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  1. G

    hello...new here.....earthing of protective material to kill wifi in van...…..??

    helloo peeps.....new guy on the block... I have a tracker in my van which also has a dastardly wifi at 2.43 ghz in it. it is on 24 hrs a day. It is now beginning to show symptoms which are painful - sometimes my left eye hurts as I am driving. it is in the glove compartment of my berlingo. I...
  2. Doomed

    WiFi camera for monitoring a room

    My mother has been slowly slipping down the inevitable road to the long sleep, as well as work I have been caring for her in the mornings and my sisters doing afternoons and evenings. She is now virtually bedridden, however she still takes herself to the toilet, but in the last week I have twice...
  3. M


    Hi. I bought some WIFI switches for my house recently. The have 1 red, 1 green, 1 black and one white and say they require a neutral. My switches all have 1 red, 2 black and 2 whites that are twisted and capped. Can I still use the WIFI switches that I bought? If so, how do i wire them? Thank...
  4. A

    Car backup camera WiFi interference

    I just got a 2.4 GHz backup camera, that seems well-designed and manufactured, which my mechanic installed for me, it gets power from the reverse-light power line, and it works nicely when I put the gear in reverse. I drive a 13-year old car in great shape. I'm still having issues with the...
  5. D

    Fitting a new WiFi thermostat

    Hi I'm not a plumber but a DIY'r, so wondering if any of you could help me out please. I have bought a static caravan and it has a 'Ariston E-Combi Evo - 24EU' boiler in it but this has a thermostat which is fitted to the boiler itself. I wuld like to change it for a WiFi one so I could put it...
  6. Keyur Patel

    Quinetic WiFi Wireless Receiver

    Good Eveing guys! Just wanted some advise on the Quinetic WiFi Wireless Receiver. I have installed 5 of the units in a property in Harrow which was grade 2 listed. the client wanted a chandeliers installed but wanted them to be switched independently! can't chase the walls to add an extra...
  7. P

    WiFi Surveying Software Suggestions

    Hi all, Bit of a long shot possibly but can anyone recommend a good Wi-Fi survey tool or software package that isn't going to require a 2nd mortgage! I have an AP on a stick setup working fine but would like to get something better than one of the iOS Wi-Fi signal strength apps so ~I can do...
  8. P

    Wifi controlled FCU suggestions

    A customer has a couple of storage heaters on an economy meter and wants to be able to control both (seperate timer FCUs for each heater). They ideally want wifi controlled FCUs, but there isn't much on the market and the reviews aren't great (I usually use timeguard standard timer FCUs). Any...
  9. dc-electrix

    AES Predator Wifi Tab-10 Monitor

    Anyone seen these in the wild? I am looking to install this sytem but would like some info on the TAB-10 monitor it is about £300 if i buy the AES version which as in their advertising photos clearly says digital photo frame on the back, therefore im assuming this can be had much cheaper if i...
  10. M

    WiFi switch won't work. Two lights two wires. One switch

    Hey guys So I tried to change my light switch today to a WiFi on When I took the switch out there were two live wires. One brown and one blue with a brown casing on it I hooked up the wires as stated and that were similar to what the origin Al switch was set up to The power came on the...
  11. G

    polypipe underfloor heating, wifi vs NEST

    HI all, got a holiday let that wants to control heating from their home as people leave it on etc. setup is s plan upstairs HW and heating(rads) , with stat up there for heating downstairs two zoned UFH, bathroom and Lounge ive priced up the polypipe stuff, new center and stats and its...
  12. D

    WIFI powerline extenders

    I have been having problems with my WIFI connection dropping off in my son's Xbox and in the Samsung smart TV. A possible solution might be the use of powerline extenders whereby one receiver is plugged in near to the WIFI router and connected with the other being plugged in next to the TV and...
  13. Gakure

    WiFi interference due to electrical wiring or appliances

    Good weekend all, I am with talktalk as my internet provider, for the last 4months I have been having intimmetent internet connection. I have spoken to talktalk and BTopenreach, visited the premise and replaced modem and BT box indoor so many times, unfortunately the problem persist, no red...
  14. F

    Help needed in wiring a wifi light switch - urgent!

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and it looks a great place for advice! Anyway, I've just got a couple wifi switches of decent quality. Then discovered after wiring that these MUST have a neutral connection as the device needs to be powered permanently for the WiFi function. Yes i know i should have...
  15. C

    Sonoff wifi smart switch connection

    Hello guys, I currently live in Cyprus and i need some assistance on wiring a wifi touch switch. In Cyprus they follow UK electric system of 3 pins but i dont know about the wiring. My problem is as follows. I want to change 2 switches that turn on and off the ssme fluorescent. I unscrewed...
  16. E

    Wifi switch in need of neutral wire - advice on current setup

    Hi. In my lounge, I have 3 single gang switches which control a ring of GU10 downlights. I would like to substitute one the switches for a smart home switch, so that I can turn the lights on and off using a phone app. The model I am interested in is the wifiplug glass +. The literature states...
  17. Loki

    wifi extender + usb port now built in double sockets

    Hi, As the title says I've just seen on screwfix wifi extender / usb port now built in double sockets British General 922UWR 13A 2G Single Pole Wi-Fi Extender Socket & 2.1A 1-Outlet USB Charger White -...
  18. J

    Sonoff wifi switches with no earth pass-through, are they safe?

    Hi all, I'm new here and want to say thank you in anticipation for the advice you can give me -- I hope it's okay to dive on to this forum as a total newbie with a question rather than just an introduction, but I'd really appreciate some insights! I bought a Sonoff wifi switch for about £8...
  19. C

    WIFI booster that actually works

    Hello guys short and simple, wifi hub downstairs with weak signal reaching the 3rd floor. I have not used a booster that utilizes the final socket circuit cabling before, are they any good or would anyone recommend something else?
  20. M

    Wifi light switch issue

    Hi, I'm trying to fit a new 3 gang wifi controlled light switch but I'm having a few issues. From what I gather I need to connect a neutral wire from the block connector to the new switch. What I'm unsure about is how to deal with the 2 way connection on one of the switches. Below is a...
  21. J

    Domestic 2Gang smart WiFi touch switch

    Hello Apologies if this is placed in wrong thread, but I cannot see where else to ask this? I currently have 2 x Chrome 2 gang light switches in my kitchen to work 4 sets of lights... and one gang of these ( The main light) is also two way connected to a single switch at back door. Each of the...
  22. N

    Earthing problem (probably)

    Hi all; hoped someone might be able to give me a little advice. I have three electrical issues in the house, which I think might have the common cause of an earthing problem. These problems are... 1. Tingling when touching some electrical devices (eg metal case of hifi amplifier, laptop case...
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