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  1. L

    Solar Installer Solar PV preventative maintenance contracts

    Solar PV preventative maintenance contracts. What do you guys like to include (and exclude) when putting together preventative maintenance contracts for solar pv systems? Obviously it will include some kind of periodic inspection and test on the system(s), but do you include one or more free...
  2. H

    Solar PV Installation on Complex Roofs: Need Expert Advice

    Hello fellow professionals, I'm currently facing a challenging scenario that involves the integration of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on roofs with complex geometries, including varying slopes and multiple obstructions like skylights and HVAC units. The project aims not only to maximize...
  3. spud1

    Does an RCD still function when Solar PV is generating?

    Hi everyone, I wondered if anyone could help me with something that has been niggling me please?! When a Solar PV feed in circuit is installed and added onto a spare way of the RCD protected side of a split load dual RCD consumer unit (i.e. other final circuits are protected by that same RCD)...
  4. J

    Help with Solar pv earthing

    Hi all - I’m new to Solar PV, builder we do work for has fitted some integrated panels on his garage roof, there is a velux window nearby. Does this require earthing?
  5. K

    Surge Protection Solar

    Ok, installing a new CU with type 2 SP. The installation has an existing PV 6 panels protected by a 16a MCB at the fuse board. TBH I don't really get too involved with PV systems. But is there anything I am required to to, with regards of further upstream SPs AC and DC side. It doesn't look like...
  6. S

    Testing with String Boxes and Combiner Boxes

    Hi Guys, Currently on a 3MW Solar farm job and will soon be coming up to the testing stage of the project. My question is, where do you do your test? There are String boxes at the end of every row, with isolators inside them for local isolation. There are then duct grade single core cables that...
  7. andythebeeman


    i currently have a 3.6kwh pv FIT system, fitted about 8yrs ago, in the UK, my fit payments are paid by EDF and my usage is charged from shell energy, and my meter is the original/old style type, the question is : if i have a smart meter installed, how will this impact my FIT payments and energy...
  8. J

    UK second solar pv inverter and batteries?

    Hi all. We have had 7x 400w solar panels for a number of years now on our roof which is se/nw facing end terrace. 4 on se side 3 on nw side. 3.6kw inverter. Just had a heatpump installed and now contemplating adding solar to the gable end wall and getting a battery. Yes i am aware vertival...
  9. JimJJnr

    UK Equipotential bonding of the gas meter and water stopcock when installing solar PV system

    Hi forum members, I hope someone can assist with my enquiry. I have been advised that to comply with BS7671 Reg 132.16 my solar and battery installation will require equipotential bonding at my gas meter and water stopcock, but for the life of me I can't understand why if the appropriate...
  10. RowanLennox

    Electrician Jobs Solar PV Technical Manager

    Are you a qualified electrician with experience of solar installation interested in developing your management experience and looking for a new challenge? Do you want to play a critical role in building the UK’s next market leader in residential solar? Does the idea of helping to tackle the...
  11. D

    Possible Good News for Solar PV Installers
  12. W

    Solar Panels 3 Phase Domestic Solar Installation

    Help please, this is my first post on this subject regarding solar panel / battery installation into house with 3 phase supply. I am a DIY level person and am seeking advice to allow me to understand what to expect when engaging with installers. I have a 3 phase domestic supply. See image...
  13. TTtttt

    Is it possible for many more if not all electricians to be trained up regarding solar PV

    Is it possible for all or at least most electricians to be trained up in the wiring of solar PV installations, particularly the iBoost or Eddy or similar boxes? I have had two iBoost and I still have no hot water ability as iBoost boxes seem to be a disaster and absolutely impossible to find any...
  14. D

    Solar PV going in - Time to replace consumer unit?

    Hello, DIY'er here looking for some advice. In March 2023 we should be getting 5.5kW of solar PV going on the roof feeding into the current consumer unit. The current CU is a Wylex, probably about 15 years old, plastic, 100A main switch with 2 sets of RCD protected MCBs. Installation last...
  15. D

    Diy: trying to connect enphase combiner 3 box

    Getting 120 volts between line 1 and neutral and getting 120 volts between line 2 and neutral but getting 0 volts between line 1 and line 2. Need help in figuring out what is missing?
  16. J

    Best place to recruit PV engineers in surrey

    Hi, I am embarking on setting up a solar panel installation business in Surrey and need to find decent PV engineers who are looking to be part of the business that is going to go nationwide in the next 5 years. The business has not launched yet but if you know anyone that would be interested in...
  17. X

    About to attend solar PV Course

    Hi We are due to attend a solar and battery storage course next week and we want to get the most out of it is there any advice anyone can give on the course i.e. questions we should be asking that would be beneficial to us Our installation of the panels is very limited so we want to come away...
  18. J

    Is it ok to have PV system into shared (household) RCD?

    Is it ok to have PV system into shared (household) RCD? So I've had a system installed, but not yet complete/signed off. The issue is that the PV (and a car charger) are wired into a shared RCD (with water heater, boiler and downstairs sockets). When all breakers are on, the system trips. It...
  19. richardg

    Solar PV earthing earth rod or main earthing terminal in house

    Hi installing my first solar PV on my own home before starting the courses next year and need some advice on earthing PV. System 6kw solar PV - 2 strings Solis Rhi inverter 20Kwh pure energy battery’s The solis inverter has its own TT system to run as a floating neutral when in UPS mode which...
  20. A

    DC isolators required between inverter and array

    Hi, would anyone know if a single dc isolator (local to the inverter) is sufficient or would an additional dc isolator be required at the panels. The situation is an installation which has the dc cables from the panels routed through the property and clipped (8-10m run). All labels including...


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