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  1. M

    Online 2391 exam and a little help to get pass

    Hi I just had a 2391-52 exam which I couldn’t pass,I failed with 68%. Can anyone recommend some online questions simulator for this exam?Which to be close enough for the real one? Thanks
  2. S

    18th edition online course

    Hey guys Currently looking to do my 18th is edition but due to work and having time off I think I’m going to go down the online course route. Which course did you guys choose if you went down the online route ? Thanks
  3. Lauren DH

    Info on the 18th Edition course

    Hi Everyone I got quite a bit of advice on my last question so just thought id ask for help again. I'm a electrician planning on moving to Scotland in a few months. I have to complete the 18th Edition course and as im working full time and living in Ireland still i plan to do it online and then...
  4. J

    Domestic NIC 18th Ed Online Learning Material - Mistake?

    So am on one of the last modules concerning the appendices and i am sure the formula at the bottom of the screen grab (see lower down) should say ...0.8 x Zs and not ...0.8 x Ze. Further, i can't seem to find this formula in the regs book - i guess because it is 'Informative' only maybe? The...
  5. leep82

    18th edition online courses

    Hi all as the title suggests im looking for any information for any online 18th edition courses. Would appreciate any feedback from anybody who has sat such a course, or your opinions on them. Im keen to get my 18th edition done and dusted asap. Time and cost mean im giving serious...
  6. Adam_92

    Setting the overload on a direct online starter

    Hi I’m sitting my AM2 next month and have found out that you need to set an overload on a direct online starter motor circuit. I have tried asking my supervisor and assessor,tutor at college not one of them have given my a straight answer.. Is this the formula? Its 3 phase so formula is...
  7. exposedpart

    Niceic online 18th edition

    Has anyone done the Niceic online full course ? Was just wondering if it’s any good or if the classroom setting it better ? Thanks in advance
  8. M

    Am2 online exam.........20 characters

    Hi guys Ive been booked in for my am2 for the 2nd week of october. My employer and college have been really big helps in sorting me out for the practical side of it by going over everything with a fine tooth comb so its really drummed in. But im also concerned regarding the online exam. I...
  9. rolyberkin

    18th Edition Online Training

    Today I are mostly be training for my exam...... Give me strength this is like watching paint dry!:-)
  10. Dan

    18th Edition Training Course - Online with Offline Final Exam

    18th Edition Training Course - Online with Offline Final Exam Level 3 Award in the Requirements for Electrical Installations BS 7671: 2018 Online 18th Edition Course – Available From July 2018 This course has been developed with the aim of enabling the candidate to demonstrate that they are...
  11. W

    Blown through the air? (Mail Online Article)

    Not sure if anyone's seen this article, apologies if someone's already posted about it.
  12. Soulsurfer

    NICEIC online certs finally seems to be working !!

    So it seems after over a week at least in my case the online certs software seems to be working again...but trying to fill out an EICR for under 100A service and it keeps asking me crap about caravans etc.. ?? It's a bloody house not a caravan or motorhome !! I'm thinking I have filled out...
  13. Gavin John Hyde

    NICEIC Online technical issues..

    Anybody else getting emails constantly updating them with the now not so new news that the NICEIC online certification site is still not working after they upgraded it? My email is now directing them to spam without any input from myself. guess Microsoft take the same view about them! I am...
  14. Joshua

    Some online mock exams for anyone doing their 2391-52, 2377, 17th edition etc

    I've come across a website that has a few online mock exams for some courses including the new 2391, 17th Edition, PAT testing, 2365 level 2 and 3 Electrical Exam | Electrical Courses uk - http://www.electricalcoursesuk.co.uk/exam/ Hope it helps someone here.
  15. Gavin John Hyde

    Problems with NICEIC online

    I am having a weird problem with the NICEIC website, Am just finishing a EIC on the website, but for some reason it wont let me sign the QS bit digitally, I can create certificates but can not finalise them ready for printing or emailing to hand to customer, it was working fine yesterday. It...
  16. E

    When Filling Out A N.I.C Installation Certificate Online *DEFAULT PFC VALUE*

    Why does it try to give you the value of 16KA in the drop down box for prospective fault current. Has anybody else come across this or do they know the reason why? I always put my measured value in but still would like to know the reason they try to give you the above value.
  17. Marvo

    Online Shopping Worries.........

    Do you guys in the UK use an online shopping portal called Wish.com? I downloaded their app a couple of months ago and thought I'd try them. Just as an experiment I ordered a watch which cost a staggering ZAR35.00 including shipping (about 2 quid in UK money). Sure enough it arrived about 3...
  18. C

    Best online middle man

    After signing up with checkatrade i am averaging an extra 4 jobs a week which is brilliant. What other online middlemen are great as some i know are a waste of time?
  19. spinlondon

    JIB/ECS card online renewal

    Applied online yesterday for renewal. Apparently despatched the same day.
  20. spud1


    Is anyone else getting annoyed with NICEIC Online? I've told myself I'm going to make a conscious effort to start using it in an attempt to phase out day to day use of my computer based software Amtech Fasttest. (Which I find clunky and glitchy). I've just tried to do an EICR and come up against...
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