1. D

    Help understanding little solar production

    Hi all In need of some advice to help understand little generation on PV system. The set up is: 5kw hybrid inverter 10kw batttery storage 2 x strings of 6 x JA solar 420w panels (2.52kw per string) Tigo optimisers for each panel I was producing 2.3kw around 9am (south facing) and this...
  2. P

    training for solar installation?

    Hi, I'm an electrical engineering graduate, many years ago, but have no electrician qualifications. I've spent the day trying to understand how qualifications work for electricians and nothing I studied at four years of university was this complicated. I'm looking to install PV, domestic...
  3. James

    Help on solar planning

    Here is my idea, I have a large detached garage with a pitched roof, looks like about 30degrees but haven't been out to measure. each side has a space roughly 3m x 11m I think I can mount 18 panels comfortably on each side. a standard pallet seems to come with 30 panels so i intend to mount...
  4. peter le grand

    Off grid solar and grid and bonding

    I am living in the north of Thailand where the grid is very unreliable (rainy season outages multiple times per week or once a full week). I started with solar and grid 8 years ago. At that time it was integrated but with lead batteries at some point the batteries were bad and the grid tried to...
  5. carl9254

    EV/Solar Online Training

    Evening guys. We’re a tad quiet at the moment so we’re trying to fill the lads time with training. Ideally online webinars, structured web content, maybe with a bit of an exam at the end where you receive a certificate. We’ve done Solar edge and the Tesla EV/Powerwall ones. And Myenergi too...
  6. L

    Spd solar panels

    Hi got a 8 panel solar system on bungalow, changing the board to 18th edition spd board Solar feed is chased into wall so will this need a type B rcbo or can you get away with the type A rcbo. Also reading multiple different things about spds do I need one installing at the solar inverter...
  7. oosti_1

    12v Solar camp light setup

    Hello, I'm new to this and I'm looking for someone to review my wiring diagram. I'm not sure if I need a fuse block because I'm using an XTM branded kit that includes 4 LED light strips. They advertise that this can connect directly to a battery with alligator clips. XTM 4 Bar Light Kit -...
  8. Rockingit

    Recommendation for solar powered lighting, please

    So a family member wants to put an outdoor light or two on the end of a driveway, purely passive and solar powered. These used to be naff and not worth it, but I know technology has come on. Lots of units out there but which ones are actually worth the buying?!
  9. Electrical2go

    Green2go Your Destination for All Things Renewable

    We're pleased to introduce Green2Go, the newest addition to the Electrical2Go family! This dedicated platform is the ultimate destination for our renewables lineup, featuring quality products like EV chargers, solar panels, inverters, and battery storage solutions. Green2Go embodies our...
  10. K

    Block schematic of Solar PV and battery

    I am a Napit registered electrician and want to get into Solar PV and battery storage. I have boot camp booked in April but am not hearing good reports of the outcome of this training. In the meantime I want to do as much research as possible so want to review the elements that go to make a...
  11. HappyHippyDad

    What is a 'plug in' solar panel system?

    My best mate has been medically retired from the prison service at the young age of 52 and has time on his hands :D He's looking at a 'plug in' solar panel system. I've a read through it and with my limited experience of solar it looks like is is no different to a normal solar panel system...
  12. R

    Solar givenergy inverter

    Hi there, anyone had any experience with the generation 3 inverter I'm having problems connecting to the hotspot feature. Thanks
  13. R

    Solar givenergy inverter

    Hi there, anyone had any experience with the generation 3 inverter I'm having problems connecting to the hotspot feature. Thanks
  14. H

    Solar PV Installation on Complex Roofs: Need Expert Advice

    Hello fellow professionals, I'm currently facing a challenging scenario that involves the integration of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on roofs with complex geometries, including varying slopes and multiple obstructions like skylights and HVAC units. The project aims not only to maximize...
  15. Artimuskillz

    Subpanel feeder breaker size?

    This is a solar tie in generating 22 amps max current, hence the 25a/2p breaker on the subpanel but is there any reason the breaker feeding the subpanel has to be an 80a/2p? Can it be a 50a/2p? Attachments IMG_0010.jpeg 514.6 KB · Views: 2
  16. R

    Solar iboost panel dead

    Hi, had solariboost for around 4 years, noticed other day couldn't hear it so looked at panel and nothing, went to the sender unit and that's fine it's flashing evey 10 seconds as it should so what could the fault be? Any help or advice appreciated as don't want to get ripped off. Thanks
  17. H

    Large Solar Install on Asbestos Roof

    Hi wondering if you could help with some advice Been running an Essex/suffolk based electrical firm for last 20 years, mainly light commercial, new build sites. due to a lot of sites needed renewables I recently did my solar courses but not MCS registered to date. One of my other customer owns a...
  18. B

    Solar immersion controller

    Can someone recommend an immersion controller that turns the immersion on when the is excess power from solar panels. Thanks
  19. LouiseSJPP

    Solar and battery bank: how to intelligently limit draw from incoming supply?

    We have a 5.5kW incoming supply, which cannot practicably be upgraded due to our remote location in the mountains. Can I use a PV array and battery bank to augment this supply? We don't need lots of power, but with a 1.5kW water heater, a 2kW kettle and the odd 3kW power tool, we keep tripping...


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