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  1. A

    Domestic Unable to separate wires on ring circuit

    Hi folks, I'm in the process of adding some more sockets into my "Socket" ring circuit. My plan was to open up the existing socket, cut 1 twin and earth higher up and add a socket there, leave the other twin and earth where it is then do a small ring of 4 sockets, starting at the existing socket...
  2. happyhippydad

    Unable to find earth rod when doing EICR

    Evening chaps and SC... I was carrying out an EICR today. I could not find the earth rod anywhere. I could see a 10mm leaving the CU and going down the wall of the porch then it goes at an angle through the wall (towards the outside) and then I cannot see anything else. Following the angle...
  3. P

    Unable to confirm Supply characteristics for hospital install

    Hi All, i have just been sent on a job to certificate a new install in a hospital,but i am banging my head against a wall trying to locate the the primary supply characteristics/main switches/main protective bonding, the hospital has no idea where to look and all the existing test certificates...
  4. 7029 dave

    Unable to post

    Mods, help please unable to reply to post's. Dave
  5. R

    Certifying another Sparks work

    Hi, I've been approached by a builder who has requested several of his jobs are certified. He has used another electrician to carry out the work who is unable to certify his own work. I've suggested an EICR report as I'm unable to inspect cable runs in permitted zones along with other...
  6. O

    Scheme Registration

    Guys, When registering with a scheme (new to me as Im in maintenance) how do you get round certain things like: 3 phase board and unable to turn off, are you OK just taking the cover off??? Getting Ze when unable to isolate anything so therefore unable to remove main earth??? Im sure there...
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