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  1. spud1

    Does an RCD still function when Solar PV is generating?

    Hi everyone, I wondered if anyone could help me with something that has been niggling me please?! When a Solar PV feed in circuit is installed and added onto a spare way of the RCD protected side of a split load dual RCD consumer unit (i.e. other final circuits are protected by that same RCD)...
  2. R

    Can I install an EMI filter to an existing solar system without jeopardising my feed in tariff?

    Can I install an RFI / EMI filter (designed to increase efficiency with a photvoltaic (PV) solar energy inverter) to an existing solar system without jeopardising my feed in tariff? https://www.eetimes.com/schaffner-emc-emi-filters-optimize-pv-solar-inverters/ Thanks
  3. MikeM3

    Solar Power Expert Needed

    I am a retired Electrician and started looking at Solar Power, (Black Magic to me), after much reading of "How To", I decided to build myself a system, bat as I don't have a roof, I live in a ground flat, I decided to build a portable unit, I get the sun in the living room in the morning and in...
  4. M

    Qualifications needed for work on a solar farm

    Just wondering what are the requirements to work on a solar farm as an electrician involving high voltage, and what courses you would need to take to gain work in that area
  5. P

    Solar Solar Iboost diverting electricity to the hot water tank

    Hi, I have a Solar Iboost and I understand that when I export electricity, it gets directed to the hot water tank. Is it supposed to be directly heated by solar, or does the mains add to it along with the solar? My smart meter is showing that I am using 2kw when the Solar Iboost is diverting...
  6. S

    Solar Panels What is a combined MPPT/PWM Solar Charge Controller 100A?

    Hi, So I'm replacing a small old off grid with a new 7.5kw off grid, & being poor seek best value for my mppt, after long searches I find this ~$25 US each, sold on many online retail, Its sold as a mppt but I'm not sure what it is, What is a combined mppt/pwm? I know what they are, but not what...
  7. chris101

    Solar PV System with or without a battery?

    Greetings, everyone, After dedicating over a month to researching Solar PV systems, I'm nearly ready to make a decision. I owe my progress to some wonderful individuals who generously shared their time and solar expertise with me. Currently, my inclination is towards a 7kWh optimized system...
  8. E

    ALFASOL 3 Solar Heating Controller

    I came across this controller that is used to heat a tank located in the loft of a house. The controller seems to be faulty as all 3 temperature sensors are reading -20 deg C. I cannot find any documentation on this controller and wondered if anyone has come across it. Do you know where I can...
  9. V

    Change to solar FIT payment contracts

    Hi all Is anyone aware of the change to solar generation FIT payment contracts for existing installations. (FIT payment scheme closed in 2019) It seems ofgen is changing all existing contracts which paid a set amount for 50% of of the kwh generated .. into only being paid for every unit you...
  10. B

    Surge protection for solar

    Hi, We're looking at installing solar at a remote property which is on a TT system with out buildings supplied with underground cables (Stables, tractor sheds...) The array will be installed on one of these out buildings and I am trying to navigate 443.4.1 to assess if it requires an SPD on the...
  11. W

    Proposal for an inverter for a solar system on a balcony

    Hello everyone, I currently have two solar modules left over from an installation and I would like to use them to set up a solar system on the balcony. The system has an output of 800 W. Can you recommend a suitable inverter for me? Thanks for the help.
  12. B

    Overpowering solar inverter

    Hello, My current 2.5kW Solar pv array is in a less than favourable position, but there is plenty of space to expand the array. I have an additional 4kW of solar panels that I wish to add to the array as even during peak production we are lucky if we can achieve 1800W out of the 2.5kW so...
  13. R

    Schematic required for solar install

    I have just joined. I have solar company and currently doing level 2 diploma. I need a schematic doing if anyone could help please
  14. S

    Battery Retrofit of storage battery to existing Solar PV (worried about affect on FIT)

    I currently have a 3Kwh solar PV system which was installed over 12 years ago and getting a very good FIT payment and I don't want to lose it! I'm thinking about having a 10Kw battery installed, the idea being that I can divert excess generation to the battery and also have the facility to top...
  15. J

    I am looking for feedback for my Solar project in Redding, California

    Hello, I am asking for a double check on my project before I purchase any electrical parts. My inverter Solark 15k has a built in 200 bus and transfer switch. This makes for a great setup because you can run your house loads through hybrid inverter and manage them during power outages. My...
  16. Aaron b

    Solar firm goes bust after loosing MCS accreditation.

  17. L

    DIY New Solar - Grounding Question

    Good Afternoon All, So I have a new situation to me that I cannot seem to get a definitive answer for. I trained as an electrician and did several years as an apprentice many years ago now and have since maintained those skills through maintenance of my own home. I have no issues doing really...
  18. J

    UK second solar pv inverter and batteries?

    Hi all. We have had 7x 400w solar panels for a number of years now on our roof which is se/nw facing end terrace. 4 on se side 3 on nw side. 3.6kw inverter. Just had a heatpump installed and now contemplating adding solar to the gable end wall and getting a battery. Yes i am aware vertival...
  19. saucyjack

    PV and Looped supply

    Hi chaps. Can someone advise me whether it's possible for excess solar generation to back feed into a neighbours property if the two houses are on a looped supply? And presumably if it is possible, could this neighbour potentially then be charged for what would be imported through their utility...
  20. W

    The Twisun photovoltaic modules from Maysun Solar

    Hello everyone, I would like to know how well the Twisun range of PV modules from Maysun Solar work. I am interested in buying them and I would like to get more objective advice and opinions, thank you.
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