1. M

    Increasing supply, does DNO transformer look excessive?

    Basically customer currently only has a 100A 3 phase supply, which is rather overloaded. Also has a 120KVA generator for a 55KW motor. Im trying to get a larger supply so everything will run off the grid and not overloaded. Ive spoken to the DNO in terms of trying to get a 400A supply. DNO...
  2. Rocboni

    New supply to factory

    Just wondering what people thoughts are on obtaining a supply to a part of a local mill where I am now a maintenance engineer. The existing installation is terrible with many switch fuses that have been added over the years, the oldest part is from 1946. The total supply capacity in question is...
  3. C

    Electrical Bonding Sizes in Factory

    Hello All, We look after an old mill/factory and ive just been given the test remedials list another company did. A bit part of it is bonding to steelworks and big gas pipework. How do i determine size needed? Is there a formula/table to work off?
  4. T

    Roberts Play 10 DAB Radio -- Can't Reset to Factory

    This little radio is 2 or 3 years old and very handy for portable DAB. I use 4 x rechargeable AA batteries. Not mains-operated. There are 3 station presets but I can't erase them or even factory-reset the radio. It will accept a new station to any preset but the memory of it is lost on...
  5. D

    Ze / PFC conundrum at factory

    Hi all, I recently went to install a new circuit & when trying to obtain a ze reading at the origin (TN-C-S) I got 0.01 ohms with a pfc of >19.9kA... This is when testing from the main distribution board which is in a hut next to the building where the work took place 15/20 meters away. Anyone...
  6. L

    Powering factory fan/ventilation

    Hi there I rent a works/creator space in an old factory and have a large industrial fan fitted that i'd like to get up and running as it becomes a sauna in summer. I've tried to wire it simply using a standard 3 wired plug in the past but it shorts my fuse box after 10mins or so. I've attached...
  7. Lou

    Town flooded by Pepsi factory!

    Russian town flooded by 28 million litres of Pepsi Russian town flooded by 28 million litres of Pepsi - http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/town-flooded-28-million-litres-10302667 Good news it's not diet @telectrix
  8. I

    Industrial Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory

    Hi fella's , Following a recent report I have had sent to me t was deemed that multi-core SWA doubled up to supply a single phase piece of equipment, was unsatisfactory for following reasons. 'Poor onsite installation practice may result in increased risk of failure,electric shock or fire'...
  9. T

    RCD protection for factory sockets

    Doing a little job for a friends of ours who owns a furniture company. Have some metal double sockets round a couple of his work shop areas. Nothing to crazy. Only to be used for fans, kettle, chargers etc. All in swa clipper along metal tray. No sockets to be used outside and all staff are...
  10. L

    And i thought domestic was dirty...

    Previous house basher for 4 years and qualified in that area. Started my new job this week and i am wiring up a flour mill. ITS HUGE, we have a production mill factory with about 4 new motors and 6 sensors wiring back to a plc unit. I have to say i am enjoying the work and seem to be getting on...
  11. W

    Signing off Installation work in a factory

    Hi, I have my 17th edition and NVQ Level 3 (2357)Can I now sign test certificates off for industrial factories?
  12. T

    New Gas meter fitted at factory - Earth Bonding Q

    Hi all, Just has a new gas meter fitted at our factory. Was left an advice notice that there was no earth bond within 600mm of meter outlet. The problem with this is the meter is 20 meters away from the building in a little 1970s hut all on its own with a paved parking area in between. The...
  13. F

    Factory reset Honeywell Galaxy G2-20 ADT alarm

    Hi Have just moved into a house with a Honeywell Galaxy G2-20 ADT alarm. I do not have any user or manager code. I would like to reset the system back to default so I can use the alarm. Can anyone tell me how do this. i understand this may be sensitive information so please PM if it not correct...
  14. LeeH

    Conduit ****

    Working in a factory which has a spec of conduit. Up to 50mm conduits all over the place with very little forms of other containment. No idea why, but a nice steady job for the outfit doing it all.
  15. K

    factory rewire help

    hi everyone im currently looking at updating a board in a factory with bs88 fuses in it can anyone reccommend a board and overcurrent protective devices that would be a more suitable replacement? the out going circuits are ok and up to date thanks
  16. R

    Young apprentice died testing factory

    Just read this How very tragic and sad and maybe a lesson to us all http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3048568/Father-watched-horror-apprentice-son-got-fatal-electric-shock.html
  17. J

    No RCBO's = Unsatisfactory

    I've just been to a customer who has had somebody else carry out an EICR and have told them that it can not be passed as satisfactory until they replace a number of MCB's for RCBO's as there is a new law that requires them. This is not just on socket outlets. They have gone all out on cables...
  18. darkwood

    One smelly factory - can you identify what the pile is of?

    One of my customers this is just part of his stock and it reeks!!
  19. driverman

    Pfc - pscc on 3 phase supplies

    Hi, Guys,when measuring PFC-PSCC on 3 phase supplies,I know that you test between live conductors L1-L2, L1-L3, L2-L3 and then all 3 to Neutral and note lowest reading obtained. Then all 3 phases ( is that right term for C&G? ) to earth. Then neutral to earth and lowest reading obtained recorded...
  20. P

    FActory sockets issue

    HI All First post so go easy After a recent H&S visit They were displeased with the fact that we have standard metal clad 13a sockets in some areas on the factory floor . The major of sockets are Blue 16a Commander or Yellow 110. A lot of equipment is low voltage load cells scales...