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  1. G

    Spd connection

    Hi need a bit of help! Not wired one of these before, it’s an spd type 2 that’s come with board (fuse box)! Question is does the line from the spd connect in same bus bar connection on main switch???
  2. T

    Axiom SPD consumer unit

    Hi everyone, hope everyone is doing amazing and getting through this crazy time We’re living through. So I want to see if I’m missing something here, axiom now have a 10 way dual RCD consumer unit With integral type 2SPD at a cost of £120. They also have a 12 way dual RCD high res consumer unit...
  3. T


    Hi everyone , Only my second post and hoping to get some information on installing an SPD Type II incorporated within a new consumer unit upgrade I will be doing next week. With the new 18th edition regs I’ve been generally installing RCBO consumer units with integral SPD as standard . The...
  4. D

    SPD Question

    Hi Everyone. Sorry if this has come up time and time again. Soon to be installing a 3 phase submain and DB to very large garage with living annex above and lighting the external etc. (Domestic Dwelling). Trying to get my head around this SPD jargon. TNCS system, will i need to install a SPD...
  5. S

    UK Fitting an spd random question

    Morning all, I’m hoping someone could give me some advice on what’s the correct way or the done thing when fitting an spd. I’ll be fitting a new Hager 40 way consumer unit to my house following an extension and I’ve been out the loop a bit with the domestic side of things over the past few years...
  6. P

    Fitting a SPD to MK Consumer unit

    The consumer unit was only installed last year to 17th edition Amd 3 & now the customer wants a SPD fitted after a friends £2k TV got fried by a lightning strike. As MK do not make SPD, can you fit another brand of SPD in the consumer unit. I know the rule about mixing brands of MCB/RCBO in a...
  7. E

    Lightning protection in Africa

    I have a problem with lighting protection in a charity in Zambia. The earthing is TT, i.e. earth pits or rods are provided for almost every building. I have measured the resistance of these and some are half to one ohm. But others are 100 ohm which is is dreadful and we are redigging these...
  8. M

    Only 2 brands for domestic type A rcd/rcbo + type 2 spd in board??

    Looking around I'm wondering if I'm going mad. Would have thought type 2 spd next to main switch and type A (not type AC) rcd/rcbos would be the standard everyone should be looking for now (even if it's just recommended and not strictly required in domestics). But only Wylex and Schneider seem...
  9. R

    SPD Failure

    Came across this today. Could this damage & unit failure have been caused by a surge? Normally just see the panels go red but have never seen the burn marks.
  10. T

    Fitting SPD as standard

    Evening all Is anyone fitting surge as standard in domestic property’s? We are based down in Dorset which has 3 different flash density’s!! So I always base is on worse case with most of our stuff being in urban areas and always unable to confirm length of supply cable! My calc is usually...
  11. PJH2903

    Domestic Recording SPD install on EIC

    Going to be doing my first SPD board next week, single module SPD and 32 amp MCB before the RCD protected circuits. Can I ask how and where you are recording these on the EIC? I would probably record the mcb as a circuit as usual labeled spd but unsure what I need to record about the actual spd...
  12. C

    Domestic SPD requirements under 18th edition.

    Hi all, I haven't done domestics for a while and have been asked to install an 18th edition CCU to a small terraced house ( 2 floors Ground and first). I been told that I need to install a SPD? Can someone confirm this is the case and are there any exceptions. Haven't done my 18th but will be...
  13. E

    Introduction to Surge Protection Devices

    Hi Guys just reading this link & thought someone might be interested Practical tips for installing surge protection devices in low voltage panel | EEP -...
  14. PJH2903

    Stroma Certification Scheme SPD calculation / Stroma annual assessment

    I've got my annual Stroma assessment next week and the job I am taking them to is a board change. I have not fitted an SPD as by my calculations it was not a requirement (plus a tight customer would not want the extra cost) I don't think it will be a problem but am just looking for reassurance...
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