1. newfutile

    Solar trips rcbo c16

    There are 2 inverters feeding into a dorman smith C16 rcbo , every time I visit this site (communal area power) it has tripped. it switches on first time and never trips when im on site (though there is cloud cover today). all the correct DC and AC isolators are present the inverters are a...
  2. P

    UK Solar SWA cable run 10mm or 16mm

    Morning, I was just looking for some advice on what other sparks would do for the following scenario:- A detached Garage is going to house a 7.4kw Solar Array and around 12kw of battery storage. The supply needs to return back to the main house (cable run approx. 22m) to DNO/consumer location...
  3. Highspark24/7

    Ecodan with battery and solar

    Hi all doing a high end new build and client has solar and battery storage going in (done by others for mcs grant ) I was talking to plumber about diverting any excess power to a second heating element on tank or thought the ftc controls is this possible
  4. R

    New solar installation - cable sizing and no cables for battery installation...

    So, I already have solar (an older FITS installation) and it's been particularly successful so I want to extend this. I'd like to do two things at this point. 1) Add more panels in a couple of locations. 2) Add battery storage to provide some backup (power regularly drops for us) but mainly to...
  5. G

    How much solar power generated today?

    Hello Our 4kW solar system generated 4.4kWh today (Sunday 13/03/23) compared with our neighbour’s 6.4kW system which generated 19kWh. Clearly, even taking into account the systems’ size difference, our neighbour’s system appears to have massively outperformed ours. Both systems face, more or...
  6. J


    Please see attached diagram, can someone advise on if this TT connection is correct for an outside solar metal enclosure as shown in the diagram? If not what are your recommendations on how you would do this please?
  7. W

    Solar Panels 3 Phase Domestic Solar Installation

    Help please, this is my first post on this subject regarding solar panel / battery installation into house with 3 phase supply. I am a DIY level person and am seeking advice to allow me to understand what to expect when engaging with installers. I have a 3 phase domestic supply. See image...
  8. D

    Hager High integrity board + RCBO’s + solar install.

    Hi, I have a dual RCD board made by Hager installed a couple of months ago. It is high integrity, which I understand to mean RCBO’s can be fitted as well. (I got an EICR and let’s just say it was awful. The electrician who did the EICR even wrote a report for me but that’s another story)...
  9. E

    3ph solar inverter fault code - bus voltage unbalanced

    So my friend's inverter is not working and fault code says - bus voltage unbalanced. Has anyone come across with something like that? Inverter is 10 years old and install company doesn't exist anymore.
  10. 1

    Solar immersion wiring, Sunsynk smart load

    Hi, I'm after some help please. I have a 21 panel 8.5kw system with 5kw export allowance and a Sunsynk 8kw inverter. The inverter has a smart load ability which I'm hoping will save me buying an Eddi or isolar. From what I gather, this will let me set a surplus load to go to this smart load, so...
  11. dburrow2

    Recent PV and battery install - smart meter readings misaligned

    Hi all , looking for some advice on my recent install of a pv and battery for my domestic property. I've noticed my smart meter readings tracking higher kWh usage than my read out from the inverter. I've already had the installers out once to take a look and they are saying the CT clamp is...
  12. wawyed

    Solar Solar system - Hybrid inverter in a shared RCD

    Greetings, I have a solar 5kw system installed with a hybrid inverter (no batteries yet). My electrician decided to add an extension board for the solar installation as my main CU couldn't fit all the required switch due to lack of space. I have dual rcd consumer unit with no high integrity so...
  13. W

    Superdeal Meter: how do they work & best way to connect Solar & Battery storage

    I have a client on a Superdeal tariff from SSE, the Superdeal Meter has 3 sets of tails coming out of it feeding 3 DBs: (i) DB1 - the main board for the house, (ii) DB2 - a small board for all storage heaters and (iii) DB3 - an even smaller board for electric water heating. Very high electricity...
  14. bigspark17

    Solar on a metal roof

    Hi all. Installing some panels on a shed roof (trapezoid) just wondering your thoughts on earthing the roof. The roof sits on the wooden structure of the building. What should i do with earthing? 1- earth bond the roof back to garage cu 2- earth bond to a local earth rod 3- no earthing
  15. bigspark17

    Solar metal roof earthing

    Hi all. Installing some panels on a shed roof (trapezoid) just wondering your thoughts on earthing the roof. The roof sits on the wooden structure of the building. What should i do with earthing? 1- earth bond the roof back to garage cu 2- earth bond to a local earth rod 3- no earthing
  16. S

    Solar CT installation

    Afternoon guys, I have a solar installation. The panels and Fox ESS hybrid inverter, Fox Cube batteries, are all installed in the garage. They feed into a mini consumer unit in that building. This in turn is wired, via armoured cable, into it's own MCB in the main house consumer box. I am...
  17. bigspark17

    Solar i boost taking out thermal cutout

    Hi all. Has anybody experience solar iboost creating problems with immersion heater safety cut out? Does the iboost somehow heat the tank higher than the thermostat or does it have something to do with the iboost heating via DC.
  18. R

    Best solar qualification?

    I'm considering doing a solar pv and battery storage course in the new year. Having done some research I've found several different awarding bodies, course providers etc. Just wondering which courses people have done? EAL, BPEC, LCL? Any recommendations for places to take the course...
  19. C

    Dual phase Solar install with Battery - Getting batteries to cross phases.

    Ok so I am an electrician but don't really do solar, my partners sister has a holiday let complex, due to her energy bills rising to £36k a year they are going to get a solar and battery storage system installed... They generally close over the winter so the load during the winter will be just...
  20. H

    For Sale Pylontech US2000 48V 2.4kWh Lithium Storage Solar Batterys(2)

    Due to an upgrade I need to find a new home, I'm offering for sale these Pylontech US2000 48V 2.4kWh Lithium Storage Solar Batterys(2) in superb condition Current Type: DC System Configuration: Hybrid Voltage: 45.1-50 V Brand: Pylontech Type: Battery Power Source: Solar Application: Back-up...
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