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    GFCI Breaker headache.

    1980s home. 1 GFCI 20a breaker in panel. Repeatedly opens. Pulled all outlets I could find, replaced 2 outdoor outlets that were damaged. No evidence of water or moisture. Checked all outlets for cross wiring and continuity issues. Nothing apparent. GFCI keeps going into reset mode...
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    GFCI and 3 Switch Outlet Rewire Issues

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to upgrade my bathroom GFCI and 3 switch plate in a metal box with a new GFCI and switch plate, but I'm running into a couple issues with the wiring. The first thing that immediately jumps out at me is the fact that the neutral load white wire is grounded directly to...
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    USA GFCI issue

    I have a garage refrigerator that immediately trips GFCI when plugged directly into GFCI. If I use a heavy ext cord it does not trip. If I move fridge to another outlet fed off of a remotely located GFCI, that one does not trip either. It seems to be fridge related. But no issue when more wire...
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    GFCI question connecting to 40 amp line

    I am a DIY, but not sure if my current problem is DIY solvable given my limited electrical knowledge. I recently purchased a home that has a 40 amp line that runs to a non-working (always displays fault light) GFCI receptacle in a bathroom and then shares the current with two other bathrooms...
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    Domestic Water on electronics, no breaker drops

    Hi everyone, I rented out an outdoor space for a party and they brought a DJ. Unfortunately there was a water pipe that burst and showered the entire party as well as the DJ stand (just my luck). The DJ is now telling me that all of his equipment is fried, laptops, TV, disk players...
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