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  1. P

    Ferret inspection camera

    Hi I recently discovered Ferret wifi cableless cameras with wifi extender, does anyone know of any similar smaller cameras on the market with a good wifi signal for cavities etc. Thanks
  2. wsoppitt

    cheap / mid range burglar alarm system.

    Been asked to supply and fit a cheap / mid range burglar alarm system. remote keypad and 6 pir sensors , any suggestions for an easy to use system as client is elderly with limited hearing / sight. thanks all
  3. D

    Ion 16 installer code

    Hi guys installer set installer code but did not tell me how can I get into panel thanks guys looking for the installer code
  4. Midwest

    Mixing Manufacturers fire alarm devices

    At my place of work, some of the properties have D2 smoke & heat detectors. They link into a warden call system via relay base. We need to replace one of these bases, as it’s faulty. This particular alarm manufacturer has discontinued their relays. I found out that some of these bases were...
  5. D

    I on 16. Pir

    Hi all can anyone please help. Daughter has ion16. Alarm. Battery’s wanted changing. Since I have changed them. Keeps going off alarm panel says fault zone 7 have made sure the spring on the tamper is ok still going off any help please guys if the pir is faulty how do I program new pir...
  6. J

    Aico smoke alarms and Texecom house alarm

    I am in the process of getting my house rewired and I forget to think about adding smoke alarms and a burglar alarm. As the house is getting a total redecoration then it would be worthwhile to do it now. I have been on the Aico website but it all seems a bit confusing - radio linked, audo...
  7. Lister1987

    Wanting to get my head around fire detection and alarm systems...

    Can anyone recommend any good links, books, materials (Aside from bs 5839-1) for getting an understanding and looking into how these systems are devised, wired, maintained and such like? I know there was the IET Electricians Guide to Fire Detection and Alarm Systems - 2nd Edition, however I...
  8. S

    Wireless alarms

    hey guys I've moved into a new property and want to put a wireless alarm in. Ive been looking at the pyronix enforcer. Whats your thoughts on these? I quite like the idea of being able to use the app aswell as adding wireless cameras Thanks
  9. R

    Uniview and EZ view app problems

    I had 3 Uniview cameras (POE) and a NVR installed a couple of months ago by a local electrician, last job before the lockdown. I had planned to control this from the App, EZview, but that was hopeless so bought a monitor. The monitor seems OK but I'm no wifi/internet expert and am not sure if...
  10. M

    Honeywell Accenta G4 setting error

    I have just installed a Honeywell Accenta G4 system. All ok apart from 2 queries: The entry/exit zone 1 is a PIR (there are no door contacts on my system, just 2 PIR's) It is set to zone 1. The second PIR is in the lounge. The system will set ok, but only after I am out of the range of the zone...
  11. R

    Which CCTV do you recommend.

    Hi everyone, I’m a qualified electrician been retired now for 2 years. I’m looking for a bit of advise My son is having problems with his neighbour and wants to fit 2 x Cctv cameras with audio. Would like a system that is easy to use What can you recommend? Thanks
  12. R

    Issue with doorbell and bell.

    Hi, Hoping someone can help a diy-er during this period, I got bored, but I wish I’d left my video doorbell alone. Decided it was also time to get rid of the old ringer which I shoved a 0v-24v DC transformer in when i purchased the doorbell and obviously the chime casing never fitted properly...
  13. V

    Optima Compact G3 Outside bellbox ( Sounder) change

    Hello everyone, I hope you’re well. I have a problem with my Optima Compact Gen 3. I don’t know how can I change the outside bellbox, sounder without raising the alarm. If you have any idea please let me know! Thanks
  14. T

    Texecom Prem Elite 48 setup

    Hi Guys, anybody in the bacup area willing to give me a price for setup of texecom premier elite 48, 2 expanders full and 1 expander with 2 periphials, I have Wintex software on my desktop. struggling to understand the terminology, also there are no EOL resistors as I have linked out tamps where...
  15. A

    Accenta 6 decommissioning

    Hello I have bought a house with one of these fitted. I had to turn the electric off to do some work and when I turned it back on the alarm panel was beeping. I was able to stop it by putting in the code though assume if I hadn't the alarm would have sounded. I Googled this and it looks like it...
  16. scotsparky


    I am looking for a second hand Premiere SX 8 zone Pire alarm panel. A local club i know has one and the Battery charging unit has failed this week. Hopefully be able to get a second hand unit And swap out charger. Hopefully someone has one i will pay by Paypal I cant find anything on ebay which...
  17. W

    Veritas 8 Compact

    Hi All, I've installed a Veritas 8 Compact today, and when it came to carry out the walk test all of the zone lights came on at once. I have wired it with 1 PIR to each of 6 zones. the remaining two zones are linked out. I am using a global tamper which is wired in series. All other tests are...
  18. T

    Replacing FX-360 PIR

    Hi, I am a retired electrical engineer but know little about home security systems. I have to remove or replace aged OPTEX FX-360 PIRs connected to a TS510 domestic intruder alarm control unit. As far as I can gather, each PIR has a 4-wire connection to a particular zone input on the control...
  19. M

    POW CCTV set. Mobile phone view.

