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solar pv

  1. S

    Recommend Solar PV cable

    Can you recommend a reliable brand for solar cables at 6mm?
  2. S

    Solar pv electrician needed.

    Electrician needed with solar experience for domestic houses one or two installs a day. 200 per install work in full time for the next 6 month's. Work is around milton Keynes area and norfolk area. If your interested please get in touch with contact details for immediate start. Thanks...
  3. N

    question about CU with solar PV

    Have not come across a consumer unit with solar fitted before, have been asked to replace the CU, at the moment the CU is a old plastic type with a RCD fitted covering half the circuits, I will be fitting a 17th amm3 CU, now, the question I have is, im presuming the 16A mcb that is currently...
  4. J

    Looking for Franchise Solar PV Teams - Stoke

    IMMEDIATE START _ Solarplicity have long term (2 years, 16000 installs on books) installation work of Domestic PV installations for good quality franchised installation teams. Current project is Stoke on Trent, so if this is of interest please email either myself...
  5. F

    Government and solar PV

    Hey guys, I am new here and will aim to help around with solar PV stuff as much as possible. But for now I was wondering if someone can shed some lightt onto how the government can help increase uptake of domestic solar PV? I believe that uptake is still quite low despite many installations...
  6. S

    Fitting a 100ma RCD on Solar PV to solve nuisance tripping.

    A solar PV system keeps tripping the 30ma B curve RCD (at dawn). The system is a TNC-S and the cabling to the inverter is surface mounted SWA. Is there any reason to not swap the 30ma main switch out for a 100ma ?
  7. kkkkk

    Solar pv removed and reinstalled - now running at less power

    Hi all - an outbuilding with solar panels - they have been removed to replace the roof, and replaced 4 months later with the system isolated and now reactivated. Previously the system was running at about 1.8kw but now it is running at round about 2A 500w - with occasional leaps to 1.6kw and...
  8. A

    Electrician Quote for Solar PV upgrade: Solaredge + optimisers NE of Bristol

    Quote for Solar PV upgrade: Solaredge + optimisers NE of Bristol After consideration of the pros and cons, I have decided to upgrade my current inverter to the Solaredge 3.6kW with x16 power optimisers. Primarily it is because I like the idea of a 20 year warranty on the inverter (19 years...
  9. rolyberkin

    Solar PV Immersion diverter

    Hi Can anyone give me a recommendation of a decent solar PV immersion diverter, and do they stack up cost against installation, I have had a couple of enquiries from customers this weekend about them (must have been a feature on local news?)? Also are there any suppliers who do trade...
  10. G

    Solar PV RISO query. Is 106 ohms bad?

    I have been adviced that because my Solar PV inverter is showing an RISO of 10.6 ohms I need my connections to my panels changed. I this reasonable?
  11. S

    Urgent, advice needed about reading the FRAM on an Ampy 5235A meter.

    Hi, Please can anyone advise me as to who would be able to read the internal memory via the IEC 1107 port of an Ampy 5235A meter. I had one installed as a check meter years ago which was left in place & I believe it holds the data I need to claim back from my supplier all unused exported energy...
  12. S

    Maximum breaker size for DB (solar PV)

    Hi, Can anyone point me in the direction of the regulation / code for the max solar MCB size when connecting into a spare way of a local distribution board ? Eg. Is it possible to connect a 100A breaker into a 100A board ?
  13. S

    Solar PV, Hybrid Inverter and Electric Vehicle Charger

    I'm considering buying a domestic 4kW PV with 6kWh of battery storage and a 5kW hybrid inverter from Sungrow. My problem is that wife's electric car has a 7kW Podpoint charger. I assumed that the hybrid inverter would pull power from the grid when the house demand exceeds 5kW, but there's no...
  14. M

    Shared circuit for Solar PV & Outbuilding.

    My sister has just had a shed erected in the garden and I'm going to install the mini consumer unit and run two circuits. One power for sockets and one for lighting. I'll do all the dead testing of the circuits and then i'll be getting my college lecturer mate, who is a member of a competent...
  15. R

    Electrician G59/3 Extension to Solar PV in Aberdeenshire

    Good Morning, I have a 3.68kW solar PV set-up and am wanting to add a Growatt SP2000 battery storage system. I have the necessary parts i.e. Growatt SP2000 and battery, an SMA SB1700, the PV panels, AC & DC isolators, TGM etc. etc. but need an electrician to submit a G59/3 application, provide...
  16. J

    Job Opportunity

    Afternoon all. We are recruiting for a spark to take care of residential PV installations, maintenance, battery storage installations and EV chargers. Company is based in London and Oxford, majority of work around these areas. Get in touch if interested. Thanks, Joe
  17. S

    Peer to Peer green energy sharing in UK

    Has anyone thought about this or have some ideas? My team "Grid Wallet" is currently working on a new digital technology that will enable owners of domestic solar panels, wind turbines and CHP devices to sell their exported electricity for 2-3 times more than the wholesale rate they currently...
  18. Leighton Gill

    Solar PV Performance Comparison Tool/Calculator

    Hi All, I've been curious for a while as to how my Solar PV is doing compared to a 'typical' install. Recently, I purchased a Smappee (which is darn useful), and I have also now joined pvoutput.org which is now building a clear picture around my generation and usage. However, I wanted a simpler...
  19. Leighton Gill

    How is Solar PV saving me money?

    Hi All, First post here, so hello there. I'm not an electrician so please excuse my ignorance in the subject. I recently installed a Smappee energy (and solar) monitor system, and I'm really pleased with how it works. However, I have noticed that the load on my meter does not drop when my solar...
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