1. D

    Testing Ze when you cannot disconnect the bonding?

    I was recently watching John Ward's video series on Electrical Installation Testing. In the part where he discusses measuring Ze, he states that you only test the earth connection to the cut-out and need to disconnect it from the bonding and the CU to do this correctly. In his example diagram he...
  2. K

    UK 35mm Downlight

    Anyone know of a junction box that will go through a 35mm hole. I have to install e.ergency downlights. Cannot gain access above ceiling. Cheers
  3. M

    Hi I have to draw a lighting circuit that has a time clock in.... I cannot find the official symbol for the drawing anywhere . Can you help please ?

    Hi I have to draw a lighting circuit that has a time clock in.... I cannot find the official symbol for the drawing anywhere . Can you help please ? Source URL: Lighting Forum -
  4. L

    Help! Rewiring 3 way switch, cannot get it to work again.

    Long story short, I tried to replace my existing 3 way switch with a new 3 way switch, but I had to pretty much take everything out and my attempt at putting everything back as it was failed because now the ceiling lights controlled by the new switch don't work. The other 3 way switch is located...
  5. M

    UK Xpelair DX100WT

    Hi Guys. I have a seized Xpelair DX100WT. Looking on the internet I cannot find any reference to that model. Does anybody know of a suitable plugin replacement?
  6. C

    Cannot Find Brushed Steel 45 Amp Cooker Control Unit - Vertical?

    Hi all, hope everyone is well. I'm looking for a replacement cooker control Unit similar to the one in the picture. I am after a brushed steel or satin one, but I cannot find one anywhere with these vertical dimensions. The tiles behind the socket have already been cut to fit this shape by a...
  7. C

    No madam I cannot move your service head

    Hello people ow the joys of domestics and expectations of clients. The home owner is having the entire ground floor gutted and renovated, the fuse board and service head needs to be taken from the wall that will be removed and relocated 3 meters away. The TN-CS service had been installed with...
  8. N

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma software app?

    I installed the stroma ipad app and it keeps coming up as 'untrusted enterprise developer,' and won't open so wondered if there is anyway around it. I can still use the member portal to issue certs so no big deal, but was going to give this a try to use offline, although I suspect old fashioned...
  9. Davisonp

    C2 or C3

    I would value your opinions on this. I did an EICR and found two lights in a bedroom that are florescent lights so class 1 but the lighting circuit is old and does not have an earth. However, the lights are in vanity units, so you cannot touch the units without dismantling the vanity units. As...
  10. Pete999


    I should know the answer but I don't and have tried google etc so that's out of the way for starters. Reading a post about sockets used for IT equipment and the possible problems caused by RCD tripping due to start up earth leakage, led to think about protecting the circuit with RCBOs with a...
  11. S

    Water pipe installed above db

    While I was on holiday a plumber as run a water pipe over a distribution board, I cannot seem to find any regs regarding this. Any help appreciated
  12. G

    Type of rcd

    Anybody know what Rcd this is. Previous report suggests 61009, I'm thinking more 4293? Nothing on the rcd itself
  13. A

    luxomat PIR's

    Hi all, I'm currently on a project in a new build school and we are installing 2 x luxomat pir detectors (master and slave) in the classrooms. The instructions are ridiculously complicated with lots of terminals (2x L 2x N, 2x NO 1x S) they also have a inbuilt relay. We're wiring the lights...
  14. B

    Live Working

    Quick fire question. I was always told that you cannot do live working unless the customer cannot shut X appliance down for what ever reason, a risk assessment is in place with a proper live working procedure/LOA. Granted you cannot do live work in a hazardous area, but AP on site claims you...
  15. R

    Domestic Newbie question cannot get fuse out of fusebox

    Dear All, I need to change the fuse in a standard household Ashley fusebox but I cannot pull the fuse out, no matter how hard I try. The fuse looks a like a standard cartridge type fuse(16 A MCB16). There is a small key in the lid of the fusebox which looks like a paper clip opened out, but I...
  16. drzsta

    Gaining work experience

    Hi, (sorry for long post) Havn't posted much here but am after some well appreciated advice. I have recently qualified from my 4 year apprenticeship. The Operation that I work (and did my apprenticeship) for does on the whole all domestic installation and maintenance. Although the job is...
  17. R

    Easy Switch

    Are these any good or is there a alternative? EasySwitch Easy Switch Wireless Switches I've been asked to provide lighting in the garden switched from the kitchen. The garage is detached, I can get power from the garage board to the lights but cannot run switch to kitchen without digging up a...
  18. C

    Solar Certicfication

    Hi I am in the process of establishing a solar Pv installation company in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The problem i have is that I cannot gain MCS accreditation until such time as I have my first Install Complete. And the customer cannot avail of the NIE Grant unless they employ an MCS...
  19. F

    Generator zs

    Hi people, I am installing a three phase supply but the out building I am working in is currently fed by a generator and I cannot gain access to the main supply. I have 3 phase 40a type c mcb which in the niceic test sheets says max is 0.46 ohms. The zdb in the out building is 0.60 ohms and the...
  20. S

    Lighting circuit junction

    Hi there Downstairs hall lights have no way of being turned off from upstairs i want to insert intermediate switch upstairs into the circuit, unfortunately walls have just been decorated and have got the floorboards up and found the wiring but cannot pull the cable up the wall, seems to be...
  21. S

    Does anyone know how to open a Megger 1552

    i think i have blown an internal fusein my megger 1552 but cannot open the case fully. i have removed the 4 screws but cannot find anything on the otherside. it opens enough for me to see the internal fuses but i cannot get to them any Ideas???? please help lol
  22. M

    GLEN Panel Heater

    Hi all, first post. I am trying to find an instruction manual for the attached panel heater. I cannot find a model number anywhere on the heater. Currently I cannot figure out how to get the heater to work all the time. Any help appreciated.
  23. G

    PME Ze - Confused!

    Been to a property recently that has a TN-C-S supply installed, but the innstallation earthing is via a spike. As the supply has recently been installed I was going to move the earthing back to the supplier (Scottish Power) unfortunately when tested, the Ze was 0.79. An engineer has just been...
  24. cbw

    Main fuse colours

    OK, basic schoolboy question!!!!!! I am used to just opening up a main fuse carrier to determine the fuse rating. If this is not possible I will go by the stated rating labled on the carier. (often wrong anyway) I have quoted to instal a power shower in a flat with storage heaters...
  25. I

    3-way siwtch not working

    HI, i have just moved into my new home and there is 2 switches that are not installed and i have tried to install them, but when i installed them switch A would be on and then Switch be wouldnt turn off the light. right now both switches are off and the hots are merreted (1 black) (1red) both...
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