    Hi. What suppliers you using to purchase CCTV set (4 cams) with POE system. I do not mean the cheapest but also not too expensive (up to £400 ? ) . I do not know the market yet. I had some leaflets from Q system company and this looks not too bad, but would like to know more options. Please...
  20. B

    Upgrade to Enterview 3 door entry

    Hi, Got a customer who currently has an Enterview 3 system, 1 mag lock, 1 external unit and 4 handsets over 4 floors. They want to upgrade to something more modern, this isn't my main area of expertise so looking for some ideas. Most new systems seem to be network enabled, so poss could ditch...
  21. R

    Connection to phone line

    I'm looking to connect a Visonic alarm to the phone line. Do I need a microfilter or can I just connect from the master socket into the panel? Thanks in advance
  22. R

    Short Circuit Fault On Honeywell Flex 100 alarm

    Hey, We are putting in a Honeywell flex alarm. It's all wired in (following the manual). The problem is that all the sensors are coming up as having a short circuit and I can't work out why. I've wired it up with my friend (who is an electrician) and we really can't work out the problem...
  23. Lister1987

    Check Understanding; Minimum alarm requirements for private rent sector

    Just want someone to sanity check me here; my understanding is that battery powered detectors are not permitted in the private rent sector - they're fine if you own/live in the property yourself but the minute it becomes private rent then the minimum requirement is LD3 - Mains Powered (with or...
  24. S

    Have any novices gone down the security/fire root with little experience?

    Hello, I have been considering offering clients my services fire/security installs however I would consider myself a novice. I just wondered if any other sparkys had gone down this root with little experience as I imagine it's quite a learning curve getting to grips with control panels and...
  25. P

    Texecom premier elite upgrade

    I have a wireless texecom panel with v3.02 firmware, and I want to add a texecom ethernet connect unit but the panel has to be upgraded to version 4. I got the unit below in the connect box, so can this upgrade my panel to version 4 or do I need to buy an actual flasher unit (about £38 from...
  26. wsoppitt

    Guys/girls hopefully you can help.i do lots of work for this guy that has just started setting up a group of containers as a self storage business.

    Guys / girls hopefully you can help. A guy I do some work for is in the process of setting up a container self storage business. There is 1 main gate, he wants the entry to be keyless (fob entry) and also wants it to connect to network for remote operation. Any recommendations for a good system...
  27. N

    Ring Pro Transformer in CU

    I currently have a Ring transformer wired up and working. The original door bell had its on transformer that was next to the CU and the wiring was used from that for the Ring setup. I would really like to get rid of the additional box, as its in my hallway and i already have the CU, house alarm...
  28. H

    Fire alarm installer not providing full commissioning documentation

    Our management company comprising five flats, of which I am the Secretary, had an electrician install a fire alarm system last October to satisfy the local authority. It was a wireless system and comprised various smoke detectors, sounders, break glass units etc. He was paid in full. Our...
  29. J

    Advice on basic alarm.

    Hi. I've been asked to fit an alarm that will give audible/visual warning if an infra red beam is broken between 2 points. It will be in a warehouse environment fitted indoors and I plan to fit them about 5m high to steel uprights about 15m apart. This is a standalone alarm only not part of...
  30. gazdkw82

    CCTV- visually good

    Iv done a few cctv systems. Nothing professional, just the normal swann/hikvision stuff. I have installed the cameras and respective cables in different ways. Some have been fed through the soffits into the loft, some have had JB boxes installed and cables ran through them and then rear entry...
  31. R

    Scantronic 3400 panel

    Hi Looking for manual for my old scantronic 3400 panel year about 1992, needs reprogramming after power and battery failure
  32. K

    Can this CCTV camera be used via smartphone app? CCTV and access control novice!

    first time poster! i had this camera given to be by a friend who had it going spare and was wondering if i could utilize this cameras full capabilities using just a smartphone app. though a qualified spark, i am a complete cctv and data novice and would like to be able to control and rotate/move...
  33. S


    Morning all, I’ve recently bought a new house with an old alarm system that didn’t work and was located in the downstairs toilet. I’ve rewired it and located The Alarm Panel in the first floor landing cupboard Going on the system are the following: Surface mounted contact to be fitted to the...
  34. Strima

    XVision HD Pro CCTV Fault

    I have a customer who has a XVision HD Pro CCTV system that now fails to boot. It's a few years old and I have cleaned a lot of dust out of the system. It will only get to 99% on the power up screen then dumps out and cycles through it's start up routine. I have replaced the MB button battery...
  35. J

    Prices for CCTV and Intruder Alarms

    I set up on my own beginning of 2019, doing mainly commercial and industrial work. But I’m wanting to branch out to the domestic market as well. I am wanting to mainly install CCTV and Intruder Alarms. From looking at a few threads, everyone is saying Hikvision and Texecom are my best bet for...
  36. C

    arlo pro add on camera

    I have a query that I have recently purchased the Arlo Pro 2 bundle from London , it came with this VMB3500 base station. I am curious what the specs are, especially the processor? I currently own another bundle with the original Arlo, that came with the VMB3000 andI am alos thinking that if...
  37. L

    risco config software

    hi i have a problem connecting to the risco cs software to agility panel im getting the connection error 20005 any idea why cant connect iv setup the option in the comms menu on the panel enable left remote code as it is left the engineer code default its direct to latop to the panel using is...
  38. W

    Veritas R8 keypad unresponsive after power cut

    Hi, could somebody please give me some advice? I have a Texecom Veritas R8 alarm. I recently turned off the power for some DIY work, and the external alarm rang until the power turned back on. I’m aware that this is an issue with the battery, however the alarm usually works fine when power is...
  39. J

    Specialist Electrical Services

    Wire & Fiber UK brings a wealth of experience of specialist services, giving our new and existing clients the peace of mind when it comes to protecting their people, property and assets. We can deliver an array of technical installations including: Fire & Security - integrated or...
  40. T

    Gardtec 595 alarm issue

    My wifes been decorating and removed the cover of a pir sensor. Alarm went off as it should. However after replacing cover the alarm wont set and keypad displays check hall PIR. I have come across these snapped wires to what im guessing...
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