past year. I passed my inspection on April 2022. I was so pleased, BUT now the circuit the outlets are on has a problem... the circuit keeps tripping. Question 1: I was wondering if there's a way to test the circuit breaker itself? Then...
  6. Z

    Why is it happening?? UPS keeps turning on and off.

    Hey there, I have this Chinese ups/powerbank sold under many diffrent brands and it has been working OK apart form a burnt out mosfet I had to change. After tget it was OK again for a while. Now when I turn on the AC inverter I get 220v out and it can drive a 10w fan ok.. But when I connect...
  7. diy in houston

    Gfci in attic keeps tripping

    Hi, I live in Houston TX and my house was built in 2000. In my attic, I had a dual socket electrical outlet. My tankless water heater was plugged in to it and the other socket was not being used. Aside from the electrical cable that went into the outlet, there was another electrical cable that...
  8. K

    Fused spur keeps tripping breaker

    I've a 13a fused spur which is attached to single socket. The fused spur looks like it is used to power 2 security lights. One night the breaker for my upstairs sockets tripped and after some investigation I discovered it was actually the fused spur in the garage that's causing it. The socket...
  9. S

    Dimplex Quantum storage heater 150 - keeps melting 20amp double pole switch

    Had a quantum (qm150) installed for 8 years - no problem. Couple of weeks ago the switch (usually always on except when on holiday) stuck and no power to heater. Had a look at switch and saw it was melted where the N wire goes in. Bought an exact replacement (B+Q) and replaced myself with the...
  10. D

    Celeb Sparks keeps his cool when helper cuts the wires

    Sometimes I find myself browsing some Celeb sparks on YouTube and this fella keeps his cool live on camera when his helper chops off the live and neutral but I bet in his head he is going ' you fecking idiot '
  11. S

    RCD keeps tripping. Perhaps i've wired it incorrectly?

    Good afternoon! In my house, I have a three-phase power system and this RCD that's rated for 40 A max and 30 mA leakage current. It keeps constantly tripping on loads larger than a phone charger (ie an electric kettle or toaster). This house is to EU standards (I live in Latvia). I'm wondering...
  12. electricky

    DB board keeps tripping mysteriously at night

    Is it possible that a DB board can be controlled from outside the unit/house itself? We suspect that someone has been playing around with our electricity and we're wondering if that is possible. I know next to nothing about electricity other than the basics so please excuse me if this question...
  13. B

    RCD keeps Tripping, need some Advice

    My RCD began to trip several months ago. I narrowed it down to a fridge/freezer in the garage. However, after turning this off, its now started to trip again due to another fridge/freezer (in the last few weeks). Either I’m incredibly unlucky and both appliances need replacing, or there’s...
  14. teneke

    UK Main breaker keeps tripping, any ideas welcomed

    Hi all, I really hope this is the correct place in the forum. tldr; Oven and boiler take turns to trip the breaker, but I don't think it's either of them so any help would be greatly appreciated. Basically the main breaker keeps tripping in the house I'm renting. We've been living here for...
  15. J

    Circuit breaker keeps tripping

    15 amp Eaton breaker controls office and 3 hallway lights. 9 year old house. 200 amp panel.. Wind storm last week, breaker tripped. Re set it on, but it keeps tripping. Figured it was toast, so ordered a couple new breakers. (None in stock locally). Pulled an identical breaker from the panel and...
  16. M

    RCD Keeps Tripping After Powercut

    Hi all. Please be patient as I don't know much about electrics! We had a powercut in the area Tuesday 9th November afternoon - blown fuses in the sub opposite the property caused a 70 property outage. That was resolved Tuesday evening. The main switch on the RCD flipped once that evening, I...
  17. M

    Pull cord switch for power shower keeps breaking

    Hi All, I hope you are doing well. I keep having the issue with this pull cord switch to the power shower. I used a number of pull cord switches 45A and 50A ones mostly from Screwfix but I think the problem is with the wiring. As you can see on the picture the RED and BLACK twisted copper...
  18. O

    Oven wiring help please keeps tripping

    Hi all please could someone help, my ovens keep tripping the rcd see images for details basically from the cu I have 63 amp rcd with a 32 amp mcb type b from that run in 6mm t&e to an isolation switch 50 amp then more 6mm cable to a dual cooker outlet then 2x flex runs to 2x single ovens 2100w...
  19. G

    Middle light of three in a fitting keeps burning out immediately

    Hi all! I have a light fitting with 3 lights on it in a row. The middle one burnt out right away when I connected it. Then I started another thread prior to this one which solved some wiring questions. It's now all connected ok. When I replaced the middle light after all of this was done and I...
  20. J

    RCD Keeps tripping

    I have recently added two double sockets in a lounge original nor realising that the source was a spur that someone had already wrongly spure, so two existing double sockets a spur from a spur I then added 2 sockets across the room on a back to back wall essentially creating 4 spurs which...


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