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  1. Spoon

    Computer memory. RAM.......

    In the past I was told that for RAM it was better to have 2 memory cards rather than one. e.g. have two 4GB cards rather than an 8GB card. Is this still the case?
  2. O

    Dash Cams

    Anyone got a dash cam and found them useful? Just wondering... Thanks
  3. onions1066

    Visonic wireless alarm

    Just looking for a bit of advise from any of the alarm guys. Went to look at a mates alarm today it is a visonic wireless version. The story behind what happened is the battery's ran low in a sensor the batterys were replaced but the lid want put back on properly. So numerous faults were...
  4. L

    Texecom (Veritas) model identification and possible manual

    You know the story, new house, alarm and zero information even regarding the installer although I do know the user code. The problem seems to be the programming, works OK on Part but not on Full, battery in unit is holding charge, sounder battery not checked yet. Can anyone identify the model...
  5. F

    2391 2394 2395

    is there anyone out there who has there 2391 like my self considering doing the 2394 or 2395 or dont we need to do them just wondering
  6. the pict

    drill batteries

    Any one heard of the way to rejuvenate Nicad batteries or is it just stories P
  7. rustynails

    Fluke Memory

    Is anyone able to tell me how the memory works on a Fluke tester. Does it store sets of results? Allowing you to work during the day doing 2 seperate jobs, then later in the evening do the paperwork without getting data mixed up.
  8. K

    Is the training still as good? Just curious

    Hi, I've not worked in the game for quite a few years but was wondering whether the training is still as comprehensive as it was when I did my training?From memory I did a EITB apprenticeship and the C&G 236? Electrical Installation course (parts 1,2 and 'C' course) Dunno what the 'C'...
  9. trypod

    Fluke 1654B

    Has any used the Fluke 1653B yet? The all new Fluke 1654B multifunction tester is an excellent downloading tester, with time saving features that fill in the relevant fields of your test certificates, when downloading to the Fluke DMS 17th Edition software. This new model greatly improves...
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