1. D

    Whats causing a voltage increase on a water pump?

    Hello. I'm doing a favour for a farm friend, they have a water pump down a bore hole thats been slowing down recently. The single phase 0.55KW motor is situated 40m down the well and the controls are at the distribution boards. The voltage going to the single phase motor is reading L-E 247 &...
  2. B

    Power strip causing PC to turn on unexpectedly

    Hi, for some reason whenever I turn on my lamp it also turns on my PC. I have little to no electrical experience so I would just like some help with resolving this as it is quite annoying. (Both the PC and lamp are both connected to the same Power Strip/extension cord)
  3. N

    Hi All, looking fo some support/ guidance with my solar PV causing my main CU RCD to trip randomly.

    First post on any kind of forum so please be gentle with me!! I moved into this house a couple of months ago and the vendor had a solar PV installed 5 years ago now. Recently I have had random tripping of my main RCD for what I believe to be a result of the Solar PV. I’ve attached a couple of...
  4. KennyKen

    Accelerometer causing vibration SD on Gas Turbine.

    So Our Centaur 50 Turbine engine shutdown on High Fwd Gearbox Vibration. SD set point is 16G. Looked at the trends and for two hours spiked from 1.6 to 15.9. Quite a substantial and non linear rise. checked Prox probes. Tested Proximeters and measured Gap voltage, all ok. Checked Gear box...
  5. MrTapster

    Domestic Socket ring main causing flickering lamps

    Hi all To start off, there’s been no work on the ring main for 8 years or so. (Other than having a smart metre fitted about 12 months ago) Yesterday afternoon I noticed a buzzing from a plug socket. I unplugged what was plugged in thinking it was the appliance and didn’t think anything more of...
  6. S

    Domestic Electrical buzzing wall causing appliance problems

    Hi there, new to the forum so be gentle! We live in a second floor flat above a bakery shop. The shop has plenty of machinery including large freezers that run all night. Recently we have noticed a reasonably high pitched electrical buzz coming from one wall in our flat. Across multiple rooms...
  7. J

    Mini Fridge causing TV to black out !

    Hi all, My apologies in advance if this is posted in the wrong category, there were a few options it could've potentially fallen under. We have just completed our garage to home cinema conversion, but having a small (major!) issue. In the Cinema we have all the usual tech you'd expect, a...
  8. happyhippydad

    What on earth was causing this?

    Today I had a routine socket change. The present one was tripping the RCD. The customer had used one of those double conversion sockets that utilise a single back box. I noticed that the right hand switch on the socket would not turn off. I chased out and fitted a proper double socket. All...
  9. Tardigrade

    Could a relay switch be causing the havoc in my home?

    Hi guys, Don't know if I picked the wrong builder, products, am desperately unlucky or its the relay switch...all help much appreciated! Background facts • Back to bricks refurb of duplex flat, all new wiring etc. • Upstairs en suite utilises same in line fan as existing bathroom. Builder...
  10. S

    Static current causing monitor blank

    Hi. I am currently facing a situation which I never encountered before and was wondering if any of you has experienced it before and might help me out with a solution please. At work, some people are having static electric shock and it's causing there's and there neighbor's monitor to go blank...
  11. D

    Deep fat fryer causing electric to trip

    I have a Tefal 1000 deep fat fryer. It is the first time I have used it. Was given as new a few years ago. I used the same outlet as I use for the kettle 2200w and a microwave 700w. The Tefal was on for around 30 seconds and it tripped the RCD in the house electric. Kettle works fine and also...
  12. I

    Flashing orange LEDs turn on and off randomly.

    Hello all. I work at a rescue boat and we use a converted Thwaites 5 ton dumper truck as our launch vehicle. It has orange flashing LEDs on the front but sometime they will just turn off. Obliviously theI sea water has its effects on the tractor but it seems at low rpms the lights turn on and...
  13. cprfenom

    Earth leakage and EICR's

    I have an installation that has an inherent earth leakage of about 15mA. The issue I have is that when I go to do an RCD test it trips due to the the additional current created by my MFT. Question is, if this was an EICR what would you code it as and why? My take on this is that 15mA is still...
  14. S

    Problem with LED GU10

    Hi, I've installed two LED GU10 lamps in a customers bathroom. They're on the same circuit as two fluorescent energy saving lamps already installed in the bathroom. So far, three LED lamps have blow (I replaced the first one, and now two have blown). Could the motors in the fluorescent lamps...
  15. H

    Cooker circuit issues!

    Evening all, had a nightmare day with a stupid cooker circuit. I've just joined a new firm and they sent me to a job they have done recently- kitchen refurb. Cooker circuit (40A) mcb keeps tripping every now and then, no structure to tripping. 6mm T&E coming from board extended in kitchen...
  16. flukey

    LED lighting problem

    hi all after a bit of advice really :wink5: on a job today to connect up a sign full of leds. feed had already been run to sign via photocell. once connected all worked fine until photocell was reset and then activated again causing the mcb to trip spoke to another spark who thought there was a...
  17. L

    Domestic Pir sensors blowing bulbs

    I do work for this big house what's been turned into apartments all the communal lights are on pir sensors For some reason I end up changing the lamps on the lights every couple of months the lamps aren't the cheapest you can get so I have sort of ruled that outI was also thinking is it because...
  18. R

    voltage on earth

    hello all, Just revieced a call from a colleague asking what maybe causing him to be getting a reading of 97 volt on the main incoming earth? would welcome any ideas sorry its a bit vague but this is about all the information that I have currently.
  19. J

    our oven is tripping the fuse box

    Hi All, We have an hotpoint electrical fan oven, that is tripping the fuse box when it gets over 160 degrees, it should be able to get over 200 degrees. I thought it may be the thermostat, but why would that cut the power to the fuse box, has anyone got any tips on what to look at first...
  20. D

    RCD Query

    Hi, Am in Spain and we had alot of rain last night. All electrics were tripped out and wouldn´t reset. I isolated the ring causing the trouble, unplugged everything and reset ok. I then started plugging things back in. Eventually the system tripped when I plugged in one of my anti surge mains...
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