1. S

    App for net solar export

    Hi all, We have a 3.9Kw array (13 x Sapphire 300W Black Mono solar panels) on our roof with a Growatt 3600MTL-S mini inverter. All good and has been working fine since installation in 2018. However, the system does not give me a 'net' import/export value. I've been looking for a meter (wifi...
  2. N

    Solar PV installers in North West and Yorkshire

    We are recruiting 3 installation teams (roofer and electrician). Jobs available immediate start for anyone with experience fitting/installing solar PV. Email [email protected] or contact 07828398577
  3. U

    Solar Panel Theft Solutions

    Trying to help out one of my customers who keeps on getting the PV panels stolen from one of his business premises which has a low roof making the panels easily accessible. As I maintain the intruder alarm he is asking me for some security ideas So the questions, are there any systems out there...
  4. J

    Extra PV system & a wiring issue with battery CT?

    Hi everyone, I have a quick question if I may? I'm thinking of adding a second PV system to my existing rooftop PV & battery setup. As the parts will be second hand due to lack of FITS & poor export prices, I'd like to install as much as I can myself to save money (I've already bought the...
  5. bigspark17

    Solar Array swa sizing

    Any help on solar array swa sizing? 4kw array needed around 20M swa from house to array. thanks
  6. P

    Type AC RCD with solar inverter

    A friend of mine asked me to look at here PV system as she is not getting any power (and thus money) from it. First real issue is the Aurora inverter has a E031 fault which I suspect is burnt out relays, so I can probably fix that with a big iron and a couple of new relays (at last for another...
  7. G

    Solar Panels Solar Batteries , re charging.

    I have recently had panels fitted and very pleased with the results and am thinking about adding a battery to the system. As regarding re charging, is it a simple calculation? If, for instance, you have a system generating 5kwh at peak, will it recharge a fully drained 5kwh in one hour (...
  8. B

    Solar Solar powered hot tub

    G'day, In order to lower my electricity bill, I want to use the power of the sun to heat my hot tub. The setup is the following: A 100W solar panel is driving a raspberry pico microcontroller which is measuring the temperature of the water in the hot tub. If the water is below 40C=105F it will...
  9. B

    Solar installation - DNO limit

    Hi, I'm new here, having recently had nearly 13kWp of solar panels installed on a barn roof, feeding into two Solis inverters (covering about 10 kWp and 3kWp respectively). I'm on a single phase supply and was surprised when told that the DNO limited my export to 3.68kWp - if I had known...
  10. M

    New Zealand Turn off "Solar I Boost"

    Husband had solar panels installed plus a booster "Solar I Boost" 2 years ago. Ongoing problems with the booster. I have spent the last year manually boosting the water heating twice a day as we never have enough hot water. I just want to turn if off and have constant hot water. Please can...
  11. D

    Cargo trailer solar install and questions

    I'm installing renogy 400w solar kit this weekend on a cargo trailer, and renogy's 700w inverter. I have one 79Ah battery, and will buy 3 more, for 12v parallel. I have 4 circuits of lights I want to put up also, parallel. I am new to electricity, can you please check my diagram to confirm fuse...
  12. D

    Spanish Solar PV , what went so wrong ?
  13. B

    I want to install a Solar IBoost+ on my Megaflow 300I cylinder, is it possible?

    Hi I want to install a Solar IBoost+ on my Megaflow 300I cylinder, is it possible on this cylinder?
  14. HappyHippyDad

    A few general questions for any who fits solar panels?

    I still enjoy my work, but have a bit of an itch to try something a little different, perhaps solar. A few (Saturday coffee) questions for those of you who install solar panels in domestic situations.... 1. Do you do this by yourself (i.e one person) or do you always need a helper? 2. Is...
  15. M

    Errant Metering Issues with Solar

    I had a 9kWh array installed in late Dec 2021. By mid-Jan I noticed my energy consumption meter is only reduced by some typical 15% despite solar yields equal to 50% - 90% of my typical use. I have micro inverters with Solar Edge & a Luxpower Tek ACS monitoring system. My home has an ELSTER...
  16. G

    Getting into Solar PV again, MCS??

    HI all, after getting loads of people asking me for solar im looking to get back into it The question is as my quals have lapst do i need to join REAL and be MCS as of 2022, i was in them but it's really going to put me off if i have to jump all these hoops again ?? THanks Grtand
  17. J

    Solar Need an installer for my home. Solar + Battery

    Hi All, I am looking for an installer to install 1. JA 455W PV panel X10 (Approx £1800) 2. GivEnergy 5kW inverter + 8.2kWh battery (Approx £3600) I have a 4 bed detached house in Wokingham, with a pyramid hipped roof. Best Regards
  18. A

    USA Problem with 3 outlets immediately after solar installation

    I recently had a solar installation at my home. Immediately afterward, a GFCI outlet in my garage stopped working, had no power, and could not be reset. At the same time, my two outdoor outlets stopped working. I first checked the new breaker box the solar installers put. However, no breaker was...
  19. N

    PV Solar Sizing Question

    Hi, I'm after some advice, I've got space on my south facing roof for between 18-20 panels, but every installer I've been too is recommending that I limit the number of panels and install a 3.5Kw Inverter so that the DNO can be completed post installation, they all seem to have a reluctance to...
  20. T

    Using solar panels to power swimspa on a separate fuse box

    Hi, Hoping for some help. We have existing solar panels on our roof and recently had batteries installed to charge from the panels. They are both connected to an indoor fuse box. The main purpose of the batteries was to store solar energy captured and then use it for heating our outdoor...