1. T

    Problems with Solar Panel/Bilge Pump

    Sorry if it's in the wrong spot, feel free to move. The specific setup: 12v Bilge Pump wired to a 24v solar panel with a resistor (I think). The situation: I'm a teacher at a school and we have 2 stream tables that have historically been run with a bilge pump connected to a small solar panel...
  2. B

    Using solar panel DC output to feed immersion heater?

    Just an idle thought - has anyone any experience of using the DC output of solar panels to directly feed an immersion heater, to avoid the expense and losses associated with an inverter? Evidently, a changeover relay would be required to utilise the usual 240V AC supply at times of low or zero...
  3. Simpson

    About Solar Controller Technical Manual

    I'm about to buy a controller recently, but I don't know what parameters it works with other solar products.😩 I need some advice, thank you! Here are its parameters and manuals.
  4. E

    Grid tied Solar metering, do I need a smart meter

    Hi, any solar experts know the metering requirements of a grid tied system. Im looking into a system for a family friend, their meter is in the pic below. Would this need upgrading to a smart meter to utilise SEG ?? I guess the clues in the name (smart export guarantee). Do energy providers...
  5. B

    Solar Panels Add batteries to inc. BackUp on new On-Grid Solar, non-hybrid inverter, can it be done?

    Hi, Recently had 3.6kw solar installed, at the time shortage of batteries & roi figured batteries not quite worth it. thinking otherwise perhaps now with such big increases coming but mostly would really like battery backup. Reading conflicting info. from what I understand a A/C battery system...
  6. ms2857

    Solar Panels help with finding a good solar company.

    I am thinking of having a solar system installed, but am very much a novice, I know that I want solar panels with a battery. So I am looking for recommendations of companies in the Kent area. Please only reply if you have had a system installed by the company in question. I am in a new build so...
  7. B

    Overclocking a solar inverter?

    Hi. I am going to have a solar power system installed and it will include a 13kW battery and a Zappi charger to use with my electric vehicle. The Inverter is spec'd at 3.6kW, which I think is consistent with what the grid will allow. I've been looking into now many solar panels to have and...
  8. C

    Solar Panels Barn Earthing for Solar, 80 Meters from Cut Out

    I’m installing 20KW of Solar on my Barn roof, The barn is fed from a 3 phase supply originating at the house which is 80 meters away. I’ll be installing some 35mm 4 core to minimise the losses to <1% volt drop between the barn and the point of supply located at the house. The Earthing at the...
  9. R

    How to position CT clamps correctly so solar does not interfere with EV charger.

    We recently had a solar panel system put it in. The solar batteries were delayed and put in after, at which point it became clear that the CT clamp for the solar system was positioned on the wrong cable. The inverter was reading the power generated by the solar system and including it in the...
  10. R

    How to position CT clamps correctly so solar does not interfere with EV charger.

    This is a DIYer looking for assistance: We recently had a solar panel system put it in. The solar batteries were delayed and put in after, at which point it became clear that the CT clamp for the solar system was positioned on the wrong cable. The inverter was reading the power generated by the...
  11. ms2857

    Solar Panels quotes for solar in a new build.

    I am looking to have a solar system installed with battery storage. I am in a new build semi-detached property in Kent, so therefore electrics are all new with 25mm tails and 100 amps incoming fuse. Also, as this is a new build I do not know if due to the warranty period if I can have solar...
  12. D

    Napit Bpec Solar courses

    Hey Considering bpec solar course with Napit. Has anyone done this 3 day course? Is it worth doing or should I look at different qualifications for solar as I have no experience. I’m fully qualified electrician but I have never done any solar. Thanks
  13. S

    Solar Panels supplying new build

    So...who has experience in this on here?? Not me for sure. Basically roughed in a new build for someone, was told he was haggling with the local authority over the price for putting power to his house, it's in the countryside. So I basically kept plodding on, got it all just about done, fitted...
  14. kropaske

    Solar panels installation advice

    Given recent energy prices and further increases on the way i've been think about PV install to reduce costs a bit. I've got flat roof on my shed i can use which does not have much shading so in summer I get around 11hr of sun. I could probably squeeze 9 panels there possibly 3.6kW. Wife...
  15. R

    Fitting solar advice qualifications

    Afternoon, Just looking at expanding my business and getting more into solar. I am part p niceic18th edition which means I can supply new circuit for solar up to the isolator and sign it off. Just wondering what I need to get to fit inverter legally if anything. Do I need to be Mcs accredited...
  16. S

    Solar Install developed fault

    I have a 12 panel array … BenQ 330W panels, Solar Edge Micro-controllers and Inverter. On Solar Edge App, shows 1 panel as not generating any output. Panels & Solar Edge kit all under warranty but installation company has ceased trading … what’s my best approach, get an experienced PV...
  17. bigspark17

    Two solar iboost in one installation

    One house two immersion tanks either end of the building, house has a good size pv array and battery back up, customer wants iboost on both tanks, now i dont see any problems with this unless both ct clamps would be cancelling each other out? Anyone with any experience of fitting two iboost in...
  18. E

    Will replacement panels of same total capacity jeopardise FiT payments

    Hi all, as per the above title. If one is to replace the existing solar pv panels for a new system of equal capacity (existing system is 8 x 250w=2000w total) with 5 x 400w=2000w in total, will that risk jeopardising FiT payments. By doing that it would give enough room to add 4 more panels of...
  19. B

    Best eco system to monitor grid & solar? also Smart meter not available at my property!

    Hi, Similar'ish question to my other thread but little more info now so a different approach but sorry if duplication. UK, single phase. Just had 3.6kw (4.6wk panels) Solis grid tie inverter, no batteries, installed. This inverter just shows solar output. Can get via App & Solis cloud but...
  20. B

    Solar wired into CU breaker, why should it use the solar power & not pull from the grid?

    Hi, Really just for info. not a problem or anything. (to be honest also wanting to be sure it is taking from solar as much as possible & can you be sure of that?) I assume the new solar meter is actually what is being drawn from the array so is an accurate indications of that. Grid tied 4kw...
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